Special Edition Pagani Huayra Imola Seen For The First Time


The Pagani Huayra Imola has finally been unveiled after months of secrecy.

We always knew Pagani was up to something. Earlier this year, a strange new test mule was spotted driving on public roads sporting an enlarged rear diffuser and rear wing. Then last June, we saw a slightly evolved version of that same test mule lapping the Franciacorta circuit.

At the time, we thought this new Huayra model would be called the Dragon. Now we know better: it’s called “Imola,” presumably for the city in Italy of the same name.

We also got a few more details thanks to the car's delivery to its new owner last weekend. That owner being Oleg Egorov, founder of tuning house TopCar Design. Oleg commissioned Pagani to make this special one-off Huayra, although apparently it will be one of five rather than a special single edition.

Mr. Egorov is apparently a fan of Pagani's, having already purchased a Zonda named "Unica." He also spent over $3.3 million on the Imola, so he must REALLY like Paganis.

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The Imola is a truly breathtaking car and serves as a testament to what Pagani can achieve when you throw an ungodly sum of money at them. The entire car is finished in glossy carbon fiber, with orange accents and trim surrounding the front splitter, headlights, side skirts, side air intakes, roof scoop, and massive rear diffuser. The carbon side skirts are intricately redesigned from the Huayra BC and vastly different from the plain test mule we saw last June.

Other additions include a new and huge roof scoop, larger rear wing, and a stabilizer fin between the two. Larger front air intakes in the nose also denote what is likely a more powerful engine, however, that's just a guess. No details have been provided by Pagani as of yet, and everything we have to go on is based on images posted to social media and a YouTube video from NM2255 Car HD Videos of the Imola at SOC 2019 in Switzerland.

It looks like the Imola has the same massive power as the Huayra as it struggles to maintain a grip on airfield tarmac. With likely over 800 horsepower, you can hardly blame the driver.

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