17 Photos Of Celebs Stuck In Their Cars (That They Clearly Didn't Want Taken)

Without further ado, here are 20 photos of celebs stuck in their cars. Thanks, Paparazzi!

We all go through this moment at least once in a lifetime. No matter how good or reliable a car might be, road troubles can occur. Now imagine this happens and you’re a celebrity driving around in a fancy car. It becomes that much worse. In this article, we take a look at 12 photos showing celebs getting stuck with their fancy cars (fancy, for the most part). Situations differ in this article. Paris Hilton got stuck due to her battery completely giving out while others weren’t so fortunate with such a minor problem. We feature situations of celebs getting stuck with their Maserati in snowy conditions. We also feature a recent situation that saw Justin Bieber forced to wait on the side of the road due to his Mercedes giving out. Ironically, Justin ends up on both sides of the list.

Speaking of the other side of the list, we’ll also feature photos celebs didn’t want to take while behind the wheel. As you might imagine, anyone, let alone celebs wouldn’t be too thrilled to smile for a photo following an altercation with their ride. We’ll also feature other examples like celebs getting caught riding in a drive-thru and other situations they didn’t want to be caught in while in their vehicles. Without further ado, here are 17 photos of celebs stuck in their cars. Thanks, Paparazzi! Let's get started!

17 Affleck At Jack in the Box Drive-Thru

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Ben Affleck might be Batman on-set, however off-screen he loves classic cars and fast food. While riding in luxury rides, Affleck has fallen victim to the paparazzi on multiple occasions while waiting at the drive-thru. He might be better off actually getting out of the car and going inside to avoid such photos.

In this picture, he’s likely waiting for a classic burger at a Jack in the Box location. While riding in his Land Rover, Affleck looks none too pleased with the attention he’s getting. Can’t a dude get a burger in the peace!?

16 Hilton’s Car Battery Completely Drained

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Similar to Justin Bieber, Hilton doesn’t have the greatest success when it comes to cars. She loves to ride around in luxurious vehicles which makes her situation that much more alarming to watch while she’s driving around in the LA streets.

Along with numerous tickets, Hilton has also been stuck due to vehicle complications. In this instance, Hilton left the battery running for a little too long. The result, an engine that just wouldn’t start. Despite trying to crank the engine she was in need of a boost, thankfully she got it and was able to escape this not so pleasant situation.

15 Bieber Pulled Over In His Batmobile

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Cutting off an officer is never a good idea. You can blame this one on Justin’s youth as he was riding around in his stunning Batman customized Cadillac. It wasn’t the first time Justin got pulled over in the vehicle nor was it the first time he got pulled over in general.

Just months prior he was pulled over for riding around in his convertible Rolls Royce as cops grew suspicious that such a young man was behind the wheel.

Nonetheless, Bieber escaped both situations with nothing but a warning. However remember kids, cutting off a cop is never a good idea.

14 Ronaldo’s Lambo Towed Away

via Just Jared

On his way to a fellow teammate’s birthday back in 2012, Ronaldo’s stunning Lamborghini completely gave out. He parked it on the side of the road only to have towed due to a mechanic being unable to revive the car.

It was a surreal situation seeing his fancy ride towed away while he was left there stranded.

He got his car towed again last year but for a different reason. Due to a wrist pain, Cristiano was unable to drive following his stay at a ski resort. It resulted in his Lambo getting towed as a precautionary measure.

13 Brad Pitt Sniped At McDonald’s

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While driving around in a blacked out Chevy, the paparazzi caught Brad Pitt and his former partner Angelina Jolie riding across a McDonald’s drive-thru in the LA area. As you can tell from this article, it is almost impossible to get away with anything in LA.

The Chevy Suburban wasn’t enough of a disguise as it turns out.

Pitt looked none too pleased as he was photographed both from the inside of the fast food restaurant along with outside as well. Poor guy can’t enjoy a ride in his Chevy while getting some McDonald’s.

12 Tough Day For Olly Murs' Mercedes

via dailmail.co.uk

Oddly enough the singer doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to the stability of his Mercedes rides. Murs posted two photos in the past of his Mercedes cars in rough conditions.

In this particular photo, his Benz was atop a tow truck. He took to Twitter with the post claiming it wasn’t the best morning.

Oddly enough, he would get stuck once again in another situation that featured a bush and an additional vehicle. Again, he took the classic selfie with his stuck car in the background. At the very least, he has a sense of humor for these things.

11 Diego Luna’s Prius Gives Out

via celebritywhynot.com

A former Star Wars actor, Luna got photographed by the paparazzi in this forgettable situation, at least for the actor. In truth, he likely lands on both sides of the list for this photo as not only was he stuck but it’s a picture he likely didn’t want to get out, especially seeing that the ride is an economical Prius.

In his defense, the ride is likely a rental. In any event, he tried to fix it on his own but it was to no avail. The ride was towed and restored back to proper health, at least we assume.

10 Joshua Jackson Pushing His Ride

via justjared.com

Some of us can relate to this experience especially during our earlier days on the road driving lackluster vehicles.

Jackson was riding around in his old school Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible, a ride you just don’t see every day.

Unfortunately, the vintage ride broke down. Instead of waiting there Jackson refused to be totally stuck. Of course, in the LA area, paparazzi caught the moment as the Dawson’s Creek star guided his ride to safety across the street at a gas station. Well done Joshua, well done.

9 Selena Gomez At The In-N-Out Drive-Thru

via teeninfonet.com

Gomez is a sucker for fast food and junk food in general. In this situation, she was caught in the act visiting In-N-Out and hitting up the drive-thru area. She was sniped by the paparazzi and making matters worse, it looks as though she was well aware of that.

It wasn’t the first time she sniped in her black BMW SUV while waiting for a fast food order.

At the very least, she isn’t taking pictures with cops while getting pulled over instead, she just loves that drive-thru!

8 Affleck’s Chevy Breaks Down In LA

via dailymail.co.uk

According to Eonline, leaving a fundraiser wasn’t the easiest task for Affleck;

“While trying to leave a fundraiser in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of L.A. on Saturday, the 40-year-old Oscar winner encountered some problems with his car. Affleck tried to get his Chevy Malibu SS to turn on but the ignition wouldn't work.”

At the very least, this problem didn’t occur at a drive-thru area as we saw earlier in the article. He was able to get some help rather quickly and was boosted successfully without having to endure a lengthy car jam.

7 Bieber Pulled Over In Chrome

via theblemish.com

Wrapped in chrome, we’re not sure what Justin’s mindset was driving around in this ride back in the day. With a worth over a $100,000, the ride attracts lots of attention. In this case, the Fisker Karma got the attention for all the wrong reasons, Justin was pulled over for speeding.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bieber also added custom lights to the bottom of the ride. The issue here is the fact that this is illegal over in California. Not the wisest decision by the custom shop, how didn’t they know it’s illegal in the state of California!?

6 The Biebs Gets Stuck At The Hamptons

via twitter.com

Pop sensation Justin Bieber doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to cars. That’ll be real clear in this article as he makes both sides of the list multiple times. His car troubles began way back at the age of 17 when he was riding in a Ferrari. This one really wasn’t his fault all that much compared to the others.

While at the Hamptons alongside Hailey Baldwin, Justin’s Mercedes complete gave out.

Before he knew it, he was directing traffic while he pulled his vehicle to the side of the road waiting for assistance to arrive.

5 Braun Strowman’s KIA Stuck In Water

via instagram.com

Prior to his WWE success, Braun Strowman was a regular dude trying to make an impact with the WWE. These days, Braun has so many great cars whether it be his stunning Jeep or various pickup trucks. Before that, the big man was hilariously riding around in a KIA. He was mainly in Florida, the location of WWE’s developmental facility.

As you might know, Florida isn’t immune to some tough storms. Strowman learned that the hard way as he was left completely stranded with his KIA stuck in water. He posted the hilarious photo via Instagram so, at the very least, he had some fun with the situation.

4 Kristen Stewart’s Not Impressed

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Kristen Stewart isn’t afraid to drive around in just about anything despite all of her Hollywood fame. She was even photographed in an old and run down Toyota truck at one point in time. She didn’t seem to mind it one bit. She also got photographed in a vintage pickup truck and when we say vintage, that’s a polite way of saying the ride was old and extremely worn down.

She just doesn’t care nor does she care to be photographed. Stewart has a rocky relationship with the paparazzi and this photo clearly shows that as she’s riding around in her car.

3 Channing Tatum Breaks The Law

via blogspot.com

Nope, actors aren’t immune to tickets and as you’ll see in this article, it actually happens more times than you might think, especially in the LA area.

Tatum fell victim to a ticket issued while riding around in his Escalade EXT just a couple of years ago.

Now, most would assume he was ticketed for speeding but that’s not the case. According to Pop Sugar, Tatum got the ticket for being on his cell phone and not wearing a seat belt, yikes! Making matters that much worse, he was photographed while in this sticky situation.

2 Paris Hilton Driving Way Too Fast

via dailymail.co.uk

We mentioned earlier, Hilton doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to cars. Making matters that much worse, she’s usually driving around in luxury rides like Bentleys and even a Lamborghini.

She got into lots of ticket troubles during her prime fame. This one came because of a speeding violation.

Hard to get away with that in the Beverly Hills area especially when you’re speeding in a Bentley. She also got ticketed for a suspended license, not to mention a DUI infraction as well prior to this ticket.

1 Kate Olsen’s Black Jaguar Troubles

via dailymail.co.uk

It isn’t every day that a major child star like Kate Olsen just appears to be stranded and stuck on the side of the road. That was the case back in the summer of 2016.

While riding around in her black Jaguar, Olsen pulled over in East Hampton, a neighborhood three hours from New York City according to the Daily Mail.

There was no noticeable damage to the car however she was checking the back of the ride for possible damage. A helpful man came to her aid. Thankfully this situation wasn’t as bad as the others and she was able to drive off without the assistance of a police escort or tow truck.

Sources – Jalopnik, Eonline & Daily Mail

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