17 Photos Of Expensive Cars That Were Caught In Embarrassing Situations

Here are 17 Photos Of Expensive Cars That Were Caught In Embarrassing Situations.

Although luxury rides might be great to show off, they clearly aren’t meant for every type of situation. Lots of these rides contain an abundance of horsepower, though that doesn’t mean they can easily evade mud or other difficult off-road conditions. In this article, we shake our heads at some of the most outlandish attempts you’ll ever witness. In a lot of these cases, these folks take bravery to another level by putting their cars to the test off the road. As you might expect, the outcome in a lot of these scenarios is embarrassment.

We’ll also include downright bizarre situations that make no sense whatsoever. One of the car owners attempts a U-turn with a $70,000 Lexus. That doesn’t sound too bad, but what if we told you she U-turned right into a fresh pile of concrete? Somehow, certain situations on this list rival that incident. We’ll feature a Jaguar owner doing the exact same thing, Batman getting pulled over in his Lambo, and a professional soccer player listening to his GPS system a little too much and ending up in a pile of mud with his Porsche. Yes, these are some of the most unbelievable scenarios that expensive cars have been involved in. "Unbelievable" can also be replaced with "embarrassing."

Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, we take a look at 20 photos of expensive cars that were caught in embarrassing situations. Let’s get the madness started!

17 Lambo Huracan Stuck In Snow

via youtube.com

We’re not entirely sure why, but a car enthusiast decided to bring his Lamborghini Huracan to a snowy and mountainous area and capture the moment on YouTube. We don’t even have to tell you what happens next: as the dude looks for parking, his car skids and gets stuck in a snow bank. Talk about an odd situation and an embarrassing one at that...

Thanks to the help of his friends, the car was finally pushed free. Of course, a bigger truck, pushing the Lambo out as well, also aided in the process. We hope that the YouTuber learned his lesson: Lambos aren’t meant for the snow!

16 Lexus Stuck In Concrete

via pinterest.com

The Jaguar elsewhere in the article was pretty bad. However, this one might be that much worse. Lawyers might be book smart, but perhaps, we can’t say the same for street smart. The person driving the car was a female lawyer out of Houston, Texas. We’re not sure what she was thinking, but for some reason, she decided to U-turn her car directly into the fresh concrete.

The situation got so much more embarrassing, as due to the freshness of the concrete, the woman couldn’t even exit the vehicle.

Instead, she just had to sit and wait till help arrived.

15 BMW Meets Mumbai Flood

via catoq.com

Search for floods in Mumbai, and you’ll be astonished at how bad things can get in the area. This BMW owner knows exactly what it's like, as his car almost completely disappeared under the terrible flood conditions. This is just one of the many examples of this taking place in the past.

To BMW’s credit, they set up various help centers in the area for those that struggle with this type of weather issue. BMW also made it clear that restarting the engine during a flood is a bad idea and something a driver shouldn't attempt, as it can cause further damage to the ride.

14 Raccoon One, Ferrari Zero

via youtube.com

Thankfully, Ferrari car owners might be a lot wiser than Lambo or Bugatti owners when it comes to taking the ride off the road. These types of sports cars have no business driving in the dirt.

Now, Ferrari doesn’t have an off-roading history, but it does have a peculiar example of one of the rides ending up off the road in embarrassing fashion.

According to the driver, he was trying to dodge a raccoon when he lost complete control and ended up off the road completely.

Nice of him to have swerved out of the way, but man, did it ever come with a cost...

13 Bentley Stuck In Water

via youtube.com

This former lottery winner, Robert Johnson, went from lucky to unlucky real quick. Out in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, the man tried to drive his expensive Bentley over a flood. This is never a good idea, no matter what car it is that you’re driving. Now, imagine that car's an expensive Bentley.

Most would be thinking about parking the ride somewhere safe and not trying to battle the conditions. Johnson thought otherwise as he tried to make his way through the water—a bad idea and one that resulted in the car almost completely sinking under the flooded area.

12 Audi A5 Taken By The Waves

via dailymailonline.com

“Three drivers were caught unawares by high tides which caused £91,000 worth of damage as they left the vehicles submerged on a beach.” (Source: Daily Mail)

This is the exact definition of a nightmare scenario from a trip. Three cars decided to park along the beach despite the signs of high tides. Once they got back, it was too late, as the rides were drowning in water.

Among the cars, which were an Audi A5, a BMW, and a poor Honda truck, it was the truck that got the worst of it due to its heavier weight.

The vehicle received some awful flooding with the interior completely ruined.

11 Lambo Stuck In A Different Kind Of Traffic Jam

via reddit.com

This photo was posted to Reddit. One can only imagine what this Lamborghini owner was thinking about in that very moment. We imagine it was like a nightmare situation. Making matters worse, several places in Europe have strict laws when it comes to cars and animals such as sheep.

In lots of jurisdictions, a driver must fully stop and wait for the animal to be completely out of the way.

It seems like this Lambo owner was waiting a really long time. The situation took place in Switzerland, and we’re really thankful someone snapped a photo of it.

10 Aston Martin DBS Stuck In Mud

via youtube.com

Thanks to technology these days, such moments are caught on camera. This is another moment uploaded to YouTube, though the owner of the Aston Martin likely wishes it hadn’t made the rounds online.

Inexplicably, the older—and you would think, wiser—car owner decided to park his car on the grass.

That alone would be a cause for concern. Who would park a car like that on the grass? Put it in the street!

Yes, it gets worse. The guy ended up getting stuck, thanks to the rain and mud, another reason why parking in that area was a bad idea. Thankfully, he got pushed out and a tow truck wasn’t called. Embarrassing nonetheless.

9 Bugatti Purposely Driven Into A Lake

via dailynews.com

Yes, you read that right: purposely driven into the lake. We spoke about karma earlier in the article, and we’ll talk about it again. For insurance purposes, this car owner thought it would be a better idea to completely destroy his car by driving it into the water.

The only problem: his case to deem this as an accident was completely out of the window as an onlooker caught the entire footage. The dude was just admiring the car when boom, it purposely landed in the water. The former owner even revved the engine, ensuring the ride was destroyed totally. The only thing that was destroyed was his reputation following the incident.

8 Soccer Player Goes A Little Too Off The Road With Porsche

via pinterest.com

Not only was this an embarrassing situation, but to make matters that much worse, it happened to a well-known soccer player, Andre Wisdom. How his Porsche ended up in such a circumstance seems to be so baffling.

However, during an interview with Telegraph, he blamed the puddle for looking so "deceiving:"

“The puddle was deceiving. There was a massive pothole there. I called Derby and they had to come and get me. 'I had to climb out of my window and into a big Land Rover.'” (Source: Telegraph)

Taking the muddy road—never a good idea with a Porsche.

7 McLaren 570 GTs Goes Off The Road

via roadkill.com

We’re not quite sure what the fascination is, but some drivers like to test the boundaries of their rides by taking them off the road. Now, that’s totally fine when it’s a car like a Jeep or one suitable for the off-road, grueling conditions. However, when that becomes a car as expensive as a McLaren, anyone has to wonder why this would even be attempted or, quite frankly, thought about in the first place.

Nonetheless, this very much took place, and we assume the car owner felt nothing but regret once his “joyride” came to an end.

6 Batman Pulled Over In Gallardo Spyder

via topgear.com

Ah, yes... the classic case of Batman getting pulled over in his Lamborghini—a common occurrence right? Not sure if there’s anything more embarrassing than getting pulled over in a Halloween costume. Making matters worse, the dude was that much more noticeable, considering he was driving a Gallardo Spyder.

So, why did he get pulled over? No, not for chasing down the Joker, but according to the Top Gear, it had to do with his license plate:

“Yes, Batman was stopped by officers on Wednesday, March 21, on southbound Route 29 at Prelude Drive, Silver Springs, for no tags on Batmobile.” (Source: Top Gear)

5 Golf & Maserati On The Beach

via golfgods.com

If you thought driving a Jaguar through the wet concrete is bizarre, what about driving a Maserati onto the sand of the beach in front of the water? And oh, then you proceed to pound some golf balls down in the water. Sounds like a movie, right? But this was actually real life out in Sydney. What this driver was thinking is truly questionable.

Making matters worse, the driver that parked his car at Camp Cove got stuck—because why wouldn’t a Maserati get stuck on thick sand?

The driver wasn’t giving up that easily, claiming there was no sign that says parking wasn’t allowed. There’s no sign on an NBA court for no parking, so why not park a car there?

4 Tesla Stuck In Sand

via corovabeachtowing.com

This is another "but why?" type of situation as this man takes his Tesla by that water and onto the sand. The result: he couldn’t get pushed out, so instead, a tow truck needed to be called. That isn’t the best endorsement for Tesla and the power the car contains while off the road, is it? However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the ride isn’t meant for those types of conditions, to begin with.

Take the photo above as a clear example. Look at the tires on that pickup behind the Tesla and that other mammoth-sized white SUV. Clearly, a Tesla has no business being alongside those two rides off the road.

3 Lambo Not Meant For Grass

via ryde.com

“He stayed in the same position for really long, and I was wondering what happened. I got into panic mode when I found out that his Lamborghini got stuck in the stump and he couldn’t get out of it!” (Source: Ryde)

This new Lambo owner might've been a little too enthusiastic parking his car deep in the grass of a park. As you read above, the ride got stuck.

Thankfully, an onlooker came to help and managed to get the car out after over an hour of using different tactics to get the car unstuck.

Without a doubt, it was an embarrassing moment and a lesson well learned for the new, young Lambo owner.

2 Lambo Goes Off-Road

via youtube.com

It's only fitting to include a photo of a Lambo in a peculiar position, this one off the road and covered in mud, dirt, and everything else it shouldn’t be surrounded by. Once again, the power of this ride might make it an enticing option to take off the road. The only problem: it isn’t built like a tank similar to other off-road options.

It contains lots of power on the inside, though clearly, the outside isn’t meant for such conditions–extra horsepower or not. We hope the Lambo owner learned his lesson.

1 Bentley Ends Up In The Mud

via youtube.com

This guy did the exact opposite of what this Bentley needed. Instead of taking it to a car wash, the owner decided to give it a mud bath!

Clearly, judging by the video footage, this car owner wasn’t in the proper state of mind, and he likely felt some regret the next day once his senses came back.

The bizarre footage took place in Russia.

Not only did the car get covered in the mud, but the man also felt the need to do the same himself, rolling around in the mud. He’ll have to live with the footage for the rest of his days–that’s enough embarrassment.

Sources: Daily Mail, Car Session, Top Gear

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