10 Of Shaq's Modded Cars That Were Built To Crumble (And His 10 Sickest Rides)

All of Shaq's success has allowed him to live a pretty amazing life, including collecting a wide range of cars customized to fit his frame.

Shaquille O'Neal, more commonly known as Shaq, is easily one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the NBA. In his illustrious career, he managed to win a total of four NBA championships. As for his individual success, he would win an MVP award, three NBA Finals MVP awards, Rookie of the Year and would take part in a remarkable 15 NBA All-Star games. He was expected to be a star, as he was a first overall pick. However, the Hall of Famer did far better than many people would have ever imagined. All of this success has allowed him to live a pretty amazing life due to his finances.

Shaq is a huge fan of collecting cars, and due to this clear fact, he has a pretty amazing garage. There is no question that he is not afraid to spend a lot of money on his vehicles, as he has the privilege of doing so without any consequences. He has a solid amount of great vehicles that we car lovers definitely wish we had. However, even with this being the case, it is clear that some of his selections are very questionable. With that being said, this article is going to look at 10 cars from Shaq's collection that were built to crumble, as well as 10 more that are totally sick.

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20 Built To Crumble: Ford F-650

via Citizen Cars

However, when seeing how he customized it to the point where it is worth $125,000, it is fair to state that he went a bit too far. There is no reason for an individual to ever spend that much on a pickup that is not a collector’s item. At the end of the day, it is going to crumble far earlier than he would want it to at that price.

19 Sick Ride: Vaydor

via Autofluence

When seeing how the Vaydor has made it in pop culture, there is no question that this is a wonderful vehicle. It is the type of car that collectors are yearning for immensely. However, due to this clear fact, there is no question that it will forever be held at a relatively high price.

18 Built To Crumble: Chevy G1500

via Complex

This just is not a vehicle that screams out to be customized. Not many people in the world are even asking to see this occur. However, Shaq went all-out when it came to customizing this vehicle. When seeing how the interior is made from Louis Vuitton, one can easily tell he spent a lot for it. However, he could have done this to a far better vehicle.

17 Sick Ride: Mercedes-Benz S Class

via Pinterest

There is no question that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are normally very sought out for. This is because these cars are normally built to last, while also being extremely nice looking. However, Shaq’s personal touches to his ride make a car (that already did not need improvement) far better than it originally was.

16 Built To Crumble: Smart Fortwo

via Reddit

It is incredibly difficult to believe that Shaq actually has owned a Smart car, but alas, it is true. It is hard to figure out how he actually managed to fit in one, as he clearly is a very big individual. However, the way these vehicles actually run is the primary issue in all of this.

Smart cars are known for having a lot of major problems with the way they drive. They are not prone to lasting for a long period of time, so it is pretty apparent that it is a vehicle that is built to crumble. One cannot blame Shaq for wanting to drive an environmentally friendly car, but he could have chosen a far better vehicle for that.

15 Sick Ride: Vanderhall Venice Roadster

via The Blast

This is a very unique vehicle, and the extra touches that Shaq added to it only make it cooler. There are a lot of people who would love to be able to drive this vehicle, but of course, it comes at a fairly high price. However, that definitely is not a problem for this former NBA superstar.

14 Built To Crumble: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

via Facebook

This just seems to be an extreme purchase and it is clear that he could have made it for something that is far better. When assuming the amount of cash he spent on this vehicle, it is hard to believe that he will ever get the amount of value he expected from it. It is simply a regular vehicle, even with the customization.

13 Sick Ride: Polaris Slingshot

via YouTube

This is a vehicle that also seems like the perfect one to drive in nice weather. With him making it a four-seater, it is quite apparent that it would be great to take your family or friends in it for a ride to the beach. At the end of the day, this is definitely a vehicle that was a smart move by Shaq.

12 Built To Crumble: Buick LaCrosse

via The Truth About Cars

When seeing all of the nice cars that are currently in Shaq’s vehicle, it is clear that this is one that should not be there. A major reason behind why he actually has one is the fact that he was asked to advertise the vehicle. So, in all fairness, maybe he is not wrong for taking a free car. However, it won’t last long.

11 Sick Ride: Jeep Wrangler

via Pinterest

It is hard to ever say anything negative about a Jeep Wrangler. There is no question that this is one of the most beloved series that come from this car manufacturer, and rightfully so. These vehicles are extremely dependable and strong, while also possessing a nice appearance.

With all of this being stated, it is not very surprising that Shaq has one of these in his garage. It clearly can be deemed as one of the best ones that he owns. Although it is not the flashiest of vehicles, when seeing how strong of a place it has in the automobile world, this is clearly a sick ride.

10 Built To Crumble: Cadillac DTS

via AAS

The DTS series also has been known for having major problems with its engine. This definitely makes them prone to breaking down far earlier than its owners would expect them to. With that being stated, this vehicle in Shaq’s garage is not one that people are going to be too impressed by.

9 Sick Ride: Dodge Challenger Hellcat

via 24CarShop

Shaq is known for adding his own personal style to his cars but with this one, he definitely did a very nice job with it. This is a vehicle that clearly is going to last him a very long time. The Challenger Hellcat is known for being built in a very strong manner, so it is clear that it deserves an immense amount of praise.

8 Built To Crumble: Ford Bronco II

via Hagerty

However, due to its name and the success of the first Bronco, people end up falling victim to purchasing this vehicle. With that being stated, Shaq currently sports one of these in his garage. Although they look nice, there is no question that this is a vehicle of his that is absolutely built to crumble.

7 Sick Ride: Rolls-Royce Phantom

via Pinterest

This could go down as one of the best cars in Shaq’s collection, as not much has to be done to make it reach an elite status. This is a vehicle that can go untouched and it still would get an immense amount of attention from other car collectors. That is why it clearly is a great ride.

6 Built To Crumble: Ford Expedition

via Concept Carz

At the time Shaq made this purchase, it did make sense, but now it is clear that this is a vehicle that is built to crumble. One definitely has to admire how he designed his vehicle, but this does not excuse it from criticism for how poorly it is when it comes to its overall structure.

5 Sick Ride: Lamborghini Gallardo

via Nomana Brakes

What makes Shaq’s Lamborghini so much cooler is the fact that he opted to stretch it to make it far bigger. This ultimately makes a lot of sense, as he is clearly a very large individual. At the end of the day, this makes the vehicle possess a unique vibe and that makes it far cooler.

4 Built To Crumble: Cadillac Escalade

via Car and Driver

It has been noted that this vehicle tends to have a lot of problems when it comes to its electrical elements, as well as its engine. One has to admire the customization job that Shaq has done to his, as he made it all black, but at the end of the day, it is a vehicle that likely will not last too long.

3 Sick Ride: Porsche Panamera

via Luxury Car Hire

There is no question that many people would love to own this car. It is important to state that while it looks amazing, its best element is that it is a long lasting vehicle. This is why this vehicle has been able to be a top seller for a long period of time. This is something that is not ever going to change, either.

2 Built To Crumble: Hummer H2

via YouTube

Shaq tried to make his Hummer H2 look far more luxurious but at the end of the day, there is no way to make this car a solid one. These vehicles have always been prone to having a lot of major problems when it comes to their engines. This, in turn, would make them possess a short life cycle.

This is essentially what would go on to make the car manufacturer discontinue entirely. They simply could never make a vehicle that was dependable. Praise is definitely warranted for the details that Shaq gave his Hummer H2, but it is clear that it is a car that seriously is built to crumble.

1 Sick Ride: Lincoln Navigator

via Detroit Free Press

With Shaq being a family man, it is quite understandable that he has a liking to dependable vehicles. That is why him buying a Navigator was a spectacular decision on his end. It is also nice that this vehicle can be deemed as a luxury one too, as Lincoln is known for making cars in that manner.

Sources: Carsoid, Parade, and Complex.

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