20 Things That Went Down On Diesel Brothers (And Most People Didn't Realize It)

Trust us when we say the word drama; it could mean so many things. Whatever the drama is though, it’s fun!

One-third of US residents spend their free time every day watching television, and 67 percent of that number watch reality shows. Wait to hear the best part: 26 percent of people aged 25 – 34 indicated that they like watching reality television because of the drama!

Now when it comes to drama, anyone who has once watched or regularly watches Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel would agree with us that the boys in the show give us more drama than we expect in every episode!

Trust us when we say the word drama; it could mean so many things. Whatever the drama is though, it’s fun!

In this article, we’re going to list some odd and “dramatic” things that happened on Diesel Brothers that most viewers don’t know about. We’ll be stating how the Diesel Brothers made many of their fans believe they can get a truck for free, how the Diesel Brothers' so-called patriotism was questioned when we found out their tires come from Taiwan, and many more.

We promise you that this article will not only crack your ribs, it will also educate you. Here are 20 odd things you should know if you’re a true fan of the Diesel brothers. Feel free to drop your comments.

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20 When Their Show Was Premiered, Their Website Crashed For Almost Two Weeks

Via Hot Rod Network

Adapting to a sudden change can be difficult for a human being, let alone a business. In this case, the Diesel brothers' website temporarily 'broke' when the new Discovery reality show was premiered—which indicated that the site wasn’t prepared for the traffic.

According to Fox Sports, the comments section of the DieselSellerz Business page on Discovery’s website knew no peace as fans were trying to visit the truck-selling page, but it was all to no avail as blank pages, and error screens were the order of the day. The seizure was as a result of technical problems, and it was down for almost two weeks.

19 The Diesel Brothers Were Sued By A Group Of Physicians

Via Diesel Tech Magazine

Every reality show faces a level of controversy at one time; the Diesel Brothers had their fair share of controversies too, sometime in 2016. If you watch their show often, you’d have noticed that they like to go all out, down and dirty to show viewers what makes an engine tick.

So, what went wrong?

According to Discovery Channel, some physicians from Utah, who are also environmental advocates, complained that the Diesel brothers showed their viewers on live TV how to bypass a vehicle’s emission system. The medical practitioners claimed that the show was doing everything to foster pollution, so they sued them.

18 Contrary To Their Patriotism, Their Patriot Tires Are Made In Taiwan

Via Hollywood Reporter

The Diesel brothers pride themselves as being great Patriots, which is no doubt, a good thing. So, they signed an agreement with a supposed US company, Patriot Tires, which specializes in producing the particular type of tires they require because according to them, a lot of tire suppliers can’t meet their demands.

According to Artofgears, the talk about Patriot Tires being a company from the USA isn’t true in any way because the tires are all made in Taiwan and shipped to the US. The Patriot Tires Company has a factory in Taiwan that produces the tires and ships them to America.

17 The Stars Have Sold Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Via DieselSellerz

If you follow the Diesel brothers on social media, it’s possible that you’ve come across their tweets, one of them being: “it’s interesting to have black smoke come out of your trucks.” The statement might not be literal, but the environmentalists took every word seriously.

As if it’s not enough that the stars have a lawsuit, they have been accused of selling exhaust systems. People assume that the exhaust systems carry modifications that increase the black smoke of truck engines. So far, they are allegations because the stars cleared the air in press interviews; according to Fox Sports, the EPA hasn’t filed any lawsuits against the company.

16 There Are Terms And Conditions For Fans To Get Free Trucks

Via The Journal

Many times when you see this phrase in adverts, “It’s free,” you take the company for their word. But it’s not always as it appears because most of these phrases or promises come with some terms and conditions. It’s a standard marketing approach which has been used in the past by big companies.

That’s the same marketing approach the Diesel brothers use on their show. According to Artofgears, they tell fans that getting the truck is free, but some terms and conditions apply. What are these terms?

You must buy parts from them to become eligible for a truck; like the lottery, the more you buy, the more opportunities you'll have to win. So, does it still look free to you?

15 Fans Accused The Stars Of Getting Parts And Labor Illicitly

Via Medium

Everything with a perfect side also comes with a bad side; it's the same from the Diesel Brothers. They have enjoyed accolades from passionate fans and have equally gotten accusations and bad comments from aggrieved fans who sometimes feel betrayed about a particular issue, so they air their minds.

According to Artofgears, some fans posted some absurd comments on the Diesel Brothers website, accusing them of using illegal immigrants in America for labor and getting parts for their custom build illegally. The brothers denied the allegations and promised that they weren’t getting their parts illegally or abusing work.

14 When The Cameras Weren't Rolling, The Production Team Decided To Recreate A Fire

Via Discovery Channel

Many fans have been fooled into believing everything that happens on reality TV, is “reality,” well that’s not the case because there is always a script for every episode. Another common thing many reality producers do is stage recreations of events which took place when the show wasn’t rolling to use the scenes to add more drama for viewers.

One such example is the case of the burning truck that transpired in the second episode of one of the Seasons. What happened? The parts of a Duramax truck ignited with fire when the cameras weren’t shooting. So, the crew decided to leverage on the fire scene, to get more drama, but the fire grew beyond control.

13 In A Verge To Escape Speeding Tickets, Heavy D Did What His Father Taught Him: To Fake Seizures

Via Tech News

Now, this is one weird story! First off, who teaches his son how to fake seizures? Did Heavy D’s dad teach him how to counterfeit seizures when he’s faced with highway cops, or he just showed him the trick for nothing? There are, no doubt, a lot of questions to ask about this matter.

According to an IG post by Heavy D, he made a tribute to his father for teaching him how to fake seizures when he’s pulled over by cops for speeding. To avoid the speeding tickets, Heavy D faked the seizures. But the big question is, did the police officer let him go or did he call an ambulance?

12 They Partnered With MLB Network For A Two-Night Special

Via Hollywood Reporter

In early 2016, the Diesel brothers launched their show for the first time on Discovery’s Motor Mondays. It wasn’t long before the show pulled over 2 million viewers for every episode, which made it the most-watched new unscripted show on cable TV that year.

Sponsors and big organizations were also noticing the growth of the show. One of them is the MLB network; they partnered with the show to premiere a unique two-night special called “Doubleheader.” According to Hollywood reporter, the special editions featured Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers Star, and two MLB analysts, working together with the Diesel brothers to trick out Cabrera’s Chevrolet Silverado.

11 The Stars Enjoy Stealing Each Others' Cars On Set As A Prank

Via Automotive Test Drivers

Running pranks is as old as the era where Charlie Chaplin performed his jokes on black and white screens. Today, the act of pranking has evolved, as we often see big celebrities and stars get pranked on live TV shows.

The advent of Social Media also contributed to the act, as people don’t need to air shows on live TV to prank; it could be recorded on a smartphone and uploaded for people to see on various social media platforms.

According to Artofgears, the Diesel brothers love stealing each others' cars as a prank on set—which is something they did before the show premiered.

10 Fans Request Free Trucks From The Stars And Producers

Via Discovery Channel

It’s normal for fans who watch the Diesel brothers’ show to desire the diesel life and possess one of the trucks created in the show. The Diesel brothers have been living to expectations when it comes to giving their fans all the entertainment and lessons they require.

According to Discovery Channel, some fans don’t think they are doing enough, so they go as far as requesting free trucks from the Diesel brothers, by dropping a ton of comments on Social Media pages of the show. They ask them to give out free trucks. Sadly, most of their requests can’t be met.

9  The Show Helps Them Grow Their Brand

Via SEMA Show

The same way ads help create awareness of a product, the Diesel Brothers reality show helps promote their business and grow their brand. If you see some merchandise on the show that you’d like to purchase, all you need to do is visit the DieselSellerz website.

According to Discovery Channel, the website has merchandise ranging from tee shirts, “Patriot” brand tires, to different accessories that may be of interest to you. If there’s something else that catches your attention, like Redbeard’s facial hair, there’s nothing to worry about because you can purchase the Redbeard Bay Rum Beard Care Kit and begin your beard Journey.

8 Regardless Of What It Looks Like, The Stars Are Working Hard

Via Hot Rod Network

When you watch Diesel Brothers, it’s normal to pay attention to what interests you the most. The brothers tend to play a lot on the show, and they do this to make it more interesting to viewers. However, this doesn’t mean that they play throughout the show, it’s only a spice.

In reality, they are running a full-time business alongside filming the show. It’s apparent that it takes a lot of work to put an amazing truck together. Due to their exposure on social media, they have customers with demands that they have to meet. According to Discovery Channel, their hands are usually on projects when cameras are rolling or not.

7 They Didn’t Know How Many Fans Social Media Would Get Them

Via Discovery Channel

There’s a lot to learn from the Diesel Brothers when it comes to taking advantage of the least expensive means to promote your business effectively. Their actions support the fact that we all look, but see differently. While some people see social media as a platform to chit-chat and catch up on old times, they decided to use it for something that would be useful to their business.

The stars started by advertising Diesel trucks for sale, but according to Discovery Channel, they advanced to adding pranks and skits in their news feed—which helped to promote their business.

6 The Youngster Is The Brain Behind The Business

Via Game Leaks

With how the company is booming, you can hardly imagine that the mastermind behind it all is the young looking Josh Stuart, popularly known as Redbeard. It would interest you to know that Redbeard isn’t just good at managing businesses, but he’s a good husband and father.

Before Josh met Heavy D and Dave, he was an experienced businessman; it’s evident that the person they thought could handle the business best is one who has the experience to know what it takes. According to Discovery Channel, Redbeard controls the pranks when it seems like it’s going off the rails and puts the crew in check.

5 Even Though They Seem Like Brothers, They Aren’t

Via Twitter

From the name of the show, you may assume that the stars are brothers, but Heavy D and Diesel Dave aren’t. Most people tend to think that the two are brothers because they look alike (beard-wise).

According to Discovery Channel, Heavy D and Diesel Dave met at a church event for singles. Others assume that the Diesel Brothers don’t want anyone to find out that they aren’t brothers; it isn’t true. If you look at the fact that they are best buddies who do business successfully together and go about with familiar beards, you might as well call them brothers.

4 Their Income Skyrocketed Because Of The Show

Via Discovery Channel

There is a general belief that being on TV makes you famous and rich; if it wouldn't, why would so many Hollywood stars be worth millions of dollars? Well, we can’t say the same thing for reality TV stars because it’s a different ball game altogether. For Reality shows, the hosts get paid for hosting, like the Diesel Brothers who get paid for every episode, but their pay is nothing compared to the Hollywood stars who are featured in movies.

According to Artofgears, the show helped to boost the business income of the Diesel Brothers. The stars gained so much exposure and integrity from the public as a result of the show; people were eager to do business with them.

3 The Company They Run Is Three Separate Entities

Via Off-Road Extreme

The Diesel Brothers sure know how to find a balance between managing their company and image. Over time, the DieselSellerz website gained a lot of publicity since they use it to give away and sell diesel trucks.

If you aren’t attentive to the show, you may not notice that the business has three separate entities: Diesel Power, Sparks Motors, and DieselSellerz. The Diesel Power is a lifestyle brand that displays the image of the Diesel Brothers. On the website, you can choose to buy anything from a beard growth stimulator to a tactical pen. According to Discovery Channel, Sparks Motors started the Diesel brothers while DieselSellerz is for their truck sales.

2 In Addition To The Show, The Stars Make Time To Write Books

Via DieselSellerz

Oh, yes! The Diesel stars are Authors, and their book is titled “Diesel Brothers: A Truckin Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life.” According to Fox Sports, the stars decided to share their Diesel moments and educate their fans on how they went about growing their business from nothing to something.

It’s an easy read that also highlights what goes on behind the scenes of the show’s production. If you dig the literature further, you will find information on how they work with their social media team.

1 The Show Is Fun, But It’s Instructive, Too


Over the years, Discovery Channel has always been about engineering, culture, and science. In a verge to increase its viewership, Discovery took a turn and came up with the idea of introducing shows, instead of their usual documentaries. It was done to make mechanical science more appealing to the public.

Regardless of what fascinates you most on the show, it’s important you know that there’s something you’re learning between the pranks and jokes. After watching the show, you’d be informed about the technology, evolution, and history of diesel engines.

Sources: Fox Sports, Artofgears, Discovery Channel

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