19 Photos Of Supercar Owners Getting Caught Getting The Drive-Thru

Without further ado, here are 19 photos of supercar owners getting caught using the drive-thru.

The Lamborghini Miura is considered the first ever supercar created. It made its debut way back in 1966, just a couple of years ago Forbes celebrated the car’s 50th anniversary. Totally unrelated, just a decade earlier, McDonald’s made its debut back in April of 1955. Similar to the supercar business, McDonald’s would turn into a financial juggernaut making billions of dollars net income per year. The fast food restaurant has a near 38,000 locations worldwide, that’s largely unmatched.

In this article, we’ll combine two of our favorite things in one, supercars and fast food restaurants. These exotic car owners didn’t really care for fancy car meets or leaving their rides in a garage – instead, they opted to take them out for a ride whether it be at McDonald’s, Burger King or for a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons or Starbucks.

As you’ll see in this article, for some supercar owners, picking up the order wasn’t the easiest given the shape of the supercar. These cars aren’t meant for running errands or picking up orders from the drive-thru, they’re all about speed and flaunting them good looks.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 19 photos of supercar owners getting caught using the drive-thru. Let’s get started!

19 Batman In A Lamborghini Roadster

via Five Prime

Does life really get any better than the picture above? The dude is dressed up in his favorite superhero outfit while driving around in a stunning Lamborghini Roadster. As if that wasn’t even, he decided to quench his thirst with what we hope is a fresh glass of orange juice.

As you can tell by the others in the photo, driving that type of car with Batman in the passenger seat is sure to draw some attention with the onlookers. Ironically, it isn’t the first time that a superfan dresses up in the outfit and takes the Lambo out for a stroll.

18 Pagani Zonda Spotted

via Twitter

You have to appreciate this driver’s sense of humor. According to Auto Evolution, while everyone was busy at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, this supercar owner decided to make a pit stop and pay homage to something totally unrelated to cars, of course, we’re talking about McDonald’s.

We don’t blame the driver for using the drive-thru, seriously, would you want to get out of a car like that? Probably not – in all likelihood, that’s one of the nicest cars to ever hit the fast food drive-thru (though some of you might argue that point given personal preference).

17 $4 Million Bugatti At The Drive-Thru

via Wheels

Norris McDonald was given a $4 million ride for just over an hour. So what did he decide to do with the Bugatti Chiron you ask? Well, considering that he’s from Canada, the first pit stop that he made was actually at a drive-thru, the Tim Hortons drive-thru of course;

“Since I had use of the car for only an hour, I decided to do what just about every Canadian driver does first thing in the morning: I took the Bugatti Chiron through a Tim Hortons’ drive-thru.” His order, nothing too fancy, just a couple of coffees.

16 JB With The Flashy Fisker Karma

via The Blemish

Justin has quite the car collection and for those of you that follow us here on Hot Cars, he also has quite the list of demands when he’s on the road.

When he’s off on his own, JB is an easygoing fellow just like the rest of us. A couple of years ago, he entered the drive-thru alongside his former partner Selena Gomez. We applaud his fast food choice as Bieber drove his Fisker Karma through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru according to Justin Bieber Zone. Given the flash silver color of this ride, he definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

15 Ferrari Lusso GTC4 Getting Some Starbucks

via YouTube

YouTuber Louis Armstrong took this ride out for a serious stroll. In his video, he tested out the roaring V12 engine. The car has a top speed of 208 mph along with some serious kick going 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

After testing out the ride, he did what very few would do – head to Starbucks and get a cup of coffee. In truth, most of us would be scared to drink any type of liquid in such a ride, let alone a hot cup of coffee. We applaud Armstrong’s courage.

14 Ferrari & Aventador Back To Back

via Pinterest

This is one heck of a unique visual and one we don’t see on the daily. Rarely do we ever see a Lamborghini and Ferrari back-to-back, however, we’re lucky enough in this instance. Believe it or not, this type of scenario is actually pretty common out in Melbourne, Australia. The McDonald’s overseas uses a Lambo and Ferrari as delivery cars.

Oh yes, suddenly working at the fast food restaurant really doesn’t seem all that bad. Maybe Canada and the US should implicate a similar delivery system... Don’t count on it though.

13 Thumbs Up, McLaren Senna

via YouTube

The new McLaren Senna definitely wasn’t made with the drive-thru in mind. The car is built for speed – stopping and picking something up really isn’t recommended. Given all these challenges, YouTube Shmee150 thought it would a fun idea to test out the ride at a drive-thru;

“The Senna is about the most impractical car for the purpose with tiny windows, a low carbon splitter, and no cup holders but let's see how it goes?!” Ultimately, it all worked out and heck, the YouTuber even used the back of the car as a picnic table.

12 Classic Dad Move

via Twitter

This is a classic dad move according to a Twitter user. She spotted a friend’s dad at the drive-thru in his Ferrari. Now take a second and think of your parent driving a Ferrari... is it possible they would make a pit stop at McDonald’s or any fast food joint? In all likelihood, at least half of you guys are nodding your heads.

This guy did exactly that while the onlooker had some fun snapping a photo and uploading it to Twitter. Seriously, a win-win for everyone involved.

11 Kanye Hits Up The Drive-Thru With Aventador

via Pinterest

Like the rest of us, Kanye has some urges to eat dirty foods from time to time. West is a drive-thru kind of guy. We’ve seen photos of West at the drive-thru in a couple of instances, perhaps the most memorable was when he showed up to McDonald’s in his stunning Lamborghini Aventador. Obviously, he got a little attention from onlookers.

He even expanded to Taco Bell alongside Kim. The two patiently waited for their order while in their Mercedes G-Class, not a bad life, not a bad life at all.

10 Hungry Bugatti Veyron

via YouTube

Ah yes, the Bugatti Veyron. We know some people that own this car and they’re called celebrities. Beyonce gifted a Bugatti Veyron to her man Jay-Z, heck most of us are content with a hug from our partner let alone a damn supercar! Chris Brown and are guy Xzibit are some others who owned Veyron rides in the past as well.

They would be nodding their heads in approval at the visual of this Veyron patiently waiting at the McDonald’s drive-thru. We hope this person didn’t get anything too messy, if they did, eat that outside, the car is way too precious!

9 Ultima GTR Caught In The Act

via Word Press

The struggle was real for this rare Ultima GTR. Although it has some serious speed, it isn’t the most practical car needed to run errands or simply retrieve a drive-thru order. In truth, this person was better off parking the car and going inside at the point. They needed to open the entire door in order to get the McDonald’s order – they certainly earned the meal.

Labeled as a supercar, the car is manufactured out of England. It knows a thing or two about speed with capabilities of hitting 0-60 MPH in just 2.6 seconds – that’s even faster than some of the most impressive supercars on the list.

8 Jaw Dropping McLaren P1 GTR

via Twitter

Believe it or not, the stunning McLaren P1 GTR above is actually road legal, though it looks like it belongs on the circuit. The ride isn’t meant to go off the road but according to Motor 1, the owner decided to have some fun by sliding it all over the grass off the road.

What better way to end a day filled with drifting your supercar on the grass than hitting up the McDonald’s drive-thru? That sounds like a dream day for a lot of us. Surely, McDonald’s hasn’t seen a green and yellow supercar since.

7 Red & Black Aventador At McDonald’s

via Twitter

Another stunning Aventador, this one gets extra marks for its stunning body kit featuring a red and black theme. Now seeing a Lambo at a McDonald’s drive-thru is quite rare in Canada and the US, though it is pretty common overseas in the likes of Dubai.

We’ve seen several examples of eccentric car owners taking their expensive rides to the drive-thru. Ironically, we’ve also seen the opposite hold true with several supercar rides completely abandoned in the area. This one, in particular, won’t go abandoned, not anytime soon.

6 Black & Orange Bugatti At McDonald’s

via Twitter

We saw a $4 million Bugatti earlier in the article. This one might be a little less expensive but it still has quite the price tag nonetheless. We saw Floyd Mayweather riding around in a similar ride in the past – if Floyd gets it, you know it must be pretty darn expensive. Mayweather is one of the select few to own multiple versions of the Bugatti rides and that collection just keeps on growing.

We wonder if Floyd ever did this – enter a McDonald’s drive-thru with his expensive Bugatti supercar – he probably did when we weren’t looking.

5 Waiting In Back of A Ferrari

via Twitter

People would be a lot more motivated if this was a visual regularly at a drive-thru. Instead, most of the time we’re looking at regular vehicles and only fixated on what it is we’re about to order and why it is taking so darn long.

This would change anyone’s frame of thought as a stunning Ferrari just lays there ahead of you. Some might be thinking, where did I go wrong... while others might use that as motivation for the rest of the day. Be the second guy – the first guy is no fun.

4 McDonald’s, Costco & A Teddy Bear

via Twitter

This person had quite the day entering the McDonald’s drive-thru along with even making a pit stop at Costco. Seriously, if you don’t have a Costco card, what are you waiting for!?

So why the giant teddy bear? According to Speed Vegas, it is actually part of a Lamborghini promotion... Okay, we’re only kidding, it was all done for fun and as a romantic gesture according to the site. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a giant teddy bear on top of a Lamborghini. Add some nuggets to that and you’re golden.

3 White Ferrari In Jersey

via Twitter

We credit Brian Sozzi via Twitter for this find; “Guy in New Jersey just rolled up to McDonald's in his Ferrari.” The plate also indicates that the guy is from Jersey, not some out of towner from New York showing off his car.

Living in the Garden State really isn’t a bad gig at all. You can take your supercar to McDonald’s just like the guy above. And hey, if you need to pump gas there’s no need to even get out of the vehicle. NJ is one of the only places in the US that still pumps your gas.

2 Yellow Ferrari At McDonald’s

via YouTube

This picture just feels right, a yellow Ferrari just flaunting outside of McDonald’s – maybe they should make this a permanent thing?

Hilariously, McDonald’s and Ferrari have another association – well, more Ronald McDonald. According to Auto Tribute, the interior of the Ferrari 599 GTB kind of resembles something Ronald might be caught in with the signature red and yellow McDonald’s colors. We can even make the argument that WWE’s Hulk Hogan might use this ride as well. Despite the flashy interior, the exterior truly speaks for itself.

1 Supercar Heaven At Burger King

via YouTube

With a near 18,000 locations around the world, Burger King doesn’t get the respect that it deserves in large part, thanks to McDonald’s. That all changes in this picture with some of the most stunning supercars lined up outside of Burger King. This is actually a common occurrence especially overseas.

In the likes of India and Dubai, several photos feature stunning Lambos and McLarens parked outside of the fast food restaurant. We even saw a stunning LaFerrari waiting outside of a Burger King in Dubai. Hey McDonald’s, you mad bro?

Sources – YouTube, Twitter, Auto Evolution & Norris McDonald

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