20 Photos Of Expensive Limousines That Were Left Behind To Rot

Often older limousines end up in junkyards, in back lots, abandoned and forgotten.

The limousine has been around for just about as long as the car has. Designed with comfort and luxury in mind, they often are modified or built to accommodate a larger number of people, or a larger amount of amenities and space, depending on the specific clientele. Many celebrities or wealthy people will choose to ride around in a limousine. They are designed for those who own the car and hire a driver to take them to places they want and need to go.

Over the years, there have been quite a large number of limousine variations, from a classy six door estate car to the far extreme, a custom modified sixty foot Hummer for bachelor/bachelorette parties or proms. No matter the type of limo, they all share the extra space and length as a qualifier of the type of car. Many people dream of riding in a limo.

They've become the standard of luxury, and for many, it is worth paying even a million dollars for a top of the line next level luxury limo. But once a limo is no longer of use, whether it's because the owner got bored with it, or if they had more money to spend so they just bought a new one,  or it broke down, got old, or just outmoded, they have to go somewhere. Often they end up in junkyards, in back lots, abandoned and forgotten. Let's take a look at 20 photos of expensive limousines that were left behind to rot.

20 All Eight Doors

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While it may not look like much now, at one time this was quite the luxurious boat of a vehicle, about as luxurious as it could get, as well as practical. With this many doors, it made for a useful, practical, and ultimately luxurious design.

It was likely a custom build, too, a regular station wagon turned people carrier. Carrying people in great style, of course, and class. I'd like to take a ride in one of these, sit back in a three-piece suit and roll down the road in style. I'd hate to drive it though.

19 Basking In The Leaves

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This layout for limos was quite popular for a pretty significant amount of time, a simple yet utterly luxurious six door design, with plenty of room for passengers. For this one I think I wouldn't mind being on either side, riding or driving.

Of course, it looks quite a far cry from what it once was, at least in its current state, covered in the hard evidence of the passing of time. There are leaves covering it, rain stains and rust markings, paint faded far from the deep black it used to be. Maybe some serious TLC could revive this luxury coach.

18 Fading Away

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This limousine seems to be fading away in the sunlight. This particular ride might be beyond the point of repairs, though it no doubt looked like quite the ride back in its heyday.

Perhaps it was badly maintained and sadly, was left behind for good due to its condition. Out in the blazing sun, that same condition will only continue to depreciate this ride until it is fully taken down and salvaged for parts and nothing else. This limo could have got a nice restoration but now it is too late.

17 Cool Retro Bentley

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This at one time was the pinnacle of luxury, class, and refinement. In the height of the limo came this, a fabulous Bentley limousine for the ages. Complete with a long body and a cabin full of comfortable seats, leg room, and so much more.

There's likely a full bar, a mini fridge, tech of the era (maybe a car phone) and other amenities that the rich and famous could desire. Being that this is Bentley, perhaps even royalty had these made to accommodate their needs. In any case, this is a cool retro Bentley limousine that deserves a restoration.

16 Desaturated Into Desecration

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This black and white photo only adds to the old-times look of this photo, as if it was taken in a time before color film was developed or created, in a wild west where cowboy sheriffs rode in these long body limos. It almost seems like it should have some bullhorns on the front grille.

It's clear that this has been abandoned for quite some time, surrounded by other equally desecrated cars and trailers, and that it has been stationary for years and decades on end. The tires are flat and it's streaked with dust and age.

15 Endless Rusting Train

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The world's longest limousine was quite the sight to behold in its day when it was brand new, shiny, and full of life, vitality, and clientele with all kinds of money. The lifestyle surrounding this massive train of a car was so luxurious it even had a full swimming pool at the back.

Talk about a seriously over the top kind of creation. But, all good things must come to an end, and even this luxurious of an endless train falls prey to rust and decay at one point or another. This one has been falling apart for years now, with missing parts, broken windows, and killer rust.

14 From The '60s

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This limo from the sixties oozes style almost more than it does class, with pointed tail lights and swooping fenders. The lines are exquisite, really, and typical of the era that it comes from.

But this one is a step above the usual cars of the era, a luxury limo that was likely extremely expensive in its time. The door number is the same, but you can see just how far back the cabin goes, meaning that there is some seriously fancy leg room for the back seat passengers, likely those with quite a bit of wealth.

13 Grand Limousine In Ruins

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This grand limousine has clearly fallen into ruins, with all the windows long gone, the back suspension broken completely, the fenders and footstep coated in rust and decay, and the paint faded to a chalky white with time.

It's clear though that at one point this was a serious standard of luxury, and a magnificent status of wealth and prosperity for those who were rich enough to ride in these regularly. Talk about an expensive limo, back then at least. Nowadays it's worth about nothing, especially in this state.

12 High Rolling In A Fifties Caddy

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This fifties Cadillac oozes with over the top art deco style and class, with a true titan steel front bumper, wide swooping paneling and lines, and a rounded cabin that really has not a single line out of place or proportion. Once upon a time, how a car looked was a serious work of art.

This is a limo, too, which means the interior was likely just as artisan, with everything well thought out and well made, to the point that it would be suitable for the richest of the wealthy, the highest politicians and people with the most status. Nowadays it's just covered in dust and a tarp.

11 In Between The Trees

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Sometimes a limo is cast aside because it's too old, and no longer luxurious enough for those who are looking to ride around in them. Sometimes it has mechanical issues and just isn't worth fixing anymore. Sometimes they are sold, then quickly left in disuse and disrepair.

But sometimes they are wrecked, crashed, ruined because of some kind of road accident. It looks like that's just what's happened with this limo, which is missing panels and a front end that looks quite beat up. Maybe the owner rear-ended someone.

10 Jilted By The Wayside

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This more modern limo has served many a wealthy candidate during its years of operation. Nowadays they are quite hopelessly dated and have been replaced by newer, more luxurious, and more expensive alternatives.

Which has left this sad white limo to be scavenged for parts, left to have its seats torn out and spray painted on, trunk busted open. It's a surprise that the windows are still intact. Maybe it is because the doors are unlocked, in which case the interior is likely destroyed.

9 Looks Like It's Missing Something

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This luxurious limo at one time carried some of the most prominent people of the time, celebrities, lawyers, Wall Street businessmen, and many more. They had the money, time, status, and desire to have one of these cars, not to drive by any means, but to be driven around in.

To be driven around in and to be seen in, more importantly. But this is a bit of a far cry from the luxury it used to embody before. Not only is it old, faded, and decrepit, it seems to be missing something. Oh yeah, an entire front end.

8 Monster Limo Forgotten

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It seems like this limo has gone through some serious overhauling over its long and perhaps unfortunate life. At one time it was a fancy, ritzy limousine chauffeuring all kinds of rich people hither and thither, but then it fell out of grace.

It was bought by someone, clearly for quite cheap, and modified into the "Monster Limo," a true abomination of a creation. And then, to add insult to injury, it was left behind to rot away in a field, to fall apart completely.

7 Infamous Ride

via thedrive.com

A certain leader who was perhaps one of the most infamous and well-known faces in current history and memory is the one behind this car. He grew to such infamy because of his huge success, and his huge fall from great heights. He had planes, limos, and all kinds of wealth.

Naturally, he would own and be driven around in one of these, though clearly in its current state it would be worth less than nothing to him. But at one time it was encased in luxury, fancy enough to be fit for a king, a kingpin that is.

6 Orange Limo In The Woods

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Partially orange with rust, partially orange because that's the original color of the paint, this old school limo stands out like a sore thumb amongst the dense green and vibrant foliage of this rainy temperate forest.

The moisture must be pretty high, and the plants have grown into the wheel wells and up to the bumper and sides of this limo with a staggering amount of doors. Five on each side, to be specific. It has a lot of room and a lot of class. But, now all it has to look forward to is decaying slowly in the forest.

5 Perhaps An Awesome Barn Find

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This is a quirky little limousine that has been salvaged from a barn somewhere likely far away from much else. It's covered in a lot of dust and debris, but apart from that, it seems like maybe it's in pretty good shape.

When cars are kept in barns, they're shielded from a lot of the things that ruin a car, and preserved for much longer. Having sat for so long it has a host of mechanical issues, but it's better than the amount it would have had it been stored outside. This might be worth a good amount of money once restored.

4 Quick To Fall Apart

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The back end of this limo station wagon is about as classy art deco as it can get, with wide protuberant tail lights and eyebrows, swooping in from the rear door and carving backward with iconic flair. This one has faded out quite a bit, though the rust only seems to be cosmetic.

It has been stored outside for many, many years, and so the likelihood of an easy repair is a bit far fetched. But, here it lies, waiting in a bit of purgatory. Will it be salvaged? Broken up for scraps? Fully restored? Who knows. Likely it will stay where it is for a long long time.

3 Rotting In A Junkyard

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This all-white limousine is from an era many would consider one of the ugliest eras for limousines, and for most cars in general. It was a dismal and unimaginative time for the American car industry, where it was all about cutting corners, putting no thought or effort into design, making the production as cheap as possible, and many other similar endeavors.

They still did the job, though, and people still bought them and used them as their personal chariots of luxury. Not for long, though, before they were scrapped for any number of reasons.

2 Stacked On A Food Truck

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This limo is a bit more eclectic than the rest and has found it's final resting place far from the ground and as part of a pretty cool art installation. While not commissioned or for sale, it's still art, done as a statement. It's pretty cool, actually, and it's hard to say that it isn't intriguing to look at.

The many doors mean that the entire group of wealthy people, famous people, or whoever it may have been were able to ride in class and luxury to whatever ritzy event was on tap for the evening.

1 The Long Chevrolet

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This Chevy could be fixed up pretty easily, restored to its former glory and even perhaps to exceed it, moving past the height of its luxury once before. A lot of these old cars have plenty of potential when it comes to updating. This could have a state of the art technology and accommodations.

All while rolling in the greatest retro style, too. I would like to restore one of these and make it the sickest luxury limo out there. It'd be a great statement on how reusing things is not only feasible, it's desirable. No need to make new and waste the old.

Sources: Pinterest, Five Prime & Flickr

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