24 Times Athletes And Celebrities Ruined Their Cars With Silly Mods

The lifestyle of the rich and famous include flying around the world, buying expensive clothes and driving fancy cars. When you have a multi-million dollar net worth, you can do almost anything and buy whatever you like. Celebrities are known for purchasing some of the most extravagant and rare material items that most of the world cannot afford. One of the first lavish purchases that celebrities make once their breakthrough is something quite simple, cars.

Celebrities are humans like everyone else; therefore, they love cars. Having millions of dollars in your bank account allows you to purchase any car you desire. While most celebrities opt for supercars such as Lamborghinis and Bugattis, others have made different choices. Some celebrities have chosen to purchase regular vehicles and modified it to make it look more elegant.

While collecting celebrity car purchases, we discovered that some celebrities had purchased supercars but chose to modify the vehicles to accentuate its beauty. The only problem was that the modifying jobs that some of the celebrities performed on their vehicles resulted in masking the beauty of the rides, as opposed to magnifying it. We have compiled a list of celebrities who modified their vehicles to make it look better but performed a bad modification that resulted in the depreciation of the vehicle.

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24 Deadmau5: Ferrari 458

via EDM Sauce

Not only does DJ Deadmau5 have strange taste in outfits when he performs, but he also has eccentric taste in car wrappings. The EDM DJ wanted to make his Ferrari 458 different from all the other owners by wrapping the car with a rainbow and Nyan Cat themed wrap.

Deadmau5 called it the Purrari and proudly paraded it around town. Although Deadmau5 was happy with his creation, the manufacturer likely scoffed at the vehicle. Ferrari issued Deadmau5 a cease and desist letter.

23 Khloe Kardashian: Land Rover Range Rover

via Auto Evolution

Consumers who have deep pockets and want a car that fosters a combination of luxury and sport should opt for the Land Rover Range Rover. The flagship model is currently in its fourth generation and one of the most lavish SUVs on the road. The car provides luxury and performance for people who don't mind splurging on vehicles.

When Khloe Kardashian took the vehicle to be customized, she selected a black velvet wrap. That was not the best choice, as her choice in wrapping covered the beauty and elegance of the vehicle.

22 David James: Reliant Robin

via Mirror

British soccer fans will recognize James as the goalie of Liverpool, Manchester City, Portsmouth, and West Ham United. He is well known in the Premier League but also dropped down a division to play for Bristol City in 2010 before retiring to become a soccer coach.

When James played for Portsmouth, he bet his teammates about goal predictions for the Champions League. The player with the worst predictions had to drive the Reliant Robin to the training ground and customize it, according to The Mirror. The team had sold the car on eBay.

21 Justin Bieber: Audi R8

via mensxp.com

When you are one of the biggest singers in the world, you can change your car in any manner, and the world will still think that you're cool. Bieber might have been pushing the cool envelope a bit too far when he wrapped his Audi R8 in leopard skin design.

The Audi R8 is a superb sports car that the manufacturer designed to allow the owner to experience elegance and performance. Although Bieber has remained cool in his fans eyes after the modification, the vehicle has depreciated from the eccentric wrap.

20  Jake Paul: Ford Focus

via Homesecurity Press

Paul came into the public's eye when he appeared on Disney Channel's series Bizaardvark. He also made a name for himself on YouTube and a defunct video application, Vine.

When Paul took his Ford Focus to have it customized, he wanted West Coast Customs to perform a special job. The guys at West Coast Customs obliged and delivered what looks like a camouflaged Ford Focus. The only problem is that Paul's Focus will attract more attention and he won't be under the radar. Maybe that was the point?

19 Will.I.Am: VW Beetle

via Yelp

The man that modified this ride didn't build the car from scratch. "He wanted something crazy futuristic with stretched doors and a front engine. I told him it'd be easier to make a whole new chassis, but he said to 'do it to the bug," this according to Austin Weiss, the man behind the modification.

Weiss got a supercharged LS3 from Extreme Performance to put it into a VW Beetle. The modification kept piling up until Weiss made a vehicle that looked futuristic. When Weiss completed the modification, he estimated the car to be worth $900,000.

18 Zach Randolph: Chevrolet Impala

via Miami Valley Taxidermy

Randolph was unsatisfied with the traditional Impala design and wanted to make his vehicle stand out from the rest of the cars on the road. The car has a custom painted 26-inch Asanti wheels, tan leather with suede, custom doors, center console, dash with 26-inch LCD monitor, as well as several modifications under the hood to make the Impala a performance beast.

Randolph went all out to make the vehicle modified but he may have taken the modifications too far. If he's happy, then who are we to judge?

17 Juan Uribe: Porsche Cayenne

via autotrader.ca

Uribe is a former professional MLB infielder. He played for the White Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Since Uribe doesn't play baseball anymore, he has time for creativity to modify his Porsche Cayenne.

It seems that Uribe is a fan of Star Wars, as the science-fiction movie inspired the Cayenne modification. Uribe modified the front bumper so that it resembled Dart Vader's mask. Mission accomplished, but the modification makes the car look odd.

16 Hulk Hogan: Dodge Viper

via Flickr

Hogan posted a picture of his 'Hulkster' vehicle on social media pages as he displayed the vehicle at the International Drive. Hogan opened the Hulk Hogan's Beach Shop which includes Hulk Hogan memorabilia such as statues for fans to take photos next to.

The 1994 Dodge Viper has a V10 engine that is capable of pumping out 400 horsepower and needs 4.6 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. That is impressive for a vehicle that is more than 20 years old. What is unimpressive about the car is the colors that Hogan chose for the vehicle.

15 Darren McFadden: Buick Centurion

via Celebrity Carz

McFadden is a former football running back. He played college football for the University of Arkansas and played for the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. McFadden wanted to spice up his vehicle, so he took his Buick Centurion to the custom shop and requested a purple candy paint job and a custom purple and green interior.

The car has 32-inch Asanti wheels and Yokohama tires. The customizer painted the wheels green and purple, and the car has a 15-inch custom suspension lift, according to Celebrity Carz.

14 Chris Brown: Lamborghini Aventador

via 4kolesa.mirtesen.ru

Chris Brown is no stranger to wrapping his lavish vehicles. Some of the modifications that Brown has performed include a camouflaged military Lamborghini, as well as one that resembles a fighter jet plane.

Brown's next project was to make his car look like his sneakers. The singer had his Lamborghini Aventador painted in black, grey and red camouflage pattern to match his Nike Air Foamposite Camo sneakers. The job took four weeks and $15,000 to perform. I wonder how often he wears those Nike's to match the Lambo?

13 Snooki: Cadillac Escalade

via Pinterest

Otherwise known as Nicole Elizabeth LaVelle, Snooki is a reality television personality who is best known as a cast member of MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Snooki likes the color pink like most women and wanted to display her affinity for it on her Cadillac Escalade.

The Cadillac Escalade is supposed to represent masculinity, but Snooki's took the car in a different direction. She also had the letters "Boss Lady" stuck on the tailgate to show who's in charge. If the modification makes Snooki happy, more power to her.

12 Sonny & Cher: Ford Mustangs

via Vintage Everyday

The two singing sensations gained fame in the '60s and '70s. Apart from being in love with each other and each other's company all the time, the duo decided to get matching Ford Mustangs. They chose the right vehicle but not the right paint job.

The two Mustangs were from the George Barris collection. After the Sonny and Cher fad passed, the two auctioned off the Mustangs. Barrett-Jackson sold the Mustangs as a pair, with Sonny's car fetching for $71,500 while Cher's was $55,000, according to Auto Week.

11 Marshawn Lynch: Jeep Wrangler

via The Car Database

Lynch is a running back for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. Playing in such a prestigious team allows Lynch financially to decorate his cars in any way he pleases. Lynch has not built one but two Jeep Wranglers that he dubbed Beast Mode.

“Growing up in Oakland, it’s a diverse population with individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds,” said Marshawn Lynch. “With the help of eBay, I’m pleased to auction off some items to help support the development of our Fam 1st Family Foundation Center. This center will be key as we advance our Foundation’s goal of helping to serve the underprivileged youth community in the Bay Area,” Lynch stated according to Four Wheeler. Awesome.

10 Stephen Ireland: Bentley Continental

via Visir

Ireland is an Irish, no pun intended, professional attacking midfielder for Bolton Wanderers. Ireland has a fleet of eccentric cars such as a black and pink Range Rover. One of the odd modifications that Ireland performed was to his wife's Bentley Continental. Ireland thought that it would be a good idea to fit the elegant Continental with a body kit.

To make the vehicle broader, Ireland also fitted big rims. The interior consists of red and white leather to match the rims. Ireland is an avid car modifier but could have done a better job.

9 Nicki Minaj: Lamborghini Aventador

via Pursuitlist

It seems that a large number of celebrities are obsessed with the Lamborghini Aventador. They are not only obsessed with owning the spectacular vehicle but also with modifying it to their preference.

Regardless of how much effort the manufacturer puts into designing a spectacular vehicle, some people find a way to ruin its elegance. Nicki Minaj is obsessed with the color pink and wanted her Aventador to be covered in the color. Although a camouflaged Aventador doesn't look good, it looks better than with a pink wrapping.

8 Paris Hilton: Bentley Continental

via Celeb Mafia

Women love expensive items and the color pink. The Bentley Continental is one of the most stylish vehicles on the road and deserves the utmost care to maintain it in pristine condition. While most Continental owners do everything in their power to keep the vehicle immaculate, others perform wrapping jobs on the vehicle that make it look less appealing.

Although the pink Continental will provide plenty of luxury for Hilton, it will always get her some strange looks from onlookers. Pink wasn't the best choice Hilton could've made for the Continental.

7 Justin Bieber: Cadillac CTS-V

via Top Speed

Many have tried to replicate the Batmobile and most have failed. If you have a Lamborghini Aventador to modify into a Batmobile, it might work, but not with a Cadillac CTS-V.

Bieber modified his vehicle to look like the vigilante, but the car doesn't look like something Batman would drive. Although West Coast Customs did a good job at modifying the vehicle, it doesn't look as intimidating as the Tumbler. Bieber's Cadillac CTS-V featured in West Coast Custom's media gallery.

6 Josh Gordon: Porsche Panamera

via kidskunts.info

Gordon is also known by his nickname Flash. He is a US football wide receiver for the New England Patriots. Although some vehicles look good in military camouflage, Gordon's Panamera doesn't.

The Panamera is a family vehicle that looks best with the standard paint, as it portrays an elegant look, as opposed to the military look that the Panamera currently has. The Panamera looks a lot better with an elegant paint job, as opposed to the bad boy look Gordon tried to accomplish with the car.

5  LeBron James: Lamborghini Aventador

via Youtube

James is one of the best basketball players in history and demands large sums of money for endorsement. His endorsement with Nike has garnered James more income than his annual salary from playing for an NBA team.

James has a signature shoe from Nike. The shoe manufacturer commissioned exotic car rental company Lou La Vie for a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that matches James' X1 King's Pride floral shoes. Although the wrap might match his shoes, it does not accentuate the beautiful design of the Aventador.

4 Justin Bieber: Smart Car

via Zimbio

To me, the Smart car is one of the most pointless vehicles produced. The car doesn't provide interior space, cargo area or performance. The car has a 1-liter engine that is capable of pumping out 89 horsepower. Two people barely fit into the vehicle, and the driver will struggle to fit two grocery bags in the boot.

A Smart car owner can do little to nothing to modify the vehicle to make it look better. Any modification to the vehicle will make the car look worse. The modification wasn't Bieber's fault; the car should be blamed.

3  James Caan: Chevrolet Corvette

via mtmtv.info

When George Barris met James Caan, they exchanged numbers as Caan was interested in purchasing a vehicle. Barris had built a Barrister roadster, which was a 1930s-style modern sports car, based on a stretched Corvette.

Barris stated that he had built about a dozen Barristers. Caan was one of the first to buy the car, but other celebrities such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Bo Derek also purchased the vehicle. The headlights are from the Ford Granada, and the body is from a Chevrolet Corvette.

2 Will.I.Am: DeLorean DMC-12

via Superfly Autos

The DeLorean garnered a lot of fame after it appeared in the Back to the Future movies. The movie deluded viewers to believe that the car provided great performance, although the engine was weak. Will.I.Am wanted a one-of-a-kind DeLorean to drive into the future and commissioned West Coast Customs to deliver him a superb vehicle the way it would look in 2020.

The crew widened the car by six inches and only kept the door hinges as the original parts on the vehicle. Although the car looks like Will.I.Am got his wish of owning a futuristic vehicle, maybe the original design would have made him more money in the future.

1  Chris Brown: Porsche Panamera

via mtmtv.info

If you thought that the Lamborghini Aventador looked bad after the camouflaged paint to match Brown's sneakers, then you will be surprised to see what he did to his Porsche Panamera. It seems that Brown was in a creative mood when he applied spray paint to his girlfriend's Panamera.

The worst part about the story is that Brown's girlfriend was unaware of the paint job and got the surprise of her life when she saw the car. Brown's girlfriend was upset about the spray paint, as she, like the rest of us, feels that the standard Panamera design is better.

Sources - The Mirror & Auto Week

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