24 Photos Of Hilarious Road Signs That Make Zero Sense

Before you can take your driving test at the DMV, you have to learn the rules of the road. The authorities have enforced traffic laws to ensure that road users are safe. The other measure that the authorities have put in place on our roads are road signs and marks.

These serve to warn and guide road users of what to expect ahead on the road. Most road users abide by traffic laws and road signs to ensure their safety, as well as other road users.

When drivers disobey the rules, accidents occur and people get hurt. How does confusion take place on roads? One way that drivers cause accidents is by not following the rules of the road, and the other is by being confused about the road signs and marks.

For the most part, authorities have made signs and marks on the road clear and easy to understand, but what happens when the authorities have made some signs ambiguous? Confusion. Road signs need to make sense, so that road users know what to expect and don't cause accidents due to confusion.

We scoured road signs from across the globe to find out if the roads consist of illogical signs. We found them.  As you'll see in this article, plenty make no sense at all.

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24 Crocodiles Ahead

via The big E!

Try making sense of this sign. The obvious interpretation would be that you shouldn't speed down a hill if you are in a wheelchair, as an alligator will swallow you up at the bottom of the hill. Usually, signs are located before the designated area and warn road users of what lies ahead.

If you look at the road in front of the sign, you'll notice that it doesn't have a downhill nor does it have a dam that crocodiles have congested. Let the sign serve as a good laugh and get on with your life if using this road.

23 Pythons On The Road

via Bicycle Network Australia

The authorities in Australia care about the wildlife and want to ensure that animals don't get hurt while tourists are out in the safari. To protect the wildlife, the authorities have asked the public not to run over pythons while driving on this dirt road.

We can all agree that anybody who sees a python will stay clear of it, though they may be in cars. Thank you for stating the obvious, but you don't have to worry about anybody going close to those harmful creatures.

22 Emergency Call

via Brian Sprinsock Photography

When you are in trouble, who are you going to call? 911 or your mother? Well, although we love our mothers, most of us would opt for the police or 911 when we have an emergency. If you are walking along this strand and need help, you can run to the phone mounted on the pole.

The problem that you will face is that you won't know the purpose of the phone. Is it to call your mother or the authorities? If you had to choose to call your mother, I wonder if the line would permit you to get through without funding the call?

21 Protect Your Windows

via Clipart Images

Believe it or not, that is an actual sign found on the side of the road. It may seem like a joke, but the authorities have no time or money to put up signs that don't express their warnings.

Maybe the authorities were trying to warn road users to keep their windows closed but got confused with the computer software? Perhaps, the authorities wanted to remind road users about protecting their windows software by installing virus protection software? Either way, the authorities should have been more clear about their intentions.

20 Sleeping Policemen

via Fascinating Signs

Slang has become a popular way of communicating, though it may confuse some cultures. The problem with slang is that it usually pertains to a certain group of people in a region. Outsiders will be baffled with the terms that some people use to communicate.

When the authorities warned road users of sleeping policemen, they forgot that some people wouldn't understand that they meant speed bumps, which passively patrol the roads. It would have been easier if the authorities used the words "speed bumps" instead.

19 Watch Out For The Side Mirror

via Flickr

It seems that the authorities are also concerned about pedestrians, not only road users. When traveling throughout Asia, don't be surprised if you see signs that you haven't seen anywhere else in the world, as the local authorities don't want pedestrians to get hurt.

What isn't a problem in one country, might be a hazard in another. The authorities have gotten so tired of pedestrians knocking their heads against bus side mirrors that they decided to put up a sign to make pedestrians aware of the possibility.

18 Irrelevant

via Flickr

While some signs on the road do not make sense, others have no purpose of being on the road. The event organizers wanted to warn other bypassers not to touch the sign by informing them that the sign has sharp edges. The purpose of the sign was to indicate that people should not enter the area on foot or with bicycles.

Instead, they chose to display predominantly that the sign has sharp edges. Maybe the organizers had experiences with people getting hurt by moving the sign?

17 People Under Construction

via Flickr

One of the lessons that you would've learned if you attended an English class in high school was grammar. If the speaker or writer doesn't make use of proper grammar, the meaning is distorted.

One of the few people that have the power to construct people are plastic surgeons, but I don't think that is what the authorities meant with this sign. The authorities meant that people are performing the construction ahead, but they left out a few words, which gave the sign a new meaning.

16 Road Users Under Fire

via Hybrid Tech Car

Tourists who have visited South Africa will know that the country is filled with nuances that the rest of the world is unfamiliar with. Some road signs in South Africa will confuse road users, as they will not know if the signs represent a figurative or literal meaning.

While the authorities in South Africa warned road users that they would have to deal with the police if they don't abide by the road rules, they shouldn't have placed the sign where veld fires occur. Maybe they meant the fire on the grass?

15 Watch Your Gas

via Laresistance

The Danish police have instituted measures to prevent road users from flashing their headlights to warn other drivers of oncoming police and called the project Fart Kontrol, according to La Resistance News;

“Flashing motorists are at risk of breaking the focus of other drivers, preventing them from concentrating on driving. There was only a single motorist who was caught speeding,” Martin Bjerregaard, the team’s press officer told the Dagens news site;

“But when a traffic patrol came by and saw how the oncoming cars were flashing like crazy to warn other drivers, they began to fine motorists who flashed their headlights."

14 Slow Down

via Live Now

The authorities in Ireland are doing everything in their power to ensure that motorists don't get hurt while on the roads, or is that really the case? The Irish authorities have warned road users not to exceed 100 km/h (62 mph) while driving on the pictured narrow road.

That is far too fast for such a small road such as this one, especially since the road is on the edge of a cliff that has no side barriers. In my opinion, only pedestrians and bicycle riders should make use of such a road after the authorities have fitted side barriers.

13 All Roads To Montreal

via newsru.ca

I've always been confused by the difference between a road and an avenue or a street. Aren't those the same? When you approach this sign, all roads point to Montreal. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for Montreal Avenue or Montreal Street, you will end up in Montreal regardless of the route you follow.

This sign shows either that you need to know the difference between avenue and street or that it's all the same. Maybe I was right about street and avenue being the same thing. I think this sign vindicates my theory.

12 Math Is Wrong

via Babamail

What do you do when you want to park in front of this sign? Do you drive somewhere else, or do you park for at least 24 hours? If you don't park in that vicinity for at least 24 hours, the authorities will tow your vehicle.

That is what the sign suggests, but who knows what the authorities meant? Also, notice that the sign states that violators will be towed and not their cars. I'm sure that we can all agree that the authorities botched this one up big time.

11 Baboons?

via Out in Africa

While exploring Africa, you should be careful not to have your car windows opened all the way, as Baboons will jump into your vehicle and snatch your belongings. The authorities are pedantic about communicating that to road users, as they have seen numerous tourists lose their belongings by exposing it to wild animals.

When the authorities stuck up this sign, they got everybody confused about which animal they might encounter. Should road users be worried about the baboons or something else? Maybe they meant baboons in the picture but didn't have a picture for it? Who knows!

10 Penguins Ahead

via Papeleng Thoughts Unplugged

Although penguins are found mostly in cold regions such as Antarctica, a few species of penguins reside in the southern hemisphere. You can find several penguin species in the temperate zone, and one species, the Galapagos penguins, live near the equator.

Finding penguins crossing a random street is unlikely. If you are traveling on this road, you should be careful not to run over any penguins, but the chances of coming into contact with them on that stretch are slim to none.

9 Chilling In Cape Town

via Pinterest

People who have resided in Cape Town will understand this sign. Cape Town is based at the southern point of South Africa and is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Tourist around the globe flock to the city to visit the Winelands, the beautiful beaches and to climb Table Mountain.

While in Cape Town, you will notice that everybody is chilled. Nobody rushes to go anywhere, and everything is done at one's pace. So, when you are in Cape Town, don't rush, as the locals will think that you're strange.

8 Confusion Galore

via Reddit

Drive down this road, and you'll be confused. Apart from the plethora of signs that the driver has to keep his or her eyes on, the authorities built this road as a two way. Yes, that's right.

You have to maneuver your vehicle to ensure that you can let on-coming traffic pass. This has to be one the most bizarre roads with signs that I have seen. The only perk I see from this road is that the driver will have his eyes wide open to ensure that he abides every sign located a few feet from the predecessor.

7 Useless

via Rooster Teeth

When you are of no use to your company, the boss politely asks you to leave. When a sign is no longer in use, it is still in use. Confused?

Well, you should be, according to the wording that the authorities used, they are not using the sign to indicate any road conditions. If the authorities planned on not using the sign, they could have left it blank and not wasted their time of printing the words to indicate that the sign serves no purpose. Why not take the entire thing down!?

6 Every Bit Matters

via Select Sign System

While driving to the grocery store, you need to pay attention to the speed limit. The authorities seem to have worked out the exact speed that drivers should not exceed, especially in the vicinity of pedestrians.

The authorities stated that drivers should not exceed 12.5 mph while using the entrance road to the shops. It seems that 13 mph was too much, and 12 mph was too little. To be as accurate as possible, the authorities instituted a maximum speed of 12.5 mph to ensure no pedestrian gets hurt.

5 Accidents Are Illegal

via Slogan Creator

Driving on any road contains inherent danger. While drivers take precautions to ensure that accidents don't happen, some events are out of our control. Nobody wants to be involved in an accident and doesn't need reminders that one should avoid collisions.

The authorities in charge of these windy roads wanted to inform drivers that they should not dare think of being involved in an accident on these roads, as they will have to face severe consequences. You don't have to tell us twice to stay clear of accidents.

4 Which Way?

via Terra

If you thought that the large board on highways that indicates the different exits was confusing, try going off-road. When you use the dirt road, expect to encounter weird road signs, especially during the construction of roads.

If you took this road, we wouldn't blame you for not knowing which direction to take. The arrows don't make any sense and will lead you astray more than it will help you. Perhaps, when you encounter such a sign, the best option is to switch on your navigation system.

3  Wrong

via Travel Channel

The traffic in Johannesburg, South Africa and Los Angeles, California on busy highways isn't easy to deal with. Some drivers spend hours in traffic to reach their destinations.

Those roads should have signs such as the pictured one to indicate that the road is congested and delays are imminent. When the authorities place a sign that states that the road is congested on a country road that sees one vehicle every few minutes, then you should wonder what they were thinking? Maybe if they held a marathon on the road, then it would be congested.

2 Nowhere To Run

via Twipu

Construction grounds are ubiquitous regardless of your geographical location. If you are in New York City or a small village in India, you'll come across construction sites. Those areas congest traffic and coerce the rerouting of traffic.

Drivers have to find alternative routes when they encounter a construction site, but what happens when you are left with no alternative? Then, you have come to this road. Once you reach this sign, you're a sitting duck. Turning in any direction is prohibited once you get to this sign.

1 Occasional Inconvenience

via Twitter

Speed bumps force drivers to hit brakes and slow down due to expected pedestrians. The so-called sleeping policemen force drivers to shift down gears to ensure that the drivers are cruising through suburbs at low speed to avoid collision with the community.

What doesn't make sense is when the authorities state that speed bumps lay ahead only when children are present. That statement makes you think that speed bumps automatically inflate when children are in the vicinity and deflate when nobody is around.

Sources - Jalopnik & Motor 1

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