18 Mysterious Photos Of Abandoned Car Junk Yards

All over the world, cars have been abandoned in car junk yards and left to rust in peace forever.

We pass them on our way to work. Sometimes we pass them late at night when we’re on foot. As we peer into the darkness within, past the rusted gates, do we dare whistle a tune? Do we dare break the old belief that we shouldn’t whistle past a graveyard. After all, a junk yard is a graveyard of sorts, isn’t it? The bodies of cars left to rust and decompose, the yard closed down long ago. We think to ourselves: yeah old man Jenkins used to own the lot but when he and his family up and left, they left all those cars. Those once trusted pieces of machinery to fend for themselves.

Do you ever stop to think what’s contained in them? Do you ever stop to wonder if beneath all the collected leaves and dirt, there may be a gem of all gems; maybe even the car of your dreams, just sitting there rotting away. After all, most of us gear heads can turn almost anything into a beautiful machine.

For the morbid ones out there, there’s something beautiful about junk yards, especially abandoned junk yards, and if we get philosophical and maybe a little spiritual, an abandoned junk yard and the cars within can give off that haunted look we lovers of horror films enjoy so much. But is there truth to the myth? You let us know. Just go and take a walk into one late at night, I dare you.

Well, we did it again here at HotCars, and no not because we enjoy creeping you motor heads out (maybe a little), but because we love all forms of cars: powerful, old, new, abandoned and yes, spooky. We’ve got twenty pictures for you. Get the popcorn.

18 Vintage Junk

via izoom.me

How much room have car junk yards such as these taken up over the years and all over the world? I mean functional junk yards take in and destroy cars at a pretty regular pace, but what if the cars keep piling up, and they stop getting destroyed? Does that mean that if the lots are one day abandoned, they'll sit there for years and years? Well, the pictures we've uncovered here today kind of answer that question for us, now don't they? Think of all the space these cars have taken up over the years.

17 Final Resting Place

via flickr.com

Junk yards have a special spot in the hearts of all horror flick fanatics. After all, a junk yard such as the ones pictured in this article was the final resting place (or was hoped to become) of none other than horror film legendary character, Freddy Kruger of the Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. The kids in the third instalment decided to put an end to Freddy's reign of terror and they buried him among the old rust-buckets and abandoned cars in a junk yard, and they hoped that there he would stay. But was it enough? No way, like a classic car found amongst the rubble and made into something of beauty, Freddy arose from the depths and resumed his reign of terror.

16 A Narrow Space

via flickr.com

The beaten path that is clearly visible at the center of this photo suggests that many people still pass through this abandoned junk yard lot in that patch of trees. The fallen tree suggests a storm of some sort having passed through at one time and the wear and tear on the vehicles suggests that quite some time has passed since they were placed there to await the passage of time. How many rains did these cars see? How many years? How many sunsets? Another question that comes up is do city and or county officials do anything about such abandoned lots?

Many of these abandoned lots are still sitting, so maybe not much action is taken to clear all that land.

Maybe they're all a bunch of gear heads who can't stand destroying all those cars.

15 Toy Cars

via capovelo.com

The image that comes to mind when looking at these cars here is an image that most parents see when looking into their kid's miniature car collection when it's just piled up one over the other. The reason I say this is, don't these cars look somehow smaller than they should. I mean, if you look closely enough, you can see some pretty large cars squeezed in there, and yet still, they look so small, so vulnerable, and not at all like the powerful vehicles they once were. This image renders them to look like miniature cars that have been through hell and back at the hands of some small child, but at the end of the day, maybe these cars and the miniature ones aren't all that different from one another.

14 Collecting Leaves

via hemmings.com

Since horror movies is the theme we talked about in the introduction, we'll stick to it here in this entry. This shot here conjures up images of a late seventies screamer, much like The Texas Chainsaw Films.

Look at the scattered cars in that forest; it has to be an old lot, as there are too many vehicles strewn about haphazardly.

But if you look close enough, what makes this image all the more disconcerting is the toppled over fridge way back on the right side. A fridge! But beyond that, the mass of fallen leaves tells a story all their own.

13 Crooked Smile

via disclose.tv

This is definitely a beautiful image. A perfect example of finding beauty in a state of wear and decay. Beauty at the end of something, rather than at the beginning. After all isn't there something beautiful about the end of an era? The end of summer brings fall, the end of winter brings spring. The end of this car's functional existence brought this great and perfect still of a car that has been left to rot in the wilderness, hidden away from the world, but sitting in all the gloom and darkness of that forest with a crooked smile set in the grille. It's headlights--eyes into a complex mechanical soul. Whoa! Sorry about that. Been reading way too much Edgar Allan Poe.

12 Under The Dry Sun

via hemmings.com

Who of us hasn't walked through a field in the country and come upon an old car lot, abandoned and un-manned? Maybe you were picnicking by the river with your friends and you wandered off too far. Maybe you decided to go for a walk in a new neighbourhood and got lost. Whatever the possibilities, many of us have stumbled across one of these, like the one pictured here, and you will surely agree, no matter how bright the sun, or how early the time of day, there's something very creepy about the abandonment of it all. The questions it brigs up alone are enough to scare you into running back to your friends looking like you saw a ghost.

11 Old School

via youtube.com

There are indeed a few of us gear heads out there that can appreciate the car eras that came before us. Myself, I'm very partial to the  cars of the early portion of the 20th century, as there were many make and models that shattered expectations and changed the automotive industry for good, ushering the modern age and the age before that, of course.

Without these forefather vehicles, we wouldn't have the beasts we've come to love, the muscle cars we love and salivate over.

Here we pay respect to the older generation by showing a picture of an abandoned car junk yard from back in the day. We wonder if it's still there. We have a few more classic shots in this article.

10 A Pyramid Of Steel

via dailymail.co.uk

Sometimes the images tell the story all their own, and words can only take away the effect the image has given off. Great photography is built around this very principle. In our research for this piece, we came across this great picture snapped only God knows where, and so expertly at that. The shot was taken at the perfect moment, as the sun behind the camera shone through some trees and hit the abandoned cars at just the right time. We here at HotCars admire great photography. That's why we publish so many articles dedicated to such great rare and interesting photos.

9 Free Parking

via pinterest.com

I mentioned earlier how a junk yard like the ones pictured here can be compared to cemeteries, and well, I can't be blamed for that comparison, as the car's are resting, or rusting in peace, aren't they? Abandoned lots such as the one pictured here give off that impression, and the correlation cannot be helped at all. Once they've been stripped for parts, they're just sitting there waiting to be disposed of, if that day ever comes. As we've learned here today, many of these cars never get disposed of, only to lie in wait for what end, we can only imagine. They sit there, side by side in fields of green. We're sure you get the picture.

8 An Earlier Time

via wikimedia.org

Here's our second in a series of old school junk yards and we believe that this one is the most haunting of all. Most of the cars here are missing windshields, and are so busted up we wonder what in the world may have happened to them - what fate could have befallen all of these vehicles? What makes it all the more unsettling are the people here and there in the photo.

The man closest the bottom right of the picture is carrying a bag of sorts.

Maybe these people were stripping the cars for materials or parts. This could very well be considering the time period shown, which is most definitely mid 20th century if I'm not mistaken.

7 Sitting Under The Trees

via oldcarsweekly.com

These shots absolutely mystify me. And they bring up a very valid question, so bear with me on this. Were the cars there before the tress sprouted and grew around them, or were the cars placed in a forest that must have rested beside some old lot or junk yard? I know what you're thinking: "How very what came first, the chicken or the egg, of us." But we do feel it's a valid question to pose. After all, the image is just so unsettling. Yet judging by the size of the trees and the probable years of the models, it's probably the latter opposed to the former.

6 Vibrant Autumn Colors

via barnfinds.com

These cars too were left to fend for themselves beneath some trees in some forgotten speck of forest. It seems they've been waiting there a while, as the wheels are quite  deeply set withing the ground and a large amount of leaves have collected over and around the vehicles. But when we look at the leaves and the vehicles themselves, we're left in awe of the vibrant colors apparent in this image--even the respective paint jobs of the cars themselves still seem to come through strongly despite the years they seem to have been left neglected. Again, photography at its best.

5 Almost Buried, But Not Quite

via barnfinds.com

Well, that's almost it for the cars pictured in this photograph. Time and/or weather has done quite the number on them and is hiding them quite thoroughly beneath the elements. How long will it be before they're completely buried beneath what covers them now? Only time will tell. But as we've said many times in this article, places like this make for some really great photographs, and hey, at the end of the day, they're something cool and interesting to look at while you're eating your lunch at work, no? We thought so.

4 Other Worldly Presence

via mlive.com

Well, something that's come up a lot about places like this is: are they haunted? In staying with our theme, we'd like to try and answer the question with a few thought-provoking tid-bits of information of our own: 1) If you are the type of person who believes in the afterlife, then yes, there is a high probability that places like these abandoned lots are haunted by some entity that can't seem to leave the junk yard for good. 2) If you're not into that type of thing, then these places are nothing but some plots of land that are being overrun by scrap metal and a bunch of vegetation and dirt.

3 Muscle Car Row

via motortrend.com

I guess for gear heads, the thought that comes up the most when thinking about junk yards is: I wonder if there's a great car in there? I know the first thing I think about when I pass old abandoned lots like these is, does that junk yard have the Challenger I've always dreamed about? Is that Mustang I've always wanted to rebuild hidden there among the heaps? Well, our collective questions have finally been answered, as this abandoned lot contains quite a few old muscle cars, and I know about  a few mechanics worth their salt who could probably bring those babies back to life.

2 Bessie

via pinterest.com

Of course you're not always going to find an image that screams with beauty and vibrant colours. Sometimes just sometimes, you're going to come across the flip-side of that, the underbelly of what can be found in the world out there. Here is yet another picture of cars topped onto one another, but the haphazard manner in which this was done seems to suggest some sort of urgency or lack of caring.

These guys were in a hurry when they were stacking these cars, a big hurry.

And they didn't have a care in the world for how the pile of scrap metal would look when they were done. But this photo too tells a story all its own.

1 Hidden & Forgotten

via lettera43.com

Someone must have parked these cars here. What intentions did they have for doing so? We'll probably never know. But they look forgotten and forlorn, left to fend for themselves beneath that ceiling of rotting wood. In the case of the car nearest the camera, the ceiling and/or roof has fallen through and collected on the roof of the car. These cars seem ancient, but the photo is pretty recent. It kind of answers the previous question we posed earlier, wondering if these cars from the early 20th century were still around on some abandoned lot, now doesn't it. Well, I guess at the end of the day, some cars were really meant to last, no matter what fate befalls them.

Sources: MLive.com, MotorTrend.com, BarnFinds.com

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