20 Photos Of License Plates That Were A Total Waste Of Money

From Tesla to Honda rides, we feature 20 photos of modified license plates that are a total waste of money.

Customizing a plate might seem fun and all. However, what drivers tend to forget is that it actually costs money. Over in Quebec, changing a license plate with a personalized message costs more than $250. Over in places like Michigan, a driver is charged with an extra $30 annual fee along with a $15 renewal fee per year. If it was completely free, everyone would be doing it, but it isn’t.

For that reason, we scratch our heads at some of the drivers on this list that went out of their way to pay the extra fee. If the new plate had a witty and cool message, then maybe we’d understand. However, on this list, these plates are far from that and likely the exact opposite. Writing “BM WHAT” on an Audi just seems like a complete waste, and it may reveal to some drivers that the person who put that on their plate might be envious of BMWs. That’s not the worst of it as we’ll feature so many more meaningless plates. By the end of this article, you’ll be baffled by the number of people that felt the need to change their plates – even if it was for a couple of bucks. In most cases, we wouldn’t change our plates with these messages even if it was completely free of charge!

From Tesla to Honda rides, we feature 20 photos of modified license plates that are a total waste of money. Enjoy the article folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 The “Huge” Smart Car

via carjojo.com

As they say, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, this Smart Car isn’t all that big no matter where it is. However, surrounded by large pickups and SUVs, this driver feels the need to write the term “Huge” on their license plate perhaps just to feel a little better about their smaller ride.

Jokes on everyone else when else when it comes to filling up the tank right?

Maybe this car owner should have gone with a clever plate about fuel consumption instead of gloating about its size. Although pretty funny and obviously sarcastic, still quite a waste of money.

19 No Wife On A White Ferrari

via pinterest.com

As if a white Ferrari needed extra attention, this exotic car owner felt the need to take things a step further. All the single bachelors out there might applaud the tactic. After all, buying such a ride, one of the goals might be to impress the ladies. But how are the gals supposed to know whether or not the guy is single, in all likelihood riding around in such a ride, he isn’t.

Okay, clearly we’re being sarcastic. This is a total waste of money and a desperate attempt to get noticed. We hope it was some kind of gag or dare because if not, that’s a little sad.

18 Who Needs Oil?

via me.me

Tesla owners tend to be quite witty when it comes to their license plates. Clearly, most owners are proud of the ride and some want to take it a step further. Of course, Tesla is an electric car that is battery and solar powered.

Thus, it doesn’t contain oil like the rest of the other cars.

This driver hilariously points that out with his plate, “OIL LOL.” Not only is it funny but it also makes quite the statement. Maybe another driver will be reminded of the positive effects the ride has on the environment.

17 “Not-Poor” On A Carrera

via carponents.com

For those that aren’t driving a Carrera, doesn’t this license plate kind of rub you the wrong way? We appreciate a fine looking car but what we might appreciate even more is the humble driver behind the ride. The minute that isn’t the case any longer, the car kind of depreciates in value.

Be honest, you’ve seen many examples of that in the past.

Given this guy’s plate message, it might be one of those scenarios. Even Porsche enthusiasts might be rubbed the wrong way by this person’s message. At the end of the day, it is one of those “but why” types of license plates.

16 Who Needs Gas? Not Me

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We said Tesla owners are quite witty when it comes to customizing license plates. Now whether or not it is actually worth the extra price is pretty debatable, however, the plates do send a positive message.

This one clearly indicates that gas isn’t needed which is a plus at least for the environment and those hefty oil prices that are constantly shifting.

No need for gas with this ride, just a simple electric charge will do the trick. For those that need a reminder, you might be able to find it on a creative license plate, especially in the U.S.

15 Gas Guzzler "LOL MPG"

via carjojo.com

As we said earlier in the article, everything is bigger in Texas. The types of cars one can usually find when driving on a Texas road are generally pickups or SUVs. Of course, other vehicles exist but these types of rides are seen aplenty.

Opposite of the Tesla, this ride pokes fun at itself for its lackluster miles per gallon rating. Of course, it takes quite a bit of cash to fill up such a monster-sized ride, so why not waste even more money by customizing your own plate and letting everyone know about the struggle?

14 The “EVIL” Lambo

Why anyone would even think about writing the term “EVIL” on the back of a beautiful Lamborghini is truly beyond us. Talk about a skewed message, huh?

Nonetheless, the plate message might be all show.

Clearly, the driver of the ride isn’t as evil as his license plate suggests. He pulls over and gives a man in need some extra cash, not necessarily an evil move and nowhere near the message his plate is trying to send. Maybe he should have given the extra money that he paid for the plate to charity.

13 “I’M A CAR”

via reddit.com

Texas has a weird sense of humor when it comes to plates on the back of a car. We’re not sure what’s in the Texas air but it might be a little too much wit. Talk about a waste, this plate is the poster child for the message we’re trying to get across. We can’t believe this car owner paid extra bucks to get this on his plate, “I’M A CAR.”

Sure, the message might get a quick smile from another driver but after that moment passes, it still says "I’m a car" - that’s embarrassing and quite the waste of money.

12 Corvette Owner Is No Genius... And He’s Proud Of It

via imgur.com

Who needs education right? A strong GPA usually ranges from 3.5 to 4.0. Even a 3.0 is a decent rating and one that can get you accepted into a decent college. However, what isn’t as strong is a 1.5 GPA.

This Corvette owner mocks the schooling system by perhaps writing his very own GPA on the back of his Corvette ride.

Yes, we understand the clever irony that despite his low IQ, he still ended up with a ride so many US citizens admire. However, for the most part, all he’s doing is just reminding others that he isn’t the brightest tool in the shed.

11 Star Wars All Day, Every Day

via fundir.com

Some decide to use a witty message on their plate or at least a message they think of as witty. Others might decide to showcase something they're passionate about. That might include your favorite sports team on the front end of the ride. However, Star Wars fans take things a little further, we’ve seen numerous cases of Star Wars enthusiasts paying homage to the flick but customizing their own plate as a tribute.

This one is an homage to Darth Vader. The driver uses some of his wit by using the least amount of letters as possible. He saves a couple of bucks just putting an 8.

10 As If We Needed A Reminder

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Ask just about anyone and they’ll likely be able to tell you that Ferraris cost a lot given the luxury and appeal of the ride on the outside matched with its performance capabilities on the inside.

Not only do most Ferrari models, especially nowadays, sound fast but they’re also capable of backing it up.

For whatever reason, this driver felt the need to let everyone know that the car is a speedster as if the prancing horse on the back wasn’t enough indication. If anything, the message on the back of the car hurts the coolness of this ride.

9 “OMG MOV” In Texas

via exoticwhipstv.com

Yes, Texas does feature a plethora of pickups and SUVs, however, it isn’t out of the norm to see an exotic car like this stunning McLaren. Now we can’t say the same for the plate but the ride itself is an absolute beauty.

Like the Ferrari, the plate actually does more harm than good. The “OMG MOV” kind of dictates that the driver is pretty obnoxious and someone that might feel entitled when he’s on the road because of the car he’s driving. Plus, how are you going to get someone to move when you have the message on the back of your car...

8 Who Needs A BMW?

via audiforums.com

We move over to the great white north for this plate. Clearly, the driver is a happy Audi owner, however, he isn’t a fan of the BMW brand. It might make for an awkward encounter if he’s stopped at a traffic light and a BMW pulls up.

We can imagine the number of times that has taken place given the abundance of BMWs in Ontario.

All it does is create more awkwardness and perhaps suggest that the driver is bitter about BMW for whatever reason. He’s better off slapping “Tim Horton’s” on the back instead. Why not? It sounds better and everyone loves Tim’s!


via wordpress.com

Clever but such a waste. Cleary, this driver is all about their Honda, so much so that they felt the need to express their love of the vehicle with this play on words. Like some of the others on the list, it’ll get a smile from another driver though it’ll be forgotten about rather quickly after that. When reality starts to set in, another driver might be thinking to themselves, “but why?”

At the very least, the Connecticut plate isn’t offensive nor is it poking fun at anyone or anything. He just really wants everyone to know he’s driving a Honda.

6 The “BLAHHHH” Audi

via pinterest.com

Audi owners have a funny way of expressing themselves. Earlier in the article, one of the owners felt the need to call out BMW. This particular driver doesn’t call out anything nor does his plate make any sense.

It simply reads, “BLAHHHH,” why on earth would anyone ever consider putting such a word to their plate?

This one is like, borderline funny. It might get a small chuckle perhaps from an eight-year-old sitting in the back seat. Not the wittiest plate on the list that’s for sure.

5 “LOLUMAD” – I Am Now

via picshag.com

This one might get the award for the most aggravating plate on the list. Someone in California decided it was a clever idea to write “LOLUMAD” on the back of his ride. All that really does is turn someone’s good day into an angry one. Why would someone be so obnoxious to put that on the back of their vehicle?

We can imagine the driver of the ride got a couple of strange looks for his plate, likely sheer looks of anger and not happy smiles. He should just change it to “LOL.”

4 “Angry” California Driver

via carjojo.com

We’re not sure what’s going on in California but the local folks have a weird way of expressing themselves. This driver just writes “Angry” on the back of his ride. We don’t blame him especially when it comes to the traffic in the area, particularly in places like Los Angeles.

Any driver can get stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

So yea, maybe he does have a point to write this word on the back of his car... Are we actually justifying someone for writing angry on the back of his ride? Yikes, okay let’s move on to the next one.

3 “OUTA GAS” In Texas

via reddit.com

This Tesla owner gets extra points for his bravery. Out in Texas, lots of the rides take a lot of fuel to fill up. This car owner decides to have some fun with that notion due to the fact that he doesn’t require any gas at all. Hence the term “OUTA GAS” on the back of his ride.

Tesla owners have a unique sense of humor and that’s especially true in the US, they aren’t afraid to show it. Lots of Tesla owners are proud to be helping out the environment, and clearly, they want everyone to know, even if it is with a tacky license plate.

2 Van1sh – Aston Martin

via swishtoday.com

It’s pretty hard to vanish when you’re driving around in an Aston Martin. The ride is a noticeable one so escaping isn’t all that easy. This is another plate that’s really so unclear and just a waste of money.

Adding the 1 instead of the “i” is just another lame tactic used by the driver.

He was better off keeping things simple and using a standard license plate. He has a beautiful car, why ruin it with something so head-scratching on the back? Not the wisest decision.

1 Too Far? “U R Next”

via reddit.com

This driver took things way too far with this license plate. Surely, he purchased the vehicle for dirt cheap and he has nothing do with driving around those that have passed. In all likelihood, he’s just trying to have a little fun with this eerie ride, though some might find it a little distasteful, even during spookier days like Halloween.

Some might get a kick out of it but for the most part, we can only imagine the types of stares this person gets from others. Maybe changing this plate wouldn’t be the worst idea.....

Sources: Pinterest, Jalopnik & Reddit

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