24 Saddest Photos Of Rare Cars Sitting Forgotten In Fields

In this list, we are going to be taking a look at some of the coolest cars that have been abandoned. Oh, what a dream come true.

There is just something that is so cool about an abandoned car, and how we all grow up looking at these interesting vehicles that have been left out in fields, barns, and even your neighbor's driveway. Any car enthusiast will admit to staring at these old cars and either wishing that they could fix them or just wondering what the car was like in its prime. There are many reasons why a car will get abandoned; it can be as simple as the owner just not being able to get the vehicle home, to something like the owner may have passed on. Then there are times where vehicle owners just don’t have the interest in pursuing a project, and the vehicle in question ends up sitting for a long time.

When you see a rare car that has been abandoned, the first thing that comes to mind is getting the car home, but with today's strict vehicle registration laws, unless you own the piece of property it can be next to impossible to get one of these dream cars in your possession legally. Abandoned cars are a cool part of the automotive culture, and there are many cars that have found their ways into barns and onto fields all across the world. When you come across some of these cars it can be an interesting experience, sort of like a time capsule for car enthusiasts. We are going to be taking a look at some of the coolest cars that have been abandoned. Oh, what a dream come true.

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24 Mystery over £200,000 Ferrari

Via: Bing

Generally speaking, the Ferrari is a high dollar vehicle in any avenue, so when you see one that has been abandoned it can be quite surprising actually. Take this Ferrari above for instance, which is not only one of the newer models, but it is also one of the priciest. We can’t figure out who deemed it necessary to abandon the vehicle; it could have been that they went to jail or just had so much money that they gave up on the vehicle altogether.

Still, with the cool looking sky blue paint job and the radical design, this is a sad sight as this Ferrari is just begging to be driven.

23 1950 Chevrolet Truck

Via: Bing

There is probably not a more common sight than seeing an old Chevy truck that has been abandoned, as the trucks were prominently used on farms and in the labor trades for most of their earliest life. This 1950 Chevrolet Truck looks like it lived a good life at one point, and maybe the owner had either passed away or moved onto a newer truck and just never got around to fixing this one.

With the prices of these old Chevy trucks rising in recent years, it is a shame to see this one sitting here without any love.

22 1940s Era Dodge Utility Truck

Via: Bing

The big three automakers have always gone head to head with each other in the pickup truck market, and the commercial truck market has always been a viable business. This 1940's Era Dodge Utility Truck was one of the original commercial trucks that was sold by Dodge, and we can only imagine that it put on a lot of mileage back in its day.

This was a time before fancy interiors and many of the utilitarian features that we find in modern pickup trucks, and the 1940's Era Dodge Utility Truck is a true testament to just how much of a workhorse the Dodge products used to be.

21 Rolls Royce Models

Via: Bing

Ok, so you’d probably expect to see an abandoned old farm truck, but what really hurts a car enthusiast is when you find a yard full of abandoned Rolls-Royce models that still look drivable! We’re not sure how these models ended up being abandoned, or why. But, nevertheless, this is a very sad sight for a car that is among one of the most comfortable in the world.

Very often overseas you’ll find abandoned collections of vehicles like the ones pictured above, and we can’t help but be sad about the current state of these beautiful and quite unique Rolls-Royce models.

20 Nissan Z

Via: Bing

Although Nissan is generally regarded as one of the most famous automakers in the world, and currently one of the best selling, there was one car that really defined the brand as a true automaker, and that was the Nissan Z. This little sports car was designed to be fast, and lightweight and we can’t help but wonder how the model above found its way into a field.

This abandoned Nissan Z might have been driven a lot during its heyday, with the most obvious problem being a blown engine.

19 Fastback Mustang

Via: Bing

There was a time in the automotive industry when muscle cars were very sought after, and the Mustang, in general, was responsible for creating an entire market known as the Pony car. This abandoned Fastback Mustang is actually one of the most highly sought after models to come out of the product line, and we can’t help but wonder how the vehicle managed to get into its current state.

Mustangs are great project cars and we can only hope that someone will find this model and restore it before this Fastback is a bucket of rust.

18 Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole

Via: Bing

Not even a truly collectible Ferrari could be left out of this list. Yes, that's right. It would appear that someone decided to dump the legendary Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole... Oh, the inhumanity.

Now, the legendary is residing in a field and it looks like the car is being used as a lawn ornament as opposed to the sports car that it was born to be. The Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole was designed with the sole purpose of racing in mind, and the model was also designed by the legendary Enzo Ferrari.

17 GTO

Via: Bing

Although the Pontiac brand is in its own grave right now, there was a time when the brand actually revolutionized the muscle car market with one product that no one can seem to forget. The Pontiac GTO was one of the most powerful and fun to drive muscle cars to ever come out of Detroit, and the car was uniquely its own in every aspect.

That's why we are saddened to see this legendary muscle car being abandoned like this, appearing now to be a home for stray cats.

16 Ford Coupe

Via: Bing

Even Ford can’t catch a break on this list of abandoned vehicles, and the car that has been abandoned is actually fun to drive.

The Ford Coupe was always a unique choice in the automotive industry, and we can’t figure out why someone would decide to give up on the vehicle, but they did. Nevertheless, the Ford Coupe will live on in the minds of automotive enthusiasts, even if this model will spend the rest of its days abandoned.

15 Gran Torino

Via: Bing

You might have seen that famous movie with Clint Eastwood which was based around the actor's love for the Ford Gran Torino, and for the most part, the car is one of the most underrated muscle cars to have ever hit the auto industry. This abandoned Gran Torino is a sad sight for a car that was otherwise the pinnacle of Ford's muscle car lineup in its heyday.

The Gran Torino was the answer to other muscle cars that had ruled the roost, such as the Challenger and the GTO, and the Ford variant was just as exciting (if not more  so) for its stylish exterior and fast engine.

14 Dodge Challenger

Via: Bing

Another notable entry in the muscle car race was the Dodge Challenger, which really made a name for itself during the muscle car era. This abandoned Dodge Challenger is a prime example of how the muscle car era was especially cruel to certain vehicles, and how some owners just simply don’t realize what their cars might be worth.

There was one point in time when this Dodge Challenger was on the road and enjoying life, and we can’t figure out what might have caused the car to become abandoned.

13 Plymouth Fury

Via: Bing

Another product of the muscle car era was a vehicle that many of us dreamed about owning, and for the longest time, it was one of the most popular muscle cars to come out of Chrysler. The Plymouth Fury is one of the more determined muscle cars that came out of Detroit, at a time when the Plymouth brand was still in its prime.

This abandoned Plymouth Fury is a sad example of a brand that was once a part of the automotive landscape and is now a mere memory that has become victim to changing automotive tastes and mismanagement.

12 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Via: Bing

The Chevrolet Camaro was the pinnacle of the pony car era once GM released the model to compete with the Mustang, and very seldom you’ll find a model that has been abandoned. This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS is a sad example of the few abandoned cars that have still not found their way into a garage, and this model is an SS, which is one of the most highly coveted models.

This example might have been forgotten, or the owner might not be able to afford to restore it.

11 Mustang GT

Via: Bing

Alongside the Camaro, the Ford Mustang was the original pony car which was responsible for sparking the muscle car market that we see today. These lightweight V8 powered cars were a blast to drive and really innovated in an otherwise dated automotive industry, and the Ford Mustang GT was the step above if you wanted a serious burst of power.

Everything about this abandoned Mustang GT is sad, and for the most part, we can’t figure out why the owner would want to give up on such a prized muscle car.

10 Fargo

Via: Bing

There was once a time when Detroit was flourishing with different automotive companies, and the Fargo Motor Car Company specialized in making work trucks. The amazing thing about the Fargo work trucks is that they were actually built by Chrysler in Canada, which was a brand new partnership for the company as it expanded into other markets up north.

This particular Fargo truck probably worked a lot of mileage back in its heyday, and it's sad to see an instrumental part of automotive history becoming a forgotten relic.

9 Lincoln

Via: Bing

When it comes to the luxury car market, there was a point in time when Lincoln was one of the premier brands in the luxury car market. With a knack for luxury and what the consumers wanted, Lincoln was on top of their game, but sometime during the eighties and nineties the brand lost its way.

This abandoned Lincoln is a testament to what the brand once was, and there are many of these original Lincoln models still laying around in fields and barns.

8 Chevy Nova

Via: Bing

Chevrolet was at its peak during the muscle car era, and for the most part, the Chevy models have been a true testament of what a muscle car has to offer. The Chevy Nova was once the pinnacle of performance after the fuel crisis of the seventies, and although the model eventually became a mere shadow of itself, this rusted out example is just one of the many Nova models that have since been abandoned.

We’d like to see this car restored, and with the right owner, this abandoned Nova could be saved.

7 Shelby GT500

Via: Bing

Perhaps one of the most surprising abandoned muscle cars that we have come across is this Shelby Mustang GT500, a true legend in the muscle car world. The Shelby GT500 is among one of the most highly sought after and legendary Mustang models, and of course, with the Shelby badge on it you know this is one rarity. We can’t figure out why someone would abandon such a rare car, and especially one that is worth such a high amount of money.

The Shelby GT500 is a true legend in the automotive industry, and we can only assume that the owner will do something cool with this one.

6 Early Model Ferrari

Via: Bing

Imagine living next door to someone who has an abandoned Ferrari in their yard; that’d be pretty cool, right? Well, take a look at this abandoned Ferrari. This is definitely an earlier model, although the exact model is unknown. We can only wonder how this very rare car ended up in its current state, which is a sad state for any classic exotic car.

The Ferrari, in general, is a one of a kind vehicle, and one that will definitely leave an impression on any collector who is interested in restoring this legendary vehicle.

5 Trans-AM

Via: Bing

Alongside the Chevrolet Camaro, the Pontiac Trans-AM was another winning vehicle that was known for infusing a one of a kind design into the pony car races. The Trans-AM with its fire chicken hood is an instantly recognizable vehicle, and this abandoned one leaves us scratching our heads.

When you find a car that is as rare as this Trans-AM is, there are a few reasons why the vehicle might have been abandoned. This is a rare case of one of the most influential muscle cars rotting away in rust and abandonment. A sad sight indeed.

4 Vista Cruiser

Via: Bing

During the seventies, GM was on a roll with their influential car models, and when it came to a memorable family car, the Vista Cruiser was among the most popular. This prime example of an abandoned Vista Cruiser is a sad sight indeed, and we can only wonder how bad the rust and negative conditions have affected the overall body of this once prominent family wagon.

The Vista Cruiser is a one of a kind vehicle that will always be remembered for pioneering the family wagon market, and we can only wonder if this one will ever see the road again.

3 Dodge Charger Daytona

Via: Bing

Perhaps one of the most exclusive cars that we found on this list, in a sad state of decay is one of the most popular and rare muscle cars to have ever existed. We can’t help but wonder how this legendary muscle car ended up in this sad predicament, because the Dodge Charger Daytona was one of the most influential stock cars to ever hit the circuit, and the value on this one of a kind muscle car has tripled.

We like everything that the Dodge Charger Daytona has to offer, and we can’t help but wonder what this one has to offer underneath the rust.

2 Impala

Via: Bing

When it comes to influential domestic sedans, the Chevrolet Impala is one that we have all seen at least once or twice in our lives, in one form or another. The Impala SS is probably the sedan that comes to mind first, but the car has come a long way in terms of design and quality.

This abandoned Impala that was pictured above is a sad state of affairs for a car that was once the crowning jewel of the Chevrolet lineup, and we can’t help but wonder if the owner knows the true gem that he has in his lot.

1 Copo Camaro

Via: Bing

What we have right here is potentially one of the rarest muscle cars to hit the scene, the Copo Camaro. This one of a kind model was known for its performance as well as downright rarity, and we can’t help but wonder how on earth this legendary Camaro ended up in this sad shape.

The Copo Camaro was among the best cars to come out of Detroit, and those that own these models generally know how much they are worth and what exactly they can bring to the table when they are fully restored.

Sources: Motor Trend, Jalopnik, Edmunds

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