7 People Who Tried Modifying Their Motorcycles But Failed (And 10 Car Mods That Also Flopped)

Many motor enthusiasts will customize their cars and motorcycles, but not everyone can create a machine that is well received by others.

You never want to feel like you have failed at a task. And to be fair, as long as you have learned something from that experience, you should probably not be so hard on yourself that you are considering yourself to be a failure. Which means that maybe when it comes to the motorcycles and cars that you are about to say, perhaps saying that they failed is too harsh of a term. Especially because I am sure at least some of the owners on this car were able to use a bit of hindsight when looking at their vehicles and realized that they had made some big mistakes.

A realization that might hit them all the harder if the customizations that they made to their car are ones that cannot be easily reversed. Something that becomes even more annoying when they realize that they were going to have to try and sell the car and as a result were going to have to convince someone else that they should pay for their creative "work"!

It is hard to say whether or not you are going to think the motorcycles or the vehicles are going to be the most offensive part of this list, but it is easy to say that you should have a fantastic time getting to look at some of the truly puzzling decisions that people have made with their vehicle. These are 10 people who tried modifying their motorcycles but failed (and 10 car mods that also flopped)

17 Ride The Tiger, Or The Panther

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There are many people out there who are fortunate enough to get to own a motorcycle as well as a car (or let's be honest, several). Which means it is possible that someone feels that their favourite car brand is Jaguar.

And if that is the case, maybe they just wanted to see the animal get represented more prominently when it came to the motorcycle that they love to ride.

But even if that was somehow the logic behind this decision, it does not make it a better one or make the rider look any cooler when they are driving around.

16 Don't Need Extra Wheels

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There are some vehicles out there - like the Polaris Slingshot - that look amazing and gets the rider around on three wheels. But that is a very different execution than the one pulled off by the owner above. And while the Slingshot may not make an appearance anywhere on this list, you might not have to take very long to think about why this vehicle, on the other hand, would not have been able to be left off this list! But hey, maybe the extra wheel somehow makes it more comfortable to ride around in?

15 This Giant Wheel Is Very Unnecessary

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When it comes to customizing your vehicle, you definitely need to make sure you are being careful when deciding on if your wheels are something that is really worth the effort of switching up.

And in the case of this next driver, it was abundantly clear that their motorcycle would not be nearly as cool in their eyes if they did not have a gigantic tire on the back.

Let's hope it is an opinion that is shared by many people because I am sure getting this customization done could not have been cheap.

14 Inspired By A Classic Car

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If you were to make your best guess when it comes to this next entry, it is possible that you, like me think that this next driver wanted to do everything they could to modify their motorcycle so that it would look like a classic car. But just because that may be what they wanted, and achieved, does not necessarily mean it is a look that you may find aesthetically pleasing. Though if the owner did ever find themselves wondering if it was a good decision, you would have to hope that one of the many people that were interested in the motorcycle would have paid him a compliment.

13 A Little Top Heavy

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Judging from the other motorcycles that you can see in the background it seems like this owner was happy to bring their motorcycle to some type of show. Which means that the best case scenario involves a lot of people coming up to them and complimenting them on making a motorcycle that would definitely stand out in comparison to the other ones that are at the show. But it is also very possible that the owner would have looked around at some of the more, how shall we say, conventional motorcycles and found themselves questioning why they spent the time and money they did into creating this one.

12 Double The Power

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If you find yourself driving around and start noticing a problem with your vehicle, one of the first places you are going to think about is that there might be something wrong with your engine. Now can you imagine the potential stress that this owner would be thinking about when you factor in that they made the decision to go ahead and have 4 engines on their motorcycle? You'd hope they take good care of their motorcycle as going in for repairs could definitely be a hassle.

Imagine the maintenance cost of two engines at once.

And to that note, at the very least the motorcycle is very clean!

11 Inspired By John Deere

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It is very possible that you have come across some vehicles in the past that are in some way paying homage to the fact that they love John Deere products. A bit of a weird thing, but hey, if they're passionate about it who are you to judge? But in the case of this next driver, they definitely seem like they have taken their appreciation for the John Deere brand to a whole new level. It does seem to be a design that is fairly comfortable, especially for having two people, but may definitely draw some peculiar looks wherever they go.

10 The Owner Thinks It's Awesome

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You know you have to have a certain level of confidence in your car when you make the decision to sell it online. After all, the last thing you may want to experience is to sell a car and then have to deal with the ramifications of an upset new owner of the car who has discovered new problems. But when it comes to this Challenger, there may not be a problem under the hood that is as damaging as the changes that have been made to the overall aesthetic of the car! It would not be surprising if those 94 comments are people letting the owner know respectfully that what the owner thinks makes a Challenger look good, is not something that will improve the value of the car.

9 This Painting Did Not Improve The Car

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If you find yourself with the need to express yourself creativiely, that can be an amazing thing that can really improve your life. But if you want to express that creativity by painting a design on the side of your car, you may want to be very careful. Because if you are not, you may come away with an end result that looks similar to what this person has achieved with their car.

This looks like a mix between an artist ahead of their time and a first grade art project at the same time.

And in that case, expressing their creativity may have improved their life but you may agree that it did not do many positive things for the overall aesthetic of the truck.

8 Not What CDs Are Used For

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When you are driving around there are many things out there that can occur that can help improve your trip. Such as the hope that you will not find yourself encountering too many drivers on the road who leave you filled with a sense of rage due to their idiotic decision making. Or the fact that you may be able to go around and jam out to some of your favorite tunes, something that at least before streaming services, was aided by the usage of blank CDs that you could add songs to. Though if the switch to streaming means nobody else does something like this to their car, I wouldn't mind if everyone made that decision!

7 So Many Mistakes Happening Here

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If you are driving around in a Prius, I would hope that you are satisfied with your car and do not find yourself having to think about making too many extreme modifications to the overall appearance of your car. Especially because while some small touches can add some personality to your car, some drivers definitely do not stop anywhere near what could be considered "small touches" by anyone's definitions. Such as this owner who decided to go out and seemingly completely remodel the outside aesthetic of their car. The design was created by Kuhl Racing. (Source: Kuhl-Racing).

6 Double Down On The Environment

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There are some vehicles out there that are proud of the ecological impact that they have on the planet. And while some owners of Hummers may try and say that their car isn't as bad for the world as you may think it is, this is probably not one of those owners.

Because anyone who goes out and gets these modifications added to their car might not be putting the well-being of their planet as a top priority.

Though at least if they find someone out there who likes it, they may extra appreciate the compliment as most people may just give the driver some puzzled looks as they try to make sense of this.

5 Exhausted

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You never need to go out and get blast pipes put on your car that will ever resemble anything that is even close to what the next driver on our list got. But just because there is never going to be a need for something like this, sadly is not going to be enough to discourage people out there from getting the modification done. Just make sure you give this person plenty of room if you find them on the road because I am sure one of the last things you want to do is end up rear-ending them.

4 Slow Like A Turtle

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When it comes to animals that move quickly, a turtle is not one that should be considered. But when you see this car out there on the road, you may be amazed as it zooms past you. Though just because this car is a fantastic homage to someone's love of turtles does not mean it is a design that should have ever been implemented. Especially when I am sure there were other things they could have done that probably would have been a lot less costly and still managed to get the point across that they love turtles.

3 Corvette Lights Belong On A Corvette

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There is nothing negative that should be said if you were just driving around in a pickup truck. As there are many practical things that you may find yourself using that truck for. There is also nothing wrong with driving around in a Corvette, heck, a Corvette might even be what you consider to be one of your favourite cars. But when you take the back of a Corvette and combine it with a truck, you definitely are not going to come away with a look that is winning you many beauty points. Next time maybe just try and save up for the Corvette?

2 Front Mounted Spare

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There are several things that you can do with your vehicle to help make sure that you are feeling confident when you are out on the road. Such as making sure that you have enough gas in the tank to make it to your destination or if you realize you do not, then going out and making a stop at the gas station.

Another thing a driver can try and prepare for is what to do if they need to replace a tire.

And while this owner is prepared for that, the placement on the front of the car is definitely puzzling.

1 So Many Stickers, So Many Mistakes

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When it comes to the next vehicle on our list, there are some things that the car has going for it that you might like, which is not something that you might be able to say about some of the other entries. Nothing perhaps more prominent than the fact that at least they don't seem to have modified the car itself, though it is a Smart Car, so maybe you'd wish they did! Though those stickers definitely are not going to come off anytime soon, so they may as well be a permanent addition to the car.

Sources: Reddit.com, Tumblr.com, Flickr.com

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