Nissan's Most Budget-Friendly Cars, Ranked

Nissan generally produces affordable cars, but which models are the most budget-friendly?

Nissan has been around for quite some time, and it’s for a good reason — quality and reliability. Nissan also prides itself on sufficiently satisfying its market with a wide range of vehicles, from tiny hatches to cargo haulers. It has produced some of the toughest sports cars, some earning street cred as supercar slayers like the Nismo GT-R, aka Godzilla.

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Nissan's vehicles are popular; it doesn’t matter what tier of car you are looking for; they have it. From $100,000 cars to the cheapest car in the U.S, from the most good looking to the poorly designed troll-happy Nissan Juke. Here are Nissan’s most budget-friendly cars, ranked! While the prices will be included, please note that they are close approximations, with the focus being primarily on the base model's MSRP.

10 2020 Titan XD ($40,000+)

The 2020 Nissan Titan XD sits between the regular-duty and heavy-duty pickup truck segment but falls short by a few marks. As you’d expect with a meager price tag, the Titan XD won't haul as much as you would expect the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado, however, it's driving dynamics and fuel economy are at par with the Ram 2500 as well as the Silverado 2500HD.

The 2020 Titan XD comes with a 5.6L V-8 producing 400hp. It also comes standard with a four-wheel drivetrain and a spacious cabin. The XD is refreshing, but best for the trucker who loves his creature comforts.

9 2020 Nissan Altima ($24,100)

The 2020 Altima is the perfect mid-size family sedan with exclusive features and comfort incomparable in its segment. The Altima is America's darling, and for the 2020 version, Nissan went an extra step to ensure that it had a roomier cabin with tons of tech and contemporary features.

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In its segment, the Altima is perhaps the only mid-size family sedan with an optional all-wheel drive powertrain. It comes with a refined VC-Turbo engine, that cuts a thin line between performance and efficiency. The Altima is more handsome, handles better, and is much more advanced compared to its Mazda or Honda rivals.

8 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport ($24,000)

The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport stands between its larger Rogue sibling and smaller Nissan Kicks. If you don’t fancy a large SUV, the Nissan Rogue Sport makes an excellent choice. It's important to note that the “Sports” in Nissan Rogue doesn’t ideally stand for performance; instead, it's used to distinguish it from its larger variation in size.

The Rogue Sport is fuel-efficient and comes with ample cargo capacity. It runs on a 2L 4-cylinder engine paired with a CVT transmission. The front-wheel drive powertrain comes standard, with the all-wheel drive being optional.

7 2020 Nissan Juke ($23,000)

Nissan Juke, just like the name and design comes with a funky demeanor. It’s a perfect car for individuals looking to stand out in traffic or make speedy little runabouts in the city. The Juke comes with a 1.6L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 188hp.

Unfortunately, the all-wheel drive is optional, with the Juke's standard model including a front-wheel drive. On the brighter side, the Nissan Juke is a fun car to drive, its lightweight composition and punchy engine make it a marvel to drive around the backcountry. A downside to this conspicuous fun-car is its ability to attract internet "trolls."

6 2020 Nissan Versa ($14,730)

The new 2020 Versa is a magical transformation from its dull predecessor. Nissan has done a lot to revitalize the previously subpar subcompact sedan to the superstar car it is now – a lot like Bumblebee. It comes with a much sleeker design, with an updated upscale interior with a ton of tech features.

Prospective buyers can expect driver assists such as rear automated emergency braking and cruise control, something that’s not available on any of its closest rivals. The 2020 Nissan Versa comes with a motivated 4-cylinder 122hp engine that powers the front wheels. It comes default with a 5-speed manual, with the CVT version on the higher SR trim variants.

5 2019 Nissan Frontier ($20,000)

The Nissan Frontier hasn’t changed much for more than a decade. However, it still continues to sell well in the U.S. The 2019 Frontier is utilitarian, cheap, durable, with a primitive cabin design, something that perhaps heightens its appeal to its fans. Still, the Frontier offers a uniquely comfortable drive experience and competent towing abilities.

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It comes with a powerful V6 engine with an outdated 5-speed automatic transmission. Its 4-cylinder version comes with a 5-speed transmission for shift happy buyers. The Pro-4X trim comes with an optional V6 with a 6-speed manual.

4 2019 Nissan Kicks ($18,540)

Recently, the competition in the tiny SUV segment has been turned a notch higher, and Nissan ensured they enjoyed a piece of the cake with the 2019 Nissan Kicks. The Nissan Kicks is quite the choice for a potential buyer looking for a sub-compact practical crossover. Don’t get fooled by its size; the Kicks has plenty of personality with a simple setup.

It comes with a 4-cylinder engine producing 125hp paired with a CVT transmission. The Nissan Kicks is more efficient than swift, something prospective buyers are looking for in this class. It tows as perfectly as its hauls passengers, with an appealing design, both inside and out.

3 2019 Nissan Sentra ($17,890)

If you are looking for a modern car that is basic in form and gets the job done, then look no further than the 2019 Nissan Sentra. It’s a cheap, comfortable ride that goes about its business without startling a crowd. It is reliable, sensible, and utilitarian, and for that reason, it sells in big numbers.

The Sentra isn’t all boring; its puffier sibling, the SR Turbo offers much more power if you are looking for some excitement. The Sentra comes with a slow, protesting 1.8L engine with a CVT transmission. The 6-speed manual version offers a little spice, but that’s all you can ever get.

2 2019 Versa Note ($16,545)

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle, then the 2019 Versa Note fits the bill. It is perhaps one of America’s most affordable vehicles. There’s nothing much going for this hatchback, and its best suited for those looking to save money going from one destination to the other.

The 2019 Versa Note comes with a slow-poke engine and poor handling capabilities, but still, it manages to satisfy value-minded individuals. The Versa runs on a front-wheel drive powertrain, with a 4-cylinder engine producing 109hp. You don’t need to be in a hurry behind its wheels since its underpowered engine offers a lethargic unrefined experience.

1 2009-2014 Nissan Cube ($6,000 - $11,000)

There’s a new trend of boxy cars, and they are not a come-back of the '80s style sedans. They are a thin line between hatchbacks and subcompact crossovers. The Nissan Cube comes in a whimsical design, something that sets it apart from other boxy rivals, but unfortunately, that’s all you get from this real-life Tetris-styled automobile.

It comes with a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine generating 122hp with a choice of either CVT transmission of a 6-speed manual. While it runs on a redefined powertrain, its acceleration is sluggish, with a suspension tuned more for comfort than steering. While manufactured until 2019 in Japan, in 2014, the Nissan Cube was discontinued outside of the country. The older models can be found for a decent price.

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