Oklahoma Garage To Reproduce Licensed Versions Of Gone In 60 Seconds' Eleanor Mustang

A garage in Tulsa will make you a customized version of the iconic Shelby.

Nicolas Cage hit movie Gone in 60 Seconds will likely always be a favorite for car enthusiasts or even the average fan. And the iconic 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 known as Eleanor in the film is now being officially reproduced for the road.

Several shops have joined the campaign to build licensed models of the famous car and Oklahoma-based Brand New Muscle Car is one of the latest to get in on the fun.

There's nothing stopping you from building your own Eleanor, though, it's all pretty simple. Get yourself a 1967 Ford Mustang shell - original or a reproduction ordered from Ford - dress it up, top things off with a "Go, Baby, Go" button near the gear selector; and there you have it.

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via motorauthority.com

But if you let Brand New Muscle Car do the work for you, they'll sell you one in the original Dupont Pepper Gray or just about any color/design you desire. They won't stop there either, you could have your Eleanor fitted with a 427 cubic inch Ford Racing V-8 crate engine boasting 550 horsepower or a newer Coyote 5.0-liter street V-8 able to go produce up to 435 hp - and you get to choose whether you want that transmission in manual or automatic.

The garage affords you an array of accessories. You could get anything from a supercharger to air conditioning - and, of course, it won't come cheap. A basic Eleanor goes for $199,995 and adding bespoke pieces will take you above that mark rather significantly.

Brand New Muscle Car is an official licensed producer of the Eleanor, as well as the Yenko Camaro. They're also an official dealer for Factory Five, a garage that produces tribute replicas of the Shelby Cobra roadster and coupe, plus various road-going goodies.

If they're the ones who build your Eleanor, then you're as legit as it gets, given their status. Don't go around stealing cars though, that's still illegal.

Source: Motor Authority

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