10 Of The Most Reliable Cars Money Can Buy (And The 10 Least Reliable Not Worth A Dime)

When buying a car, many people want to get one that is as reliable as possible to avoid problems in the future.

When it comes to buying a car no one wants to spend money and get ripped off. If you are thinking about buying a car, you want to make sure that it's reliable. Breakdowns and consistent repairs are just like throwing money away and honestly, no one really wants to do that. There are better things to do besides throwing money away. No matter how much research you do before buying a car, sometimes we still get stuck with a lemon.

Many automakers take pride in their products and do their very best to bring reliable cars to the market. They take great pride in living up to their name and their vehicles, wanting their customers to trust them and come back. Sometimes mistakes can happen to the best of them unintentionally. When that happens car companies will either notify their customers or announce a recall. They do try to make amends by fixing the car for free sometimes.

There are some automakers unfortunately that put savings and shortcuts over reliability and safety. They want people to spend extra money on repairs or to go out and buy a  car. Before you decide to buy a car take a look at the list so that you can be aware of which are the most reliable and which ones are worse cars on the market today. We will start with the worst and work our way to the best.

20 Least Reliable: MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS

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Mercedes-Benz has always made classy expensive cars. They have tried to bring quality and excellence to their customers but sometimes have run into trouble with their cars. Mercedes had multiple issues with their Mercedes-Benz C-Class from 2012-2017.

There have been 25 recalls with this car series.

Problems have ranged from structure welding, electronic stability, fuel system, fuel pump, electric system issues, electric power steering, headlights, and airbags. According to the Department Of Motor Vehicles, this car might be nice but its recall rate is seven times higher than the industry average. Before investing in one make sure you are aware of all their problems.

19 Least Reliable: BMW 3 AND 4 SERIES

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BMW is another company that produces nice looking cars but looks aren't just everything. The BMW 3- and 4-Series is a good example of that with all their recalls and complaints. Out of every 100,000 cars recalled 3% are BMW’s. According to Edmunds, the BMW 3 series has had 833,379 cars recalled for many different reasons. Issues have included loss of power brake assist, Takata airbags, engine stalling because of loose bolts, and fuel-pump failure. The BMW 4-Series has had 105,309 cars recalled for the same reasons. If you are interested in the BMW 3- and 4-Series make sure you do your homework before buying one.

18 Least Reliable: TOYOTA 4RUNNER

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The Toyota 4Runner is another popular mid-range SUV but has also made the list of worst reliable cars. It has a high recall rate of 1.98 units recalled for every 100,000 cars sold. That's not great.

According to Car Complaints, the Toyota 4Runner has one problem after another.

Reported complaints and recalls have been about the transmissions, interior, dashboards cracking, air flow sensor failure, faulty brakes, steering rear axle issues and paint trouble. The list goes on. You want a car that works and doesn't have a lot of issues. You don't want a car that needs has multiple recalls or needs a lot of repairs. After all, that is the idea of having a car, being able to use it when you need to.

17 Least Reliable: NISSAN PATHFINDER

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Nissan began producing the Pathfinder in 1986 and in those years they have had many issues. Nissan has had four generations of Pathfinders and each generation Nissan tried changing different things on the car but they still have a high recall rate. According to the Department Of Motor Vehicles, the Pathfinder recalls are 2.5 times higher than the auto industries average. Nissan has recalled 3.5 million cars for faulty Takata airbags. Other Pathfinder recalls have included 640,000 for wiring and hood issues, wheel hub fractures, faulty bolts, suspension issues, overheating, fuel gauge issues, faulty brakes, faulty transmissions and radiator issues. If you buy a new or used Pathfinder make sure you check to see if issues have been addressed.

16 Least Reliable: GMC SIERRA

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The GMC’s Sierra is another popular vehicle that made the ten on the worst list. The Sierra has been plagued with many things going wrong with it.

GMC has lost millions of dollars to recalls and many customers have also shelled out their money for repairs too.

Normal wear and tear you expect to happen to any vehicle but with the Sierra, it's more than normal. According to Repairpal, some the issues are faulty brakes, electric and mechanical failures, automatic transmission shifting roughly, AC/ heater problems, engine not working correctly, exhaust issues, bad headlights and of course Takata airbags. You would think it would make more sense to make sure a vehicle is working correctly before hitting the market.

15 Least Reliable: CHEVY TAHOE

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Having Chevy make the worst list is sort of funny. Chevy was co-founded by William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet in 1911. Durant had been in the carriage business and was very skeptical of cars. He didn't think they were safe, even with the involvement of the government beginning regulations for the car industry. Durant figured he could go beyond new regulations by creating safer cars. He wouldn't be very happy today knowing that a few of his vehicles made the worst list. According to Consumer Reports, years of the Chevy Tahoe to avoid are the 2009, 2015, and 2017 vehicles. They are considered the worst.

14 Least Reliable: DODGE DURANGO

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Three generations of the Dodge Durango have hit the road. According to Auto Truck Toy, Dodge began producing the Durango in 1998 to replace the Dodge Ramcharger. If you want a cheaper vehicle this might be for you Just be careful. It has a high recall rate.

This shows a high rate of ongoing issues with the Dodge Durango.

If you like going on long trips or like the wildness with this car you'll need to check it with a fine tooth comb. You don't want to have a breakdown and be stuck. That just wouldn't be any fun.

13 Least Reliable: DODGE CHARGER

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Introduced to the public in 1966 the Dodge Charger has been for sale ever since. This car has had many changes in their designs over the years and some generations have had issues. According to Dodge Problems, the Charger since 1971 Dodge Chargers has had issues. In 2012 the Dodge Charger had 13 recalls alone due to multiple problems. In May 2018 more than 4,846,885 Dodge Chargers were recalled for cruise control just shutting off, front drive shaft detaching, airbag failure, faulty fuel pumps, water pumps not working correctly, and engine failure. In a perfect world, all the things that go wrong would be covered by the car manufacturer but they are not.

12 Least Reliable: CHRYSLER 300

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According to Edmunds, the Chrysler 300 has a lot of issues. Buying this you will be taking a chance. Problems have ranged from the quality of materials, brakes not functioning correctly, transmission issues, engine trouble, small storage space, fuel economy not being great and bad warranties. This car you will be throwing money away between repairs and towing. The Chrysler 300 can cost between $28,995 - $40,995 and for that price, there shouldn't be so many issues with it. Cutting costs and faulty workmanship certainly didn't help. All the troubles almost caused Chrysler to shut down. Car manufacturers need to think about keeping customers happy so they come back for a new car instead of them going to different car companies altogether.


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Ford unveiled the Ford Mustang convertible in 1964 and created the first pony class of American muscle cars. The car was originally designed as a two-seater and in the first year and a half, the car of production over a million Mustangs had been sold.

Since the start of production, 10 million Ford Mustangs have been sold.

According to Ford Problems, there have been 16 recalls in the history of the Mustang's production. Problems with this car have included oil leaks, fuel tank leaks, seat belt issues, faulty airbags, loose brake calliper guide pins, and door latches not closing the doors properly. Even though the Ford Mustang hit the worst list it is still better than the other vehicles on the list.

10 Most Reliable: CHEVY EQUINOX

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According to US News, the Chevy Equinox is number ten for best compact SUVs. The Chevy Equinox has a turbocharged four-cylinder base engine and is available with a 6 or 9-speed automatic transmission. This car is reliable and it is nice looking. It is equipped with forwarding collision warning and surround-view camera. You can zip around looking good and be safe. If you're looking for an SUV this is worth taking the time and looking at. It's perfect for city driving and for weekend adventures. You won't be disappointed taking this for a test drive and checking it out for yourself.

9 Most Reliable: HYUNDAI ELANTRA

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Hyundai is a South Korean car manufacturer that began producing the Elantra in 1990 and has six generations of cars. According to Auto Trend, this is Hyundai’s best selling car. This car hasn't had any major issues or recalls that consumers need to worry about. With the Hyundai Elantra, you can depend on it to get you around. Whether your commuting to work or if you decide to take a road trip you can rely on this car. The Elantra comes equipped with a navigation system, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection, with front and rear crumple zones. This is a nice car, especially for the price.


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The Subaru Crosstrek is a compact sports utility vehicle that was introduced in 2013 and has a five-star safety rating. You won't need to worry about driving this.

According to US News, this car is loaded with safety features.

The Subaru Crosstrek has traction control, electronic stability control, pressure monitoring, post-collision safety system, and airbags. Subaru takes pride in customer safety and wants everyone to be safe. You can depend on this car meeting your needs. It's worth looking at if you want a new car. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on repairs or be without a car while it's being worked on, this might be for you.

7 Most Reliable: HONDA CIVIC

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Honda did something right when they began producing the Civic. Introduced in 1973 there have been ten generations of Civics. This car has grown in popularity over the years. The Honda Civic is a nice looking car with a sleek aerodynamic design. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Civic has a five-star safety rating and is considered one of the number one cars in America. The Civic is affordable, dependable, and fun. You can zip around and get a lot of good years with this car. This is a good investment to make for a car and you won't get a lot of aggravation.

6 Most Reliable: HONDA CR-V

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There is little doubt that Honda makes reliable cars when they are on the list twice. The Honda CR-V has also received a five-star rating by the NHTSA for safety. Introduced in North America in 1997 it became a hit. Safety features include anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake distribution, side curtain airbags with rollover sensor, and vehicle stability assist with traction control. There have been several designs throughout their generations. According to Edmunds, when it comes to fuel economy combined with one of the best engines it's a perfect combination. This is a great smaller SUV and is perfect to do things in.

5 Most Reliable: GMC TERRAIN

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The GMC Terrain is nice looking SUV that is very reliable and that you can enjoy with no trouble.

According to the US News, the GMC Terrain is one of the best vehicles for reliability and is loaded with safety features.

Some features include stability control, engine immobilizer, lane departure warning accident avoidance system, lane departure warning accident avoidance system, front and rear ventilated disc brakes. With the GMC Terrain, you can handle all types of road conditions and terrains and have room for everyone. It is well worth checking this car out and taking it for a test drive so you can see for yourself how nice it is.

4 Most Reliable: HYUNDAI ACCENT

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The Hyundai Accent is a good subcompact car and one that you can depend on. According to the News Wheel, the Hyundai Accent has one the lowest recall rates on the market today and that is what you want in any car you buy. Hyundai has not taken any shortcuts with the production of this car. Having their customers safe and happy is the main goal. Happy customers mean more business and more money being made by the company. This car was introduced to the market in 1995 and have been going strong since.

3 Most Reliable: HONDA ACCORD

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The Honda Accord is a mid-size sedan and has received a top rating for years, making other car manufacturers look bad. Not only will this car get you all around but it keeps going. The only generation of Honda Accords that had problems was between 1998- 2002 with their transmissions. According to Consumer Reports, the Accord is one of the top rated cars. If you are interested in a mid-size sedan, take a look at one. Owners of the Accord also reported that they do not have many complaints about the Accord. It is nice owning a car that you don't have much to worry about. You won't get stuck anywhere with this.

2 Most Reliable: TOYOTA CAMRY

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According to Autoweek, the 2018 Toyota Camry is the number one selling sedan in America. This car outsold other sedans by 388,618 cars and that says something. This car meets consumers demands in all aspects from looks, safety, and reliability.

Toyota introduced the Camry in 1982 and in seven generations of vehicles they have kept up on their workmanship.

With every generation, improvements continue to be made. Making a good car is what it is all about and Toyota did it with the Camry. No matter what your doing, from commuting to running around with the kids you can get it done and don't need to worry.

1 Most Reliable: TOYOTA COROLLA

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Toyota made the top ten list on Consumer Reports again with their Corolla for having the best car overall on the market. Not only is the Corella one of the best cars to own it is also reasonably priced especially when comparing prices to the some of the worst cars. This car is equipped with a 1.8 L 4-cylinder, 6-speed manual transmission, and has 132 to 140 horsepower. As for safety, the Corolla comes with Toyota safety sense, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, dynamic radar cruise control, and star safety system. Toyota really does take pride in their cars and are reliable.

Sources: ConsumerReports.com, CarAndDriver.com, MotorTrend.ca

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