25 Pickups Under $5,000 (And Still Worth Every Dollar)

There are a lot of options out there if you have $5,000 and are looking for a solid and dependable used pickup. You may be looking for a solid daily driver or a classic pickup to add to your vintage collection. Either way, there are many options available to you.

Pickups are becoming a lot more popular as of late thanks to restorations, and it's certainly possible to spend $5,000 on a vintage pickup that will be worth close to $100,000 in the future. Here's a look at 25 old pickups under $5,000 that are still worth every dollar. If you want a bargain, take a look at some overlooked manufacturers. International is a good bet if you want to find a classic pickup that looks good and is in good shape. Jeeps are popular among many auto enthusiasts, but Jeep's pickups are often overlooked. That's why you can find a used Jeep Gladiator or later model Jeep J10, for a very good price. If you want a pickup that's unique and fast then you should consider buying a coupe utility truck. El Caminos, Rancheros, and Rampages can be found for next to nothing.

Which one of these would you buy if you had a fat stack of bills burning a hole in your pocket? There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to used pickups that are under $5,000.

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25 F-150

via youtube

There are so many used F-150s available wherever you look. There are a glut of them because the F-150 is the best selling pickup truck of all time. Most people trade up for a newer model every few years, so you should have no problem finding an F-150 for under $5,000 that's still in excellent shape.

These are dependable pickups that last a long time. You can count on a used F-150 to be in solid condition no matter how much it was pushed to the limit.

24 Dodge D-100

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The Dodge D-100 is an excellent classic pickup that you can still buy for fairly cheap. The average price for a mid 60s D-100 on Hagerty.com is about $8,000 USD, but you can find one that's a little beat up for under $5,000.

Restoring a classic pickup can be a lot of fun, and the D100 will offer you an excellent return on investment. If you don't want to do that work, you can find a second or third generation D100 that's completely restored for around $5,000.

23 International Harvester Pickups

via wikipedia

International trucks always seem to be overlooked, and that's why you can still find numerous International trucks for incredibly low prices. You can buy a vintage International truck for a fraction of the price of a Ford or Chevrolet pickup. Even the really old models will be less than $5,000 (even if they're still in good shape).

International is more well known for its tractors, but its pickups were well made and sturdy trucks that were meant to be able to handle heavy farm work. You'll have no problem finding an early 70s International D-series for under $5,000.

22 Dodge D-200

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The Dodge D-100 isn't the only classic Dodge D-series pickups that you can buy for incredibly cheap. You can opt for a bigger and more powerful D-200 and not have to pay much more than you would for a D-100. You can easily find a late 70s or early 80s D-200 for well under $5,000. If you want to restore one yourself, you can find one for next to nothing.

These trucks are bound to go up in value, so get your hands on one while you still can. These are sturdy trucks that will work well in any car collection.

21 Jeep Gladiator

via pintrest

If you're looking for a classic pickup that is funky and unique then the Jeep Gladiator will be right up your alley. Best of all, finding one of these beauties for a reasonable price will be no problem at all.

The Jeep Gladiator is a true cult classic, and buying a vintage one will be a lot cheaper than the brand new model that Jeep is releasing. Finding even a 60s era gladiator for under $5,000 shouldn't be a problem. If you want a bit more power, then look for one with a V8 engine.

20 Toyota Hilux

via japanesenostalgiccar.com

Trucks don't get much cooler than the Toyota Hilux. This is the ultimate pickup for any classic auto collector. There have been so many Hilux trucks made over the years that you will have no problem finding one of these classics for well under $5,000. Don't worry about the condition, either. There's no way you'll find a Hilux that's beyond repair.

Hilux trucks last practically forever. You can buy one for next to nothing, slap on a new coat of paint, give it a good check-up, and then it will be just like new.

19 Chevy S-10

via hemmings.com

If you are looking for a compact truck that looks good, drives well, and is very affordable, then you could do much worse than the Chevy S-10. This classic pickup looks really cool, and finding one for less than $5,000 will be no problem at all.

It doesn't matter what model year you are looking for when it comes to a Chevy S10. There are S10s from the early 80s all the way up to 2004 for a lot less than $5,000.

18 Dodge Dakota

via www.carspecs.us

There will never be a pickup quite like the Dodge Dakota ever again. Well, at least there won't be a pick up like the Dakota in North America again. Westerners want bigger and more powerful trucks. Just because most consumers have moved past the Dakota, that doesn't mean it's not worth a look.

This is a very affordable used pickup. The chances of finding one in great shape for under $5,000 are very high. Pretty much any Dakota older than 10 years old will be very affordable.

17 Dodge Ram

via pintrest

The Dodge Ram is still one of the best selling pickup trucks in the world. You won't be able to find a newer model Dodge Ram for under $5,000, but one from the mid-90s will certainly fall within a budget of $5,000.

The Ram is a dependable pickup, and the demand for them is increasing among collectors. Snatch up an affordable Dodge Ram while you still can because you might not be able to find one on the cheap in the near future.

16  Volkswagen Caddy

via wikipedia

Here's an underrated gem of a pickup truck. This pint-sized pickup flew under the radar for many years, and that's why it's so easy to find one for cheap today. If you are looking for a unique pickup truck to add to your collection, then this is a great choice.

You can easily find a Volkswagen Caddy in great shape for under $5,000, and rest assured it will be worth every penny. It will be a lot of fun to drive this classic pick up, and your wallet will thank you.

15 GMC Sierra 1500

via pintrest

Everybody is already well aware of the GMC Sierra 1500. It's a quality pickup truck that has earned its stellar reputation. Sierras are dependable trucks, so even if you buy a used one you won't have to worry about it breaking down all the time.

You shouldn't have any problem finding an early 90s or early aughts GMC Sierra 1500 for under $5,000. They are available all over North America at a good price. Snatch one of these reliable pickups up while you still can.

14 El Camino

via Wall Street Journal

The El Camino has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and it can be easy to go over your $5,000 budget if you want a decked out and fully-restored El Camino in perfect condition. However, you can still find one in the $5,000 price range if you know where to look and are willing to put in a little elbow grease fixing it up.

The El Camino is a station-wagon-meets-muscle-car-meets-pick-up. Your best bet at finding a good one for under $5,000 is a later model. If you want a classic pickup that offers excellent ROI then this is a perfect choice.

13 Chevy C10

via trucktrend

Buying a used Chevy C10 is one of the best things that you can do with $5,000. This sturdy and cool pickup is a great truck that you can buy at an affordable price. Finding one in this price range that's in excellent working order should be no problem at all. These look especially good as low riders. Just imagine cruising around the street in one of these classic pickup trucks.

First Gen C10s will be over $5,000 USD, but you can find a later model for a more affordable price. You can buy one for very cheap, and fixing it up will be a lot of fun.

12 Ford Ranchero

via www.topsimages.com

You might think that the Ranchero is Ford's answer to the Chevy El Camino, but actually, it's the other way around. The El Camino actually came out two years after the Ford Ranchero. The Ranchero was never as popular as the El Camino, so it's even easier to find one of the coupe utility trucks for under $5,000.

Finding an older Ranchero for under $5,000 might be tough, but there are plenty on the market in the $5,000 range if you're willing to settle for a 70s era and beyond.

11 Chevy C60

via wikipedia

If you want a unique classic pickup in your collection, then the C60 might be worth a look. It's unlikely that this will be something that you would want to use as a daily driver considering its size. You should have no problem finding a 70s era Chevy C60 for under $5,000, though you might need to do a little repair work considering these monsters were often used as grain trucks on farms.

However, this was a sturdy truck that was built to last, so you should be able to find one in decent shape.

10 90s Ford Ranger

via youtube

Ford is bringing the Ranger back for 2020, but if you want a pickup that will cost you a lot less, then you should consider looking at a classic Ford Ranger. You will easily be able to find a 90s era Ford Ranger for well under $5,000. There will never be a pickup like the classic Ford Ranger again in North America.

Small pickups are a thing of the past, but if you want a reliable daily driver or something for your collection, then a Ford Ranger is a great choice.

9 Chevy Silverado

via www.dcarlot.com

Much like its counterpart the Sierra, the Chevy Silverado is a very dependable pickup that you can count on even if you buy it used. There are countless Silverados available to buy out there. Finding one in great condition for under $5,000 will be no problem at all.

You will have a tough time finding a second-generation Silverado for under $5,000 though because they are still too new, but a first Generation Silverado won't hurt your wallet at all.

8 Datsun 521

via www.seattlesparkedcars.blogspot.com

The tiny pickup is an underrated gem that you can buy for next to nothing. There are plenty of examples of 70s era Datsun pickups for under $5,000. Most are unrestored but still in good condition. A fully restored Datsun will cost you a little bit more, but it won't be an astronomical sum at all.

This is a fun pickup with lots of peps that is certainly worth $5,000. It's one of the best bargains you will find if you want a classic pickup.

7 Chevy Task Force

via wikipedia

Good luck finding a completely restored Task Force for under $5,000. It's simply not possible. Some completely restored Task Force models cost as much as $80,000. However, that doesn't mean you can't find one of these bad boys for $5,000.

It's certainly possible. You can find a 50s era Task Force that still runs in the $5,000 range. It will be rusted out and in need of some work, but you can take a $5,000, old pickup and turn it into something worth a lot more with a little hard work.

6 Dodge Rampage

via www.autotrader.ca

The Dodge Rampage is a forgotten coupe utility truck that is worth a look. This is a very sporty and fun truck that you can really push to the limit. You probably won't even have to spend as much as you would to buy a Ranchero or El Camino.

There are many examples of Dodge Rampage models for sale online that cost next to nothing. If you look hard enough you can save a lot of money and spend even less than $2,000.

5 Studebaker Champ

via mecum.com

An early 60s Studebaker Champ will cost you a lot less than a similar pickup from any of the big three. A fully restored model will cost more than $5,000, but you shouldn't have to go too much over your budget if you look hard.

There are plenty of Studebaker Champs available for about $5,000 or less. They will run and be in decent condition, but you will have to put in a bit of work to get them into pristine condition, though.

4 Chevy C/K

via www.carspecs.us

You already know that you can find a used Chevy C-10 at a very affordable price, but that's not the only Chevy C/K you can find for under $5,000. There are plenty of other models in the C/K line up that you can find for a low price. You can find plenty of C-20s and C-30s for under $5,000, too.

Prices vary considerably on C/Ks. A fully restored 60s era C/K will be over $5,000, but you can find an 80s era model in good shape within budget. If you are looking for a great pickup to restore, 60s era models under $5,000 are available, but they will need work.

3 Jeep J10

via www.autoquid.com

The follow up to the Jeep Gladiator can be just as affordable as its predecessor. Owning a Jeep pickup will make you the talk of the town. Pickups like the J10 only come around once in a lifetime, so if you get a chance to buy one for less then $5,000, then you should go for it.

If a Gladiator is too expensive then the J10 is the perfect substitute. These are overlooked gems, and you can find a mid-70s model for under $5,000.

2 Dodge B-Series

via www.atxcarpics.com

You have to do a lot of digging to find a Dodge B-series pickup for under $5,000. You'll probably have a better chance at finding the van version for under $5,000. Either way, it will need a lot of work. However, that's where all the fun comes in. Even though it will be in rough shape, it will still be worth $5,000.

This is one of your best bets if you want a 50s era pickup for a low price. Similar models from other manufacturers will cost you a lot more. With work you can turns a $5,000 barn find into a $50,000 masterpiece.

1 Ford F-100

via www.bbtoys.com

You can still find a late 60s or early 70s era F-100 for under $5,000. A fully restored pickup like this will cost a lot more, but you should feel comfortable with what $5,000 can buy.

Restored 50s era F100s go for astronomical prices now, so snap up a later model at a good price while you still can. It will be worth every penny and certainly go up in value in the future. The F-100 is worth $5,000 for sure.

Sources: Autorader, Cargurus, Hagerty

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