Final Salute: 17 Sad Pictures Of Abandoned Police Cars

Here are some hapless and abandoned former service cars that await their fate of oblivion all around the globe.

The boys in blue are essentially here to protect us and they do so in their trusty cop cars complete with sirens and all the bells and whistles one would expect from a vehicle driven by the authorities. They are equipped with the tools a law enforcer would eventually need in the line of duty may it be chasing down a crook or just helping a random citizen in need. Cops are still people and at the end of the day, they still need the features in a car that a normal person would also want. Police cruisers range from Ford Explorers to the full-sized Crown Victorias which are depicted in countless Hollywood movies. Granted that police officers spend the bulk of their time in their cars, it's no surprise that standard comforts are needed to at least make their time worthwhile.

It's definitely not all rainbows and sunshine and as everyone knows, the daily driving of these cars do take a toll on these vehicles no matter how reliable they may seem. Eventually, these cars need to be decommissioned from service to keep our officers' vehicles at tip-top shape. Most retired cruisers find their way into used car lots and sold for dirt cheap prices but some are unfortunately left in the middle of nowhere to rust away. Here are some of the hapless and abandoned former service cars that await their fate of oblivion all around the globe.

17 Crown Victoria

Via Flickr

Perhaps the most recognizable of all the police cars in the United States is the Crown Victoria, most are auctioned off but as seen in a lot of junkyards across America, some are abandoned at the mercy of the elements.

This specific junkyard has more than a few decommissioned Crown Vics in its premises and it just breaks our hearts knowing that these vehicles could have lived off the rest of their lives in the care of a teenager as his first car. The only good thing about the surplus of Crown Vic’s is that people are free to take a peek at what the police drive on a daily basis.

16 Ford Police Interceptor

Via YouTube

Understandably, this specific cop car was abandoned due to its state. Being riddled with shots we assume from a dramatic shootout with criminals will make for a great story but unfortunately for the car, it was left with damage beyond repair.

However cheap the parts were for this all-American made vehicle, salvation was still quite a long shot.

Cars like this are available for curious civilians' curious eyes and sometimes, they come across rather interesting items left in the cruisers. Who knows? Maybe an exploring bystander might even find a gun in the nooks and crannies of the vehicle.

15 Hudson Police Car

Via Wallpapers High Quality

We wish we knew more about this Hudson police car abandoned in a junkyard along with other classic cars of the same era. Although we assume that it simply grew too outdated for use in legitimate law enforcement operations, it would have been nice to keep this Hudson running even for mere civilian use.

This old-school classic would fit in well in a retro-themed establishment.

The numerous lights and the siren would also be an interesting piece to add in a collection of old memorabilia from a time well before smartphones and the internet.

14 Dodge Police Car

Via Pinterest

Roam around America’s back roads and you would eventually come across an abandoned 50s police car that was probably once owned and driven by the local Sheriff or one of his deputies. We do wish some of the styling cues of the cars of old stuck to the modern car industry today as the classic design cues of these types of cars simply age better with each passing year. An old police car might not look much nowadays but they’ve been chasing around crooks way back when they were in service so you better show some respect around these things.

13 1959 Pontiac

Via Pinterest

Yet another barn find but this time, it’s a Catalina rust bucket that has definitely seen better days. The quick fun fact though, police departments back in the day of the early cop cars colored their vehicles exclusively black and white not only to differentiate them from civilian vehicles but also because black paint and white paint were significantly cheaper than any other color available at that time. The big glaring siren is distinct enough that one could recognize it at at least hundreds of feet away. It would be interesting to hear it blare again one last time.

12 1963 Chevrolet Police Car

Via Classiccars.com

Apparently, extremely large trunks were a fad a few decades ago; however, we do see this as a perk for police officers who had the need to carry around stuff that they would need while patrolling the streets.

This particular cop car is surrounded by other classic cars under the rain or shine decomposing away at the mercy of the elements.

It’s quite a common sight all around the world but to see this happen to attractive, brimming with characteristic automobiles, it just breaks our hearts. Restoring this thing of beauty would be much appreciated by gearheads and enthusiasts of law enforcement alike.

11 NYPD Impala Patrol Car

Via Pinterest

Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and left 55 people dead and millions of dollars in damage. This lonely cop car was washed up on the beach where the famous boardwalk once stood.

It’s clearly abandoned and it’s safe to say that this particular cruiser might not be fit for service any longer.

As we all may very well know, calamities such as floods damage vehicles either by submerging them in water or hit them with a constant barrage of debris. The Impala has probably since been removed from the site and relocated to a place where dozens of other busted police vehicles lie.

10 Totaled Crown Victoria

Via Auction Guy

This police cruiser was involved in an accident that left the car beyond reasonable repair work and was abandoned in a local junkyard to be scrapped. Unbeknownst to some, American police cars are equipped with different parts along with radios and a stiffer chassis compared to the models available for the public so it seems like a good idea to snoop around in an abandoned cop car hoping to nab something interesting. Nevertheless, don’t get your hopes up on finding an article such as police reports and other official papers that could be used for any benefit.

9 Dodge Charger

Via YouTube

The East Cleveland Police Department’s alternative choice for a police cruiser instead of the widely used Crown Victoria was also the Dodge Charger.

We know for a fact that Chargers pack quite a punch (especially the V8s) and to think that a number of these graceful behemoths are spending the rest of their days in a junkyard somewhere in Ohio is an afront to all muscle cars.

The police department should give these cars the justice they deserve and put them on the auction block so somebody else could have the chance to enjoy and care for them.

8 FSR Tarpan Honker

Via Lew-GTR-DeviantArt

A Tarpan Honker is really hard to come by these days and seeing one in police colors is extra rare but seeing this Honker in this bad a state is like a dagger to the heart. This Polish (no pun intended) off-roader is capable in rough terrain and has ample space to carry around law enforcement personnel or cargo at the back. Arguably, it does look like a knock-off Land Rover Defender from the get go but with a totally different feel to it. Seeing this glorious piece of machinery in action would have been a joy to behold.

7 FDNY Truck

Via Pinterest

This truck would be seen transporting a few squads of police officers or first responders to an emergency, it was equipped with many compartments to store important gear that would later prove helpful in a certain situation may it be a fire or another unforeseen disaster. It had a blaring siren and its imposing size would definitely be commanding in the streets of New York back in the day. If an obstruction was in the way, it would plow on through said obstruction to get to their destination faster without any problem whatsoever.

6 1940 Chrysler Coupe

Via Classic Car Parts

The word “Constable” is written on the side of the car in the fading paint which is a good indication that this vehicle has seen its fair share of action in the past.

We’d like to think that this Chrysler Coupe was hot rodded to cope with the modified vehicles of the outlaws that riddled the cities of America in pre-World War II times.

Being part of a car chase in that era must’ve have been dangerous and quite entertaining judging from the chronicles of books and shows like Bonny and Clyde and Al Capone a.k.a. Scar Face.

5 1968 Dodge Coronet 440

Via Pinterest

Cruising around in a Dodge Coronet doing mundane police work must’ve been an amazing job for the most part. It was fairly capable performance wise and it had something a lot of our modern police cars severely lack style. Covered in rust and probably a lot of bird droppings, this Coronet has probably been left in this yard for a very long time now. The single red vehicular beacon is as big as a five-year-old child’s head and is certainly peculiar in its own right. We could imagine someone like James Dean driving this very car back in its heyday.

4 Crown Victoria

Via Pinterest

Another Crown Victoria bites the dust, this time, it's in a mangled heap in a not so pleasant junkyard. It seems it's just awaiting its fate to be compressed in a little cube of steel. Surrounding this poor former service vehicle are other scrapped old automobiles awaiting the same predetermined course.

An inevitable depressing end for a vehicle such as this Crown Victoria isn't justifiable in any way possible. Hopefully, somebody will come along and grant this vehicle a new life instead of just being crushed and stored away in some forsaken place.

3 Modded and dumped

Via Auto Zone

We've seen some of the ugliest fake hood scoops from a generic car shop such as Auto Zone but the pipes jutting out of the hood are on a whole other level. It's unclear whether they're meant to be intimidating or just there for looks but one thing is for sure, they aren't quite aesthetically pleasing.

We never knew highway patrol cars were subject to cheap ricer modifications after a stint of protecting and serving.

No matter how ugly this law enforcement vehicle is, we shouldn't take it at face value and shun from it especially when it was driven by respectable and honorable people of the law.

2 Boston Police car

Via Junk mail

The white and blue color scheme of the Boston Police Department fits well with this classic Plymouth. You can bet your pretty penny that the sizable trunk holds everything a police officer could possibly need from first aid kits and handy tools to bulletproof vests and even a case of road flares. It oozes with authority even with its presence alone. Maybe the glove compartment still has a box of stale doughnuts from the 70s, you never know. Interestingly, it was used for a scene for an ABC pilot about women cops right before the 80s.

1 Unknown Classic Police Car

Via Dawn

It’s unmistakably a cop car even from afar. The red light on the roof just right above the windshield and the extra lights on either side of it just scream old school authority. Again, the black and white color scheme is common for the police cars of this era. The colors of cop cars today across the United States now vary; we would’ve appreciated it more if they had a universal color for law enforcement vehicles such as other countries. Its front grille with the massive chrome plated bars seems like it’s a mustache against the eye-like headlights.

Sources: pinterest, deviantart, youtube

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