17 Photos Of Motorcyclists Defying The Laws Of Gravity

Before we get too far into this, it must be said that riding a motorcycle is serious business and is something you should take seriously, and not play around with. Safety first and all that, There, Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at some of the coolest photos of people flying through the air on motorcycles and doing things that you just wouldn't expect anyone to be able to do. You know, because of gravity and all that. How do these guys practice this stuff anyway? That very first time they do a jump it must be very scary.

Some of these guys you will see in these photos are just messing around and doing some tricks and just getting off the ground a little bit, while others are pro stunt jumpers who spend weeks and months planning their next trick. No matter how you slice it though, these guys are awfully brave, or maybe they are just totally crazy. When it comes to doing jumps on a motorcycle, what really is the difference between brave and crazy anyway?

Here are 20 photos of motorcyclists defying the laws of gravity. Kids don't try this at home.

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17 I Believe I Can Fly

via wallpapers.com

Sometimes you see a shot that is so amazing that it almost seems unreal, and this is one of them. What an amazing photo of an amazing jump. This is truly gravity defying and is something that looks almost impossible.

Some of these guys totally have to be more than a little bit crazy to do some of these stunts, but hey, better them than us.

We just get to see these guys doing some amazing things from the safety of our homes.

16 Travis Pastrana Has It Going On

via gettyimages.

Travis Pastrana is one of the worlds biggest daredevils. Here he is doing a typically insane and high flying motorcycle stunt. As USA Todays says "Travis Pastrana is one of those who has followed the path started by Knievel, and he paid tribute to America's most legendary stuntman by completing – and heightening – three of his famous jumps in one evening in an event called "Evel Live" on the History channel."

15 Form A Line

via flickr.com

Stuff like this is totally odd to me. How does this happen? How do you even know so many guys that even want to do something like this, let alone get them to do it? I don't know, but apparently, if you're into something, even if it is something a lot of other people don't do, then you're going to find other people that are into it too. Just Kidding!

This is actually one rider, but caught several times mid-jump and stitched together.

It makes for a cool effect, and seems impossible.

14 That's A Lot Of Crushed Cars

via lvreview.com

What is the deal with jumping crushed cars? It's like "Oh, I jumped a whole bunch of cars the other day" sounds pretty impressive, but not so much if they are crushed. What is that even about? That is like saying you can dunk over Lebron James if he is laying down on his back. Don't get me wrong, it is still a cool stunt and a very cool photo, but come on. You guys aren't fooling anyone with this crushed car stuff.

13 I Got This

vi wallpaperart.com

Sometimes you see a stunt that is simply breathtaking and this is one of them. You have to wonder why so few people have been hurt doing motorcycle jumps because the whole thing is really amazing. It certainly seems incredible when you see a photo like this, but one has to remember that these people are highly trained and don't just go out and do things like this right away. You just have to remember. Kids. Don't try this at home.

12 It Takes Two

via visordown.com

Here you see two different dudes on two different bikes doing two different jumps, all at the same time. I have to say looking at photos like this with people doing crazy gravity-defying stunts in front of a crowd I know I would way rather be a member of the crowd than doing those jumps.

This kind of thing is totally fun to look at, but I sure wouldn't want to do it.

If you would, you're a better person than I am, for sure.

11 Strike A Pose

via motorcycleusa.com

Sometimes it is impossible not to admit that some of these guys look incredibly cool doing what they do. I sure wish that I was one of them sometimes. How could I not? How manly is it to do something like this anyway? No matter how you slice it these guys are cool and they know it. I suppose when it comes right down to it I would rather be not cool and not doing this insane, but hey, there is no doubt he looks good doing it.

10 Bike On The Water

via ventspils.lv

Sometimes you come across a photo of a motorcycle stunt and it is hard to piece together what is going on. Was this photo taken at the finish of some sort of successful stunt, or was this the end of something that went totally wrong? It is hard to tell, but one can imagine the dude probably didn't want to end up in the ocean while riding his motorcycle. At least it was a soft landing, even though it was a wet one.

9 Showing Off

via telegraphandargus.com

Sometimes when people are doing jumps on bikes and defying the laws of gravity it is to accomplish something that is a personal goal or to try and break a record of some sort, while other times it is just a way to show off and have a bit of a party while you're at it.

In this photo, we see a guy who is competing in a motorcycle jump competition of sorts.

Don't put this kind of thing on at your local business, unless you have a ridiculous amount of insurance.

8 Evil Knievel Is Still The Man

via heightline.com

If you grew up at a certain time you knew who Evil Knievel was. The guy was a total legend. He did dozens of famous motorcycle jumps and at one point even tried to make it over a canyon in a steam-powered rocket. Sure, you might say that good old Evil was pretty crazy, and to be honest with you, we wouldn't argue with you a whole lot about that, but in a piece that shows photos of motorcycle jumps it would be plain old wrong not to have one of Evil.

7 Can't Touch This

via youtube.com

Sometimes you see photos of these guys defying gravity on their bikes and you have to truly wonder what the heck they are doing?  Sometimes these guys are literally jumping 300 feet in distance through the air.  You would think this would mean they didn't care a whole lot about style points, if it were us, we would just be trying to survive, but still a lot of these guys spend a lot of time showing off their form. Yeah, you look great, now get back on the bike before you hurt yourself.

6 Taking Off

via youtube.com

Now, what would a jump be without a perfect takeoff? Not much, in fact, it is actually what a whole stands between a lot of would-be motorcycle jumpers and those who never get off the ground.

It sure is easy for a rider to say they are going to do an incredible jump, but when it comes right down to it they have to actually to let go and do it.

Here is a dude getting ready to get after it and take off. Will he fly like an eagle or wipeout immediately?

5 Show Off

via zerotosixtytimes.com

Sometimes people do amazing jumps and it is super impressive, other times it just looks like the guy is trying a little too hard to be cool. This is one of those photos. It isn't like the jump isn't cool, I guess it is good enough, but at the same point, what is up with the "No Hands" thing? Is it supposed to look really awesome that you got like 15 feet of air and then took your hands off the bike? Grab ahold of that again before you hurt yourself.

4 Piece Of Cake

via zeromotorcycles.co

While we have already commented on how it is never cool to show off, it is fine to have a little flair, just like this rider does when he starts to come in for a landing. It is like the difference between being hip and being cool, we hope that you know what we are talking about, but if you don't then we can't help you. Anyway, this is a cool photo of a jump, if only we knew what had happened before this shot, and what is happening after.

3 Nice Outfit

via gettyimages.com

On occasion, one might stand out a bit more by wearing a different sort of outfit while making a jump. This photo is a good example of that.

Sure the jump isn't all that impressive, but hey, the guy is wearing a pretty sharp looking suit.

If you want to be different in the crowd just dress to impress while attempting a jump. Just don't mess it up, you want to be memorable for the right reasons, not by being a guy in a suit that crashed.

2 Planes Got Nothing On Me

via youtube.com

Okay, sure the plane isn't very high off the ground, but you have to admit, it still is pretty cool to see a motorcycle up above it in this photo. Yeah, it might be kind of a gimmick, but still, this guy has some major air going on. I still would rather take a reputable airline if I needed to do some air travel as opposed to a motorcycle, I really enjoy a smooth landing when I fly.  but hey, what do I know? I am not a daredevil after all.

1 A Different Kind Of Jump

via youtube.com

You have to admit this is one of the best motorcycle jumps ever. Okay wait, so when we were talking about motorcycle jumps, this isn't what we meant? It is jumping a motorcycle after all.  Well, either way, this deer is getting some serious air right now. I would bet that if you photoshopped in a basketball to this photo it might seem that we are looking at Russel Westbrook. Someone sign this deer to a contract.

Sources: LasVegasReview, VisorDown, MotorcycleUSA

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