18 Images Of Drivers Caught Breaking All The Rules

Let's take a look at 18 photos of drivers caught breaking the rules.

It is only natural to break rules. After all, the saying goes that, "rules are meant to be broken." So why do we do it? Rule breaking is often a function of personal attitude, with people either facing extreme pressure or intense emotions. The idea that society is supposed to follow rules makes them tempting to break, with people somewhat finding the concepts of stability and safety stale and rigid. These days, we live in a more fluid and dynamic society.

Therefore, breaking rules can be mistaken for something fun or rebellious, rather than what it actually is: dangerous. Obviously, the dangers of rule breaking can depend on the context, with the wonderful world of driving becoming a dimension of its own without the rules to govern our behavior. On the road, drivers fully rely on other people, putting their trust to into the other drivers of the world not to break the rules. That's right, as soon as you turn on the engine, your life is in the hands of the other people on the road, who themselves are also depending on you to not break the rules.

Sadly, not everybody adheres to the code of the road, with some drivers too focused on their own set of rules to pay attention. Rule breaks differ from the small offenses (modifications) to medium wrongdoings (speeding) to outright lapses in judgment (drinking while driving). So, let's take a look at 18 photos of drivers caught breaking the rules.

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18 Wheelies

via youtube

A wheelie, otherwise known as a wheelstand, is a maneuver in which the front wheel or wheels of a vehicle comes off the ground. The trick is usually performed on a bicycle or a motorbike, with other vehicles such as planes, trains, and automobiles tending to stick to the ground. However, not all people adhere to such rules, with some drivers seemingly thinking it is okay to attempt such a trick. Yes, wheelies are most common in auto-drag racing and are actually extremely difficult to complete, especially when you think about the physics side of it. However, it can be done, with drivers all over the world proving so.

17 Sidewall Skiing

via businessinsider

"Sidewall skiing" is a recent driving craze that has hit the majority of cities across Saudi Arabia. The stunts involve balancing a car on two wheels, while the driver or passengers attempt to get out of the vehicle. The craze is exceptionally popular with young teenagers with videos popping up all over the place across social media. As a result, the craze has now turned into drag racing and drifting, with the majority of teenagers involved also doing so without a valid drivers license. Despite warnings from the police, the craze still continues, with one recent driver explaining how to do it properly online, stating, "The easiest technique is to let some air out of the tires that will be on the ground so that the car can tip more easily, as well as keep its balance better."

16 Street Racing

via businessinsider

Street racing has been around forever—well, ever since the first automobile anyway. So what exactly is it? Street racing is a form of car racing that typically happens on a public road. Although it might sound exceptionally fun, the craze is actually rather dangerous, and regularly results in harm to a large number of drivers, as well as bystanders, each year. These days, the craze is as popular as ever, which is mostly attributable to movies such as Fast and Furious and Need for Speed, which regularly glamorizes the sport. Furthermore, street racing also attracts a lot of crime, with cars often stolen in order to compete and plenty of betting and turf wars.

15 Too Many People

via flickr

Overcrowded cars are not only 100% against the law but also extremely dangerous. That's right, what a lot of people don't realize is that having an overcrowded car actually makes you more likely to be involved in an accident, with distractions, as well as weight, attributed to the problem. So how do you know if your car is overcrowded? Well, it depends on the car, of course, but basically whatever the number of seatbelts you have, that's the maximum number of passengers you should carry. Yes, next time you want to put your buddy in the trunk of your car because you can't be bothered to call a cab, think twice and call the cab.

14 Driver Caught With No Doors

via livingloudinmidtown

In 2014, one driver was arrested after being caught driving without a door, lights, or even a hood. That's right, the car, which was later described as a "skeleton vehicle" by the police, was a dangerous trap, to say the least. However, the driver thought otherwise, and later told the cops that he had mistakenly thought it road worthy due to having valid insurance. Thankfully, the police didn't buy into the excuse and arrested the man on the spot. The driver was later sent to court and was ordered to pay a £110 ($200) fine, as well as fees, and was given three points on his license.

13 Driving Without A Seatbelt

via usweekly

In 2018, Mariah Carey was captured breaking the number one rule of driving school: always wear a seatbelt. Yes, the famed pop singer was shamed for not buckling up kids while they were seated in the backseat of her car. Carey, who had innocently uploaded the video onto her social media account, was blasted by social media goers for putting her children at risk. In fact, one fan was disgusted that they wrote, "Jesus buckle up your kids!!!! I lost a cousin in an accident he wouldn’t even have a scratch if he was buckled up!! You should get s [SIC] visit from CPS! This hits a nerve and a traumatic memory for sure!"

12 Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road

via autoevolution

In 2018, two elderly pensioners were filmed driving on the opposite side of the road in the UK. The couple, who were driving a car and an attached caravan, was filmed driving in the wrong direction for a whopping eight miles, managing to avoid other cars for seven minutes. Sadly, the pair eventually crashed into oncoming traffic. Police later revealed that the couple had become confused with the road and mistakenly ended up on the wrong side by accident. Unfortunately, this kind of accident is a common occurrence, with people all over the world ending up on the wrong side of the road either by accident or with intent to hurt others.

11 Driving Trick

via businessinsider

Saudi teenagers have been caught causing quite the ruckus with their parent's cars as of late, with the majority of Saudi teens apparently allowed to drive without a license. Yes, thousands of parents across the country regularly let their kids drive their cars without a drivers license, with the practice becoming a common occurrence. However, the police aren't as lenient and have been actively trying to persuade parents to stop allowing their kids access to their vehicles. Sadly, the firm hand of law doesn't quite seem to be doing the trick, with Saudi boys pictured day after day performing dangerous stunts in very expensive vehicles.

10 Rally Car Zip Line

via motor1

Either this is the coolest car trick in the world or the most ridiculous. Let's go with the latter. Yes, in 2018, a rally car was sent hurtling down a zip wire at the famed Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales. The stunt was carried out in order to promote the upcoming Wales Rally GB, one of the most exciting rally events in the UK. However, spectators didn't seem so impressed, with a number of fans calling the stunt silly as well as dangerous. Whatever the case, managing director Ben Taylor loved it, and later stated, "Our original thoughts were to put some of the top drivers down the zip wire but, together with those at Zip World and our title partners at Dayinsure, we all got a bit carried away."

9 Just Chillin'

via businessinsider

"Sidewall skiing" first began in Denmark all the way back in 1964 and quickly captured the heart of adrenaline junkies all over the world. However, it seems teenagers in Saudi Arabia are attracted to the craze the most, with pictures continuously documenting young boys practicing the stunts. That's right, in 2013, a video of a Saudi man changing a tire while hanging out his vehicle (which was also on two wheels at the time) went viral, leaving viewers all over the world gobsmacked. Since then, thousands of pictures have surfaced showing the young teens in dangerous and scary situations.

8 Mini Cooper On Two Wheels

via motor1

It seems four-wheeled lap records are a thing of the past—well, according to this MINI Cooper anyway. That's right, Chinese stunt driver Han Yue recently broke the world record for the fastest lap on two wheels of a four-wheeled automobile. The driver, who set the record at the famed Nürburgring track in Germany, completed the lap in just 45 minutes. So how on Earth did he do it? The Mini Cooper S, which had been ripped apart from the inside, featured unique, solid tires which helped the car stay on two wheels for the whole 45 minutes. The record was also live streamed at the time, another first for the legendary racetrack.

7 Mixing Sports With Cars

Sports and automobiles should never mix—unless it's racing, of course. However, this guy just couldn't help himself. That's right, in 2018, one man was caught throwing a football into the window of a car on two wheels. The stunt, which was considered to be extremely dangerous, was shown all over the world and quickly became viral due to its dangerous content. Unfortunately, stunts like these are streamed online every day, with each trick becoming more and more dangerous. As a result, people all over the world attempt to do one better, which sadly often ends in tears. Don't try this at home, kids.

6 Driving On Two Wheels

via videoblocks

These days, drivers will do anything to get attention, including driving too fast to attempting to show off on two wheels. That's right, "skiing" is a driving stunt in which the car is balanced on two wheels. The stunt is incredibly difficult and should only be attempted by professionals, like in the picture above. However, that's not to say that people adhere to such rules, with amateur drivers all over the world continuously attempting the stunt in order to get laughs and attention. Skiing has also been used in a number of TV shows and movies, from Knight Rider to various James Bond movies.

5 Using A Cell Phone

via radaronline

Let's face it, we've all done it, even Lindsey Lohan. That's right, talking on your cell phone has become such a common crime that law enforcement agencies across the world have ramped up the punishment for drivers who are caught with their cell phones in hand. For example, in the UK, using your cell while driving can result in a hefty fine and, in some cases, a prison sentence. However, in the USA, not all states adhere to the punishment, with the practice actually remaining legal in some states across the country. Not all, though, with New Hampshire offers a three-year ban on driving if caught three times. Now, that's a punishment.

4 No Steering Wheel

via barossa&lightherald

In 2013, police in Australia arrested a man attempting to drive a car with no steering wheel. However, all wasn't as it seemed, with officers noticing that instead of a steering wheel, the driver had instead attached a pair of vice grips. Strangely, the car seemed to work fine, with the driver able to steer the vehicle in a somewhat straight direction. Nevertheless, despite the man's creativity, the car also had blown out tires and was unregistered and uninsured. Then, to make matters worse, police discovered that the car had been involved in an earlier hit and run, which, thankfully, ended in no injuries.

3 Failing To Clear Snow From Your Roof

via drivingca

Scraping the ice and snow off your vehicle is the last thing you want to do on a cold morning in the winter. However, you might want to think twice about not wanting to do it. That's right, in some areas of the USA, it is illegal to not safely remove the ice and snow from your vehicle. If the ice and snow aren't removed properly, especially from your windshield and windows, you could potentially be fined and in serious cases, banned from driving. So, next time you get into your car on a cold winter's day, make sure all the ice is removed, including the snow upon your roof.

2 Standing On Top Of The Car

via videoblocks

People will do anything to get attention, even getting out of their vehicle and standing on top of it. That's right, captured performing one of the most dangerous stunts in the world, this crazy driver shocked audiences worldwide when he got out of his moving car and staggered up onto the roof. The stunt is exceptionally difficult, not to mention dangerous, and should not be attempted by anyone who doesn't have any previous stunting experience. However, that's not to say that people don't attempt it, with a teenage boy recently arrested in China for attempting the trick in a car park.

1 Driving With Feet

via videoblocks

Why drive with your hands when you can drive with your feet? Yes, driving with your feet has actually become somewhat of common occurrence, with some experts believing that it actually might be safer. That's right, one man, in particular, UCLA psychologist, Richard A. Schmidt, recently claimed that using two feet can actually solve one of the biggest driving problems in the world, hitting the gas instead of the brake. Schmidt claims that if we all drove with our feet, this would never happen, saving at least 16,000 people a year. Whatever the case, I think I'll stick with using my hands—at least, for now.

Sources: Pinterest, News 18, and Flickr.

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