Old-School Mini Powered By A 600 HP Supercharged LS Crate Engine Is Apocalyptically Loud

Old-School Mini Powered By A 600 HP Supercharged LS Crate Engine Is Apocalyptically Loud

Introducing the Micro Hoon, a 1977 Austin Mini fitted with an LS crate engine that can do one thing and one thing only: kill tires.

Small ones. It is a Mini, after all

There’s something about shoving unreasonably huge things inside a tiny car. Maybe it harkens back to those days when a million clowns would step out of a single microscopic car. Maybe it’s like a magic trick and we’re just fascinated with how such a feat is even physically possible. Or maybe it’s just the human mind is incapable of understanding such small objects, like atoms or quarks.

Or maybe it’s just really cool to see an enormous engine jutting out of a Mini.

That engine just so happens to be a 4.8-L small block LS fitted with an enormous supercharger that has a newspaper bin for an air can. It’s running on 10 lbs boost and methanol fuel, which helps boost power to 600 horses while also keeping the engine relatively cool.

There is a radiator, believe it or not; it’s tucked up beneath the engine.

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Power goes through a 3-speed automatic transmission and it has an enormous camshaft which gives the car its distinctive rumbling tone while idle. The whole thing weighs just about 1,500 lbs and sits on tiny 15-inch rims, which means even that slight weight is distributed on not a lot of contact with the pavement.

Which means this Mini is good for only one thing: burnouts.

Canadian Dario Gaiga is 6-feet, 7-inches tall and initially built the car as a bit of a joke. Seeing him nestled inside the austere interior is sort of like watching a giant get inside a clown car and then proceeding to turn what little tires it has into white smoke and noise.

As the tires are truly small, it doesn’t take long for Gaiga to go through a set. Another video from earlier in May shows that he went through his tires in just 1 minute and 45 seconds.

And since there’s no hood, muffler, or really any noise baffling at all, it’s apocalyptically loud in there. Remember to bring your ear muffs.

(via Jalopnik)

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