20 Classic Pickup Trucks We Want Back ASAP

Throughout the entire history of the automobile world, pickup trucks have been among the most popular vehicles. This is largely because of the fact that they are often seen as being the most productive when it comes to being used in working conditions. This definitely is entirely justifiable, as the vast majority of pickups truly thrive in these type of situations. However, the common theme that we often see from pickups is that their manufacturers often end their series far too soon. This is where we are left to desperately wishing for our favorite trucks to come back.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 old pickups that we want back. It is important to note that these vehicles will be coming from a variety of decades, as well as many different car manufacturers. Some selections will be based on the fact that manufacturers should look to redeem themselves for originally making certain models that consumers disliked. There is no question that it would be cool to see all of these pickups come back, as they all have left an impact, to some extent, on the automotive landscape that they were a part of. Some were even extremely important in the development of their brands and technology as a whole.

Now, let's look at these old trucks!

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20 Chevrolet Cameo

via Classic Car History

The Chevy Cameo series would end up being short-lived, so they are extremely valuable today. When seeing as how they were primarily made in the 1950s, they are very hard to find, so this is why so many individuals are so intrigued by this legendary pickup.

There is no question that it would be awesome for Chevy to bring this pickup back to the primary market. It is clear that people love their classic trucks, so giving this pickup a modern twist could be great for overall sales. Although a longshot, us car-lovers can certainly dream that the day might one day come.

19 Jeep CJ-10

via Jalopnik

The Jeep CJ-10 is a pickup from the car manufacturer that many people do not remember today. This is largely because of the fact that it was made a handful of decades ago and it did not have much time on the primary market. However, real car-lovers know how amazing this truck was.

In terms of overall power, this pickup was at an elite level. Due to this clear fact, it is fair to state that this pickup was perfect when it came to its performance in working conditions. With Jeep always being known for bringing back old models, this one could find its way to us again.

18 Chevrolet C/K

via CarGurus

The Chevy C/K series was easily one of the most popular ones in the history of the automobile world. Although the Silverado would end up taking its spot in the hearts of truck drivers, it is important to note that this was the best truck on the market for almost 50 years, and so many people grew up loving it for their whole lives.

In time, it is definitely believable that we could see the car manufacturer bring this pickup back. There is no question that many individuals were completely in love with this series, as these trucks were extremely powerful and, more importantly, very dependable.

17 Dodge Power Wagon

via YouTube

As its name implies, the Dodge Power Wagon had an immense amount of power for a truck during its time. This is easily one of the best pickups in the history of the automobile world because of the massive amount of impact it would leave on trucks in general.

There is no question that this pickup helped Dodge become one of the most impressive car manufacturers in the history of the automobile world. This is a fact that is not going to change anytime soon. With that being said, although its title is generic, this truck needs to come back, and not just as an options package.

16 Ford Courier

via Hemmings Motor News

Although the Ford Courier would not receive the most positive of reviews during its time on the primary market, it would be cool to bring it back. There is no question that when it comes to its overall appearance, these pickups definitely had a lot of positives to speak of.

Ford definitely should give this series another try, as they currently do not have many pickups on the primary market at this time. The Ford F-series definitely is an extremely popular one, but people could also be drawn to the Courier because of nostalgia for a time when pickups were a little smaller.

15 Cadillac Mirage

via Mecum Auctions

The 1976 Cadillac Mirage is definitely unique when it comes to its overall appearance. Although it definitely was not a pickup that possessed a lot of power, it had a nice element of luxury to it. That, of course, is expected from a vehicle that comes from this manufacturer.

This vehicle would only have one release year, as it just did not make many sales during its time on the primary market. However, even with this being the case, many car enthusiasts are in love with this obscurity of this vehicle. This is why it would be cool to see it come back.

14 Datsun 620

via BangShift.com

The Datsun 620 is widely considered to be one of the best pickups in the history of the automobile world. This is largely because of the fact that it was built in such an effective manner. This would make it the perfect choice for drivers who needed to use it in working conditions but who didn't want a massive truck.

Perhaps this vehicle could come back in the future as a sub-brand under Nissan but it appears that the chances are limited. However, even with this being the case, this vehicle is one that will never be completely forgotten. It is still heavily sought-after by car collectors.

13 Chevrolet Avalanche

via Wikipedia

The Chevy Avalanche series would end up getting mixed reviews during its time on the primary market. This is due to the fact that they had a handful of poorly built pickups in their history. This would result in Chevy decided to discontinue it, but that may have been the wrong move.

It is understandable that many drivers were upset with the Avalanche during its final years on the primary market, but the car manufacturer could have redeemed themselves. With this vehicle only being off the market for a handful of years, it could find its way back into production.

12 Dodge Li'l Red Express

via Classic cars from UK

The Dodge Li'l Red Express has definitely become a heavily sought-after vehicle. Although it was made in the 1970s, this pickup easily can still keep up with today's pickups in terms of both power and speed. This is why it was so popular from the very start.

There are many individuals who would love to have this pickup brought back and it does seem like it could be possible. Dodge is known for bringing back past models, even if it is just for one release year. If that would happen with this pickup, it would get a ton of sales.

11 GMC Syclone

via YouTube

The GMC Syclone would have a very short time on the primary market but it would grow immensely in popularity. It is a bit surprising that the car manufacturer gave up on this series so quickly, as there were a number of people who definitely wanted it to stick around.

This vehicle had an amazing style to it and it is hard to find a pickup that looks better because of it. Another outstanding element of this vehicle is that it had the ability to reach very high speeds without much trouble at all. With that being said, we want it back greatly.

10 Chevrolet El Camino

via Hemmings Motor News

The Chevy El Camino may not look like a traditional pickup but it definitely is a vehicle that we want back immensely. There is no question that this was not a vehicle that one would want to use strictly in working conditions but it had an amazingly luxury style.

Not all pickups have to be powerful and this vehicle is a prime example of this. It would be smart for car manufacturers to use this type of vehicle as inspiration for their later models, as it would bring us back to a time where originality was far more present. That is why the El Camino needs to come back.

9 Ford F-1

via Pinterest

Although we still have the F-Series, it would be amazing if Ford would bring back the F-1. It would not necessarily need to be a continuous series but even just a memorable special-edition for it would be amazing. I mean, this was the vehicle that made Ford known for their outstanding trucks.

There may not be a pickup that has had more of an impact on a car manufacturer than the F-1, so it definitely needs to be brought back to some capacity. It is widely seen as one of the greatest pickups of all time and this is why so many people collect it to this day.

8 Subaru Baja

via CarGurus

The Subaru Baja needs to come back to the primary market, as it has maintained its value on the secondhand market with remarkable consistency. It is still a bit surprising that Subaru decided to discontinue this series so prematurely. Because it lasted for a short period of time, there are so many people who want to buy the Baja used.

There have been rumors that this vehicle is eventually going to come back. This makes a lot of sense, as it has been so popular. Subaru knows how to make their vehicles in a very effective manner, so there is no question that the new Baja would be very dependable.

7 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler

via Hemmings Motor News

The Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler is easily one of the most popular pickups of all time. This is largely because of the fact that the car manufacturer did an absolutely amazing job when it came to its overall structure. This would allow it to possess a plethora of power and utility.

For a pickup of its time, there is no question that it was at an elite level when it came to its performance while being used in working conditions or during off-road fun. This is seriously why the car manufacturer absolutely needs to consider bringing it back. It would help out Chrysler immensely.

6 Chevrolet 454 SS

via Fast Lane Classic Cars

Chevy is known for making great pickups and the Chevy 454 SS is another prime example of this. Although many people may have forgotten about this pickup, as a decent amount of time has passed since its release, it would seriously be amazing to bring back.

There is no question that the car manufacturer focused on this vehicle possessing a lot of speed. This definitely is what made this pickup so entertaining to drive. In terms of its overall utility for people who also wanted to use it for working conditions, it also was extremely solid in that department, as well.

5 Dodge D100 Club Cab

via Barn Finds

The Dodge D100 Club Cab was one of the first top-notch heavy-duty trucks in the history of the automobile world. The car manufacturer definitely did not focus on its appearance much at all, but it was okay because this was a pickup that was supposed to be solely known for its power.

There is no question that this is a pickup that would only help Dodge's place at the top of the automobile world. There is no question that it would turn out to be an extremely dependable pickup, as well. This would allow it be able to last its owners for a very long time.

4 Chevrolet LUV

via Hemmings Motor News

The Chevy LUV series would end up receiving a lot of criticism over the years, but it is one that should come back. This is a rare blemish in the history of this top-notch car manufacturer and they should work to redeem themselves and this series to help raise their status in the public eye.

Smaller-sized pickups are always very intriguing to drive, as they tend to be able to reach higher speeds. However, with the advancement in technology at this present time, there is a very good chance that the LUV could actually turn out to be a top-of-the-line pickup.

3 Nissan Hardbody 4x4

via Reddit

It has been a number of years since the Nissan Hardbody 4x4 has been a part of the primary market. This definitely is a major disappointment, as there are so many individuals who desperately want this vehicle to be a regular again.

There is no question that this vehicle had the ability to be extremely solid in working conditions. This would naturally be what would end up giving this pickup such a positive reputation over the years. This is one that easily could come back at any time and that would definitely be able to reach solid sales numbers quite quickly.

2 Suzuki Equator

via Wikipedia

The Suzuki Equator may have been under the radar during its time on the primary market but the individuals who drove them were extremely happy with their results. There is no question that this truck had a great look to it but it also had an immense amount of power.

It is truly a shame that this car manufacturer did not receive more praise for this outstanding pickup. It simply was overshadowed by the immense amount of competition that is present in the automobile world, and especially in the pickup truck market. However, even with this being stated, we want this truck back.

1 Chevrolet Apache

via Wikipedia

To round off this list, there is absolutely no question that the Chevy Apache is a great selection. This is one of the first important pickups in the history of the automobile world, as it would end up taking productivity to an entirely new level during its time.

Without any doubt, had Chevy not come up with this truck, they likely never would have been able to reach such high status when it comes to their pickups. This is why so many car collectors are on the hunt for it constantly. A future version of this iconic pickup is a necessity.

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