20 Photos Of Real-Life Car Hoarders & Their Junky Rides

Mary is a (fictional) lady married to her husband for 50 years. She lives a life of pity as she watches his husband piling stuff on his car and uses it as a storage unit. He will fill the car with every detail you would think of. From his favorite magazine, novel, the best drink, something he treasures or something that reminds him of various memories. He is a car hoarder.

You know that favorite book you can read more than 100 times without getting tired? Or that drink you can’t go a day without? Or that favorite shirt you have?

Like Mary’s husband, there are similar car hoarders – not fictional though, that just make any petrol head and non-petrol heads alike, go gaga. But here’s the thing – it is purely psychological. People can be hoarders as a result of sentimentality. This is where you miss a lost loved one and you have something that keeps reminding you of the person. It can also be as a result of mental issues, personality, age, genetics, and social isolation. Researchers are still looking for better treatment of the disorder but counseling is part of it.

However, other car hoarders are there as a result of unpaid dues and bills leaving them having no homes to return to. So what is the result? They end up using their cars as mobile homes.

In this piece, we will not discriminate. We have 20 photos that will show you exactly how these people live. So jump on to the first one.

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20 Sporty Car Hoarder

Via Reddit

This must have been a sports fanatic. The guy decided to plant pretty impressive bikes on top of this junky car. Credit to him, but the car, to begin with, has a badly done paint job. And as if that’s not enough the car has several dents and scratches.

The hoarder has a basketball, a helmet and some badly organized stuff that are fitted in the small car. The bikes on the car’s top are roughly put with no racks available. A visible rope that passes inside the car is used to hold the bikes in place, which is a rather “neat” way of doing things.

19 16th Street Car Hoarder Who Loves Newspapers and Coffee

Via flickr

A coffee lover and an avid reader is spotted near St. Vincent Hospital, New York. The once white car is a scrap of itself. Seems some artist saw this as a perfect canvas and proceeded to tag the car with graffiti on the lower sides of the door. Coke bottles and coffee disposable cups greet you at the first interior sight. The only visible space is that of the person behind the wheel.

Matter of fact, you wouldn’t know if the car is a four-seater. Newspapers are scattered all over, with some stuffed on the backseats and the passenger seat. It almost looks like The New York Times Newsstand.

18 Where is the driver?

Via Imgur

Where do we start on this car? The car hoarder is ‘invisible’ like the side mirrors of this junky car. The paint job is laudable. Interestingly, the papers on the windscreen look so new and legal. Probably the hoarder here was evicted, so it may seem. The kind of stuff inside are the pointers to this.

Otherwise, why would you have a TV remote on the passenger seat alongside files, pillows, stuffed magazines like ‘Steam Team 8 Hurricane Guide 2006’, many books and one, in particular, being ‘The Sumerians’. The car is stuffed even to the driver’s seat. Who drives it then?

17 San Antonio ‘home’ with yellow mugs

Via imgur

This was spotted in San Antonio and never moved out of the parking lot for five months. The car looks like a kitchen, garage, bedroom, and a study room all in one. It has three smiley yellow cups on the dashboard, thermos and disposable cups all over the driver’s seat.

As if that is not enough, the car has cloth hangers, books, magazines, a broom, soda openers, keys, wrapped trash and a sisal cowboy hat. I know the look on your face. No one would imagine the smell in this car especially with the scorching sun. I'm still wondering how they got this ‘house’ to move.

16 A hoarded car lasts to house snow on top

Via reddit

On top of this Honda car, lays a layer of ice. It doesn’t help the stench that you would think comes out of this junky car. The car is stuffed with all kinds of trash and wrappings that should be on a dustbin (or is it already there?).

There are cans, cups and Uncle Sam food wrappings inside. The car still houses some pads meaning some hoarder(s) actually lives here. And with the windows tightly closed, can you imagine the smell inside?

15 2005 Honda Civic Hoarder

Via YouTube

Another Honda with another car hoarder. The car is filled with stuff inside and rather weird stuff for that reason. To start with, the car has a ‘No Parking’ sign inside. The irony is that the car is parked in what seemingly looks like a place where the sign would apply. And interestingly, there is no trace of the hoarder.

Back to the trash, there is a Duracell battery pack probably for lighting the place at night. There are also some disposable cans that lie disorganized on the seats and tissue rolls all over the passenger seat. Well, credit to the hoarder, the Civic seems well maintained with the exterior still looking classy. Oh! For this one, he/she slightly rolled down the window. That is laudable.

14 Why disrespect a Ford Taurus pal?

Via Reddit

The car is a four-seater but only one door is used - the driver door. Why? Well, the car is filled with too much stuff from magazines, files, coffee cups, and serviettes. There is much disrespect to this silver $27,800 ride. The first sight of this car makes you think of sneaking in and cleaning all the trash inside.

This would obviously take more than 77 days but the status of the SUV must be upheld. The car exterior is something that should be given credit. The dark silver grey paint job and lack of scratches and dents make it still a loveable car - from the outside that is.

13 Spare the passenger

Via thedingleberry

This junky car with traces of rust is filled with all kinds of garbage on the backseat. If one particular back door opens, then a whole weekend will be spent getting the stuff back in. Probably the hoarder had to do this to spare some space for the passenger friend. But still, the space is not enough and it forces the passenger to have more garbage on the dashboard.

According to Dingleberry, a quick look inside revealed that the car was filled with old food wrappers and some many empty cans. But come to think about it, the passenger must have had a hard time putting up with the ride in a place that stinks.

12 Dangerous pile up at the Chevy driver’s footwell

Via Reddit

We have seen many hoarders but one thing that stands out in them is that they keep the driver’s seat very safe. Well, apart from this car hoarder who is living on borrowed time if he/she drives this Chevrolet. There is trash on the driver’s footwell ranging from food wrappings to garbage.

This is hazardous to the safety of the owner. Imagine if the trash got under the pedals while on the highway and now your brake pedal can’t foot down. That aside, the passenger footwell is also filled with newspapers and wrappings, which means the hoarder is more interested in a solo suicide mission.

11 Millionaire Lisa Fiekowski parked 1993 Camry with garbage towed

Via New York Post

Lisa Fiekowski is a millionaire who owns real estate property worth $8 million around New York City. Despite all the money, Lisa spends her time collecting trash and cans around the city and recycles them to earn $20 to $30 daily. She had her graffiti-filled, junky green 1993 Toyota Camry that is stuffed with this trash towed after an outcry from residents of Sixth Avenue.

In the car, there were books, empty and disposable cans, clutches and posters. The car was bringing out a pungent odor and attracting bugs in the car. For a millionaire, this is stooping really low.

10 Toyota made a trash can

Via Reddit

A hoarder decided to have his/her Toyota serve as a dumpsite. The car, parked in a hotel parking lot, got filled with all kinds of garbage. The car has ‘Burger King’ cans, used bottles, posters, soda bottles and wrappings all inside it.

You can actually feel pity for this poor Toyota. Let’s not imagine the odor inside this auto. Once again, the exterior of this car looks okay and would certainly be taken by anyone after the trash clean up. But why do so much injustice to it?

9 Goodwill shopper with beddings in the car

Via YouTube

This white car was spotted at the Goodwill stores, with a lot of trash in it (of course), but more interestingly, some beddings visible. The car seems to have a good exterior save for the dirt on the driver’s door which looks like puke.

The car looks decent and you would expect a better way of handling it, from someone who spent thousands of dollars on it – and that does not include having beddings in it anyway. The passenger footwell also seems so occupied to a point of having trash on the dashboard.

8 Are you moving out?

Via knkx.org

Having a Plymouth Voyager van gives you the means to move out with ease. The site of this white Plymouth in a parking lot brought the notion that there was a hoarder in it rather than a person relocating.

The car side windows are covered with cartons probably to offer privacy but that did not block the view of the inside from the back window. The van has blue and white jerricans inside, old cartons and tissue rolls inside. The car looks like it has stayed there for a while with no sign of movement which makes it clear that this is a ‘home’. Probably bills were not paid but that aside, try to clean your van buddy!

7 All the weight put into this Ford Crown Victoria

Via Reddit

A hoarder literally packed all his ‘property’ in this poor Ford Crown Victoria. The car rides low normally but the added weight makes it lower and you can see clearly the car is another pound away from breaking the axle. The car is filled with heavy books, papers all over, an umbrella and disposable white cups. Oh! And the guy has a ‘One Year Bible’ at the backseat.

Probably deliverance is needed for sure. The only visible space is the one left behind the steering wheel. Papers fill the passenger seat to the dashboard. If the cops pulled over this car, they would just release it. No one is going through all this stuff.

6 Van in Walmart parking lot in Springfield, Missouri with garbage

Via zohrbak

This van was spotted in Springfield, Missouri at a Walmart store. The hoarder actually granted the request of taking photos of the auto. The car has everything inside and is filled.

The only visible space is the driver’s seat. The dashboard is filled with lots of unnecessary stuff starting with a teddy bear with the writings ‘Miss Me’, several books, food wrappings, water remover ‘Heet’ and surprisingly at the back, a fan. This should keep him and the stuff cool I guess. The air conditioning must be tired already.

5 Ford Taurus Sedan will certainly stink despite the snow around

Via The Shekel

This Sedan was parked in a parking lot of a certain hospital, according to Aaron of the Shekel Blog who pictured it. First and foremost, whoever the hoarder is, he/she needs to visit the doctors there and get some help. The car has all kinds of garbage inside, too much for its suspension that the car is almost kissing the ground – figuratively and literally.

A view of the inside welcomes you to the world of many white cans inside, canned foods, white garbage that fills even to the driver’s seat, soda bottles and many wrappings. The freezing temperatures around, would certainly not help prevent the pungent smell that seems so evident. And has anyone asked why on earth is it still at a hospital?

4 Honda ‘Hodor’

Via Reddit

This Honda was spotted in traffic and the person who got the capture seems to have been attracted by the lots of garbage, books, wrappings, newspapers and the odor that is evident in this picture.

Nevermind the hoarder had shut all the windows in the blue sky, clear and sunny day. I will give credit to the driver for maintaining the car’s exterior with the silver paint job and no visible dent or scratches. But moving to the car’s interior, it just seems like any other junky car. There is no perfect view of the sides which makes the car a hazard to every road user and the hoarder himself.

3 All these trash in a Pontiac Trans Sport

Via Reddit

This Pontiac Trans Sport hoarder is a regular at McDonald’s stores and this is where the picture was captured from. And no, the car isn’t clean at all. It has all kind of trash in it from the food wrappings, containers, plastic bags, coffee cups, ‘Yoplait’ yogurt, chocolates, valentine’s candy, happy meal, and tissue rolls.

This guy seems to enjoy his junk food on the ‘custom made’ junk van. Do you enjoy the food under that smell lad? I'm guessing it’s pretty bad, yes.

2 Why put the kid in the back seat?

Via Reddit

This hoarder’s child will someday lash back at this. The child is left in the back seat of this car with the passenger seat having all the garbage you could think of. The windows are shut in the sunny temperatures and only the two people inside know what they are experiencing - from the awful smell to the limited space. And no, they are not relocating.

Otherwise, why would you relocate with disposable cups, badly organized papers, books, and small boxes? The hoarder, shamefully has his car’s back windows tinted which probably hides more shame. And his car is surprisingly well maintained from the outside. Get the kid out of there though.

1 I pity this Chevy

Via Reddit

Assuming there is no trash in this car, this seems to be a very classy car - but not with the hoarder around. The car was dropped to a mechanic and this picture was taken. All you feel is sadness just by this photo. Let’s hope there are no rats inside. The car has cans inside, papers, berry packs, Krimpet cakes, plastic bags, and a cream cap.

The trash is filled to the passenger seat leaving no room for anyone. The driver seat is wrapped. Maybe he doesn’t need his trash near him after all. At the back seat, there are beddings and boxes that fill the car. What are you doing to this Chevy?

Sources 0 Reddit, Blogspot & YouTube

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