19 Photos Of Truckers That Left Their Rides Behind

It doesn’t matter if the truck was a limited edition, these guys just couldn’t spend a minute longer with it.

For every gearhead out there, the idea of owning a truck has more than once crossed their minds. Owning a truck is not just a matter of elevating your status, but having to cough a lot of cash to own it brings more pride to the owner. The prices are rarely good, but the promise of good service in terms of power and performance offered by them makes one go ahead to make a purchase.

It is common knowledge that every trucker would want his truck to reign on the roads, either through the make, he cruises in, the service it offers or its impeccable maintenance standards. When it comes to maintenance, it is without a doubt that every 90s or early 2000s truck you see out there, will have passed this test. They were robust vehicles. But once your truck has lacked necessities like regular check-ups and mechanic visits, its service period keeps getting shorter.

Once your truck lands into the “cure” stage, incurred costs can become quite high. So what is the end result? You may end up abandoning the truck. But in other circumstances, mother nature can be against you so much that some unavoidable occurrences can make you abandon a truck you toiled so hard for.

Are these made up stories? Well, no. There are people out there who literally let go of their trucks and never turned back. It doesn’t matter if the truck was a limited edition, the guys in this piece just couldn’t spend a minute longer with it. Who are they? Reading this piece is the only way you’ll find out.

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19 As Blue As That Sky

Via Wikimedia Commons

It seems for this truck, the owner abandoned it with the house alongside it. What’s left behind to enjoy in this sad picture, is the blue color. Not from the truck, but the sky, rather. The surrounding, not the one housing the truck, seems so peaceful.

For the truck (that we are trying to avoid), the only positive point here is the strong chassis and the wheels that seem ready to head to a restoration shop. The body isn’t bad either. A nice paint job and rust removal are the only things needed to make it ‘new’. The windshield also seems like it was maintained well.

18 Why Would Anyone Abandon This Peterbilt?

Via YouTube

The picture alone is enough to make every gearhead cry. The truck you are seeing is a 1977 Peterbilt 359. Smart Trucking claims that ‘In its day, it was the hottest rig to own’. This beast is what defined success for the Peterbilt company. Today, a used Peterbilt 359 would go for a price of around $70,000. So what is lying here, is equivalent to a Cadillac Escalade.

The truck has clearly been here for a long time, and its surroundings have been kind enough to make a ‘garage’ for it. The truck looks so new from the clean paint job to the chassis that looks intact with its tires daring to go. On to the front, the lights look undamaged and the bumper looks well fitted, too. The windshield and side mirrors are cleared for a go as well, yet someone just decided to leave it!

17 You Need To Be Recovered, Mate

Via Pinterest

Now, this fish right here needs to be saved from drowning. No doubt. The once white truck with a yellow top is a shadow of itself. Nature must be loving their ‘visitor’ to a point of having healthy plants growing on it.

What can be recovered are the mirrors, the headlights, the solo wiper (that can wipe all the hard that the truck has endured), and the trademark towing crane. Otherwise, the body is not welcoming anymore with all rust covering it, and the front is not impressive, either. What’s lovable in this picture, is just the appreciation of the green nature.

16 This AEC Mustang Must Still Be Very Strong

Via Flickr

For anyone who knows what AEC Mustang represented, he/she will be happy to see this picture with one eye. For one, the weight it possessed is still in service in this picture; it actually has another truck placed on top of it. But for the other eye, this is a sad picture.

We are welcomed to a junkyard with many abandoned trucks. For whatever reason, this should not be acceptable. The restoration heads should pay a visit and try to salvage the chassis, which looks like a fortune lying there. Some of the tires look like they could still afford one last ride. Apart from that, let the trees provide shades for what the truckers left behind.

15 Somebody Save This Foden S106

Via flickr

This once green truck pictured by Flickr greets you as you get to the junkyard. This truck makes you wonder why the trucker would abandon it. The truck still looks operational. The pointers to this include the bodywork that still looks functional with little rust covering the cab. On to the dents, you actually see none of them. A little paint job could make this truck look like it’s straight from a dealership.

The truck chassis must be one of the strongest, with the support it offers to the huge metals on the back. The tires are intact and possibly fit for a run around town. In the front, the radiator grille is still fitted properly and the mirrors, wipers, and headlights, are all undamaged.

14 Sorry, You Cannot Transport Anymore

Via Flickr

It’s so sad that this  ‘C.S.W Transporter’ truck, cannot transport anymore. The wheel placed near the grille seems to point this out. The radiator grille is as spoilt as the left windscreen pane. On to the paint job, it’s not even clear what type of color this truck had for a start.

Rust has taken over what seemed to be a perfect body. Let’s not forget the non-existent headlights that were once lighting the night. When taking a closer look to the left, one can see that the right-hand door is detached from its hinges. Dare we say that this is beyond repair? Perhaps that's the main reason the trucker abandoned it.

13 Still Looking Good

Via Fiveprime

GMC Astro 95 was one of the best heavy-duty trucks ever manufactured. The picture above is one of them, and its production dates back to the year 1969. What makes it have the accolade is that the truck used a GMC gasoline V12 engine and boasted a high performance.

There is no definition that would justify why the trucker would leave it behind. The faded paint and some rust on the door are the only things that need to be fixed. The tires seem decent enough, and the front is up to date with radiator grilles.

12 GMC Will Be Sad

Via Flickr

A quick look at the prices in Classic Car will show you that a used GMC COE, as the one pictured above, can go for as much as $30,995. For GMC, they would be sad to see one of their masterpieces lying in some unknown place. This once green truck is what every restoration shop would drool over.

The truck has a firm front bumper and the grilles are not spoilt that much. On to the headlights, a little work is needed and new mirrors are urgently needed as well. The chassis looks stable – well, let’s hope it’s the tires on the left side that are making the truck seem like its leaning. Maybe the new owner will have to get new plates though, as the current ones are faded.

11 How Strong Is This Leyland Clydesdale?

Via Flickr

Why would anyone abandon such a truck? This truck is almost as perfect as the large stacks loaded on the back. That’s a lot of weight back there and the Clydesdale still seems so strong. This beast seems to be in near-perfect condition; well, apart from the scorching sun that has taken the paint.

Look at those wheels. Do they look worn out? Not at all. Let’s get to the cab. The front is perfect with the trademark ‘LEYLAND’ still visible and the plates fitted. You can even see the interior, and see that the seats still look good.

10 No More Fires?

Via Flickr

The fire engine you are seeing is a Mercedes Benz 1113. Mercedes autos are known for their cost and impeccable performance. Being a fire engine, you can imagine that a lot of cash was put into it for the customization. What’s surprising is this fire engine is lying in some shop, idle. But the truck (from the outside) looks like a gem.

There are no dents or signs of rust on this beautiful masterpiece. What we are seeing here is a truck with the trademark fire-engine colors and an enticing white color on the front bumper guard and the front fenders. The front is perfectly maintained and Mercedes would be happy about this.

9 Enough With The Sun

Via Wikimedia Commons

The once blue Isuzu ELF is now parked idle in some backyard. The truck is not close to being a shadow of itself. It is a truck that can be salvaged, with a little work needed. The top of the cab is rusty, and the paint is faded. On to the mirrors and windshield, they are still in good condition and no crack can be seen. On the front, the headlights and wipers seem to be in good condition and they actually seem workable. The chassis and the wheels are still strong with no sign of a bend on this truck.

This truck is mostly used in counties like the Philippines and Indonesia as school buses and employee buses, after some customization – if only the trucker knew the value.

8 Just A Paint Job Is Needed

Via Flickr

The truck pictured above is a Mercedes Benz 608. It is one of those trucks that people love to use on their vacations for the comfort and the performance it brews. Judging from the picture, this truck would still have the performance it was touted for after a good paint job to cover the rusty surface on the once-black body.

The cab looks unscathed, as every part of it is intact; from the fenders, front bumper, radiator grilles, headlights, mirrors, windshield to the tires. Additionally, there is also a visible spare tire. The body is also in perfect condition, with the steps still looking firm.

7 Did You Run Out Of Gas?

Via My Social Mate

Another Mercedes stands in a state of solitude. This time, it is a blue Mercedes 809 that seems to be mistakenly left by a trucker – we hope. The only explanation can be running out of gas because you cannot leave such a classy truck behind. Notice the fuel tank is open? And from the actual look of the beast, it has no fault.

The paint job can still push for another year. The cab is in a perfect state with the grilles, bumper, headlights, mirrors, windshield and the fenders in pretty decent shape. A quick fix on the interior and no complaints would be addressed. It looks pleasing. Get the gas fast, pal!

6 A Date With The Restoration Shop Will Do

Via Pinterest

This truck will be crying for a new owner after its original owner abandoned it with some mileage still left. The truck sits in what seemingly looks like a backyard, and upon closer inspection, another auto lies hopelessly. For this specific truck, it needs a date with a restoration shop and everything gets back to normal.

The machine is actually very strong judging from the chassis and the tires holding the rusty body. Just a paint job on the bumpers, fenders, doors and the bonnet would be needed. Everything else seems in order and ready to roar its way to the shop.

5 A Very Rare 69 Ford NAPCO

Via Pinterest

In the NAPCO’s slogan, some of the notable features they point out about their trucks include them having: ‘the traction power of a tank, a smooth riding tuck, high-speed over the road truck, leap you up the mountains and carry you through deep mud, snow or sand’.

With all the accolades it boasts, a trucker still abandoned it. This is a sad picture and within those tough times, the Ford NAPCO still gets to prove how strong it is. It does not look worn out. See how high it is lifted from the ground. The cab is still intact (except for the rust that’s covering it). Otherwise, every petrolhead out there would take this beast in a heartbeat.

4 The Courier

Via Reddit

In this last entry, it is quite ironic that one vehicle that needs to be in a restoration shop is ‘towing’ another car that needs to be in the junkyard. But credit to the truck, it still has that stallion strength in it. Actually, what’s missing is a good paint job and the truck gets to take the highway.

The faintly visible tires still look like they are in near-perfect condition and could give the required service. On to the cab, the rust has taken over but with a good expert, this can be removed in no time. A glass repair job would also work for the cracked windscreen and new side mirrors would be needed. Apart from that, the grilles, headlights and the body are in decent shape.

3 This Mack

Via Wikimedia Commons

This 1950 Mack A40, is lying idle on some dry ‘garage’. Upon closer look, a well-furnished house lies on this compound. Why would the trucker not give this beast the attention it requires like the house? The truck seems well-off to start with. What’s needed here is just a small body job to rectify the rusty surface.

The chassis still looks strong enough to support the intact wheels and all the weight it pounds. Look at the headlights. How about the undamaged windshield? Let’s get to the truck’s front. It looks so new from the grilles to the front bumper guard.

2 Come Back For Your Plates

Via Pinterest

The truck you are seeing here is a 1948 Leyland Beaver. A quick look at the prices and you’ll be astonished to learn that this auto would go for $17,500. So what you are seeing is treasure just left to rot there. Let’s just assume the fuel tank lying there is a sign that the truck broke down. There cannot be another way to describe such a move.

Moving on, we learn that the driver left the plates fitted. Maybe we can trace him and get to scold him a little. Otherwise, the truck seems okay from the exterior. The headlights look as new as ever (probably a bit too optimistic), the windshield looks perfect, the wipers seem workable and finally, the bodywork looks as good as a simple paint job to get it sparkling. We're trying to understand why someone would just leave such a ride.

1 1940 Dodge Truck Hidden In The Woods

Via Pinterest

For this driver, he saw it fit to leave a 1940 Dodge Truck in the woods. Motor Trend claims that this Dodge was among the first to be fitted with Chrysler-sourced I6 engine and would pound 79 horsepower. It doesn’t make sense today but remember, this was back in the year 1940.

Sadly, the engine cannot be traced on this abandoned beast and any other necessity under the hood. The body has been fully covered with rust, but the trademark grilles are visible and the lights, well we’re surprised that they are still fit perfectly and seem undamaged. For the picture, let’s just enjoy nature because a Hot Rod fan would not salivate for this.

Sources: napco4x4.org, youtube.com, reddit.com, flickr.com

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