22 Photos Of Mechanic Shops That Are Rotting Away

The humble mechanic's shop is a place where life and longevity are returned to sick and broken cars time and time again. In the course of a car's life, it will likely have found itself in a mechanic's shop at least once, if not a handful of times. Of course, not every mechanic shop is good at fixing cars, working on them, or repairing them, let alone treating their customers right. Which is why many mechanics have a bad reputation, and in fact, too many, the entire concept of a mechanic is sullied.

At its source, of course, the mechanic does a wonderful thing, fixing cars, making them run like their supposed to. A good mechanic can keep a car running well for decades on end. Which, with this proper maintenance, means fewer cars are built, fewer cars are sent to scrap, and it's all much better for the environment. Cuba has proven just how far that concept can be stretched.

Of course, mechanic shops are just a small cog in a much larger machine, and that machine is the motoring industry. With the flex and bend, flux and flow, wax and wane of the market, so does the mechanic shop move. Many shops turn into huge centers for car care, while others fall into ruin, shriveled up in the drought of no business. Indeed, it's not unheard of to see shops left completely abandoned. Let's take a look at some of them, here's 22 photos of mechanic shops rotting away.

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22 All Lost At This Perth Car Shop

via everystockphoto.com

This photo depicts the sad derelict scene of an abandoned car shop in Perth, Australia. It hasn't done too well, obviously, having been shut down and completely forgotten about many years ago.

The windows are busted out, the doors were broken open and covered in graffiti. In fact, there's graffiti all over the walls and surfaces of this old building. It has been left to rot away, no longer keeping cars alive as it failed at keeping itself alive. Now it sees a different kind of counterculture renaissance.

21 Car Mechanic Shop In A Steel Mill

via reddit.com

When a mechanic shop is part of a bigger entity, like in this case, it is dependent on the larger company, and perhaps dependent on an entirely different industry than the motoring industry, like the average mechanic shop would be.

In this case, a large steel mill had enough use for a mechanic they built their very own shop for the repair of the machines and cars they used for their work. But, when the entire steel mill went under, so did this mechanic shop, and now they all lay in ruin together.

20 Do It All Garage, But Not Anymore

via hiveminer.com

This old garage at one time did it all, and that's not just an eye-catching slogan or something, they've clearly got a list of all their services. Welding, greasing, battery charging, fueling, and general, which likely refers to all things car related.

Nowadays, though, it doesn't do much of anything at all, no longer stewarded by any owners or mechanics, left behind and forgotten, doors shut, corrugated steel left to rust and rot, paint left to fade away and disappear completely.

19 Empty Car Workshop's Office

via foot-down.blogspot.com

Sometimes the part of the shop that we see the most as the customer in a mechanic shop is the little warehouse office just outside of the garage itself. Which is why, sometimes, seeing this area in disrepair is that much more impactful.

The desk is tipped and angled, the chair is coated in debris. A lonely keyboard solemnly remains, there's trash all over the floors and it's clear that this space has remained unoccupied for a long time now. It has a tangible atmosphere of melancholy.

18 Forgotten Mid-Repair

via abandonednyc.com

The vandals and misfits who have painted all over this car and taken out the windows and likely any valuable parts have spent more time and attention to this car than the mechanic who seems like he or she forgot about it mid-repair, left it up on end and forgotten.

Just like the building around it, the ruins, decay, and rubble, all has been left, abandoned, as if it never existed. And yet, it still does, occupied by a different kind of entity. There are no vacuums in nature, so this space has been filled by others, the intrepid, the lonely.

17 Green Floored Garage

via five prime.com

In places with a lot of rain, abandoned areas that see no maintenance or care at the hands of the humans who built them tend to decay at a much faster rate than those abandoned in drier climates. This is just such an example of that.

It seems one or more of the skylights has broken, and without a repair, water gets in every time it rains, and the water creates growth, and soon the floor of this mechanic shop is coated in a nice layer of moss, quickly being reclaimed by nature. Paired with the stunning artwork, this is quite a beautiful sight.

16 Heavy Equipment Repair And A Dog

via hiveminer.com

This old shop is in such a sad state of decay and ruin that it is hard to make out what it even once was. The only clue we have is in the half covered up window, and the faded paper signage stuffed in between it and the bars, where it reads "Heavy Equipment Repair."

Repairing heavy equipment is quite an intensive job at times, and it takes a specialized kind of mechanic. The hardest part about specialized work like it is that it is fickle work, one day there might not be any business. Seems like what's happened here.

15 Shell Left Behind

via hiveminer.com

This empty shell, pun most definitely intended, of a building has seen some better days in its time. Once the paint wasn't faded, it was vibrant and showed no signs of chipping. Once the shell sign was even brighter than it still is, with no cracks, chips, or blemishes.

The windows were once all intact, cleaned, shiny, and the door wasn't half broken and crooked. Though it's clear that the painted man wasn't there when this mechanic shop saw its glory days, because there weren't phones for us to stare at like zombies back then.

14 Jilted Workshop Shelves

via hiveminer.com

These jilted workshop shelves once were well organized, cleaned regularly, and held tools that were well taken care of and in good repair, as well as frequently used and handled. Nowadays things are clearly different.

It's obvious that anything on those shelves hasn't been handled in years, maybe decades left behind and forgotten, all the life that touches it nowadays are the vines that slowly grow in the place of humans. One day all will be coated in vines and foliage, and then even further down the line, all will be rubble.

13 Knowingly Preserved In Abandonment

via hiveminer.com

Without a shred of care or maintenance, this mechanic shop would most assuredly be in complete ruins, the car rusted out, walls falling in, no roof, no room to gaze upon the aged beauty of the past and all the value it held and still holds.

Fortunately, someone has decided to preserve this abandoned garage to just such an extent that it doesn't fall into complete ruin. The car is still unmaintained, the gas pumps are rusty and useless, the signs are old but preserved, and the building is not habitable, but still standing.

12 Lonely Tonopah Garage

via hiveminer.com

This mechanic shop was once quite a bustling hub for all things car repair and maintenance, as is clear by the size of both the building and the sign, which is genuinely large to attract as many customers as possible.

There are no customers these days, though, only the customers who are drawn in by the state of ruin that the sign is in, signifying that the building is also in disrepair. It beckons the intrepid, calling them to spaces forgotten and left behind. There are even some neat old cars still parked out front.

11 Missing Panels And Empty Stalls

via fiveprime.com

This building has its once pure white paint sullied and adulterated by the perseverance of time, the relentless weather and decay, and the inevitable result of dereliction. Without a repaint, without any washing or maintenance, the dirt and decay set in deep.

Paint fades, wood falls apart into rot, bricks begin to dissolve. This garage is full of empty stalls and empty echoes, inhabited by melancholy memory and the promise of new life. The newest things in this sad mechanic shop are the fresh growing plants and the mural on the side.

10 Nothing But Tools And Old Tires

via hiveminer.com

This old garage looks like it was emptied in a bit of a rush, with quite a fair amount of things still left just lying around. Seems like perhaps someone might have left in a bit of a rush, and had to maybe decide just what to take, and what to leave behind.

So they left behind the fridge, old tires, some random tools, all scattered about in a big rush, a mess, and then without a second look back perhaps they shut the door for the final time, leaving behind all these artifacts, to be silently forgotten, remembered only by those who care enough to look.

9 Outside The Little Car Clinic

via hiveminer.com

Once upon a time, a long time ago now, there was a gas station converted car care clinic, and it was a rather prosperous little business, with people going in and out, cars getting fixed, repaired, or just maintained. Maybe three or four mechanics worked here, maybe just one, but in any case, it was a business that did well.

But that didn't last forever, as nothing lasts forever, and soon the mechanic shop fell on hard times. Fewer and fewer cars came through, if there were three mechanics it dropped down to one, to cut overhead, and soon they had to close their doors and abandoned their business.

8 Pick A Different 24 Hour Store

via hiveminer.com

This tire repair mechanic shop sure does look like it's in the middle of nowhere here, with nothing but desert scrub for miles all around, and the faint outline of a distant mountain range. This bowl of the arid desert landscape had one oasis, this 24 tire repair store.

Being open 24 hours is a pretty good business plan, as you will have constant revenue and income, people who blew a tire at 3 in the morning, et cetera. But, there's also constant overhead, and it seems that this business's expenses outweighed their profits, and they had to shut their doors. Good luck out in the desert, motorists.

7 Quick To Point Out The Missing Roof

via fiveprime.com

This little one-stop mechanic shop did pretty well for itself at one time, they had the know-how and infrastructure and tools to do all kinds of repairs for all kinds of cars. Arc welding, fuel pumps, water pumps, and many other services were available here.

It looks like it may have been abandoned because of a fire, which would explain the lack of a roof. Or perhaps it was just the incessant marching of time, the decay starting with the wooden roof first, then the cement blocks walls. In any case, this is an ancient memory, a mere shadow of the past.

6 Retro Motor Service

via hiveminer.com

This motor service garage has some seriously retro lettering and paint on it, and it has held up quite well over the years, despite the passage of time, exposure to harsh elements like sun, rain, wind, dust, even perhaps snow. It looks like it seems to just have the name "The Garage," and if so that means that it's just that famous.

With a name that generic, it has to provide something else for people to remember it by, legendary service, incredible results, et cetera. While that may have worked for a while, even the best business has to close its doors at some point.

5 Spelling Seems To Be The Issue

via hiveminer.com

This mechanic shop has long since been abandoned, with the walls and parking lot overgrown with foliage and trees and trash. The windows are either boarded up or broken out, and it's clear that no one has habited here in a long time.

As to why this place went out of business is anyone's guess, but it may or may not have to do with the absolutely ridiculous spelling of mechanic shop on the side of their building, where somehow they managed to spell both of the words one. They fixed one but didn't even realize they spelled mechanic wrong.

4 Taking Too Long For Service

via hiveminer.com

The dusty counters and aging tool all along the walls would have you think that maybe this is just a long-standing mechanics shop, and they've left things be as they use them, not maintaining much. And you'd be pretty valid in thinking that.

Of course, then you'd be waiting for a really long time, and getting mad about it. Then you might be compelled to leave a Google review about how it's taking way too long for service. But then you'd realize that it's in fact completely abandoned.

3 Undercutting The Competition

via hiveminer.com

The business tactic of selling all of your wares for less than the competition is a tried and true method of garnering more sales, but it isn't foolproof. There are just too many factors that play into why or why not a business is successful or goes out of business.

This one, which clearly took a strong stance, asking their customers, "why pay more?" and telling them that they sell for less than the competition. It may have worked for a while, but nothing in gold can stay, so this one was closed down and abandoned.

2 Very Much Left Behind

via fiveprime.com

This building, painted in a thick layer of bright, almost blinding white paint, has been shut down, closed and boarded up for good. All that's left is the blinding white shell of a business that once was but is no more.

The pavement, still oil stained, has begun to crack and harbor vegetation within its cracks and crevices. The sign is starting to rot away, even the white paint, and the only clue as to what it once was is the plain automotive word written above the front door.

1 Broken Ruins On All Sides

via reddit.com

When a run of the mill service for your car turns into something like this, you know you've picked the wrong mechanic shop to go to. There's quite the spectrum, as anyone who is a car owner will know. Sometimes the mechanic is the friendliest person anyone could know, sometimes it's a nightmare.

So to have your car forgotten and abandoned along with the entire shop, that would be quite a mess. All joking aside, it seems like it might have been just that, a fire perhaps or something else that led to the rapid abandon and ruin of this shop.

Sources: Hiveminer, Reddit & Every Stock Photo

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