20 Striking Photos Of Forgotten Rides In The Jungle

Here are 20 pictures of cars, motorcycles, planes, and boats found in the jungle.

The jungle is a fascinating place with people across the world curious to what exactly goes on inside. So what exactly is it? In simple terms, the jungle is a huge amount of space covered in dense vegetation which is completely dominated by tress amongst other things. When left alone, the jungle acts as earth's most natural environment and a place that has not been significantly modified by human activity whatsoever. Unfortunately, this doesn't occur often, but when it does, the jungle becomes a marvelous place. However, over the years, humans have been known to stick their noses into places where they are most definitely unwelcome. As a result, human activity can be found in the strangest places. For instance, all over the world, there are numerous jungles and forests that somehow house the abandoned remains of cars, planes, boats, and motorcycles. Yes, the majority of these vehicles were left on purpose, left to rot or succumb to the trees and their roots that grow inside them.

Whether they are a car or a motorcycle, or a plane or a boat, these vehicles all have a story with regards to how they got there. Sadly, we may never know the full history of what happened, but we can take a picture and look at it instead. So, here are 20 pictures of cars, motorcycles, planes, and boats found in the jungle.

20 Crash Landing

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Plane crashes are extremely upsetting and can be even more disturbing when found near enough in tact on the ground. In 1957, a twin-engine Douglas C-47, otherwise known as a "Gooney Bird" crashed two miles north of Gustavus, Alaska, the USA. The wreckage area is still strewn with metal pieces of the plane, along with a various debris from the crash. However, over the years the site has attracted a number of visitors, who have scavenged the area for parts and pieces of the famed and fatal crash. Furthermore, the crash site is also said to be haunted, with claims of spooky noises and sightings.

19 Jungle Cockpit

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In 2017, pictures emerged of an eerie abandoned communist military airport with an added underground base and rusted vehicles. The airport was located Croatia's Zeljava Air Base, located under Pljesevica Mountain which borders Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interestingly, the base had been abandoned 20 years previously but was still shaped and organized like a real-life and active airbase. One of the spookiest items on the base was a military plane that had been left to rust. The plane's cockpit was still recognizable, with the two seats and controls near enough intact. However, like most abandoned places, there have been rumors of ghosts with a long list of strange noises reported over the years.

18 Creepy Car

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In 2012, photographer Peter Lippman released his latest collection for photographs entitled, Paradise Parking. The project, which took Lippman two years to complete, captured a number of abandoned cars in the jungle, overtaken by roots and leaves and the environment that they had been left in. Interestingly, the photographs manage to both scare the audience as much as interest them, with the abandoned vehicles giving off a somewhat eerie vibe. Yes, although they might be fascinating they can also be a tad scary. However, although they might be a little creepy, the photographs are still extremely beautiful, with Lippman's true understanding of nature clear to see.

17 WWII Plane

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In 2016, a number of aerial photos revealed several rusting wrecks of WWII tanks and planes that had been left lying in the oceans and jungles on the remote Pacific Island after the war had finished. However, it was this particular plane that garnered the most attention after it was snapped lying abandoned in the grass. Sadly, the picture gives those who view it a somewhat melancholy feel, due to the isolated and upsetting nature in which it was photographed. The plane in question is thought to be a B-25 Mitchell.

16 Tree Car

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Nature has a habit of reclaiming back what was once theirs, with cars, motorbikes and even abandoned boats unable to stop it. In this picture, a tree can be seen growing out of the car's hood, with the car in no position to stop it. Furthermore, rather worryingly there are holes in the wall behind the vehicle. Hopefully, this wasn't a contribution to why the car was left behind or abandoned but it does add something slightly eerie to the picture. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that this car's life is over, with the car now belonging to the tree and leaves that surround it.

15 Trailblazer

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In 2014, pilot Theodore Weiss crashed his small aircraft into Withlacoochee State Forest in Florida. The plane remained hidden for months, with investigators searching high and low for the missing aircraft. Finally, several months later the aircraft was found by a hiker, however, as expected, the pilot had unfortunately passed away. The airplane can still be found in the exact same place that it originally crashed in, with hikers passing through most days. The crash site is said to be an extremely sad and daunting place visit, yet this doesn't seem to stop curious explorers wanting to take a look.

14 Jungle Canoe

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Humans have made their own marks on the world, every single day, from the littlest thing to the biggest thing. Even something like an abandoned canoe can tell a story, with this wooden boat found abandoned in the middle of the jungle a fine example. Sadly, the truth of how this canoe ended up by the side of the river will never be known but it doesn't stop people from guessing. That's right, this river could have belonged to anyone, from jungle tribes to keen explorers. However, the humans who left it there have left no trace, therefore the reality will unfortunately never be found.

13 Vintage Vehicles

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Peter Lippman's haunting collection, Paradise Parking, depicts a number of abandoned cars that have been left for nature to devour. The project took a whopping two years to complete but has produced some of the most interesting and fascinating pictures of recent times. The majority of the photographs portray cars eaten up nature such as tree roots or overgrown grass. However, although it might sound simple, the end result is anything but with the pictures looking as if they have come straight out of a post-apocalyptic world. Furthermore, most of the cars in the collection are vintage classics, straight out of old Hollywood and early America.

12 Ghost Ship

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What's better than an abandoned ship, an abandoned ghost ship of course. That's right, in 2017, a group of Kayakers who were sailing along the Ohio River, stumbled upon a ghost ship that was over a century old. So where did it come from? The Kayakers later found out that the ship had a long history within the United States and had been originally crafted by a Delaware ship maker. It was then revealed that the ship was actually the first iron-hulled sailboat in the United States, and was also prominent throughout WWII. Sadly, although it started off important, it slowly became less and less useful and succumbed to the banks of the river.

11 South Pacific

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The Guadalcanal Campaign, otherwise known as the Battle of Guadalcanal, was a military campaign during WWII. The battle is noted for being one of the first major battles by Allied forces against the Emire of Japan. In addition, the campaign was also one of the first battles in the Pacific Ocean. Overall, the fight was awful, with both sides losing a lot of men. In the end, it was the U.S. Army who came out victorious, but it was an extremely close call. After, the war, several soldiers abandoned the vehicles that they had used, with many of them succumbing to the jungle instead.

10 Green In The Hood

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The world might slowly be destroying nature, but it seems nature isn't afraid of fighting back. Nature always takes what belongs to it, even if its something that doesn't usually belong. For instance, abandoned vehicles are often overtaken by trees, branches, moss and tree roots, which slowly make the abandoned objects their second home. In some cases, the car becomes a somewhat flower pot, with the object looking as if it belongs in a garden center. Sadly, although it might look pretty, it still isn't right, with abandoned vehicles becoming a major environmental problem worldwide.

9 Lost Volkswagen

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Volkswagens seem to turn up anywhere, especially VW campers. The Volkswagen Type 2, often known as the VW camper van, is one of the most famous vehicles in the world. The car was first introduced in 1950 by, you guessed it, Volkswagen. Over the years the car has become somewhat iconic, especially with the counterculture of the 1960s. During the 60s, the van was cheap and easy to maintain, therefore a number of people would travel around to music festivals and events. Sadly, the car isn't as easy to get hold of anymore and is even more difficult to maintain so it is often found abandoned and left to nature.

8 Skeletal Remains

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Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with tourists flocking to the island each year. The country is a hub for tourists as well as business, therefore it generates a vibe that can be rarely replicated elsewhere. One of the most popular things to do while visiting the island is to explore the ecology of the country itself. From touring bat caves to walking along the coastal beaches, Malaysia really is an exciting place to visit. In fact, most tourists embark on the wonderful forest tour, which takes visitors kneed deep into the jungle and the abandoned objects that sit inside it.

7 Abandoned Amazon Boat

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Peru is an exciting and interesting country and attracts a large number of tourists each year due to its beautiful landscapes and attractions. Not only is the country home to the Andes mountains but it is also home to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest, as well as the Amazon river. The rainforest is home to a number of animals, plants and a variety of other things, some of which include abandoned objects. That's right, a huge abandoned boat was recently spotted along the Amazon river on the edge of Iquitos, the sixth most populous city in Peru. The exact location is unknown, however, the boat is completely empty and has been for what looks like sometime.

6 Stacks Upon Stacks

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Sweden is often voted as one of the best places to live in the world and is applauded for its healthcare, environmental concern, and all-around positive attitude. However, Sweden also holds one of the most amazing automobile cemeteries in the world. Bastnäs, located in the west of Sweden, is an ancient ore field that is hidden away in the middle of a forest. The field holds around 1,000 cars, all of which have been left and abandoned. The cars are mostly from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s and belonged to US soldiers who left the cars when returning to their country after WWII.

5 Rusty Motorcycle 

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Sadly, abandoned objects can remain abandoned for some time, with some cars and motorcycles submerging themselves into the environment so that they become completely disguised. This motorcycle looks as if it has been there for decades, left to rot and live out its days in the wilderness. Yes, this motorcycle has near enough been consumed by the environment that it was left in and has succumbed to the number one deathly disease of motorcycles, you guessed it, rust. In the end, nobody really knows what happened to the bike or why it was left there, but it sure is a sad sight, not just for the environment but also the once thriving machine that it used to be.

4 School Bus

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School buses aren't the nicest of things, but an abandoned school bus is somehow even worse. For instance, this school bus was recently snapped empty and abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of a forest. The children inside were nowhere to be seen, with the empty vehicle somewhat of a mystery. Strangely, school buses are seemingly an American thing, with the iconic yellow and black vehicle an American staple. However, when parked at the side of the road covered in moss and dirt, the bus can be extremely disturbing, especially with regards to what exactly happened.

3 Abandoned Motorbike

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Abandoned motorcycles are a sorry sight to behold, especially when left to rot in the wilderness. Whether it be left at the bottom of a cliff, locked in an old barn or abandoned in the middle of the jungle, lost motorcycles can be extremely upsetting. It seems the common trend with abandoned motorcycles is to leave them in the undergrowth. Much like finding treasure in the middle of nowhere, this motorcycle has been left behind to be consumed by mother nature herself. The bike itself looks as if it has rested there for a long time, with the owner dumping the machine only to never return.

2 Lost In The Undergrowth

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In 2016, a number of images dedicated to lost and abandoned vehicles were made as part of an advertising campaign. The main idea was to represent the idea of forgotten or lost vehicles, by capturing several vehicles such as SUVs, jeeps, and trucks abandoned in the jungle. The campaign was started by Brazilian advertising agency JWT, who created a number of 3D models by using new technology, "Modo 3D". JWT is kind of a big deal and were the first international advertising agency to establish a branch in Brazil. Furthermore, the company has been in charge of servicing several leading market brands in Brazil and the rest of the world.

1 Abandoned Blue Van

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Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and a firm favorite among travel enthusiasts and those looking for a vacation. In fact, year after year, Hawaii and its beautiful island are voted the best and most beautiful places to visit in the world. However, although it might be stunning, Hawaii certainly has its problems. There is no such thing as a perfect place, with Hawaii sadly no different. So what is the problem? Hawaii seems to have an abandoned car issue, with cars often abandoned at the side of the road, in the jungle, or in the middle of nowhere.

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