18 Photos Of Emergency Vehicles Not Doing Their Jobs (And Getting Stuck Instead)

Before we get into this article, it's important that we first take a moment to thank our police officers and all first responders for their tireless efforts in all that they do in their service. They make many sacrifices and put their lives on the line every day. They do a job that not many people would like to do or would even be capable of doing. With that in mind, these women and men are not perfect, and all make mistakes from time to time. The kind of mistakes we're talking about are lighthearted, not serious ones. The kind of silly errors that anyone could make, that give you a laugh, perhaps.

It's no surprise that a government vehicle wouldn't be able to do its job, or facilitate the officer doing their job, very well if the vehicle gets stuck somewhere, whether it be in mud, snow, dirt, sand, or wet cement (yes, there will be picture evidence). Whether this is because of a miscalculation, a wrong decision under pressure, or just a distracted and tired mind, for whatever reason these officers and first responders misguided their vehicles into the wrong place, and paid for it with a stuck car and some amount of laughing (and not a little bit of embarrassment, too).

With all of that in mind, let's take a lighthearted look at some of the foibles of police cars  and first responder vehicles that got themselves into some sticky situations, literally, and can't do their jobs because of it. Here's a look at 20 photos of emergency vehicles getting stuck.

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18 Whiteout Freeze

via stuffnobodycaresabout.com

While outside the wind howled and the snow fell, creating a huge whiteout, what this storm was actually known for the fact that it was a blackout, not a whiteout.

Known as being the "great NYC blackout blizzard," this storm wiped out huge swaths of New York City's electricity, leaving many people without light.

It left this cop car stranded while the snow came down in torrents, hopelessly stuck even though 6-7 people are doing their best to help push the police car on its way. Hopefully the SUV was able to get free of the deep snow so he could carry on doing his job.

17 The Cardboard Didn't Help

via pinterest.com

There's not much you can say against this police officer getting stuck where he did because at first glance this looks like normal enough grass, the only muddy spot is where the tires were spinning in an attempt to get free. So you can't blame him for accidentally getting into that situation.

Though it's funny to think that cardboard would be able to help much. Maybe in sand it would help a bit more but definitely not in the mud, as it would instantly get soggy and mushy, providing little or no traction whatsoever.

16 Sinking Into The Mud

via sunjournal.com

According to the Sun Journal, this "New Sharon fire truck, loaded with water, sank in to mud at the start of a home fire on the Kimball Pond Road in New Sharon."

These tanker trucks are extraordinarily heavy, sometimes many tons in weight, depending on how much water they can hold. It's no surprise, then to see this one sink into the soft mud of a road. But like the heroes they are, these firefighters haven't let that stop them from helping save the forest and fight the fire, they've merely used a longer hose to get the water where they need it.

15  No Traction

via twitter.com

This ambulance is just one of many. During a severe winter storm whiteout, several other Hampton ambulances also got stuck, in much the same manner as this one.

The snow was deep, the ice gave no traction to the wheels, despite the heavy weight of the ambulance and all the gear inside.

Things could have gone a lot worse, fortunately it's just a minor slip up, and a bit of a headache to solve. Goes to show that winter driving is hazardous for even the professionals who drive in it every day and have been trained to do so.

14 Missed The Road Just A Smidge

via imgur.com

This firetruck has failed. It got misguided from the road by just a few inches, and if this firetruck had not slipped off the road, it wouldn't have gotten stuck, and it wouldn't have lost what looks like an entire back wheel in the process.

This ladder truck is definitely stuck, there's no doubt about it, and it'll need a really long extending ladder to reach the fire or do its job properly. Hopefully they had backup, or even better, this firetruck wasn't on its way to a fire, maybe on the way back or just heading out on a few errands.

13 Digging In Deep

via uk.dailysangram.com

This is a pretty good example of what not to do when your truck gets stuck in sand on the beach.

According to uk.dailysangram.com, "after wheels get stuck in mud. . .Liverpool Port Police had to abandon the truck."

At this point it's virtually hopeless for the truck to get out of its sandy grave on its own. If the police had done things right initially, they would have been able to drive out smoothly, without digging themselves so preposterously deep. But the taxpayers will take car of the tow cost and time wasted, so it's okay, right?

12 A River Of A Highway

via nogalesinternational.com

There's quite a story as to how this cop car managed to find itself stuck in such an interesting manner. According to the news account at nogalesinternational.com:

"Last Thursday, a Nogales Police Department cruiser was surrounded by a flood after an officer tried to respond to a report of a family trapped by rising waters on Que Honda Way (Orozco Street)." I'm not sure if this is the 'Orozco Street' mentioned in the blurb, but it looks to me like a well established river. But, the important thing is the article reports that "no one was hurt and the SUV was eventually pulled to dry land."

11 A Charger, A Tow Strap, And A WRX STI

via coub.com

As coub.com tells us, a "Subaru WRX pulls out stuck Police Officer," in the depths of a winter storm. Perhaps the storm was unexpected and took people off guard, including police.

For whatever reason, perhaps they haven't changed their snow tires yet, this police officer has lost all traction and needs a tug from a Subaru, stock equipped with AWD, and no doubt already modified in some ways by the owner. It's a good candidate for a tow car, even though the Charger is probably quite a bit heavier. All the Charger needed was a little extra help.

10 Digging Out The Snow

via nypost.com

In another whiteout blizzard in New York, government workers work tirelessly to dig out an ambulance from a deep snow bank. They even have a snow blower, and shovels, and with a lot of hard work and numb fingers they'll have it free in no time.

Then it's just a delicate matter of keeping it on the roads, where if they do that the truck can get back to the hospital safely without getting stuck. But roads can be extremely treacherous in the winter, so everyone needs to be safe. Even EMT's.

9 It's A Little Soft Still

via noteabley.com

This cop hasn't exactly thought things through before she decided to drive around the construction and straight through a huge swath of yet to be cemented cement. Clearly she was in a huge rush somewhere, probably responding to some kind of urgent situation, perhaps a call for backup.

But she's not going anywhere any time soon, with her cop car completely stuck in thick, sticky mud. This cop tried to find a shortcut around all the roadwork and ran into the exact reason they were diverting traffic in the first place. Call it karma, call it irony, I call it funny.

8 Wheel Sucked Into The Earth

via gothamist.com

In my perusal of the world wide web on the search for content to add into this article, I came across more than a fair share of this exact circumstance happening to fire engines. What's the circumstance?

Well, due to the heavy nature of a tanker truck, sometimes carrying up to a thousand gallons of water, they're prone to finding all the sink holes currently existing. The front wheel of this one found a weak spot and broke right through the tarmac into the vacuous space underneath, and now it needs to be lifted by crane out of the hole. Happens more than you might think.

7 Shouldn't Be Stuck

via asiaone.com

This emergency vehicle has found itself very surprisingly stuck in Kim Keat Field, where innocent enough looking grass should be a simple task to drive across. Yet, it proved to be the demise of all traction and momentum, and no doubt just past the point of no return,  this ambulance found itself absolutely stuck in a meadow of grass, while the street is a mere fifty feet away.

There very well could be almost no other places for miles around where a car could get stuck. So props to them for finding the one place.

6 Stuck Mere Feet From The Road

via noozhawk.com

There's always a vindictive and satisfying sense of irony when you see a car stuck mere feet from the road, where despite the proximity of a drivable surface, the car has no way of getting to it. Much like this one, in fact. I'm allowed to appreciate the humor of it, though, because I myself have gotten hopelessly stuck mere feet from the road, too, so I know the pain.

This fire department pickup truck has gotten itself stuck much in the same way, only 20 feet from the tarmac. But, stuck is stuck, no matter how close you are to the road.

5 Towed From The Banks

via salisburyjournal.co.uk

This Euro Ambulance needed some assistance getting back onto the roadway after slid off of the rod and into the shoulder, where the snow is extra deep because of plowing, winds, and other factors.

In Britain, it snows quite regularly, but it's usually fairly light, and doesn't accumulate into the meters, like it does in the high mountains of mainland Europe or America. Sometimes that means people aren't as well equipped when it does snow a lot, and things like this happen. Fortunately there is a tow truck there to save the day.

4 More Mud Than Seems Logical

via latimes.com

This cop car looks like it's being swallowed by a ton of mud. There's so much of it it seems illogical that there would be this much here. It looks to me like some kind of mudslide has actually covered the road, because the guard rail borders this area just to the right of the cop car.

I'm not sure what the black umbrella is about, but it gives a grim look to this rainy, cloudy and grey picture, where a cop has gotten hopelessly stuck in a ton of mud.

3 Deep In The Mire

via arnidaleexpress.com

This police truck has made quite a big mistake, driving down this particular dirt road. There's no doubt that the rest of the road was probably in fairly drivable shape, especially with a truck, the drivers no doubt didn't give a second thought for most of the length of the track.

But, they got to this low area, where the mud isn't entirely fresh, and had started to dry some. They may have approached with caution, but sometimes it's difficult to tell the exact state of an area before you drive through it. They took a gamble, and got themselves hopelessly stuck.

2 When The Ambulance Needs Saving

via flickr.com

This ambulance is the one that needs saving this time, having decided to drive along a sandy beach, of which the intention to me seems rather unclear.

It doesn't look like this is a beach highway of any kind, in fact it just looks like a rather unpleasant stretch of coastline that even a properly equipped off-road vehicle would have a hard time handling.

It looks like they'll be able to get it out, by using a massive dump truck that has enough traction and torque to not only not sink into the sand but also pull along another entire vehicle.

1 Snowy Mountain Pass

via tbnewswatch.com

Unlike the ambulance stuck in England in our earlier entry, this ambulance is in a much trickier situation, on a high mountain pass somewhere, where the snow is feet deep, and the stakes are higher, roads windier, hills steeper.

Says tbnewswatch.com of the incident: "A Superior North EMS ambulance is hauled out of trouble on Highway 527 by a Shuniah Fire and Emergency Services pumper on Thurday, Oct. 26, 2017."

It looks like a firetruck is pulling this ambulance out, which goes to show that emergency responders know how to handle difficult situations extremely well, even if they put themselves in them.

Sources: stuffnobodycaresabout.com, nypost.com & latimes.com

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