Ohio High-Horsepower Ford Dealer Now Offers 800-HP Nitrous Mustang With A Warranty

An Ohio Ford dealer is offering a drag-ready Mustang equipped with a nitrous boost.

NOS Mustang

The Ohio Ford dealership is offering an 800 hp nitrous-equipped Mustang GT that’s ready for the drag strip.

You don’t see a lot of professional race cars with nitrous in them. That’s because most professional racing series do not allow for nitrous because it has a tendency to explode engines a little more frequently than forced induction does.

But there’s no denying that nitrous adds a lot of power to a car. That’s why street racers can more often be found with nitrous bottles in the back. But Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio doesn’t think that nitrous should be relegated to the streets. They want to bring a nitrous-equipped Mustang GT to the drag strip.

They call their in-house, drag-ready Mustang build the BFP Drag Pak (where BFP stands for Beechmont Ford Performance). What started life as a humble 2018 Mustang GT with an automatic transmission has been transformed into a NOS wild child with 800 horsepower and a quarter-mile time of just 10.8 seconds.

"We often see supercharged cars or other builds rolling out and have to add this disclaimer that 'you’re only a few suspension mods and a tire away from the 10’s'," said Beechmont marketing manager Charlie Watson in an email to The Drive. "The BFP Drag Pak is designed to have the ability to be driven from our parking lot to the strip and run 10’s. No tire change, no suspension change, no fuel upgrades. It’s ready."

In the trunk is where you’ll find that magic nitrous bottle just waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting racers. Of course, a bottle on its own is just a paperweight, so the BFP Drag Pak also comes with a nitrous outlet kit, remote bottle opener, Win Max WOT switch, and a nitrous controller.


Next up come the suspension and tire upgrades. A set of Steeda drag springs and Viking Double Warrior rear adjustable shocks keep the car from wobbling while it rockets to the finish line, while a quad-pack of Racestar Darkstar Wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson Street SS tires ensure the Mustang maintains traction off the line.

Finally, a few powertrain upgrades to handle 800 horses, such as DSS half shafts, new billet oil pump gears, and upgraded crank sprockets, will ensure all that power has somewhere to go.

"Nitrous is a very efficient and very misunderstood power adder," Watson added. "It’s not more dangerous than a supercharger or a turbo, it’s just easier to abuse."

Which sounds a lot like “it’s more dangerous”, but we’ll give Watson the benefit of the doubt.

Beechmont is at least confident enough in their build to provide a partial warranty, but it’s not as extensive as their other offerings on more conventionally upgraded ‘Stangs.

We also don’t know the price, but it’s likely to be around the mid-$40 grand mark as with their other upgraded cars. You’ll have to ask them to find out.


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