Oddest Interiors: 19 Cars That Defy Logic On The Inside

Here are 19 interiors that defy logic.

When it comes to building a show car, everything about the car must be immaculate, and that includes the interior. In the world of modifying cars, you often see many things added to the exterior of the car or the motor, but when someone has gone through the trouble to completely customize the interior of their cars, this is what sets some enthusiasts vehicles apart from the others.

Some enthusiasts choose to customize their interior for functionality, while others do it for pure vanity purposes and in most cases the comfort is sacrificed in the process. Some interiors are just for fun and used more as a creative space to express a certain passion that they may enjoy that they want to showcase. Just like anything, people are constantly trying to push the envelope and come up with something unique that will be that wow factor for others when they see it.

While many may argue that some of these interiors are an eye sore or just plain gaudy in some cases, we will let you decide for yourself. Here are 25 examples of the good, the bad and the just plain weird custom interiors.

19 Sponge Bob Addict

Via Pinterest.com

Who lives in pineapple under the sea? The owner of this car is clearly a huge Sponge Bob Square pants fan, but then again who isn’t?

Each head rest has a different character embroidered into the later, I even see a mini Plankton hiding in the backseat. The water headliner was a nice touch that was able to tie the whole these together nicely. I am sure the owner of this vehicle was the coolest soccer mom or dad around!

18 Hello Kitty

Via Pinterst.com

Here is another Hello Kitty addict that has customized their interior to showcase their obsession.

The owner of this vehicle has gone through some extensive customizing to make sure that every inch of their interior contains something that is Hello Kitty, like the custom seat that have been upholstered from hello kitty leather, along with some additional trim pieces.

Notice that both the driver and the passenger have their own set of slippers that they obviously wear when in the vehicle.

17 Electrical Hazard

Via 365Speed.com

Could this driver have any more gauges installed on the interior of his car? Not only are they mismatched, but they seem to be installed wherever they fit without any rhyme or reason whatsoever.

Not to mention that this thing looks like an electrical nightmare with visible wires showing everywhere and way too many things plugged into the cigarette lighter. I hope there is a fire extinguisher handy! Talk about defying logic, this ride might be the poster child for the article.

16 Swivel Seats

Via Imagenesmy.com

Talk about some vintage styling! The owner of this car seems to be living in the past with this very retro looking custom interior and that swivel seat is the icing on the cake.

The switches that have been installed on the middle console makes it safe to assume that this car has some sort of air bag or hydraulic suspension, which would make this car all the more better.

Seriously speaking though, very few would agree to such a custom. Isn't swivel seats hazardous?

15 Gauge Clutter

Via Imgur.com

The original interior of this car was beautiful with the finished raw wood dash and steering wheel. Unfortunately it has been completely butchered by adding all of these extra switches and gauges.

You would think that the owner could have a made a separate panel or a custom gauge cluster. Instead the dash looks cluttered and mismatched, which is a shame because this is obviously a car that is on display at some sort of show. Yup, they defy logic here in an obvious way.

14 Bottle Fed

Via Oddimotive.com

Here is a nice way to show off your bottle of nitrous. Not only has the owner had his nitrous bottle custom painted to match the custom interior.

The interior appears to have extensive custom fiberglass work done in the back that has been fitted with speaker.

There are two LED controls visible, which would be safe to assume there is extensive lighting that goes along with this interior. It is also safe to assume that whoever customized this interior is a fan of the color green.

13 Things that go BOOM

Via Tokyo-in-pics.com

It would be safe to assume that the decibel level of this system at any level if far higher than any ear should be exposed to, and that owner of this car is probably already going deaf.

The owner has gone to the extent of stuffing as many speaker into his car as possible, and it looks although they have been successful in achieving that. I hope the driver of this car invested in some good sound blocking headphones, or it might not be the best investment.

12 Sake Date

Via Acecustoms.com

This Lexus owner has gone above and beyond to make sure that his passengers are riding completely relaxed and sipping on some Sake. It would be safe to assume that a police officer probably wouldn’t be impressed and would probably want the driver to take a field sobriety test.

If they found an open bottle of booze, they could be subject to an open container law, which a majority of the states do with just a handful that don’t.

11 Pagani

Via Carthrottle.com

This is the interior you get when you purchase a Pagani Huayra. The interior of this Pagani manages to be very sleek and sporty looking at the same time.

The combination of the aged leather and carbon fiber is a unique combination that seems to work in this setting.

The brushed aluminum adds a night subtleness to the combination without being too flashy or over the top. According to CNBC, the Pagani has won numerous “Super car of the year” awards and can be yours for $1.2 million.

10 Under The Sea

Via Drivelife.com

You can’t argue that the interior of this car is extremely unique, and chances are the only one like this in the world.

Both the interior and exterior of this truck have been completely transformed to represent a under the sea theme, and you have to admit it they nailed it as the inside looks like it should be sealed in a filled with water and would make a great aquarium. You have to give the owner credit as even the door jams are painted beautifully.

9 Retro Throwback Style

Via Driven.com

The interior of this vehicle looks like it would be suitable for a 70s type of add. The entire interior of this car has been upholstered in a gold crushed velvet material to make it looks ultra-plush..

The pom-poms and the hanging chandelier are nice touched to make this interior seem extra classy. According to Driving Laws, every states laws differ concerning, but there are only a handful of states that allow lawful open containers of alcohol in a vehicle.


Via Drivingline.com

Here is another example of a beautifully done custom interior. The passenger has a custom tray table that contains a cup holder and a few other compartments for the passenger’s use.

The driver has a suicide knob attached to his steering wheel, something that we don’t necessarily see much anymore. According to Jalponik, despite urban myths these are not illegal in most states, and bear the scary name to discourage use although there doesn’t seem to be much use for them anyways.

7 Barbie 500

Via Motopassion.com

This is the stock interior of a limited edition Fiat that was designed to celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday. This is the interior that will come with Fiat’s Barbie 500.

According to Top Speed, the Barbie 500’s interior in dripping in crystals and sparkles, and comes with lip gloss to match the car.

Although it looks to be a cool special edition ride, lots of drivers might pass on this one especially given the interior and that's putting it nicely.

6 My Eyes Hurt

Via FiskerBuzz.com

The interior of this car may be just a bit too bright, as this shade of yellow is very similar to the ones that they paint a NYC taxi or school bus with.

Almost everything is yellow, which makes the regular levers for his directional and windshield wipers stick out like a sore thumb. The only good thing about this vehicles is at least the exterior of the car isn’t yellow as well. One can imagine the relief on anyone's eyes after they escape this interior.

5 Pink Playboy

Via fiveprime.com

Next on the list is another pink addict, but this interior was completely customized by the owner using a different kind of theme.

The owners have integrated the infamous Playboy Bunny logo into the theme as well.

According to Sky News, Art Paul was the first employee hired at Playboy, and was the man responsible for creating the Playboy logo. Art says it took him less than an hour to design the iconic bunny that is so famously known 65 years later!

4  Samarai Sword

Via Importmeet.com

For some reason the interior of this scion reminds me of a samari sword. A lot of work went until making this car interior as matched as they got it. Every single piece of the dash and console has been either re-wrapped or upholstered and then buttoned all back up.

The owner has even gone to the extent of having the steering wheel completely customized, the red stitching on the black was a nice touch to help bring all the colors together.

3  Too Flashy

Via Jalponik.com

Talk about a gaudy looking Mercedes. The owner of this car looks like they have gone through a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money to ruin the interior of this SLR.

According to Jalponik, Ueli Anlicker is the owner of this over the top car. He spent a ridiculous $4.3 million customizing his Mercedes, which includes 500 rubies that bedazzle the car and leather that is made out of real gold.

This is one of many red and gold vehicles in his collection.


Vvia Meguiarsonline.com

Here is another example of one of those customized cockpits we have already seen a few times on the list. The driver of this vehicle has customized their interior to fit as many speakers into it as possible, and with all the visible kicker logos it would be safe to assume that it’s the brand of their choice.

If you look at the steering wheel, the CD player has somehow been wired into it, creating more space for speakers of course!

1 Glow Up

Via Themustangsource.com

Extensive lighting has always been a popular modification on cars, especially ones found in the tuner scene. Here is an example of some neon lighting that was used to style the inside of this car.

The simplicity of it seems to work, the only thing that seems to be a bit off is the choice of colors as they are a bit all over the place without any sort of reasoning. Maybe the owner was colorblind? Who really knows what the though process was.

Sources: Carbuzz.com, CNBC.com, Jalponik.com & Skynews.com

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