21 Photos Of Dream Sports Cars That Were Sadly Left Behind

From a Diablo to a Countach, we feature extreme cases of dream sports cars that were sadly left behind.

Isn’t there something so compelling about finding an abandoned car? Some might say "eerie" is the perfect word. However, it gets a lot more compelling when that abandoned ride is one with lots of value. Bar Finds has turned into a phenomenon because of that. There isn’t a greater feeling than uncovering a car that's disappeared for years and years.

Sadly, aside from a couple of cases, these cars didn’t have a similar fate to those on Barn Finds. They weren’t restored and instead, were left to be completely and utterly wasted. Some continue to waste away in impound lots. In a lot of the cases, owners abandoned the ride due to a fraud payment or due to the fact that the car was too expensive to fix or maintain. This led to some top-tier sports cars rotting away, rides such as Ferrari types and Lamborghinis, just to name but a few.

On the flip side, we’ll also feature rides that were completely forgotten about in a garage or worse, outdoors. Some of these prestigious rides might be covered in snow or forestry—just sad, to be quite honest.

From a Diablo to a Countach, we feature extreme cases of dream sports cars that were sadly left behind. Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

21 Maserati Quattroporte

via gtspirit.com

“A Maserati Quattroporte (sic) has been snapped abandoned in a river in the south is (sic) Israel.” (Source: GT Spirit)

The reason for the abandonment remains unknown.

Some indicate it might've been left in that state due to a flooding problem out in Israel, which is pretty common.

However, there's also the chance that it was purposely put there. Car abandonment seems to be common in the country, according to Surya Solanki of GT Spirit:

“Israel isn’t new to witnessing abandoned cars. GTspirit recently covered a deserted Ford GT that had been confiscated by the authorities because the owner didn’t pay the entire tax on the supercar.” (Source: GT Spirit)

20 Mercedes-Benz CL550

via autoevolution.com

This is another car left in Dubai. Mercedes makes an appearance on the list with the CL550. The inside of this ride is no slouch with a twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8. It doesn't fall short when it comes to power.

When looking at abandoned rides, it becomes evident that the exterior can get damaged rather easily. However, the inside can be just as bad. Auto Evolution explains the tough reality for this abandoned Mercedes:

“There are common sense issues that typically occur when a car gets abandoned, with the most obvious one being the decaying of all rubber elements, such as the seals. From the doors to the turbocharger, you’ll have quite a list of seals to replace. Items such as the tires, battery, filters and sometimes even the brake discs and pads will need to be changed.” (Source: Auto Evolution)

19 Ferrari F50

via autojosh.com

The F50 is among the most popular Ferrari models ever created. It's a rare ride with only 349 units ever created.

It's also regarded as the last road Ferrari to feature an F1 engine.

It's greatly missed these days.

Turns out, it wasn’t as missed back in Nigeria. The previous owner completely abandoned the ride despite the rareness of this prestigious Ferrari. It just sits in a dirt field these days, according to Auto Josh. Like lots of the other rides on the list, its condition just seems to get worse by the day. At the very least, why not cover the car instead of making it collect dirt?

18 1982 DeLorean DMC-12

via barnfinds.com

This might come as a surprise, but some don't consider the DeLorean a sports car. Seriously, we don’t blame you, especially due to its awful speed capabilities. However, the original intent for the ride back in the early '80s was, in fact, to create a sports car.

Despite the unique look, it became rather evident that the ride wouldn’t live up to initial expectations, at least in terms of performance. This led to the car’s abandonment on more than one occasion. Frustrated owners perhaps?

According to Barn Finds, this DeLorean was found completely abandoned and in rough shape on the outside. Making matters worse, the car doesn’t run, but hey, at least the car still rolls and the brakes work, according to Jesse Mortensen of Barn Finds.

17 BMW M6

via therichest.com

We could've done an article alone on dream cars abandoned in Dubai. The sad reality is a lot of the residents love to live the life of luxury.

However, when it comes time to pay the bills and the money isn’t flowing any longer, it might be in their best interest to flee from the country and abandon their expensive toys such as their cars.

We’ve seen so many top-tier rides, like various Ferrari models, abandoned. This BMW M6 is another ride to suffer a sad reality. The beautiful red paint is now completely covered in dirt as it just lays in a parking lot, one run by people who apparently don't care about maintaining this car.

16 Bugatti Veyron

via pinterest.com

The Veyron has seen some wackier days. Who can forget the man, Andy House, who drove the car into the water for insurance purposes? Unlucky for him, an admirer caught the entire footage on camera. He was arrested, and seriously, who knows what happened to the car? In all likelihood, it was totaled, as the prior owner even revved the engine in the water to ensure its damage.

This Veyron also met a tragic end. The previous owner completely abandoned the ride out in Russia. Due to its speed capabilities, this is a ride sports car enthusiasts salivate over. Somehow, the previous owner took all the specialness away by abandoning the ride and leaving it in bad condition.

15 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

via funnydroid.com

The previous owner actually used this car for quite a bit of time unlike most of the other abandoned stories on the list.

The former owner used the Corvette for 12 years after purchasing the ride in the early '60s. However, sadly, beginning 1975, he's left the car in storage.

As you might expect, the ride was completely forgotten about after all these years. He basically tucked the car away, and that was it. At that point, instead of completely abandoning it, why not try to sell it? Sitting in mud and completely rusted with the paint coming off, this car is far from that point these days.

14 Lamborghini Diablo SE30

via autoevolution.com

With Lambo turning 30 back in 1994, this car was considered a birthday gift to itself in celebration of the milestone.

In total, only 150 units were made of the ride, according to Auto Evolution.

That makes its abandonment that much sadder and difficult to deal with. The car just stood in a parking lot out in Austria and was simply collecting dust and deteriorating. According to Auto Evolution, due to its abandonment for all this time, it's going to take a lot to resurrect this ride back to full health: “Forget the fluids and brakes; it’s that V12 engine we’re talking about, as it will need some proper maintenance before its 530 horses can breathe again.” (Source: Auto Evolution)

13 Blue Lamborghini Countach

via 4tuning.com

This photo truly hurts your soul, doesn’t it? Yes, the Countach might be a little out there in terms of its looks; however, take nothing away from the rareness and uniqueness of this ride. It’s a gem with a polarizing legacy. Of course, such a ride had to come out of the wacky '70s.

This ride is in complete abandonment these days on a farm, out of all places. We expect abandoned pickups or trucks, not a Countach, on a farm. The car is parked on grass and out in the open. The condition is so bad that it seems unfixable. What a tragedy...

12 Third-Generation Lotus Esprit

via wordpress.com

“The car is a very sorry state. The paint is badly faded and stained by being left out in the elements, most of the tires are flat, and there seems (sic) to be spider nests everywhere.” (Source: Joel Strick)

We thank Joel Strick for this rare find. This person has a fascination for abandoned cars that have lots of value. Little did he know, there was one totally abandoned in his neck of the woods out in a Melbourne parking lot. The condition of the ride is rather appalling—something as simple as a sheet over the ride could've salvaged this ride.

11 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

via youtube.com

Back in 2015, Joseph Jacob of Car Buzz featured yet another forgotten Lamborghini in the Dubai area. This ride just sits in an abandoned parking lot out in Abu Dhabi. The condition is a sad one with dust from head to toe.

It seems like the owner had a pretty hefty amount of cash, as the car’s plate also featured fewer digits, and that’s usually a hefty add-on.

The reason for the abandonment remains unknown. The longer the car remains untouched and undriven, the bigger the likelihood of its value just depreciating.

10 Lamborghini Espada

via carspotting.com

It isn’t the most popular or most cherished Lamborghini ride ever created. However, the car deserved a much better fate than complete abandonment in a rusty, old garage. According to Blogspot, the car was just left out in the cold at a Brunei workshop.

Possible restoration work on the ride seems impossible, given its current state. On the outside, the paint has chipped off, and it's rusted all over the place. We can just imagine the damage done to the inside of the ride. Sadly, this is another Lambo car that could've been salvaged if not for terrible decision-making.

9 Another DeLorean

via rebrn.com

DeLorean enthusiasts, take a deep breath as we feature another forgotten ride from the car brand. As mentioned earlier, sadly, DeLoreans getting unfair treatment tends to be pretty common. Some love the ride and its uniqueness, while others frown at its lackluster capabilities. For some, the ride is all show.

This ride definitely isn’t all show, left out in the cold to rust and be damaged even further. Being left out in a field is pretty bad; however, being left in the woods and covered in snow might be even worse. The likely state of this car: undrivable on the inside and deteriorated on the outside.

8 Ferrari Enzo

via jalopnik.com

The picture of this ride, covered in sand in a police parking lot, is truly surreal and like a cruel prank.

As you might expect, lots of people would be interested in the ride; however, it's been forced into abandonment for the time being due to an ongoing investigation pertaining to the previous owner.

It remains a mystery as to whether the car was stolen or part of a fraud payment.

At the very least, someone knocked some sense into the police department. Motor Authority suggests that the car was finally moved to an indoor location. At the very least, it isn’t rotting away under the blazing sun.

7 Ferrari Mondial 8

via santiagostreetracing.com

Sticking with Ferrari and Dubai, this is another sad story. Jalopnik explains the awful state of this '80s ride left to rot in some parking lot:

“It had just been slowly rotting away before then. And rot it certainly has - the once smooth and svelte Pininfarina-designed body, which was built by Carrozzeria Scaglietti rather than Ferrari itself, is suffering massively from tin worm. There are gaping holes in the roof, door panels and in the interior.” (Source: Jalopnik)

Judging by the photos alone, this ride looks past the point of saving. With no windows and covered in sand, it’ll just get worse both on the inside and out.

6 Lamborghini Miura

via pinterest.com

From 1988 all the way till May of 2015, this beautiful ride just sat in an old and rusty house garage, fading away. It was a complete shocker that through those rusty old garage windows was a barely visible Lamborghini Miura under a pile of dust.

After decades of abandonment, the ride was finally brought out after being found.

Surprisingly, the damage to the outside wasn’t all that bad aside from minor rust, which was inevitable.

Thankfully, this ride had a great resolution. It was salvaged after almost 30 years of abandonment and is now fully restored.

5 Ferrari 308

via flickr.com

Isn’t there something so eerie about an abandoned car just lying there, wasting away in the outdoors? It gets a lot creepier when it's surrounded by forestry and in awful condition. That's the exact case with this abandoned Ferrari 308. For lovers of the car brand, the state of this ride might be considered a sin.

Surrounded by trees, lots of leaves, and abandoned tires, the ride is just fading away out in the open with no cover or anything. The trees on top of the car have made the condition of this ride that much worse—it's loaded with stems. The condition is pretty bad with the paint chipping off and rust found all over the place.

4 Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

via autogespot.com

We've seen the abandonment of rides following an accident. However, seeing this ride abandoned while in decent condition is just sad. This is the reality for this Huracan covered in dust. It appears as though it's been at the underground location for quite some time.

Unfortunately, in lots of areas, it's pretty common to park a car and just forget about it. They can lay there for months and sometimes years without being touched and just staying in the exact same position. This typically happens all over the world. It's just that much harder to deal with when it involves a car like the one above.

3 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

via solodrome.com

Despite its unfair treatment and abandonment, doesn’t this ride still look like a thing of beauty nonetheless? This turned out to be one of those epic Barn Finds due to the rarity of the ride. In fact, lots of car enthusiast failed to realize this ride still existed.

Like the other entry, this abandoned ride had a great resolution.

Yes, those years of abandonment were quite harsh and sad; however, these days, it finally has a proper home.

According to Motor 1, the price tag was a staggering one: over $2 million. Not bad for a ride everyone forgot about.

2 Lamborghini Countach In Tokyo

via speedhunter.com

“So you can imagine my complete and utter disbelief when I spotted this example looking semi-abandoned in a ¥46,380 (approximately US$430) per month public parking lot in central Tokyo, a thick layer of dust acting like a car cover of sorts.” (Source: Speed Hunters)

In addition, one of the wheels was missing, and the ride just sat there under a plank of wood that managed to keep it level. Despite the wheel missing, the ride remains in remarkable condition. Though sadly, it's also still abandoned. That condition might worsen. Let’s hope the owner finally comes back for it.

1 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S & Ferrari 308

via broom.be

Just imagine taking a peak in grandma’s garage and finding not one but two exotic sports cars just sitting there.

“It might sound like a work of fiction, but according to Reddit user Eriegin, this is exactly what happened when he volunteered to help clear out his grandmother’s storage space. Under boxes and other flotsam was a 1981 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S.” (Source: Yahoo)

Not only that, but the other abandoned ride was a Ferrari 308. The cars were treated pretty poorly for years. At the very least, the Lambo had a tarp on top, but it was also covered in filth with various objects crowding it.

Sources: Reddit, Jalopnik, Motor Authority & Auto Evolution

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