Old Car City: 25 Photos From The World's Largest Classic Car Junkyard

Thousands of lonely cars sit in Old Car City and wait for visitors to snap photos as time slowly takes its toll.

The largest classic car junkyard in the world rests peacefully in the humble state of Georgia, in the USA. Although, when you normally leave a vehicle in its final resting place, it typically becomes a victim to hundreds of scavenging mechanics that need the old, uncommon parts. That’s not exactly the case at Old Car City, though. You will stumble upon over 4,000 cars that have remained practically intact for years—aside from rust, decay, and the total takeover of nature.

The vast majority of the vehicles in the fields and forests at Old Car City are still in pretty good condition, considering that you can still make out the entire body. The paint and emblems may be tainted or completely ruined beyond redemption, but you can make out the manufacturer of most of these vintage beauties because many of their bodies are structurally sound.

This is precisely what makes the largest classic graveyard the best place to visit; it’s not a salvage yard for everyone to pick through what they’d like, but a photographer’s paradise, as a sign clarifies at the entrance of Old Car City. And it couldn’t be more accurate. The entire acreage is devoted to classic cars dating as far back as the 40s, none of which have been scavenged any more than when they were originally brought to Old Car City. No one does anything special to keep the cars in good condition, but they also don’t want to contribute to the active deterioration of the classic cars. Thousands of lonely cars sit and wait for visitors to snap photos and time slowly takes its toll.

25 Country Truck

via Trover

Without color, no antique will feel complete, especially a pre-60s model. But this country truck takes things to the next level with its primary color scheme (or what’s left of it). The pickup is a one-of-a-kind, with lettering that we’ve not seen on any other vehicle: ‘Your Brand of Country’. Whether it’s a washed-out musician or artists’ former truck or a simple fanatic of all things country music, this is one interesting truck. It invokes more questions than it can answer; you’ll want to know a lot more about old vehicles like this one if you ever have the opportunity to scavenge throughout a classic junkyard. Though the colors aren’t exactly inviting, it’s easy to appreciate the pickup for a decaying antique.

24 Truck Taken By Trees

via The Morning Call

A car has to be stagnant for a good amount of time before a couple of trees can grow directly through its body. If you’re into classics, then this is probably your dream yard ornament, or in this case, a planter. This photo is really neat, not just for a car enthusiast but also for anyone who loves nature. The tree navigated its way through the existing holes of the vehicle with no issues and is still thriving, today. Nature is impressive, and so is the engineering of this age-old truck that is still holding up despite the beating that the flora and fauna have given it.

23 VW Bus

via Pinterest

No classic car graveyard could be complete without a Volkswagen Bus. It’s one of the most iconic antiques because of its colorful history during the Woodstock era. However, the VW throwback has done anything but settled down since its arrival to Old Car City. This particular model has found itself completely taken up by the trees that surround it; they’ve warped around the bus in remarkable ways. As whimsical and unreal as it may seem, this is exactly the aesthetic that you can come to expect at Old Car City. Only years of aging can make the sight even more interesting.

22 50s Cadillac

via Technocrazed

There’s something about a 50s Cadillac that is so satisfying (and if you’re really into classics, then the sensation is heartwarming). The cherry red paint job is sadly eaten away by time and the consequences of decay, but it’s still a beauty beneath all of the algae and light rust. Considering that it’s over 50 years old, the Caddy has maintained in relatively rust-free condition and if it wasn’t for the lack of rims, it would beat almost all of the other cars in the same range. It looks great (taking the circumstances into account) and with hubcaps littered around the forest around the car, it makes a great backdrop.

21 Antiques In The Pines

via Pinterest

If there’s one thing that marks the Georgia landscape better than aging antiques, it’s the picturesque Southern pines. And, these clunky cruisers are deeply entrenched in the forest of Old Car City. The pine needles have obviously had a few years to stake their own claim on the sedans. And even though they’re not always the most desirable little remnants to have littered around your yard, these antiques can pull them off. Not only does this make a fantastic subject, but it’s just an eye-catching scene that’s kind of hard to pull yourself away from. Everything seems to be untouched and unknown.

20 Vintage Oldsmobile

via Flickr

This Oldsmobile seems to be in some of the shabbiest shape of all of the vehicles in the lot, which isn’t too far off from its story during the time that these were in excess on the roads. Despite all of the tree coverage, the vintage Olds has taken on a lot of body damage—although the trees could also be a contributor to the problem. Between the rotting body and the planetary emblem, this looks like the backdrop for a sci-fi movie scene. Slightly more bulbous than most competitors, the Oldsmobile has a unique shape that was standard from its factory, but even in this collection of junk, it retains a fair amount of individuality.

19 Georgia's Most Reliable

via Amusing Planet

Poking around Old Car City will reveal a lot about the character that each and every car has hidden beneath its rusted façade. You’ll also catch a glimpse of a few humorous acknowledgments to the famed junkyard that have obviously been added post-arrival to their final resting place. The fender of this car, for instance, says it all; not to say that these cars aren’t reliable, but they did wind up in a junkyard for a reason… In a sea of decaying automobiles, there is quite a bit of warmth and good-nature that you probably wouldn’t expect lurking in an old car graveyard.

18 Antique Chevy Pickup

via Pinterest

There’s something about an antique Chevrolet pickup that really can captivate the hearts of many enthusiasts, especially for Americans. They may be gas guzzlers, but most of us don’t like to see these old trucks spend their last days in rot. Old Car City cushions the pain of seeing your favorite classics lay waste in their oversized emporium of archaic hunks of metal. It may be past the point of redemption, but this old truck is still a sight for sore eyes. There’s so much to love about the bulbous body of a classic Chevy pickup that can never be shaken.

17 Lifted Rides

via Pinterest

This picture perfectly portrays just how jam-packed Georgia’s finest junkyard truly is. These cars have obviously been lifted to allow more junk to be stored beneath them. It seems like they may have once been preserved by a barn, but those days are long gone. The cars and everything beneath them have become victims of rust, after apparent years of neglect. You can’t replace the classics that are lingering above the used parts, but they’re attractive in their own right. Even in their dwindling state, they’re very photogenic and attractive to the modern onlooker. It’s one of the scenes in Old Car City that no one can miss.

16 Rusted-Out Buick

via Flickr

Normally, rust is every enthusiast's nightmare; it can kill your car’s working parts rapidly and will make any mechanic cringe at the sight. However, this rusted-out Buick is a game-changer for anyone that has an appreciation for junkyard finds. The rust bleeds nicely into the paint job and gives off the notion that it doesn’t really matter if the car is in mint condition or not, this Buick has a story hidden beneath those years of age. Normally, old cars that have given up all hope just look like trash that is overdue for its trip to the dump, but it’s easy to see how this Buick has maintained its presence.

15 Mustang Haven

via Old Car City

While it will definitely come across as a tragedy for any muscle car enthusiast, it’s no surprise here that Mustangs fill up whole sections of Old Car City. Whether it’s the unreliability of Ford’s engineering at fault or the sheer fact that people who drive muscle cars want nothing more than to go fast (and don’t actually take care of their cars during ownership), these ‘Stangs weren’t guaranteed a long life. If an accident doesn’t total a muscle car, then reckless owners will do so by ignoring all of the important upkeep that’s necessary for any car, but especially an antique car.

14 The Exposed Engine

via Gary Shaver

The real beauty of any vehicle—as most gearheads know—is not the beautiful body that you see from a distance, but it’s what is concealed safely beneath the hood that really matters. This relic exposes all of its beauty (and raw parts) for all to see. It’s not just a sign of how many used parts were scooped up by scavenging grease monkeys, it goes to show just how interesting and complex a car really is when the engine – or what’s left of it – is fully exposed. This photo isn’t just elegantly captured, this antique flashes its battle scars with pride.

13 The Garage

via Scenic Traverse Photography

Out of all the Old Car City treasures that we’ve seen, these are some of the most intact vehicles. Clearly, the barn actually worked some magic on the aging process of these throwbacks, even the early-model fire truck has managed to maintain its existence after 50 years of roaming roads and harsh neglect. Thankfully, they all seem to be largely untouched. However, nothing can be definitively claimed about the working parts of each of these antiques; that’s always up for grabs by mechanics, but it’s also hard to see why many of the fire truck parts would be necessary for most projects.

12 Green Cadillac

via Trovar

It may seem unreal how many different models are hidden in the Georgia forest, and especially how many have survived with minimal rust damage or overgrowth. This Cadillac may have quite a bit of rust visible, but it’s nothing considering that it’s been lying untouched by man for years and years without much change. The only thing keeping this Caddy looking its age is the Georgia humidity, which provokes all of the weakest points in the paint job for the spread of rust. Other than the buildup of fallen leaves, this old Cadillac has only experienced the harsh effects of neglect.

11 Twisted Pontiac

via Hot Rod Network

They don’t call it a junkyard for nothing. Most of the cars that visitors come across in the world’s largest classic car graveyard are old cars that have broken down time and again until they finally ended up here. There are still a number of cars that have actually been involved in serious accidents that have been totaled beyond repair, though it’s not confirmed that the damage on this GTO was incurred while it was being used or after it had been committed to a salvage yard. Regardless, the Pontiac is one of many, but its warped body is too awesome to ignore.

10 The Lineup

via Rick Holliday

The barrage of old trucks at Old Car City will certainly catch your attention. It’s not typical to spot a lineup of so many trucks—particularly in this mega junkyard—that have suffered so little damage. Rust is the only thing that has creeped its way into all of the exterior and interior parts, spoiling everything it touches. That, and whatever earned each of them a space in the junkyard in the first place. Dodge, Ford, Chevy, no matter what your flavor, Old Car City has a variety of makes that appeal to all visitors and no antique is turned away.

9 Ford Thunderbird

via Walter Arnold Photography

The Thunderbird is one of the most historic vehicles that has ever left Ford’s assembly line. The sight of this one, in a state of obvious neglect, covered in pine needles and lacking windows, is one of the hardest realities to take in. The entire photo is a mixed bag of confusing emotions, from tragic heartbreak to appreciation of mysterious history, it’s difficult to place the feelings for this type of junkyard find. No one really wants to see a classic lain to waste, but this one, in particular, will tug at a few heartstrings (at least, it did for us).

8 Completely Rusty Ford

via Gary Shaver

If you can’t confidently identify a vehicle’s original body color, then it’s safe to say that the paint job is long gone…along with almost everything else on the vehicle. This Ford pickup, for instance, has clearly suffered from the unforgiving effects of time, as well as the outdoors. Yet the rust, rot, and decay is a good look for this antique. The grill is one of the most damaged parts of the exterior, but the richly burnt coloring is beautiful and pops out from the drab brown of the rest of the body. It may not have had a spectacularly long life, but this vintage pickup has some love to offer for all that are willing to visit the largest junkyard of classics.

7 Baby Blue Dodge

via Snake Nation Press

The vast array of colors—most of which are soft and alluring, in a classy sense—are one of the most inviting aspects of vehicles built prior to the 60s. This old Dodge has the style of a once-gorgeous pickup that we can all find some satisfaction in. The embossed lettering and small, curved windows are so undoubtedly vintage that it’s practically calling your name while nosing through the graveyard. While Dodge always seems to be the odd man out in a world that’s built for two—Chevy and Ford—we can still have some appreciation for the carmaker and its excellent styles of the early 1950s.

6 The Vintage School Bus

via Pinterest

No classic junkyard could be considered complete without a vintage school bus, and this one rightfully takes home the gold in that respect. The rusted-out top is actually a good look for the big, yellow people mover. Busted out windows and all, this bus has really had it. Nonetheless, it’s a great-looking vehicle; in fact, it may be even more attractive than when in it was in mint condition (which was, evidently, a very long time ago). No exploration can reach its maximum potential if a few service vehicles, such as this one, aren’t spotted out in Old Car City.

5 1965 Ford Galaxie

via Flickr

The Ford Galaxie has a funny way of meandering its way into various junkyards and auto body lots, only for it to eventually decay away. Whether it’s the lack of available parts that holds people back from fixing these cars or the lack of knowledge to do so is unbeknownst to us. Considering that many rot away without much of a side glance from passersby, Old Car City is the perfect place for such a model. And in this specific instance, nature has really shown the Galaxie who’s boss; Ford’s old school sedan isn’t going to rot away in a giant junkyard without a fight.

4 Antique Lincoln

via Trover

Believe it or not, Lincoln had its own stake in the car industry during the 50s. It may not have had the widespread success of Ford's main lineup, but a few beauties did come off the high-end manufacturer’s assembly line, including this one-of-a-kind style. Interestingly enough, Lincoln took a different approach to their body styles than that of their Ford counterparts, unlike the Cadillac and Chevrolet vehicles that so closely resemble one another. This Lincoln has an unconventional pushed-in face but it also has that signature coloring that you find on all vehicles of the period. It may not be the most desirable car in the yard, but the Lincoln is certainly memorable.

3 Stacked And Decayed

via Flickr

With over 4,000 vehicles piling up in Old Car City, it’s not all that surprising that there are quite a few stacked on top of one another. Instances like this are even more dramatic because all of the cars in the frame are on their last leg; the algae are in full control, and whatever isn’t invaded with fungi reveals plenty of rust covering the vehicles, as well. It’s hard to believe that someone has let these vehicles diminish to what they are today, and in a matter of years, they’ll practically be rubble. But that’s the direction that the life of a retired vehicle goes when it’s turned over to a graveyard.

2 Disheveled Red Truck

via Gary Shaver

There are times that things like unforeseen occurrences and bizarre circumstances affect us in ways we’d never expect, and that’s kind of what happened with this truck. Someone shoved it in a slightly wild area of Old Car City and let nature have at it. The result is bruised paint, a disheveled hood, grill, doors, you name it, and a handful of untamed vines that look like they came straight out of Jumanji. This old truck can clearly take a beating, but we’re even more curious to see how it will fare over the course of a few years. In fact, a time-lapse photo probably would be the most appropriate for a vehicle that’s nestled in nature.

1 Fords In The Forest

via Journeys With Light

What’s not to love about forests and Fords? If you’re from the South, then the sentiment is probably even more meaningful—unless you’re exclusively on team Chevy—because these antique trucks haven’t just met Mother Nature, they’ve clashed. The red Ford has taken on a pretty remarkable thrashing from the trees, as seen from the jarring bends in the bed of the truck. It’s hard to imagine how long these trees have grown around and through the old Fords without human intervention. Though it doesn’t seem possible, there is so much flora sprouting in all different directions, inside and around the red truck.

Sources: Flickr, Old Car City USA, and Wikipedia

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