5 Perfect Cars For A First-Time Driver (And 5 That Should Be Avoided)

Choosing your first car can be a big decision to make. But not all cars were made equally.

Buying a first car is an equally daunting and thrilling experience. Finally having the freedom to drive around without someone else is something that excites most people, and having a brand new vehicle to do that in is something people get very excited about.

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A first car is one that will be remembered forever, packed with great memories and first experiences on the road. However, because it is somebodies first car, it is also a very tough one to determine what to drive.

The need for something safe, reliable and not overly expensive is the key for a first car, and within this article, we will rank five perfect cars for a first-time driver, as well as five that really should be avoided.

10 Perfect Car: Kia Rio

Kia's are a perfect option for anybody looking to purchase a brand new car as they are affordable, reliable, and are very fuel-efficient, and the Kia Rio might just be the pick of the bunch for an entry-level vehicle.

The car is compact, light, and nimble, not breaking the bank in price either, which is always a bonus for a first-time car, which is typically reserved for younger people who don't always have the finances to flex on expensive vehicles.

The car is perfect in heavy traffic and is small enough to fit around a compact environment, whilst also having the ability to cope on faster roads and also has plenty of space, with the hatchback version adding even more.

9 Should Be Avoided: Chevrolet Aveo

Apart from the obvious point that the car really is aesthetically ugly, which is something that people might not want with their first car, but the Chevrolet Aveo is a car to avoid for more reasons than just that.

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The Aveo is a slow, cheaply manufactured vehicle that wasn't really the safest car on the road, which isn't what people want for their first car, especially when there are many better options available.

GM has created countless better cars that really should be considered ahead of this one, with the Aveo having more problems than positives.

8 Perfect Car: Honda Civic

The Honda Civic really is an ideal first car for someone, considering that it is available as a sedan, coupe, or a hatchback, it really does cater to different needs depending on what the driver is requiring.

The Civic is a popular option for experienced drivers as a second or even third car, and there is a reason for that because it is a fantastic drive, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great option for a brand new driver as well.

Because a Civic is incredibly reliable, they are a smart choice for a new driver, meaning they are less likely to suffer any random problems. And with great gas mileage, it ticks all the boxes that a new driver should be looking for.

7 Should Be Avoided: Fiat Punto

Many people are easily attracted to the Fiat Punto when it comes to buying a car for the first time, mainly because they are incredibly great-value, which makes the car seem like an obvious purchase.

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It is small and compact and unfortunately with that comes a lot of discomforts, with this not being a nice ride, especially for any long-distance journeys, and considering the Punto has better rivals for a similar price, there is plenty of reasons to avoid this one.

On top of that, the Punto isn't exactly pleasing to the eye from off the road and doesn't provide a very inspiring drive from behind the wheel either, making this one to avoid, no matter how cheap it might be.

6 Perfect Car: Nissan Sentra

Coming in at a retail price of $17,890, the Nissan Sentra is quite an affordable option for any first-time driver who wants a reliable car that is sensible and won't provide any risks to people on the road.

The car can hold 13.2 gallons of gas, which is certainly a major positive for people to consider, producing a maximum 188 hp from its 4-cylinder engine, meaning the Nissan can perform adequately for a new driver to handle.

With tons of space available, the car can comfortably fit in plenty of people as well as the trunk having space for anything that might be needed, making it a perfect fit for people.

5 Should Be Avoided: Alfa Romeo Mito

Some people often think about spending plenty of money the first time around on their car due to being excited about purchasing a brand new vehicle, treating themselves for what will hopefully last a while.

If that is the mindset and people have the money then that is fair enough, but the Alfa Romeo Mito is not the purchase to make as the car is built very cheaply, provides a noisy driving experience and is known for being an unreliable vehicle.

Given the costly purchase and the additionally expensive running costs, this uncomfortable car is not the perfect first car as it is going to cause more problems than anything else.

4 Perfect Car: Volkswagen Jetta

Another great option for a first-time car is the Volkswagen Jetta which boasts user-friendly controls that are ideal for someone who has to make the leap from being with a driving instructor to driving around alone.

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The handling on the Jetta is one of the best available, making this an incredibly safe car for new drivers, which is another major benefit for any new driver who will be panicking on the roads.

With other safety features such as an automatic emergency braking system, forward-collision warnings and a blind-spot warning feature, this car is ideal for any novice on the road.

3 Should Be Avoided: Hummer H1

If someone has the finances to pick up an expensive car on their first go-around, people could be tempted to purchase a large vehicle such as the Hummer H1 in order to drive one of the best vehicles around.

The Hummer might not be one of the fastest cars, which does help reduce the risk of speeding on the road, however, because of the sheer size of the vehicle, there are obvious risks involved.

Given that the car has such a wide frame there is a high chance that any new driver is going to hit something on the road, mainly because they would have likely not learned how to drive in a car as big.

2 Perfect Car: Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is an incredibly popular choice when it comes to a first-choice car, and one of the main reasons is that they are incredibly easy and smooth to drive, which makes transitioning into driving alone a much easier process.

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For younger drivers, parents might be interested in making this purchase as they can actually control several settings on the newest model such as the speed, which might put some concerned minds to rest.

This is one of the more expensive options on this list, however, because Ford is known for being incredibly reliable it is an investment that could last years, really setting someone up for the long-term, rather than getting a cheap option that will need replacing sooner.

1 Should Be Avoided: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

It should go without saying but driving a street-legal car such as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a terrible idea for any new driver, mainly because of the speed and 840 horsepower.

The car is far too powerful and fast for any novice driver to tackle, even if they are able to afford the incredible vehicle. Whilst the car is amazing, this is one that needs to be kept in the dream list until some experience is gained.

Even veteran motorists can find the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon too much to handle, so buying this as a first-time car is simply a disaster waiting to happen.

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