20 Photos Of DIY Mods With No Doors We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

Let's take a look at 20 photos of DIY mods without doors.

Modding a car doesn't have to be an elaborate, expensive, professionally done affair. Not unless you want it to be. If you don't have the money, or if you don't have the skills yet want to do it anyway, modifying your car from home can be as easy as just going for it. Who needs quality? Who needs safety? Who needs the eye of a professional, or even someone knowledgable about cars, when you could just do it yourself?

Many people in the world of aftermarket modding, unfortunately, think this way, and it leads to some pretty bad train wrecks. We've all seen these cars driving the roads, the ones that shouldn't be running, the ones a danger to other motorists, an outrage, a bad creation that's good fun to laugh at.

These kinds of mods are often referred to as "home-grown" mods, or "extremely customized." They're also often called "DIY" mods. Many are quite good at working on their cars at home. They've got a garage, a flat piece of ground, or even an open parking spot, and that's all they need to swap out whatever they want on their car with nigh professional quality.

But then there are those who think they can do that, and they really just can't. It leads to some really bad builds, Frankenstein mods and worse, sometimes even missing doors. Let's take a look at 20 photos of DIY mods without doors.

20 At Least The Seats Are Plush

via reddit.com

It's common knowledge that 90% of the interior of a car, and the exterior apparently, is absolutely useless. You just don't need it, it's not important. Or at least that's what this person seems to think, anyway.

There are no doors on this particular build and no roof. And no windshield, either. But, at least there's the fact that these seats are super plush, and they look incredibly comfortable. Goes to show that you don't need much more than a comfortable seat when it comes to driving.

19 Doing It Yourself 101

via subcompactculture.com

When it comes to a do it yourself modifications, this is a pretty spectacular example of what it means to do it yourself. Someone took an old Subaru and took the doors off, added a roll cage, put the intake way out on top of the hood, shortened the exhaust to stick out of the side of the bumper, and threw a roof rack on it.

All done by hand, clearly, and it shows. At least they had the sense to put a roll cage in, most probably wouldn't bother. But this is clearly a DIY build with a heavy touch of homegrown goodness.

18 Doorless Enterprise

via zcarblog.com

What exactly would compel someone to modify a Mazda Miata into the SS Enterprise from Star Trek is really a mystery to me, and probably a bit of a conundrum for most, too. But this goes beyond your, ahem, "run of the mill" Enterprise-car conversions.

This one is extra, well, everything. Extra homemade, extra DIY, but not extra door. Yeah, those are missing. So is the back bumper, for some rather indecipherable reason, and the front. I wonder how long it takes to take the top off of this particular convertible.

17 Doorless Geo

via YouTube

This Geo has some pretty awesome tires if we're starting with the good things about this build. If it were actually a complete car, it might be a surprisingly well balanced off-road build. Yet, it's missing a few things.

Well, more than a few. Most of the body is missing, actually, including both doors, bumpers, and that front fender that's been replaced with what looks like some kind of plastic backing. Whatever was done to this Geo was of the "doing it yourself" variety.

16 Falling Out Of A Shadow

via engineswapdepot.com

This DIY build has a lot of potential, but it could use a few things first, namely doors and a little more body work. It may be that it isn't finished yet, or it may be that this is the exact look that they are going for. Which is a possibility.

Without doors, though, there is a real danger of falling out of a shadow. While it doesn't seem possible to fall out of a shadow, this is actually a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, so therefore, by play of words, it's possible. Better put the doors on, then.

15 License Plates Do Not Count As Doors

via warnindustries.wordpress.com

I can only imagine what kind of world it would be like if the Police cruisers looked like this instead of the normal Crown Vic models. Daresay it'd be a pretty scary world. A scary world, indeed, as this looks nigh post-apocalyptic.

It's a heavily modified Crown Vic, and that in itself is some serious understatement. Clearly a DIY build, this strange Frankenstein creation does not have a back seat or trunk, nor does it have doors. License plates do not count as doors.

14 Maybe Once A Miata

via autoweek.com

This poor car has seen some modifications that no car anywhere ever could deserve. This Mazda Miata did nothing to deserve this kind of mutilation, but here it is, and at least it can still drive.

As to why the hood is missing, why the doors are missing, or why the car is so beat up, it's anybody's guess. The bigger question is why would someone do this? And the even bigger question is, why on Earth is there a rocket on top of it? The rocket reads "Most Glorious and Totally Innocent Research Scientific Satellite." Nice.

13 Miata Gone Rogue

via aminoapps.com

Off-road conversions are a fascinating thing. There are endless ways people decide to convert their cars into off-roaders, and the kinds of cars that people use alone are endlessly fascinating. Sometimes they are incredible and surprising, but sometimes they just flop completely.

For example, this is a Mazda Miata that has been entirely converted into an off-road monster. It has a lift kit, flared fenders, skid plates, chunky tires, and, naturally, no doors. This is indeed a doorless DIY project, one that was done actually pretty well.

12 No Doors And No Structural Support

via YouTube

Cutting the roof off of a car is often a lot more complicated of a process than some might think, perhaps many. Often times much of the structural support of a car is in its roof, and so once that is removed there can be some pretty bad results.

In the case of this convertible conversion, the chassis completely snapped once the roof was removed, and now it's some strange version of a low rider. Well, a broken one anyway. Maybe it would've been fine if they left the doors on. Goes to show that you can't have your cake and eat it too.

11 No Doors, No Problem

via YouTube

This guy is rolling in some serious DIY style. Not only did he decide to cut the roof off of his car and drastically alter it behind the doors of his very own garage, he cared enough to do a good job of it, too.

While it is debatable whether or not chopping the roof off of your car can ever be a good job, the fact is he took some extra time to make sure it was done well. Bravo to him, really, because now instead of a broken and useless car, he has exactly what he wants, a doorless roofless Jimmy.

10 Not Sure What Kind Of Car It Used To Be

via offroadxtreme.com

While I am not going to lie about how cool this little creation looks, I won't deny that it is a far cry from what it once was. In fact, this ride has been so heavily modified it's unclear as to what kind of car it was in the first place.

But that doesn't matter, really, not when someone took a sedan and turned it into a seriously competent off-road buggy creation, all at home, everything done DIY style, complete with a distinct lack of doors.

9 That Doesn't Count, Either

via vergimgo.pw

It's clear that this person is overly proud that they own a Mustang, the iconic US sports car that reinvented a nation. But the fact is that this Mustang, even fully stock and brand new, was absolutely nothing to write home about.

And then there was this, a different beast entirely, missing a fender just to make room for an aftermarket intake that likely does nothing, and missing a door. Because a large piece of sharp-edged corrugated metal does not count as a door, and never will.

8 The Back Seat Doesn't Need Doors

via YouTube

It seems that Smyth Performance could use a little bit more than a sign and a hacksaw to run a car performance garage. I don't think they understand that taking the back trunk off of a Charger doesn't really do much for performance figures.

It'll make it lighter, I suppose. That and the convicts have a chance to escape now, not that an empty backseat without doors would have done much to keep them there in the first place. Let's just hope this is an in-progress DIY photo.

7 Too Easy To Fall Out

via benzworld.org

The idea of taking the doors off of an off-road vehicle is an iconic one, and a prevalent one. It doesn't always make much sense, and it seems like it would be too easy to fall out or have your legs slip outside the vehicle (which can be a huge hazard).

On a Merc like this, there isn't a lip below the door, so those legs can swing free. Doesn't sound safe to me. Plus it just doesn't look that cool on a luxury sedan that secondarily can drive up some hills.

6 Truck Bed Over Back Door

via topsimages.com

Not sure who would think that this is a good idea, but everyone has their tastes and preferences, no matter how weird someone else might think them. For example, this is a rather strange one, to mutilate a perfectly good sports sedan to make it into a pickup truck.

It doesn't have a back door, it was replaced with some wooden planks. Why someone wouldn't just buy a pickup is a bit of a mystery to me, but, you know, applause for originality. Or something like that.

5 Virtually No Doors

via automobile-mag.com

This old pickup truck has had some serious modifications done to it, namely having the roof cut off, panels replaced and/or primed, and doors not entirely removed, but cut out to the point that they might as well not be there at all.

It is a bit of a strange concept to do this to a door, as it must be just as hard to get out of as a normal door would be, you either have to clamber over the top to get out, or jump four feet vertical to get in. Seems practical.

4 Well At Least It Has A Steering Wheel

via oddimotive.com

It is unclear as to exactly what it is that's pictured in the above photo. It could be anything, really, as the true understanding of what it is might still be up for debate. It looks like some kind of hot tub shell with a frame, wheels, and a steering wheel.

This must be about as custom and DIY as it gets. I'm more curious to know if it ever ran before, or if it's just a sad attempt to create something that was never realized. In any case, it's clearly homemade and clearly has no doors.

3 Who Even Needs Doors?

via pinterest.com

These Jeep Renegades I can say with a fair amount of conviction are a complete waste of money and a complete waste of the carbon footprint we couldn't afford to take in mass producing them. The fact that such a worthless car could have been made in these times is a testament to the unstoppable reach of mindless consumerism.

To then take the doors off illustrates two things. One, that it just plain looks silly and dumb. It also illustrates just how Jeep this Jeep is. Every Jeep should look good with the doors off, but this truly irresponsible car looks bad.

2 About As Out Back As It Gets

via thesamba.com

This Subaru Outback is just about as outback as it gets, out in the back garage that is, with an online aftermarket catalog and some handy welding torches. These things, when put together, create something else entirely, a new breed of what it could even mean to modify a car.

The worrying thing is the amount of steel tube piping for sure, from the bumper to the "doors" to the roof rack, but it's also worrying that the seats have camo seat covers. The only thing it seems to be missing is a homemade lift kit and some big chunky tires.

1 Why Even Bother?

via pertypic.pw

At first glance, this little Honda off-road conversion looks alright. It appears clean, simple, and not too over the top. But, the longer you look, the sillier and funnier it gets. There are just so many little small details that make no sense.

The tires don't fit, for whatever reason they just look off, the snorkel is comical, and the doors, they seem to be cut by an amateur. What's the point in keeping them if you can't roll up the window, but you still have to open them anyway? It is a real mystery.

Sources: Oddimotive, Automobile Magazine & Auto Week

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