18 Photos Of Mods These Sports Fans Took Too Far

Here are 18 Photos Of Mods These Sports Fans Took Too Far

A car is a great way for someone to truly express his or her real personality. However, at times, people might take it a little too far. In this article, we highlight sports fans in particular. Fan bases across both the US and Canada are very vocal when it comes to their favorite teams. NHL fans are quite tame, though they're still a passionate bunch, especially north of the border, as you’ll see in this article. NFL fans might be the loudest and heck, the most passionate, especially judging by the abundance of rides paying homage to NFL teams these days. We could've done an article on NFL modifications alone. Heck, the fans aren’t just modding cars; Green Bay fans are known for going the extra mile modding motorbikes, ambulances, vans, and heck, even school buses.

Some might cringe at some of these modifications. However, for the most part, it’s just a simple wrap that can be taken off quite easily–though that’s not the case for every ride. Some fans wanted to go all in with no turning back. Kudos for their courage, and let’s hope their favorite team doesn’t fall down the standings similar to the Cavs in basketball. Fans might be rethinking their Cavs car modifications since LeBron’s departure.

Enjoy the article, folks, as we take a look at 20 modifications these sports fans took too far. We feature all the major sports leagues such as the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, and the NHL. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

18 Ambulance Turned Packers Party Space

via autotrader.com

We’re going to showcase lots of bizarre modifications in this one. However, modding an ambulance into a tailgating vehicle has to be up there among the more peculiar. Just imagine thinking, “Hey, I want to buy an ambulance as an homage to my favorite team.” Quite bizarre.

Nonetheless, credit is deserved. This Packers party space is an absolute gem on the inside with plenty of room and more Green Bay theme decor. However, the true hero has to be the barbecue attached on the outside. Who wouldn’t want to pull over at any time and slap a juicy steak on there?

17 Brady & Gronk Love

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Compared to some of the other modifications on this list, this one is quite amateurish. Nonetheless, kudos to this fan for expressing his love for the Pats nonetheless—it doesn’t always have to be fancy and expensive modifications. Slapping a couple of jerseys of your favorite players on the back can do the trick.

That’s exactly what this fan did, put the jerseys of both Gronk and Tom Brady, two cornerstones of the New England franchise, on his vehicle.

It’s a nice homage and really one that takes minimal skill. Despite the easiness of it, no doubt, this Ford attracts lots of attention. We hope the owner of this ride lives in the Boston area.

16 Packers Tailgate Bus

via gbtailgatetunes.com

As we stated earlier, Packers fans have everything thought out. Ambulance modification, yup; school bus modification, yeah, why not? This is another must-see modification rocking the classic Green Bay colors on the outside. The hilarious custom also features a New York Jets player all smashed up on the front-end of the ride. An intimidation tactic? Yes, probably, but it’s a pretty funny one as well.

Surely, the bus can fit lots of fans, and it would be the perfect way for fans to travel into other NFL markets. Nonetheless, we assume this custom tailgating bus only stays in the Wisconsin area.

15 Raiders “Don’t Hate” Modification

via reddit.com

It isn’t a coincidence that some of the most passionate fan bases are featured in this article through car modifications. They love their teams, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Well, this Raiders fan might be a little afraid as he has the message “Don’t Hate” on the top windows of his Dodge pickup.

That likely means, "Hey, I put a lot of work into this, so please don’t ruin it if you aren’t a part of Raider Nation." The colors match the Raider theme which is also pretty cool.

14 Legendary Steelers Custom Ride

via reddit.com

This low-profile ride was spotted by a fan a couple of years back in the Pittsburgh area. The driver of this ride went all in with the modifications paying homage to the Steelers' past history. The ride includes several photos of landmark players and coaches from the team’s storied history.

Some might call it tacky, but true sports fans likely appreciate this ride and all the effort that went into it. The helmet touch is pretty darn cool, as it goes from the car door all the way up to the window. The flags might be a little overkill, but hey, kudos nonetheless.

13 Boston Bruins Lamborghini

via rds.ca

Take a look at this Boston Bruins-themed Lamborghini. She’s a beauty, isn’t she? Unlike the other rides, the homage to the team is quite easy to undo in this circumstance. Although messing with a Lambo might sound harsh to lots of car lovers, the truth is these add-ons are really easy to take off, so don’t be alarmed.

In all likelihood, once the hockey season is over with, those logos come right off the car. However given the passion of Bruins fans, that might not be the case. Who knows.

12 Steelers Love

via reddit.com

This car owner went all in with his modifications. He’s got the colors on the outside locked down to a tee, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also felt the need to write "Steelers" on the bottom end–as if fans didn’t already know the ride was an homage to the squad.

Those wheels are also quite large and reminiscent of—you guessed it—Pimp My Ride. We can imagine the television show coming out with such a ride for a massive Pittsburgh Steelers fan. It wouldn’t be their worst creation—that’s for darn sure.

11 New York Yankees Mustang

via mustangattidue.com

New York has a lot of passion in general. However, when it comes to pro sports, the community takes things up a notch. In particular, the city loves their baseball team, one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports.

Clearly, this fan wanted to show-off his passion with a complete custom Yankees car wrap.

Some might consider it a crime that the wrap was put on a Mustang, but hey, who are we to judge, right?

The car is actually pretty cool and one that's sure to capture anyone’s attention, even those who don’t follow baseball or sports for that matter.

10 Cowboys VW Car Wrap

via carwrapcity.com

Given the way the current season has gone for the Cowboys thus far, perhaps fewer car wraps of the team exist these days. Seriously speaking, take nothing away from the Cowboys fan base.

You'd be baffled by the amount of car modification dedicated to the team—whether it be car wraps or personally customized add-ons by the fans.

Cars range from just about anything: motorbikes, pickups, Jeeps, and, as you see in the photo above, even Volkswagen rides! Now that’s a passionate fan base. Is it just us or does the car look better and a little more manly with the Cowboys theme?

9 Seahawks Custom Motorcycle

via pinterest.com

Speaking of rowdy fan bases, we now turn our attention to this outrageous custom Seahawks bike. It isn’t just cars that sports fans are converting into a type of mascot for their favorite teams; lots of motorcycle rides paying homage to a certain franchise also exist.

This one has to be a step above anything else. The owner of this ride clearly put a lot of thought, not to mention dollar bills, into the ride. The colors match the team, but the real kicker has to be the hawk design on the front of the bike. The ride also includes a couple of signatures on the back. This one might be a dream ride for Seahawk’ fans.

8 Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Mod

via julescommunications.com

Hockey fans might not be as loud or flamboyant in comparison to the NFL fan base. Nonetheless, take nothing away from the NHL fans—they’re a passionate group. A city like Montreal is considered one of the Meccas in hockey. The franchise has a rich history. The passion continues on to this day.

The team’s marquee player is their goaltender Carey Price. He’s like a hero in Montreal.

Ford seems to agree, as they created a custom Carey Price car wrap just a couple of years ago.

This wrap was available for the Ford F-150. Did Ford go too far? Habs fans likely don’t think so.

7 Broncos Coupe Deville

via pinterest.com

This Broncos ride looks like it belongs on an episode of Pimp My Ride. The wheels and the mags are both the true highlight of this car. Heck, you might even forget that the car has a Broncos theme on the outside, given the size of those wheels.

The ride is actually a cool one with the colors of the team on the front end of the hood. The logo on the passenger side is pretty darn sleek as well matched with the blue color scheme that the team is known for. Even non-Broncos fans have to appreciate this ride.

6 Paying Homage To The World Series Champions

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First off, let’s congratulate the Boston Red Sox on a dominant postseason. Once again, the city got to celebrate a championship-winning season.

Given their recent success, surely, lots of passionate fans modified their rides for the occasion.

Perhaps they’ll have some regret when the dust starts to settle from their recent World Series victory. Nonetheless, this fan had no problem slapping the massive "B" logo on the driver side. Heck, the logo looks as though it's the size of the entire car. The red paint’s an homage to the storied franchise.

5 Blackhawks Camaro SS

via midwestautomotive.com

Oh boy, this one's a beauty. Unlike the other rides, this fan shows off his passion for the Hawks in a subtle way. The car is the true hero, while the logo shows his passion for the team–a great mix unlike the other flamboyant cars on the list.

Chicago is a massive sports city, and the Hawks are a big reason for that, given their recent Stanley Cup victories. They might be on the wrong end of success these days; however, take nothing away from their past accomplishments, as this team has to be one of the most dominant of the 2000s thus far.

4 The Packers Van

via gbtailgatetunes.com

This van isn’t as detailed as the Cowboys ride just featured. This one's really basic yet quite effective. You don’t have to drain out a bank account to show your love for whatever team you like. Something this simple can do the trick.

The car owner used photos of both past and present Green Bay quarterbacks Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. You can spot Brett’s smile from a mile away. He also pays homage to other players with football tributes. Who says stickers can’t be put on a grown man’s car?

3 Arizona Cardinals Pickup

via youtube.com

This truck is an absolute beast and one Cardinals fans can be proud of. Seriously, putting the sport’s team modification aside for a second, look at those darn wheels!

In truth, this ride has the perfect blend of style and paying homage to the home team.

You probably won’t find such customs for Arizona Coyotes rides, as hockey just isn’t as popular in the desert. However, the same can’t be said for the city’s football team. The community has a loud fan base, and that’s also represented by this sleek pickup ride. Even non-Cardinals fans might consider taking this for a spin.

2 Redskins Pickup Truck

via wordpress.com

DC recently celebrated a championship victory as the Washington Capitals finally took the monkey off their backs by winning the Stanley Cup. Alex Ovechkin led the team to their remarkable cup win, which wasn’t expected. The parade saw a massive number of fans. It was an amazing spectacle, and one can imagine the reaction if the Redskins were to take home a Super Bowl.

They’re off to a great start this year. That means fans might get a little more excited by creating such rides as an homage to the team. This fan went all-in painting the pickup with the team’s colors. That’s hard to go back on...

1 Packers Motorcycle Custom

via custompaintedvehicles.com

The Green Bay colors make any ride paying homage to the team easily noticeable, and that includes motorcycle rides as well.

This one in particular shows appreciation for the team’s Super Bowl Championship win, most likely the most recent one taking place a couple of years ago in 2011.

Or maybe the person is a '90s dude paying homage to the 1997 team, but that’s less likely.

It isn’t the worst modification; however, putting a light-green color on the front end of a motorcycle might be a little questionable unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Sources: Jalopnik, YouTube, Reddit

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