Pagani Reveals Plans For A Pure EV

Pagani is known for making amazing supercars, and the next step in their future could be a pure electronic vehicle.

Pagani Reveals Plans For A Pure EV

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani is planning on making a purely electric car.

It’s no secret that the future of automotive technology is electricity. If were didn’t count for the fact that oil will one day run out and we won’t be able to power cars via gas anyway, global warming is creating a political atmosphere where emissions from cars will eventually be required to be as close to zero as possible.

Supercar makers have been a mixed bag in the push for electrification. Some, such as Porsche, McLaren, and Mercedes, have created hybrid or plug-in hybrid models with some impressive capabilities, but there are few purely electric hypercars on the market. Pagani, in particular, has ignored the push for electrification for quite some time, believing that a pure driving experience involves the burning of million-year-old dinosaur bones.


via Pagani

That is apparently about to change, although not particularly fast. In an interview with Argentinian TV station El Tres, Pagani boss and fellow Argentinian Horacio Pagani said that his company will continue to make ICE cars until the demand for them evaporates, but he does have a team of 20 engineers working on an electric hypercar that he plans to bring to market in 2025.

Considering Pagani just had their best year ever last year, delivering over 100 million-dollar hypercars, it seems unlikely the carmaker will be pushed forward in their 2025 deadline.

That’s not all. According to Spanish only car blog, Autodato Pagani is also working on their next car which will be the successor to the wildly successful Huayra (at least, wildly successful in terms of hypercar sales).

The new car is reported to have that same Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V12 engine that everyone seems to love, but will now come with transmission options. The usual semi-automatic transmission will still be available, but Pagani says their bowing to pressure from their customers and plan to release a fully manual transmission as well (y’know, the kind with a real clutch and not one controlled by computers).

Autodato also said that Pagani will never have autonomous driving tech in their cars as Horacio sees those kinds of cars as “toys” for men who don’t actually want to be driving. Those who purchase a Pagani enjoy the thrill of driving too much to want to give that up, he said.


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