20 Photos Of People That Took Off Their Sunroof Too Early (And Paid For It)

Driving with the sunroof open or the windows down is an almost daily occurrence, but it could result in an unfortunate circumstance.

Sunroofs, windows, and convertibles are all incredibly designed in ways that allow us to bring the outside into our cars, and connect us with the fresh air and sunshine outside of our cars. For many, driving with the sunroof open or the windows down is an almost daily occurrence, and for many convertible owners, they keep their top-down religiously, no matter when they're driving.

While in many places of the world there is inclement weather, storms, rain, snow, freezing weather, the list goes on, that doesn't stop some from owning convertibles anyway. There are still a fair amount of nice days to justify the purchase and ownership. It makes sense in a place like the mountains, where a late spring, summer, or early fall ride through the hills of the mountains in a convertible becomes one of the greatest pastimes of all time.

But, inevitably, something will go wrong, and at a time when it's least convenient. Perhaps a quick run into a store means that you come back to a soaked car because you left the windows down, or the sunroof open, or the top on the convertible down. Or perhaps it's been a long and cold winter, and as soon as a hint of spring hits, it's time to open up those sunroofs, roll down those windows, take that top off. Yet beware as the weather in springtime can change in an instant. Let's take a look at 20 photos of people who took their sunroof off to early and regretted it.

20 At Least She Found Shelter

via pbenjay.wordpress.com

This old lady really didn't think things through when she decided to take the top off of her little red convertible. It's clear that she's paying for her mistake, too, as she seems very bored and stuck underneath what looks like a gas station gazebo.

It's unclear as to just what exactly that is in the back of her car, too. Is it a lawn furniture set? Who knows, but she picked a pretty bad day to haul a load, with the rain coming down in buckets, there's no way that she wouldn't get home unscathed.

19 Back In A Flurry

via reddit.com

What hurts more than getting stuck under a gas station gazebo while it rains is most definitely this. An expensive convertible sports car usually doesn't hurt at all, but is the opposite, bringing joy to any and all who drive it.

But when you decide to go for a topless drive a little bit early, things could end up becoming quite painful, indeed, as the snow starts falling and filling up your car. The result is a very expensive one, with repairs likely very necessary. Talk about a cold wet drive home.

18 Chilly As It Gets

via fox8.com

Just imagine seeing this man on your daily commute to work in the depths of winter. Clearly, he's completely lost his mind, as he's driving in the mountains in the cold snow with the roof off of his car. Either that or his heat really, really works well.

I'd worry more about magnesium chloride getting in my mouth, but that's just me. He doesn't even have a hat on, one further thing that testifies to his insanity. Let's hope he gets to where he's going before he freezes and crashes.

17 Definitely Regretted It

via twitter.com

Judging by the fact that the roads are still clear in this photo, it's likely that this photo is depicting a scene near the end of spring, when the days are warm, tantalizingly so, but a snowstorm is never unexpected. Here perhaps a sudden flurry came through, leaving this man with regret.

He must have greatly regretted this one, perhaps when he left it was sunny and warm, but now it's just the opposite, snowy, wet, cold, and miserable. Next time maybe he'll double check the forecast before he goes out.

16 Expected Snowfall (Not)

via union-bulletin.com

Parking a convertible with the top down is always a pretty risky thing. There's no stopping anyone from taking any of your things from inside or vandalizing it in some way, or even stealing various parts of the car.

One of the many risks of parking top-down involves weather, as it's never a completely for sure thing. Perhaps this person was at work all day, and then a big snowstorm came through. Best to always keep the top up when it's unattended!

15 Fair Weather Day For A Cruise

via krdo.com

Obviously, the title of this entry is sarcastic, as there really is no fair weather anywhere in this photo, making it perhaps one of the worst days to go out in a convertible. This photo shows the streets covered in dirty snow, all the sidewalks, grass, and trees dusted with thick layers of white snow.

All of it equals one thing: cold. And the cold isn't the best for a convertible unless you're a fan of getting a taste of the winter-time while driving at sixty miles an hour. With windchill, it must be devastatingly cold.

14 Going All Out

via reddit.com

This person decided to take the top off of their Mazda without a moment's hesitation. As soon as the snow stopped falling, they ripped it off (if it wasn't already off before) and took their car out on a lovely, snowy drive.

While it looks kind of picturesque, it still looks cold, and I'd be constantly worried about getting a boatload of snow and slush and mud into the interior of the car, a likely possibility with such a small and lowdown car.

13 Heat At Full Blast Please

via 3dcarshows.com

The big powerful engine inside this Audi paired with the four-wheel drive system likely installed makes this Audi a lot of fun to drive in the snow. Whether or not it would be fun with the top down is an entirely different story altogether.

They seem to be enjoying themselves, though, as if there was no snow or no cold at all. Which, I suppose if they had the heat high enough at full blast, it might just be bearable on the inside, especially with a bright red and white Santa Claus costume on.

12 It Can't Be Fun To Drive That In The Snow


This is the Plymouth Prowler. It is perhaps the ugliest car ever created, and one of the most pointless. It wasn't well built, didn't perform well, and as was touched on, it's pretty ugly. But, it was a convertible.

So it's doubtful that this thing could be fun to drive in the snow, it's doubtful that it could be fun to drive at all, so when it comes to convertible antics in the snow, this one doesn't seem to stand much of a chance. Let's hope the heat won't be broken.

11 Just A Little Won't Hurt It, Right?

via pinterest.com

The warmest thing in this entire image centers around a thought, the thought that this is just a Chrysler Sebring. It's a warm one, though it's probably not warm enough of a thought to keep the driver warm as they make their way home through the snow.

Through the snow, and with their bodies soaked from the seats that have become saturated with cold water and even colder snow. Not fun, if you ask me, and a great way to catch a cold. Maybe the best way, though not in a Sebring.

10 Looks Too Cold To Be Enjoyable

via deskgram.com

If the face of the one dude here in the foreground is any kind of indication whatsoever or at all, it's clear that these two are probably not having any manner of fun in any manner of way. They've even dressed appropriately, but maybe not enough.

The rain and sleet leaving icy cold snow on the ground means that it's not as cold as it could be, but still very cold. Add into that the windchill factor present while driving down the highway at 75, and you've got a couple of cold people.

9 New Way To Have Fun Sledding (As An Adult)

via southcoasttoday.com

I suppose the equivalent of being a kid and sledding down a great big hill as an adult would be just this: driving around in a sports car with the top down. You'd have to get all dressed up in winter clothes, you'd have to be prepared to get snow in your face.

But you'd also have to be ready to experience some serious fun. There's nothing quite as satisfying or fun as doing donuts, spins, J-turns, and drifts in the snow. It makes you feel like a kid again, but this time it's the adult version of sledding.

8 Open Roof Might Not Be A Regret

via wildsau.ca

With a Porsche like this one, no matter the weather, you've got some serious power and some serious punch hunching over those huge back two wheels. Enough power to take you up any snowy mountain, and through any valley pass. Summer or winter, this car is a treat to drive.

Now whether or not it's a treat to drive with the top down is an entirely different story, but I have a suspicion that no matter how cold it is and how freezing the tip of your nose is, that this machine is fun to drive.

7 Perhaps Not The Best Solution

via realflix.com

Taking the top off of a convertible is like opening up a world of limitless freedom. With the sky above you and the world all around, it really does seem like anything is possible. So, when it comes to taking it off, some people just can't resist the temptation.

This can lead to some pretty unfortunate circumstances, though, because maybe the weather wasn't quite good enough, but you just couldn't resist yourself. That's what happened here, where for some reason the solution was to put up an umbrella. Perhaps not the best idea.

6 Really Not Safe, Nor A Good Time

via pinterest.com

Driving in a blizzard is always a very dangerous prospect, visibility is low, control is minimal, conditions are hazardous, speed must be reduced, and maneuverability sometimes drops to almost zero.

So, naturally, this person decided they wanted to drive around with their top down in the middle of a blizzard. And, instead of, I don't know, pulling over and putting it up, they threw a tarp over their head, further reducing their visibility, and their distraction level. Really not safe, nor a good time.

5 More Powder In The Face Than Fun

via miata.net

These Mazda Miata lovers clearly seem like they're out racing with their tops down on purpose. Perhaps they're on a frozen lake taking part in a special race of some kind, a top-down winter race (it's sounding less and less fun.)

And perhaps they weren't planning on this much powder, either, maybe they were hoping for clear ice. Who knows, but in the current state of it, it seems they are getting more powder in the face than fun.

4 So Don't Leave The Sunroof Open In A Blizzard

via reddit.com

If you're not in the mood to come back to your car and see it full of wet snow, then perhaps it would be best to not leave the sunroof open in a snowstorm. Leaving the sunroof open when there's snow is counter-intuitive. Obviously.

It also leads to very expensive repairs, as the interior of a car is not very waterproof, not very waterproof at all. There are countless electronics and sensor technology that will get ruined by wet snow or water for sure. Best to only open the sunroof when it's sunny. Obviously.

3 The Interior Isn't Waterproof

via reddit.com

Sudden rainstorms have caught the best of us at times when we least expected it, and also when we're least prepared for it. Perhaps our nicest suit was doused with water, or our laptop case, our phone, or something got waterlogged in an unexpected torrent.

While we've all experienced that, not all of us have experienced this. With all the windows down, and the sunroof open, the interior of this BMW has been for all intents and purposes destroyed in a sudden rainstorm. Talk about having a really bad day.

2 Ultimate Sunroof Fail

via bestride.com

Depending on the temperature outside, snow in an interior has the potential to not be the worst thing in the world, as the snow can be removed with little complication as long as it doesn't melt. Even still, the snow gets down into places where it can't be reached and then melts in peace.

This, though, looks a little more like frozen moisture, which could mean all kinds of trouble, especially if it were to melt. Of course, the easiest solution here is just to make sure that the sunroof stays closed, especially in a cold climate like this.

1 Very Cold Commute

via reddit.com

While it's not actively snowing in this picture, there's snow all over the ground, and the sky is dark with clouds and fog. That all means one thing: it's very, very cold outside. Much too algid for anything like, say, driving around in a convertible.

Judging by the state of the roads, covered in powdery frozen snow that hasn't had even the slightest chance to melt, it's really cold. Way too cold to be driving a convertible. Yet, that's what these people are doing. Talk about a very freezing commute.

Sources: Deskgram, Reddit & Union Bulletin

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