20 Photos Of Nice Cars Pretty Much Ruined By Paint (And Wraps)

Let's just hope you aren't devastated when you see some of the nicest cars out there, including legends like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Regardless of what car you own, you always have the option to make some modifications to help the car stand out. And when it comes to the cars on our list, the owners of these vehicles have managed to make modifications to their car that help achieve that goal. But standing out, especially for an awful paint job, is probably not what they were hoping for when they set out to transform their car. Though if their only goal was to show the world how much they love certain things, then you will be able to say they succeeded. After all, nobody goes out and gets a design of Moana painted on the back of their truck without a serious appreciation for the movie.

Which also probably means making sure that they have the soundtrack from the movie locked and loaded for their trips around town! And while M&M's are a delicious candy, you might not think there is any candy (or food for that matter) that is worth using your car to pay homage to. There is also nothing wrong with loving animals. but seeing the length that one alligator and jaguar enthusiast went to transform a car might leave you with the opinion that maybe they should have just gotten a tattoo of the animal to show off instead.

Let's just hope you aren't devastated when you see some of the nicest cars out there, including legends like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, that don't look nearly as nice as the day they were sitting on the lot waiting to be sold.

20 Stay Out Of The Water (And Off The Road)!

Via Drive 2

If you are asked to talk about some of the most dangerous creatures that can find themselves inhabiting the water, your mind might first lead to you to think about something like sharks, due in part to the success of the Jaws movie franchise. But as popular as sharks are, alligators are also beloved in society and dangerous in the water. They are definitely best appreciated from a distance rather getting up close and personal with them, at least unless you want to risk losing some limbs, or worse! You need to hope that when it comes to this fan, putting an alligator design on the hood of their car is as close as they'll ever get to one.

19 Stand Back, This Ferrari Has Teeth!

Via Automobiles Review

If you were being honest with yourself, you might agree that this would be a terrible thing to do to a Ferrari even if the owner had made the decision to stop after applying the gold color to the outside of it. But when they went ahead and also added some teeth to the front of the car, the whole thing gets a lot worse. Perhaps they just wanted a way to show off that the car used to be a beautiful shade of red? Though knowing how amazing the car could have looked if the owner had just left it as-is may make you all the more disappointed in their decision-making process.

18 Does Kylie Approve Of Travis Scott's Car?

Via WordPress

When you look at tabloid news sites, there are many different topics that you can guarantee are going to be a topic of discussion. It's just a fact that the world seems obsessed with whatever the Kardashian and Jenner girls are getting up to. In more recent years, Kylie has become arguably the most popular girl in the family. One of the things that definitely put Kylie on a larger radar screen was her decision to start up a relationship with Travis Scott, especially when she later got pregnant. But even if you have a favorable opinion of the Kardashian-Jenner family (or Scott, for that matter), you probably still won't find yourself loving this paint job that Scott had put on his car.

17 Minions Don't Belong On a Car

Via Flickr

One of the most popular animated studios in society right now is Illumination, the studio responsible for inflicting Minions on the world through the Despicable Me franchise. The company is set to become even bigger as they recently released The Grinch, with megastar Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. Which means that regardless of whether you love the Grinch, that you can probably expect to see an incredible amount of merchandise (and sequels) for the next several years. But I would still be shocked if someone took their van and used it as an opportunity to praise the Grinch in the way that this person did with a bunch of Minions.

16 Does This Make You Want M&M's?

Via Reddit

One of the most important things that you need to be aware of, at least if you want to live a long and healthy life, is your diet. And when you are evaluating some of the choices that you make, it is possible that you find yourself wishing you made better decisions in regards to things like how often you treat yourself to something like chocolate. Though when you consider this person who has gone to the extreme of putting M&M's all over their car, perhaps they've accepted that they aren't going to have a positive impact on their health but that they still aren't going to stop enjoying them.

15 Maybe a Moana Design Is Better On a Boat?

Via Pinterest

Disney has definitely found a tremendous amount of success when it comes to their decision to take classic animated Disney stories, such as Beauty and the Beast, and turn them into live-action films. They are going to take a big leap in this transition again in the near future when they come out with versions of Aladdin and Mulan. But there is also no question that Disney still knows how to rake in the money and success when it comes to putting out animated films. And while Frozen (and its subsequent sequel) might be the most popular animated film as of late, Moana was also a universal hit, earning over $600 million! That's a lot of people in theaters, though not all those viewers may be fans of this truck design.

14 Not The Best Way To Display That You Have Money

Via BG Custom Design

It is very possible that you are currently working (or working towards attaining) a job that leaves you with a considerable amount of financial freedom. And if that is the case, there might be some things that you have purchased for yourself that are fun to own but that might not actually serve too much of a practical purpose. The idea of putting a wrap on your car is something that you might think about, but I hope seeing this vehicle makes you realize getting that a wrap that consists entirely of bills isn't something that you should go ahead with, no matter how much money you have in the bank!

13 The Joker Is Awesome, This Paint Job Is Not

Via Miami Valley Taxidermy

There should be no questioning the amount of time and effort that Jared Leto put into becoming the Joker for Suicide Squad. But you would be in the vast minority if he is who you think about as the actor who delivered the best rendition of the character. The majority would most likely point to Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger, who was outstanding in the role for The Dark Knight. But as amazing as Ledger was, paying homage to his performance by getting The Joke spray-painted on your car is something that is probably best left as just an idea in your head. Especially if the execution comes out looking like this.

12 Nobody Will Want To Steal This Man Of Steel Inspired Truck!

Via Pinterest

There have been several different actors who have had the opportunity to play Superman. It was announced back in September that Henry Cavill's time of playing the man of Steel had officially come to an end, but it is definitely only going to be a matter of time before someone else gets to put on the tights. When you look at how much this person seems to love Superman, you just have to hold out hope that, whoever it is the studios end up selecting for the role, this fan approves of the decision. Maybe even casting the owner might be the best bet for a truly committed acting portrayal. If not, it may be time to go get a new truck!

11 Flo Rida Picked An Interesting Way To Promote His Music

Via Motor1

If you were listening to music on the radio back in 2008, you were not going to be able to last very long before the song "Low" by Flo Rida came on. And while Flo Rida has never had a song that is perhaps quite as catchy as singing about those girls in those boots with that fur, he has produced several other songs that have found him a significant amount of success. This includes the song "G.D.F.R." (which stand for Goin' Down for Real) that he released in 2014. Though you may like the song, you might not love his decision to promote the song by ruining this car!

10 When You Can't Pick a Color

Via Beethoven Stage

There are many amazing shows on television right now, but one of the very best is The Good Place that stars many talented individuals including Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. The show includes a character, Chidi, who has struggled his entire life with making decisions. Indecision is always a struggle, but in this case, it might mean that the next car on this list might actually be Chidi's dream car. Because the owner may have had that very problem when they were asked what color it is they wanted to have applied to the car. Though the answer "all of them" was probably a decision that you might not advise others make.

9 People Who Work At Supreme Might Love This Car, But Most People Won't

Via Reddit

It is very possible that you might be sitting there reading this list and wearing a piece of clothing (or some other piece of memorabilia) from the brand Supreme. But just because you might have an appreciation for the brand, that does not necessarily mean that you are going to find yourself appreciating the decision that this next driver on our list decided to make. Getting the Supreme logo wrapped on your car in this fashion is something that most people might agree looks pretty tacky. Not to mention, this puts an incredible amount of pressure on the person to always be wearing Supreme!

8 Trying To Intimidate Others With The Joker

Via TopWorldAuto

While Batman has had several incredible villains that have tried to take him down over the years, nobody is more prominent in their efforts than the Joker. But after you see the giant Joker that this person decided to put on the side of their truck, you might be left with the opinion that this should have been much less prominent. If you want to give them some credit, the fading of black to white could be something that you think looks cool. That being said, it is probably not enough to leave you thinking that this truck still looks awesome!

7 Jake Paul Got Some "Help" From West Coast Customs

Via West Coast Customs

There are some vehicles on our list that might have you thinking that even if the concept was good, then the execution of the idea was really where the design failed. But with this next entry, which actually belongs to social media celebrity Jake Paul, you can rest easy that the amount of time and attention put into the car was pretty significant. The design was put together by the company West Coast Customs who are celebrity professionals in their own right. The only problem is that even if the quality is there, the terrible design choice means that they would always be fighting an uphill battle.

6 Did You Know Hello Kitty Was Married?

Via Pinterest

There is nothing wrong with having a serious level of appreciation for the Hello Kitty franchise. But you might think there is something wrong with deciding to show the world just how much you love the franchise by making the decisions that this driver has with their vehicle. None of which may be all the more alarming than the fact that the (seemingly female) driver, has gone through the effort to get a "Mrs. Kitty" decal created and put on the windshield of their car. But when you consider how much they love Hello Kitty, it might only be a matter of time before the back-half of the car starts to receive a similar treatment as the front.

5 You Might Wish This Would Wash Off

Via Twitter

One of the best things that you can do to try and leave a lasting mark on something is to write on it with a marker that has permanent ink, such as a Sharpie. But just because the design or mark that you make won't be going away anytime soon, that does not mean that that is always a good thing. As for this fan, they seemingly decided that taking inspiration from a Sharpie is exactly what they should have done when putting together the design for their vehicle. It's just unfortunate that you may look at this car and find yourself wishing it was temporary.

4 Let's Hope This Driver Isn't As Angry As The Hulk

Via TopsImages

While there are many superheroes who have anger problems, and antagonists of the Hulk definitely know that they are not going to have themselves a very good time if they make the horrific mistake of making him angry. And when you consider the fact that this owner is driving around in a Hummer, you also probably want to do your best to not get on their bad side. Especially because if they made this decision and somehow came away with the opinion that their car looks better as a result, since they might also have some questionable opinions when it comes to what proper safety on the road looks like. Which, depending on what car you are driving, could be dangerous if an accident occurred.

3 Xzibit Lets The World Knows He Loves Adidas

Via Top Speed

Adidas is a fantastic brand that very likely has produced at least one thing that you have enjoyed over the course of your life. But you might find it pretty hard to enjoy this Adidas-themed Lamborgini. The design was done for the rapper Xzibit when he participated in the Gumball 3000 Rally. The rally happens every year and features a wide variety of supercars going along a set path that takes them around to several prominent cities in the world. It's possible that Xzibit just wanted to help stand out from the competition with his themed car, but as this list will constantly reveal, standing out is not always a great quality to have!

2 Hailey Baldwin Might Not Want To Drive This Car Owned By Justin Bieber

Via Nobody Likes Dilawri

One of the biggest pieces of news in the last year, at least as far as the entertainment world is concerned, was the developing relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. The two tied the knot earlier this year and can hopefully manage to maintain a relationship that makes both of them feeling supported. But I don't know if Hailey would be able to support some of Justin's more "out there" design choices when it comes to the cars that he has been seen driving, such as this leopard print that might help him stand out. But considering he's Justin Bieber, he was probably going to stand out even if he was driving around in a basic Civic!

1 Your Car Might Be a Jaguar, But This Is Still Too Far!

Via Car Well

If you were driving around in a Jaguar, it might be possible that one of the reasons you decided to go with that brand of car is because you also have a significant appreciation for the animal it's named after. But just because you love jaguars does not mean you need to utilize your vehicle to let the world know. Especially because anyone who looks at this car might come away with a worse opinion on the animal! While I don't know what part of this vehicle is the most offensive (the paws? the teeth?!), every little detail just hammers home the point that there were some very bad decisions made here.

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