Watch Drivers Try To Navigate Nurburgring In The Rain And Hilariously Fail

When amateur drivers try to conquer The Green Hell in the rain, it's the drivers that end up defeated. Most of 'em, anyway.

Sideways Nurburgring

Another year, another hilarious video of people driving poorly on the Nurburgring, but this time it’s raining.

The Nurburgring is a difficult track to drive at the best of times. At 12.9 miles, the Nurburgring has 160 turns that vary in height so drastically that most drivers are completely blind to the next 100 feet. They don't call it The Green Hell for nothing.

However, this extreme difficulty makes it a popular destination for both car manufacturers looking to test their latest creations, but also for regular joes just looking for a challenging drive. That's why the Nurburgring hosts "Touristenfahrten"--literally translated as "tourist rides," or public driving days where anyone with a road-legal vehicle can drive on the world-famous test track for just $40.

That said, most of them are not professionals. Even pros have trouble on the Nurburgring when it's dry. When it's wet, amateur hour becomes a comically bad display of cars being driven backwards into a ditch.

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Thankfully, most of these cars don't suffer catastrophic damage or otherwise need to be towed away. At worst, they experience a few moments of embarrassment as they make their way back on course. Most have the good sense to get off the track to make their course correction in order to avoid being struck by the car behind them, which might experience the same aquatic mishap as they did.

There are a few notable points in the video, starting at 2:05 where an older Honda hatchback doesn't seem to even bother turning. The driver just points his car straight at the ditch zone. At 4:00, you can see a Toyota Supra test mule from earlier this year make a perfect turn without losing control, as well as at 10:00 when a Nissan 240SX drifts through several curves.

At 7:45, a Mazda Miata even manages to blink its headlights throughout the turn, showcasing a driver with true skill.

But most cars wind up backward, sideways, or make several revolutions to wind up in the correct direction but completely stopped. Check out the video above to see plenty of examples of this.

(via Motor1)

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