PaxPower Jackal Is A Souped-Up Silverado That Rivals F-150 Raptor

PaxPower has been offering conversions for Ford trucks since its founding. It is now offering the Jackal package for Chevy Silverado owners.

So far, Chevrolet remains silent on whether it has plans to offer a version of the Silverado that could match a Ford F-150 Raptor in terms of both looks and performance. So, Houston, Texas-based PaxPower decided to take matters into its own hands and offer a Silverado that Chevrolet hasn’t released. This is essentially a Silverado conversion called the PaxPower Jackal.

PaxPower has been offering conversions for Ford trucks since its founding. Already familiar with converted Ford trucks, it is now offering its services to owners of Chevrolet trucks.


If you’re interested with the Jackal conversion, you first need a Chevrolet Silverado. Trucks from 2018 model or older are out of consideration. PaxPower only offers the Jackal conversion to any 2019 or newer Silverados, preferably those powered by the larger 6.2L engines. Three stages of Jackal conversion are offered, with each stage featuring appearance upgrades.

In Stage 1, the conversion endows your Silverado with 2.5-inch King front coilovers and rear shocks with reservoirs as well as upper control arm from BajaKits, with around 5 inches of lift for greater suspension travel. Aside from the Jackal custom hood (with functional heat extraction), the conversion also includes Jackal fender flares (2-inch wider) and 35-inch Toyo R/T Tires.


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Stage 2, meanwhile, involves the fitment of a BajaKits Prerunner Suspension, which allows for three inches of greater suspension travel, your Silverado also gets 2.5-inch King front coilovers and rear shocks as well as around four-inches of lift with a six-inch wider stance. Also fitted are a Jackal custom hood with functional heat extraction, Jackal Custom Flared Fenders (3.5-inch wider) and custom bedsides, as well as 35-inch Toyo R/T Tires.

The Stage 3 of the Jackal conversion entails a BajaKits Prerunner Suspension, 3.0-inch King front coilovers and rear shocks (with internal bypass) and Deaver progressive rate leaf springs. You get Addictive Desert Designs bumpers and Rigid lighting, Jackal custom hood with functional heat extraction as well as Jackal Custom Flared Fenders (3.5-inch wider) and custom bedsides. In this stage, your Silverado rides on 37-inch Toyo R/T Tires.


Since Silverado’s ECU isn't tunable, PaxPower opted to employ GM Performance cold-air intake, GM Performance dual exhaust, and the GM Performance engine calibration to hike the power level of the V8 6.2-liter engine from 420 hp to 442 hp of max output and 460 lb.-ft. to 475 lb.-ft. of peak torque. This should allow your completed PaxPower Jackal to sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds, matching the acceleration time of the second-generation Raptor.

As for the price, the Stage 1 costs around $14,950 while Stage 2 is tagged at $24,950. PaxPower didn’t disclose its price for the Stage 3 but it should cost considerably more than Stage 2.

(Via PaxPower and Motor1.com)

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