16 People That Were Gifted Cars... But Rejected Them

We all love gifts. Don’t we? You probably at one time frowned for not receiving that toy car you always wanted for your birthday. Sometimes, we have been surprised with gifts we didn’t originally expect. Gifts paint the picture of people caring about you and remembering you which brings out a good feeling. Aside from the toys and the Mini RC cars we would cry over for our birthdays as kids, we grow up. And as we grow, the gifts keep getting slightly ‘bigger’ – not only in size but also in value.

People have been wowed by the latest iPhones, vacations, and houses, but not as much as high-end cars. How many times have you seen couples surprising each other with a brand new Range Rover? People are even proposing with cars these days! The levels are getting higher folks! And they are not just any cars. They are cars that cost a fortune. And as common sense dictates it, it is always a good feeling receiving such kind of gifts.

However, we have seen people rejecting these car gifts. Why you would ask? Some have rejected them as goodwill and resold the cars, with the proceeds being taken to charities. In other cases, the maintenance of the auto may seem an uphill task hence rejecting it seems to be the better idea. But to the prouder ones, they may feel like ‘they deserve better’ in terms of the car’s quality, brand, and specifications. Despite the idea behind the rejection, we know that the 18 people you’ll read about here did not go home with the cars they were gifted. And who are they? If you read on, you’ll find out. With that in mind, let us see 16 people who rejected cars they were given as gifts.

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16 Spoiled Girl (McKenzie) – 2007 Red Saab Convertible

Via Car Pictures

Imagine your dad getting you a car as your birthday present but you reject it. Reason? The color is not your favorite. That is McKenzie for you. The internet famously referred to her as ‘The Spoilt Rich Kid.’ Her dad got her an $11,990 red Saab Convertible but she wanted a blue car. She caused tantrums and the idea of repainting the car did not help either.

Eventually, the dad had to get her the blue car and she is seen flaunting saying ‘McKenzie gets what McKenzie wants.’ She resulted in selling the red car at $9.99 on eBay. Yes! But anyway, Domino Pizza admitted their involvement as this was a campaign to market their pizzas at $9.99.

15 Teenager Audrey Reyes – 2010 Lexus SC 430

Via The car internet Car Lot Omaha

Audrey must have been another spoiled kid. Her mom plans to surprise her on her birthday. She gets a Lexus SC 430 that goes for $67,000. Audrey starts the tantrums as she says that it wasn’t the car she wanted to start with and that the mum would have gotten it on the day of her party. She proceeds to tell her mom how she hated her for messing ‘everything’, and how she ruined the party and her life.

Surely, this is a spoiled kid. The auto has an acceleration speed of 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds and clocks a top speed of 155mph – something petrol heads with a nine-year-old mental age would appreciate.

14 Ungrateful Daughter – Lamborghini Countach

Via DriveTribe

Many of us would only dream of owning a Lamborghini. To imagine that a 16-year-old daughter told his dad to ‘burn a Lamborghini Countach because it’s trash’ brings a grim to car enthusiasts.

According to Speed Society, the dad gets to surprise her with this supercar contrary to the original white Aventador she wished for. A used Countach retails for more than $300,000 while a new Aventador goes roughly at almost the same price at slightly over $380,000. She complains about the red color as opposed to the white and hurls her dad a flurry of complaints from saying he didn’t get anything right one to telling him to make things right by the end of the month. So ungrateful!

13 Jordin Sparks – BMW 7 Sedan

Via Automotive

Known for her hit songs like “No Air”, Jordin Sparks was the lady with the golden voice behind this masterpiece. Jordin dated Jason Derulo and after three years, they broke up in 2013. According to Mailonline, Jordin wanted to return the over $105,000 worth champagne-colored BMW 7 Sedan to Derulo who had gifted it to her.

It is said that Jason didn’t take it back leading to Jordin taking it to the dealers instead. She was surprised when she realized the car was all along leased. This led to some online battles between Jason and Jordin with him posting the car receipts. Jordin went forth to purchase a $70,000 Jeep Wrangler for herself.

12 Jessica Mulroney – Jaguar I-Pace

Via Motor1

Jessica Mulroney, a stylist and wedding planner is the best friend to Meghan Markle. She was offered a Jaguar I-Pace, a fully electric car. The car retails between $69,500 to $85,900. According to the publication, this would be a win-win situation for the Blackpool based company with the endorsements that would follow from Jessica. Better yet, Jessica gets to own the car.

The family spokesman of Jessica said that they hadn’t agreed on accepting the gift that was being offered by Jaguar. The car uses an electric motor that generates 394 horsepower, uses a concentric single-speed transmission, has an acceleration speed of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and hits a top speed of 124 mph.

11 Manchester United Team – Chevrolet Camaros and Stingray

Via The News Wheel

Manchester United is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. With the status, comes the biggest brands trying to advertise themselves. Their chief sponsor, Chevrolet, shipped 15 cars (Camaros and Stingrays) to them so that the players would cruise in them as they attend training sessions in a bid to endorse their autos. The players opted to have their Range Rovers, Rolls Royces and Porsches serve this purpose.

According to Daily Mail, the cars are in a certain corner in the car park and others are being used by the training staff. David de Gea, Juan Mata among others have been spotted using Aston Martins and the likes of Marcus Rashford using Range Rover Sports.

10 Dipa Karmakar – BMW 320d

Via YouTube

Gymnast Dipa Karmakar holds the record of the first Indian to reach the Rio Olympics finals. She was gifted a brand new BMW 320d by Sachin Tendulkar that goes for $40,000. Dipa returned the car as the state of the roads in Agartala, her hometown, were bad. They were filled with potholes and very narrow, according to Hindustan Times.

She was given cash instead and proceeded to get a Hyundai Elantra. Yes, she downgraded from the initial offer but considering the circumstances, this was a smart move. What’s even better is that roads also improved following her statement.

9 Melanie Slade – Ferrari California

Via Car4rent

Melanie Slade is the fiancé to Everton player Theo Walcott. She is a rather shy girl who tries to hide from the public light. On her 19th birthday, Theo planned to surprise her with a customized $140,000 worth Ferrari California. According to Daily Mail, she rejected the car saying it was too flashy for her and she opted for the $20,000 Volkswagen Beetle she always cruised in while in school.

She is said to hate the WAGs lifestyle and would not like to flaunt the costly ride while she knows other people lack something to eat. A touch of class that one! She loves a simple life and she is quoted saying, "I love my jeans and a baggy sweatshirt."

8 William Toebe & Wife – Pontiac G6

Via Motor1

Oprah is no doubt a popular figure in the world. She hosts a show and has many accolades under her name. ‘You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!’ was the line used in her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, as she gifted 276 members in her show a new Pontiac G6. Only that not everyone kept the car. It was once again meant to be a win-win situation for the company and the people gifted.

According to Autoblog, William Toebe and his wife were among the lucky people to go home with two cars. Issues arose with tax payments with some going above $6,000. For the cost and maintenance, the Phoebes proceeded to sell the autos.

7 Mandarin Lady Who Turned Down A Proposal – Orange Lamborghini Gallardo

Via Autogespot

A rich South China man proposed to his girlfriend in Wanda Plaza Shopping Plaza in Changsha with fireworks, balloons, rose flowers and a brand new $190,000 plus orange Lamborghini Gallardo. According to Daily Mail, the proposal went south as the lady rejected him and the car.

The man is heard pleading with her to marry him as he is rich and that he bought her the car of her dreams. The girl still takes her stand and she eventually walks away leading to the man going berserk and knocking the products on display. Clearly, he has a high temper. Probably the reason for the denial? Yes. The sporty car clocks a top speed of 200 mph – about as fast as the lady left him.

6 The Unidentified Guy Who Turned Down A Proposal – Range Rover Sport

Via Wikipedia

China seems to have many proposals turned down, huh! According to Feedy TV, a Beijing lady gets to meet a man in a dating site and communication starts. After some time, the girl decides to propose to the man with banners, people and a $68,000 Range Rover Sport outside his apartment. After calling him out using speakers, the man is welcomed with chants of "say yes."

After the normal romantic speech, the lady tells him to take the keys to the car and she is even willing to add his name to her house. The guy eventually refuses every offer on the table and walks away. Too sad.

5 Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere – Rolls Royce

Via Top Speed

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere is a preacher of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) who surprised people by rejecting a classy Rolls Royce. According to Legit, he was given the beast as a 44th birthday present through the contributions of his worshippers. He decided to sell it and the proceeds were given to charity.

The preacher has been known for many charity activities and in this case, he directed more 30 free OPM schools to be set up for assisting orphaned and less privileged children. A Rolls Royce is a car designed for luxury, class, and heritage. A standard one goes for the price of $450,000.

4 Unidentified Lady – Datsun Go

Via doubleapex

“I just don’t like the car. I don’t want it even. It’s not even an automatic, it’s not something that I want. I would rather buy my own car. I can afford a better car than this,” That’s a lady from South Africa after rejecting a Datsun Go gift from her boyfriend, according to Memeburn.

That was a punch below the belt for the guy. A Datsun Go goes for $3,318. Well, the car is not as classy as you would expect. It has a manual transmission, uses a 1.2L/12V petrol engine, has an acceleration speed of 0-60 mph in 13.3 seconds and clocks a top speed of 93 mph. Such a lowly auto.

3 Pastor Tunde Bakare – Rolls Royce

Via USA Today

Another man of the cloth, Latter Rain Assembly founder, Pastor Tunde Bakare, was gifted a $450,000 plus Rolls Royce by the government for his 60th birthday. He rejected the marque with the reason that the ‘majority of his people were languishing in poverty’ according to Informationng.

The car was driven to his home and he is quoted saying “When you open your car, your door goes this way, its own door goes that way. It clears the way so that there is nothing blocking your way. I saw a button. They said ‘It is an umbrella sir. It is on every door in case it is raining, you just push it and the umbrella comes out.’ I said, leave this place”.

2 BBNaija’s Finalist Alex – Range Rover Sport

Via Automobile Magazine

Alex is a big star in a reality show dubbed Big Brother Naija. During her 23rd birthday, her fans contributed money and got her a Toyota Venza that goes for a price between $13,966 and $24,238. The gesture raised eyebrows with some people speculating it was a publicity stunt, the person in question being a reality TV star.

According to My Celebrity And I, Swanky, who is a stylist and a friend, came to her rescue and he purported that, an unknown person once gifted Alex a 2018 Range Rover and brought the SUV to her house. However, Alex did not take it. A Range Rover has overtime prided itself with the luxury and class it oozes, not forgetting the interior design and space it provides. You will have to cough more than $68,000 to own this marque.

1 Pope Francis - Harley Davidson motorbike

Via Motorcycle USA

Pope seems to be in the good books of everyone, literally. For such VVIP, you expect them to have good, protected, bulletproof automobiles. That did not stop Harley Davidson company from gifting the Pope the Dyna Super Glide.

According to NewYork Times, the bike that goes for an estimate of $16,000 was auctioned and bought for $327,000. The bike was accompanied by a leather motorcycle jacket that was signed by Pope and was sold at $77,485. Once again, the money went to charity. The name ‘Francesco’ imprinted on the tank of the Super Glide, increased the price.

Sources - NY Times, Daily Mail & Herald

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