Check Out Pagani Huayra Roadster With A Soft Top

The Pagani Huayra Roadster finally got a soft top, as drivers rejoice around the world as the vehicle previously only had a fully convertible option.

Check Out Pagani Huayra Roadster With A Soft Top

Pagani’s incredible Huayra Roadster is finally getting a soft top.

Previously, if you were the proud owner of a Huayra Roadster and it started to rain, you were out of luck. The car had nothing for a roof—no folding soft top, no clever hardtop that mechanically transformed from a roof into a cube of metal that tucks away neatly into the glove compartment. It was just you at the mercy of the elements.

And while that makes for an undeniably “pure” and exciting driving experience, it can sometimes leave you a bit wet. And cold. And uncomfortable. Sometimes you even get struck by bugs, and when those bugs are bumblebees and you’re driving a 200 mph hypercar it can be like getting struck by a pebble whipped an American League all-star pitcher, only worse.

Basically, lacking a roof can suck.

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So Pagani had to make a roof for their ludicrous Huayra Roadster that didn’t compromise the integrity of the car. That meant it couldn’t just be any old plume of fabric that covered a Huayra driver’s head—oh no. This is Pagani. Any soft top would have to be as bespoke and pretentious as the car itself.

Thus, Pagani partnered with another Italian engineering firm, Dainese Group, to create a roof that was not only soft but also high tech.


In their joint press release, Pagani and Dainese state that Huayra soft top is “inspired by the first flying machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci," a statement so full of hyperbole that we can hear the collective groan of the world's automotive engineers.

Naturally, the thing is made with as much carbon fiber as the Huayra itself is. The jointly developed material is called Highly Elastic Carbon Fiber Modulus, which sounds expensive and undoubtedly is. Such material will be joined by aluminum and titanium billet joints to the car and fold up neatly when it’s sunny outside.

Soft top
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“Creating the emergency soft top for the Huayra Roadster was a real technical challenge,” said Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer at Pagani Automobili, in yet another exaggerated statement.

“Our goal was to provide customers with a folding roof solution, which could take up minimal space when stored in the car. The soft top was conceived as a lightweight, resistant tensioned structure, in which every single element contributes to carrying out the overall function through its tension."

If you happen to own a Huayra you can call Pagani to see about getting one of these soft tops. The rest of us can go buy a used Miata and be all the happier for it.


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