Now That's Fast! 4 Piston Racing Is The Engine Behind Multiple FWD Quarter Mile Records

Raised on the smell of rubber, sound of shrieking engines, and quarter mile tracks, the lives of 4 Piston's founders were pre-ordained.

Why does it seem that so many success stories start in a garage? Is it the solitary nature of the creative process? Or, the humble beginnings of anything new? Silicon Valley is one place where the likes of Gates, Jobs, Wozniak, and others transformed our digital world within the non-descript walls of a neighborhood garage.


And so it was for Josh Klein and Luke Wilson. Their Indianapolis garage was quite literally the vehicle to realize their dream. They started 20 years ago blocks from the Indy Motor Speedway with an idea to build world-class racing engines. Raised on the smell of rubber, sound of shrieking engines, and sprint and quarter mile tracks, in some respects the direction of their lives was pre-ordained.

Out of that garage was birthed 4 Piston Racing. They've grown by leaps and bounds over the years not only assembling Honda engines particularly but developing engine heads and other components in-house. Starting from the top of the induction system to the crank, Josh and Luke have gone over every inch of a motor to extract maximum power.


4 Piston offers complete engines, individual parts, and machine shop services for a range of 4-cylinder engines. But most of their work is dedicated to Honda B, D, H, and K-series motors. Through their innovation, design, hard work, and trial and error they've backed racing teams that have toppled a multitude of FWD quarter mile records. Check it out.

First up in the Sport Front Wheel Drive (SFWD) class is Shawn Ramey in a Honda Civic powered by a 1300 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged B-Series motor with a 4 Piston Outlaw GSR CNC cylinder-head. Watch him above rip out a World Record 7.95s @ 189.9 mph quarter-mile pass.

Next up is Nelsito Aleman in another Honda Civic also powered by a 1300 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged B-Series motor with a 4 Piston Outlaw GSR CNC cylinder-head. He set a World Record of 8.04s @ 186 mph in the OGS SFWD class. Watch him above at another meet.

James Kempf piloted this manual tranny car to an Outlaw FWD World Record pass of 7.47s @ 215mph! Under the Civic's hood is a 1600hp 2.0-liter B-series engine with a 4 Piston Racing Outlaw B16 CNC cylinder-head.

And finally, but I could go on and on, Alfonso Saba in his La Chikita Dominican Republic Street Civic made a Street Class World Record run of 9.38s @ 149mph in the quarter mile. And what's most amazing about this run is it was all-motor! No turbo, supercharger, nitrous or any tricks. Just a 2.5 liter K24 with a CNC 4 Piston Pro 163 cylinder-head. I can't understand a word of it, but the announcer is awesome.

So whether you're into software or cylinder heads, it's nice to see passion, precision and a belief in one's own ability. Over at 4 Piston Racing, these guys turned a simple dream into a reality - making world-class racing engines. Below is a great interview with Luke Wilson explaining his latest creation and his craft. Give it a gander. Buckle up.

(via 4 Piston Racing)

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