15 Photos Of People Who Turned Their Pickup Trucks Into Waste Bins

Here are 15 photos of people who turned their pickup trucks into trash pits.

It’s an interesting phenomenon that when people are able to get nice things they are often willing to go to great lengths to then beat up, deface, and ultimately ruin those nice things. A case in point is the way people treat their cars. Sure, most people treat their cars like they were practically a member of the family, spending inordinate amounts of time, energy, and yes, money, on keeping their “babies” looking good. We all know that one person who can’t even let another person ride in their car without first taking off their shoes, using a plastic tarp to sit on (like those love seats in Grandma’s parlor that are basically shrink-wrapped to protect the fabric), and signing a waiver form promising not to spill McDonald’s crumbs everywhere.

But a pretty significant minority of car owners, based on our research here at HotCars, end up treating their rides like they’re the county dump. And it’s not just car owners either. Pickup truck owners are, if anything, an even messier breed of vehicle owner. Perhaps it’s that whole idea that a pickup truck is meant to haul things but there are so many people out there who overload their trucks, turning them into their own personal waste bins that it’s not even funny. Some of the following images might be legitimate “scrap/salvage” operations but even those show a blatant disregard for the well-being of the truck itself. Or other drivers for that matter. Here are 15 people who turned their pickup trucks into trash pits.

15 Trash Mountain

via narratively

We start off with a not-so-subtle reminder that while just about every part of the world’s population has access to personal pickup trucks, not every part of the world’s population has access to regular (and regulated) trash pickup services. As is obvious from this picture, Waste Management, Advanced Disposal and the awesomely named Groot Industries don’t operate in all four corners of the world. Instead, you get guys like this, trying to pile way too much trash in the bed of their own pickup truck and make a quick buck. This image is from Cairo, Egypt, a city with a thriving underground trash pickup “culture.”

14 Boston Bozo

via bostonglobe

And then there are the guys who should know better. Boston does have an entire trash disposal network operated by both the city and private professionals whose job it is to keep the streets clean. Clearly, this guy hasn’t been paying attention to that little fact. Either that or he is trying to clean up the schools (literally!) one classroom at a time. In any case, according to no less an authority than the Boston Globe, this guy has been stopped by the “Staties” (you know, the guys Damon and DiCaprio played in The Departed) more than once for being a public menace on the roadways of Boston. Hmm, we wonder why…

13 Wicker Man

via thegolfclub

If anyone here remembers that old horror movie The Wicker Man with a shudder of fright and revulsion or that other old horror movie with the killer monster that lived literally in a wicker baby bassinet (it was called Basket Case because, of course it was) then one might want to vacate these premises before seeing this photo. We’re not saying that there are monsters living in this crazy contraption of wicker strapped on, around, under, and over this pickup truck but we’re not saying there are not either. Of course, these guys could have just hit the sun deck of an abandoned resort hotel. Oh wait, that’s another place monsters like to hang out.

12 Tie-Down Nightmare

via vqronline

Guy one: “Hey, I’ve got an awesome idea, let’s just tie-down the three stories of trash we have piled up in this pickup truck and we’ll be dandy.” (Guy One immediately proceeds to get on his cell phone and ignore the proceedings) Guy Two: “That’s a great idea; I’ll scale to the top of this Everest of trash and start tying.” Guys Three and Four: “You betcha- you do that and we’ll make sure we don’t pull so hard on this rope that we yank you right off the top of the truck. This will work!” Fade to black…

11 If You Build It…

via islandcountywa

The question about this particular image is whether we can all agree that this guy is a carpenter on his way to a job (or leaving a job) or some kind of hoarder who has a thing for old mildewy prefab “wood.” It’s pretty safe to assume that the latter statement is true- that is certainly a whole bunch of cheap looking junk this guy is carting around in the back of his truck. That’s too bad because the pickup looks to be in pretty darn good condition, which is a far cry from a lot of the trucks on this list.

10 True Trash

via ansasago

We are almost tempted to believe that this shot is of an official (or at the very least quasi-official) pickup truck making the neighborhood trash rounds. It is certainly the kind of no-frills, workhorse Ford truck that often does the dirty work around town. But there’s not really enough bed space in that thing to haul much more than one good load from one household so the smart money is that it’s just another dude hauling his own junk to the dump. The incongruity of this rather nice residential neighborhood (look at that Redwood stained fence!) and a truck full of trash is a bit much though.

9 Trailer Trash

via thesedaysofmine

This image, on the other hand, is almost certainly one of a town or county vehicle doing all the hard work. Or perhaps it’s a Homeowner’s Association vehicle. It does look a little beat up around the edges and one would think that most self-respecting civic entities, such as local governments, school districts, and park districts would keep their vehicles in better repair. Also, that trailer is a pretty darn impressive example of something that has seen better days. If this really is a private owner then this guy is committed with a capital “C” to hauling trash.

8 Truth In Advertising


Here we have our first picture of what is clearly a scrap metal salvage operation. How do we know that? Well, because this guy spray painted his business and phone number on the side of the slats of his truck (wooden slats he clearly built himself out of scrap wood he salvaged at some point- now that’s thrifty). In any case, what’s striking about this photo is just how unsafe and unreliable the pickup truck, loaded down with total junk, looks. A scrap metal business may not be the fanciest of jobs but one would think the person running it and relying upon their truck to succeed would treat the whole enterprise with a touch more respect.

7 Where’s Waldo Indeed

via autoinfo

It’s not just the outside beds of pickup trucks that people turn into compost piles. No, in an unsurprising twist, they also have a tendency (proclivity?) to soil the interiors of their once proud vehicles as well. Nobody knows if this guy is the owner of this truck or someone who was given the unenviable task of cleaning it out. Nobody even knows what kinds of seams of trash will be revealed in there. What we do know is that the Wendy’s “Where’s Waldo” bag in the foreground is a lie- if he had any sense, Waldo would have vacated these premises a long time ago.

6 Who Wants To Grill?

via ejobnet

Based upon the evidence of that new traffic looking cone this must be an official vehicle, right? Based upon the evidence of that collection of strange and esoteric items in the bed of the truck though, who really knows? This is one odd picture. If all of this isn’t just scrap metal heading to the great junkyard in the sky then what is it doing together? Is it the opening part of a bad handyman’s joke like “What do you get if you cross a ladder, two two-by-fours, a lawnmower, a gas grill, and a bag of trash together?” The mind boggles.

5 Catering Clean Up

via watershedpost

There’s nothing to see here, just your average, everyday massive load of trash about to split open being hauled around town in a short bed pickup truck. But what about all of those aluminum party pans that are thrown in there all crumpled up? Everyone knows those are the type of pans caterers love to use. So is this a caterer who has to haul out his or her own trash? That doesn’t seem like it should be part of the job description. And anyway, they need to get some heavier ply trash bags if it is- that whole mess is gonna bust open any minute now!

4 Don’t Open The Door

via flickr

Here we have another horrible example of people, for whatever reason they come up with, totally trashing the interior of their truck. For the love of all that’s sanitary, why would people do this? However, the real question is of course how much trash has spilled out of that open door and is now slowly seeping its toxic awfulness into the ground below. Too much, we are sure. It would be ever so much better if this were a vehicle we found abandoned in a junkyard but it looks to be in pretty good condition. It’s also parked at a gas station so maybe this is just the detritus of the world’s longest road trip. One can hope.

3 Tarp It

via svswa

This is an ideal image to take some time on and offer up some pro tips on the art of, you know, hauling garbage and crappy junk around. First off, if you’re going to tie off all of that junk in the back of your trunk, Make. An. Effort. This is a ridiculously poor tie-off job. Second, don’t use cardboard boxes as the tarps for all of the rest of your trash, it’s only gonna make you unhappy after the rains come. This is not the kind of rolling waste bin one wants to see in the lane in front of one. Not unless you like random pieces of whatever constantly launching themselves at your windshield

2 Home Relocation Job?

via autohaus

For some reason, this particular photo makes us a little sad. Sure, we have been raving about the weird evils of turning your pickup truck into a rolling garbage bucket but this one seems a little off for some reason. Perhaps it’s that brightly colored little toddler’s trike jammed into the middle of that enormous pile of junk. It’s just too incongruous perhaps. Well, that and the washing machine about to fall of the back and whatever creepy horror is hiding under that blanket. We take it back, this one isn’t sad; it’s spooky as all get out.

1 Prepare For Liftoff

via uusalem

And finally, we come to our last photo, one which appears to be intent upon defying the laws of physics. That is an awful lot of, well, whatever it is, piled off the back of that truck. Our take here at Hot Cars is that this guy is a Cal-Poly or MIT student who is attempting to prove that you can launch a pickup truck into space (or at least the upper atmosphere) by jamming five dozen really large trash bags full of five million really small balloons. If that’s the case, then we assume he has a re-entry plan in mind, since that one tie off holding the whole thing together looks like it will turn everything into ballast about 30 seconds after liftoff.

Sources: pinterest, atlasobscura, phillyvoice

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