Watch This Nürburgring Fail Compilation

It's called The Green Hell for a good reason, and this video shows you exactly why.

Watch This Nürburgring Fail Compilation

Check out this hilarious video of Nürburgring fails all on the same tricky curve.

They don’t call it the Green Hell for nothing.

The Nürburgring is 12.9 miles of hills, curves, and straightaways that can test any car to the absolute limits. More than one (okay, a lot more than one) million dollar supercar has met its end on the Nürburgring thanks to an overconfident driver and a tiny bit of a inclement weather.

Driver’s that fall prey to the Ring are said to join the “Bongard Club”, so named after the company that operates the yellow flatbed trucks that cart away the wrecked heaps of whatever used to be an automobile. They’ve even got a Facebook page to commemorate the cars that lost their lives on the Nordschleife.

This compilation video of Nürburgring fails all take place on one part of the track called the Aremberg curve. It’s about 3.1 miles into the 12.9 circuit on a downward hill that can make it especially difficult to judge how much brake you need to apply in order to successfully navigate it. Those that misjudge are sent into a large area of rocks that usually slow the car down enough to avoid hitting the retaining wall, but not always.


Our first contestant is a BMW station wagon that goes just a little too fast and slams hard enough into the wall to pop open its gas cap, shedding a few bits of bodywork along the way. Another BMW follows up on a rainy day with some fancy fishtailing before we see yet another BMW overtake the far curve in what must have been a massive jolt.

Several Porsches follow, with many wearing racing liveries. Those tend to take the initial bend too fast and ditch in the stretch of rocks without too much drama, although the sound of pebbles hitting against the car’s undercarriage is certainly jarring.

A few of the cars perform sweet drifts that might look impressive but aren’t actually great for going fast.

Nobody seems to get injured, but a few cars are completely wrecked. If you’ve got 12 minutes to spare, this is pretty much as good a waste of time as any.


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