17 Photos Of Police Officers When They Thought Nobody Was Looking

We routinely look to the police to get us out of the sticky situations we find ourselves in from time to time. Especially as drivers, when our cars break down or get stuck, we expect the police to rush to our rescue, to implement some sort of strategy that we would not think of on our own. Putting all our faith in their abilities, we often forget that they are real-life-heroes, and not superheroes!

Sometimes, we come to the realization that they are often faced by the same predicaments as we are. The police officers in the images below have definitely had their fair share of problematic situations. Everything from natural disasters, to unfortunate mishaps, and some really bad driving decisions have all affected the police and their cars, at one time or another.

These police officers were likely hoping that nobody was looking when misfortune found them...but...well, it’s possible a few people have tuned in to these moments! Thankfully, none of these little problematic situations have led to injury or harm, unless you’re counting the blow to the ego! Take a look as we watch nature wreak havoc on these police cars, and watch as some casual passers-by lend a hand to enforcement, giving a bit back to their community in unexpected ways!

Captured and forever referenced through imagery, let’s take a look at what has unfolded!

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17 Farmer To The Rescue!

via Twitter

It can't be a good day when the police are being rescued by the farmers! This unlucky police officer was stuck in the mud in a bad way. Beds Police Rural tweeted about this embarrassing situation, giving credit to the farmer for bailing the police out of this very messy situation.

We have some questions about why the police were there in the first place, but regardless of the whys and hows, our guess is they're probably just happy this is all over and done with... aside from all this public attention.

16 Pushed Out Of The Plaza

via WRIC

Well, it is safe to say that the folks in Virginia are not as accustomed to significant snowfalls as much as those in other regions. There doesn’t appear to be too much snow here, but it definitely seems to be enough to wreak havoc on the police department. You can see the snow built up in the rims of the car, and there clearly isn’t an abundant amount of the white stuff, but these conditions aren’t familiar ones in this area, so everything became complicated, very quickly.

It seems they’re in a plaza –sticking to the main roads would have been a better idea.

15 A Beach Of A Mess

via YouTube

We can always count on LA for good stories and entertainment. This is right up there with high entertainment value, as we can see a police car deeply stuck in the sand. They are in broad daylight, with tourists, beach-goers, and witnesses all around- this could not have been a comfortable situation to be in.

We’d suggest leaving the sandy drives to the trucks and SUVs! Without a doubt, this is a hot day in LA. Battling the heat and sheer embarrassment, we hope these police officers got as good a laugh at this as we did, and didn’t take their embarrassing predicament too seriously.

14 Not-So-Fun Snow Day

via Daily Mail

Oh boy, it's not a good day when you have to sling your toboggan over your shoulder to help push a police car out of the snow! We can only imagine the awkward moment when this police officer realized he was in need of help, rather than being the one to come to the rescue!

It seems these good Samaritans have their hearts in the right place and are willing to back it up with some muscle. Hopefully, this got sorted out quickly, so that the helper with the toboggan could continue onwards to enjoy playing in the snow.

13 Trailer-Park Woes

When patrolling a trailer park, it may be wise to avoid getting stuck on the curb! Gaston County Police found themselves between a rock and a hard place – literally and figuratively!

Taking the corner without gauging it properly, they ended up mounted on the curb without a clear sense of how to get out of this situation. We hope they were on routine patrol and not an emergency call. A tow truck would definitely have been needed on this unfortunate day!

12 Digging-In, or Digging-Out?

via UK News

There is so much wrong with this photo that it's tough to know which commentary to start with! Shouldn’t this truck have been able to patrol the sand? This police officer has definitely over-spun his tires in an effort to gain some traction to get out. After getting deeper and deeper into the sand, that would have been a good cue to stop.

Nobody seems to be coming to his rescue here, and he’s so deeply sunken – perhaps it would be easier to load more sand on top and bury the truck than to try to get it out.

11 The Radar Will Catch You, But This Patrol Car Won't!

via Pinterest

Points should be given for effort on this one. It’s clear that this police officer had put some good effort in, to try getting un-stuck! This resembles a swamp, not a roadside. However, the clearest message we’re seeing here is the solid advice of not parking on drenched, muddy grass after what seems to have been a torrential downpour. Speeders need-not beware today.

The radar gun may pick you up, but this police officer definitely won’t be able to!

10 In The Trenches

via News Daily

The irony on this one is ever-so-prevalent, with the “911” license plate cover looking more like a signal for help than a reassuring sign that help is on the way! This police car is so clearly off-track, and in desperate need of a tow to get out of this mess he’s found himself in.

Skidding into the mud is only fun if you’re doing it on purpose! This car clearly was not intending on ending up here. Some helpers could remedy this, but with the empty looking road behind him, perhaps just getting towed out smoothly and efficiently would be the easiest method.

9 Buried In Snow

via Daily Mail

This tiny little police car is in some very big-sized trouble! Take a look at all the accumulation on top of this car, let alone the snow drift that has built up behind and around it. A better parking spot may have been wise. Mother nature did a number on this poor police team.

They’ll be spending most of their day digging out of this and just trying to find a way to drive on the road again. It doesn’t look like this storm was expected, and if it was, these police officers were definitely not prepared for it!

8 Steep Mud Slides

via NBC LA

This is an extreme mud-slide and a really dangerous situation! It’s crazy to think that this could happen! At the time of this photo, NBC LA had reported extremely dangerous conditions in Santa Barbara County. Severe rain had led to the culmination of mud and slippery roads, leaving all drivers at risk, including the Police cars that were trying to come to the rescue.

There’s nothing that can overcome conditions like this.  No vehicle is meant for this type of terrain. The mud is going to be difficult to navigate both when it's wet, and even later when it dries!

7 The Shoulder-Park

via Pinterest

This can’t be a good sign. This was a hot, hot day, and evidently, this police cruiser had just had enough. We give this police officer credit for safely finding the shoulder of the road to park his exhausted looking car. There seems to be a festival and some rides that are being set up just on the other side of the guard rail.

Hopefully, the police were able to remedy this situation by just letting their car cool down for a while. We also hope the food vendors at that carnival were open to help pass the time!

6 The Sheriff That Needed A Tow

via Reddit

It’s not just police officers that land themselves in some sticky situations with their cars. Apparently, even the Sheriff is no stranger to needing some help once in a while, either! This Sheriff from Greene County has definitely seen better days. He found himself surrounded by branches, wires and driving on rough terrain.

Clearly unable to safely navigate out of this situation on his own, the last resort call-for-help was needed. We credit the flatbed tow truck for aiding him out of this situation, in spite of looking like he had a tough time on this call as well!

5 Parked In A Muddy Park

via Twitter

Here we see another Sheriff caught in a less-than-flattering situation. Innocently trying to patrol the parks is one thing, but trying to do that in the muddy and wet terrain is a whole other situation. It wasn’t the best idea, and as we can see here, the mountain-bikers that were trying to enjoy their day, ended up having to lend a hand.

I’m sure they expected some fun, rough terrain for their ride, but they likely didn’t expect to be coming to the Sheriff’s rescue. Even if they get him out of this one, it looks like a really long and muddy way back to where he came from!

4 All Hands On - Trunk!

via Daily News

Take a look at all that water! These roads don’t even look like roads at all! The roads are so flooded that it looks like this police officer has just driven his car into the river! Extreme flooding and dangerous driving conditions led to a tough day for these poor folks! The water appears to be nearly knee-deep, as firemen and civilians alike, come running to the aid of this police car, trapped in a river of water.

It’s great to see everyone helping, but we have no idea where they’re pushing that car to! That looks like a case of “destination, nowhere.”

3 A Muddy Situation

via YouTube

So much irony and unfortunate circumstance exist in this photograph. This is an extreme amount of mud to be stuck in. Seemingly, there’s some construction equipment lodged in that mud, just to the rear of that patrol car… so we have no idea where he was intending to go, but he surely isn’t going anywhere now.

The very unfortunate bumper sticker that says “watch the road” and the dramatic image of the on-looker with the mysterious, black umbrella isn’t going to help this situation get any better. Watching the road would, indeed, have been good advice to adhere to!

2 Hedge-On-The-Edge

via Italy News

This police car in Central Italy has somehow managed to skid off the gravel path and wedge itself perfectly between the hedges. Onlookers initially thought this officer was patrolling the streets, but upon closer investigation, it was clear that he was simply stuck in the bushes of this winery, with no easy plan to get himself out.

This was a terribly embarrassing situation to find himself in, but at the very least, he had a very scenic, relaxing view, and didn’t have to deal with nature’s harsh elements in this case.

1 A Concrete Problem

via Reddit

Natural weather situations are tricky but respectfully easy to understand, as the forces of nature far surpass the power of any given vehicle. However, while we’ve mastered the natural elements, this last image leaves us wondering how non-natural disasters like this one can occur.

The Dutch Police will have some explaining to do, as they have ended up in drying concrete, in the middle of a construction site. Presumably, there would have been some warning signs up which they failed to see! They won’t be making their way out of this one easily!  These fellows are definitely stuck!

Sources: Beds Police, NBC LA, Twitter

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