19 Photos Of Pickups With The Coolest Secret Compartments

Aside from doing all the cool things that they do best, it seems certain pickup trucks also come with an exceptional edge.

Today, pickup trucks come in a couple of sizes. Nonetheless, their primary goal remains the same: to perform more practical functions than any other type of car out there.

Sure, trucks carry passengers from point A to point B just like any other type of vehicle. But aside from this, trucks are also capable of carrying types of cargo that would practically not fit in any other form of personal transport. These include boxes that are just too large and heavy along with any other item that has an unusual shape or size. At the same time, pickup trucks are typically designed with amazing towing capacity. That means you and your family can go on a road trip and take a trailer or boat with you.

Without a doubt, pickup trucks are great. Hence, it’s not a surprise that this type of vehicle remains a hot commodity in the market today. In fact, according to a report from PickupTrucks.com, sales remained strong throughout the end of 2018. This is despite dwindling sales for other types of vehicles, with the exception of SUVs.

Aside from doing all the cool things that they do best, it seems certain pickup trucks also come with an exceptional edge. That is, they can be modified in such a way that they provide additional storage space. Even better, these additional compartments can also be hidden from plain sight.

To give you a further idea on just what kind of secret storage space you can put on a pickup truck, here are some incredible examples:

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19 Cargo bed hole storage

via newatlas.com

As you can imagine, the cargo bed on any pickup truck readily offers a whole lot of storage space. Just to give you a better idea, a midsize pickup truck such as the 2019 Toyota Tacoma has a maximum payload capacity of 1,440 pounds. On the other hand, something as big as the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 carries an impressive maximum payload capacity of 5,761 pounds.

As you can see, that’s a whole lot of cargo that you can readily carry anytime. However, if you are looking for a concealed storage space, you can have the cargo bed modified to house a compartment underneath. Interestingly, it can be in the shape of a hole, which can house your spare tire.

18 Bumper drawer

via equipmentworld.com

Are you familiar with that bumper in the rear of your truck that gives the car extra protection? Well, as it turns out, it can also serve another purpose. Namely, as a cool hidden storage space.

According to the website Equipment World, this possibility was displayed during the SEMA 2018 show in Las Vegas. Here, Ford proudly displayed a customized F-150 by DeBerti Design. One of the features of the truck is a rear bumper that slides out into an expansive drawer. You can use it to store all sorts of tools that you need for work regularly. Meanwhile, you can also use this space to store several emergency accessories and equipment.

17 Bumper cabinet

via pinterest.com

Now, believe it or not, there are other cool things that you can do with that bumper on your pickup truck? And yes, the modifications still pertain to hidden storage.

In fact, if you don’t feel like having a sliding drawer, you can turn your bumper into a cabinet space instead. Well, that is exactly what one truck owner did and the result turned out to be pretty amazing. Based on a storage bumper designed by Graves Truck Gear, it’s possible to create a bumper drawer that can store as many as 22 cans. This storage space has “weather-sealed locking.”

16 Engine storage

via automobilemag.com

If there is anything small and pretty valuable that you want to hide in your car, you can consider tucking it into your engine compartment. After all, this is probably the last place that anyone would ever look. Hence, it might just be the perfect spot to store something important so long as you're okay with the temperature issue.

As PickupTrucks.com explained, "There are several nooks and crannies inside your engine compartment that can be used to hide things if you find the right storage box. Even the fuse box or your air filter box could work in a pinch. But remember things are likely to get a little warm in there."

15 Tailgate wall slot

via pinterest.com

Ask any pickup truck owner and they would tell you that having a tailgate is pretty important. After all, how else can you keep your items on the cargo bed secure while the truck is moving? Without a closed gate, this is quite impossible to do.

Did you know, however, that this tailgate can also serve a whole other purpose? Namely, it can also be cleverly used as a hidden storage space. Today, there are trucks with customized tailgates that slide out to reveal a pretty sizable storage area. In fact, it’s wide enough to fit your tool kit, work gloves and other accessories that you may require on a regular basis.

14 Step board storage

via pinterest.com

Now, if the tailgate on your pickup truck can be modified to serve as a storage space, the same can be done to the step boards on either side. Yes, we are talking about those rectangular boards that you rely on to get on and off the truck. As you may have noticed, they offer quite a good amount of space, which means it has some serious storage potential.

In fact, there are truck owners who had their step boards modified to serve as a little concealed drawer. This way, it can hold some spare clothes. On the other hand, you can also use the space to keep your tools or any type of sporting equipment that fit into this space.

13 Tail light storage

via motortrend.com

By now, you might be thinking that there is no other part of the pickup truck that can be modified into a secret storage space. Well, you’re pretty much wrong there. In fact, how do you feel about putting a compartment right behind your truck’s tail light?

Typically, a storage compartment in the tail light is done as a sliding drawer. However, because of the size and shape of the tail light, there is quite a limited space available here. At the same time, it is also possible to damage the wiring of the light if you have to keep accessing this space regularly. And finally, you also have to make sure that a hidden compartment like this is not against the rules in your state.

12 Seat-back storage locker

via automobilemag.com

As you may know, pickup trucks often offer a number of available storage space. However, for certain types of valuables (documents, passport, wallet, keys), you may want something a little less obvious. That is where a seat-back storage locker comes in pretty handy.

This type of concealed storage space is typically placed in one of the rear passenger seats. Here, you use the backrest of the seat to gain access to a storage locker tucked inside. For added security, it is possible to have this designed with a lock in mind. To learn more about its possibilities, feel free to contact your dealer or someone who specializes in this type of custom job.

11 Under seat compartment

via silveradosierra.com

For some people, concealing a compartment is pretty much an art form. And sometimes, they really go through great lengths to make sure that space is hidden from plain sight. Well, how about putting compartment right under the passenger seat?

No, we are not talking about something like a seat drawer. Instead, we are talking about something that can only be accessed by folding the passenger seats down first. As you can tell, this is not as readily accessible as other compartments. Nonetheless, you can use it to store anything that is quite important but not regularly used. This can include your toolbox and some emergency provisions.

10 In-floor bins

via youtube.com, Mopar Channel

Now, some pickup truck owners take the concept of utilizing space very seriously. Hence, some of them would even have the truck’s floors modified to fit a hidden storage space.

Typically, what you can store in this hidden storage space depends on the size of your in-floor bin. If it is relatively small, you are limited to your work gloves and perhaps, a little assortment of tools. On the other hand, if you make this space bigger, you can probably use it to store a whole lot of other things. Perhaps, even a pair of sneakers can be carefully stored inside. Now, that’s quite helpful.

9 Side compartment

via gearjunkie.com

Do you know that side of the cargo bed that you could use to step on and off the truck? It’s also the one that your items probably come into contact with when you are loading or unloading something. Well, as it turns out, you can also put a cool secret compartment in that space.

As the company EMKAY has explained, “These drainable storage compartments are incorporated into the side rails and include LED lighting. So. whether you’re using these to store tools, or want to fill them with ice and some refreshments, the RamBox compartments will make it easy to load and unload your work or pregame accessories.”

8 Lockable bedside storage compartment

via youtube.com, Nissan Owner Channel

Now, aside from the side rails of the cargo bed, did you know that you can also use the actual side of the bed as a storage space. Well, that’s exactly what one truck owner did, and the result looks amazing. In the end, the truck featured a square locker that is big enough to fit a number of valuables.

Of course, we can’t imagine anyone leaving their wallet inside this slot, but certain expensive tools can be safely stored here. Even better, this type of storage space can be designed with a lock so you are confident that no one else would have access to it.

7 Cargo bedside cabinets

via pinterest.com

As you may know, there are so many ways to utilize the side of a pickup truck’s cargo bed. And since there are two of them on each truck, there’s a lot of storage potential here. In fact, some truck owners have gone on to put an entire cabinet on this part of the truck. This way, they get a whole lot more room for stuff. Even better, they can also readily stay organized.

And while doing a cabinet is a possibility, you can also consider adding a little hydraulic twist to this so that the entire sides would lift and reveal an entire storage shelf.

6 Overhead console

via youtube.com

What’s great about the overhead console is that this space is readily accessible to the driver. In fact, you don’t even have to stand up from your seat or recline anything just to gain access to this console. Moreover, it would be quite easy to have modified in such a way that this console can only be opened using a key. And in case you want to make this overhead console more secure, you can choose to put a locking code on the door.

Perhaps, it’s even possible for the door to require a thumbprint before you open it. You never know with cool technological advancements nowadays.

5 Seat drawer

via cars.typepad.com

If you think about it, a seat drawer makes for a perfect storage compartment inside any pickup truck. For starters, it is readily accessible from the front passenger seat. In addition, a seat drawer typically offers large storage space. In fact, it's deep enough to fit a thick sweater and wide enough to accommodate a normal size document. You can also use the space to store any other essentials that you need quick access to. These include a first aid kit, bottled waters or even, your child's car snacks.

Today, several other car models have also incorporated a seat drawer in their interior design. That's a true testament to how convenient and useful it is.

4 Headliner compartment

via ronaldnelson.me

Unlike the seat drawer compartment, a headliner compartment takes a bit more effort to implement inside a pickup truck. In fact, you may even need to take your truck to a shop to get this done.

But if you can have it done successfully, this type of hidden storage space can become quite useful. However, there are limits to what you can store here. For starters, the item needs to be quite light, even thin. Moreover, according to PickupTrucks.com, this compartment tends to have more space when the truck also features a sunroof. To add further storage space to this area, you can also buy a storage product that can be attached to the truck's sun visor.

3 Door panel storage

via autoguide.com

Generally, door panels on either side of the truck offer already offer a sizeable amount of storage space. However, what if there was a way to get more out of this part of your door?

In fact, perhaps on certain pickup truck models, it is very much possible to store something behind the door panel itself. Just imagine all the available space you can utilize here. As PickupTrucks.com has explained, "If your door panels pop off without the use of tools, you could easily hide that letter from your girlfriend. Or the divorce paperwork from your new girlfriend." If you want this feature, consult with your dealership.

2 Armrest locker

via gunsafes.com

Sure, there is usually a bit of space under the armrest of a lot of car models. However, when your armrest is relatively big and expansive, there is an opportunity to have an increased storage compartment. In fact, you can readily fit a locker in this space that can house a number of important personal items: house keys, spare cash, IDs, documents and even your passport.

For some pickup truck owners too, they prefer to keep this space hidden from plain sight. Hence, they commission a false bottom for the armrest, which can also serve as the compartment door. You have to admit, that's pretty clever, right?

1 Truck bed drawer

via pointingdogjournal.com

There are a lot of valid reasons why you may be hesitant to leave something lying on your truck bed. For starters, these items would just be readily exposed to all kinds of elements. At the same time, there is always a possibility that the stuff you put here can get stolen. Hence, you may be interested to put a concealed storage area in this space. Well, how do you feel about a truck bed drawer?

Basically, the drawer goes right under the cargo bed so that when the tailgate is closed, you essentially get a false a bottom. Meanwhile, when you open the tailgate, all you have to do is slide out the drawer to gain access to your stuff.

Sources - PickupTrucks.com, Equipment World, Graves Truck Gear & EMKAY

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