18 Photos Of Truckers That Lost Their Cargo On The Road

Getting goods from one place to another is a daunting task that involves all kinds of cost factors, not just monetary costs.

Across the country and indeed across the globe, there is a vast, constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing network of mobile infrastructure that is in a state of constant change. What network is that? The shipping and freight network that spans the globe, more specifically that related to trucks. Shipping freight across the world's highways and roads via semi-tractor trailer, lorry, and any other kind of big rig is a massive industry that is responsible for being one of the major backbones of any economy.

Getting goods from one place to another is a daunting task that involves all kinds of cost factors, not just monetary costs. Carbon footprint, environmental strain, cleanup for errors and accidents, as well as many other cost factors are in play. The network is vast and has become more efficient, especially in the last twenty years or so. People are working to make strides forward in this regard, too, with self-driving semis, fully electric semi fleets, and more.

In any case, one of the biggest issues and fascinations with the industry is when cargo spills. This could include anything as harmless as a biodegradable material, to something as harmful as fuel, oil, toxic chemicals, paint, or poison. We're not interested in this sobering side as much as the more amusing side of things when strange, wonderful, and weird things are unleashed onto the highway in the thousands of tons. Let's take a look at 18 photos of truckers who lost their cargo on the road.

18 All Kinds Of Limes

via mysanantonio.com

Losing an entire semi full of limes is never a good thing. Losing anything off of a cargo truck is, logically, never a good thing either. But something as small and round as a lime, multiplied by countless hundreds of thousands, that makes for quite a tedious cleanup.

They roll everywhere, are hard to keep track of, but at least they don't make a bad mess or are toxic to the environment. By the shovel full this load had to be cleaned up, and according to mysanantonio.com, traffic was backed up for quite a while.

17 Sand Dunes Made Of Beans

via pharostribune.com

According to pharostribune.com, this particular spill sent tons of beans across the highway, necessitating quite a cleanup. With a bean truck carrying this many beans, countless millions of individual legumes were scattered across the pavement, in quite a beautiful array.

It looks like a strange desert scene, with tracks in the "sand", and beans piled into beautiful dunes that are reminiscent of any good desert scene. Take out the workers and it might be a bit confusing for a brief moment, especially in the golden light of sunset.

16 Soda Cans, Soda Cans Everywhere

via wtxl.com

The highway is absolutely covered in soda cans and the boxes that once held them in packs of twelve. It looks like there's an assortment of diet Sunkist and Vernor's Ginger Ale. Two of my favorite sodas, sans the diet aspect.

Which makes this such a waste, really. Of course, personal preference aside, it is still a big waste of product, along with materials, paper, aluminum, etc. Hopefully, they recycled all this mess after they cleaned it up! Because that's a lot of soda.

15 Somebody Forgot Their Forest

via stgeorgeutah.com

Clear-cutting forests is an unfortunate side effect of the massive entity in the world that is mass industry and production, and this load from a logging truck is just a small fraction of the sheer amount of trees cut down and sent to and fro across the entire globe.

Despite being such a small fraction, it's still a massive amount of wood, especially when it's not on a semi like we're accustomed to seeing. Here it sits, fallen off the bed, still wrapped up, and standing taller than any car or man. Talk about a sight to see.

14 This Is A Dairy Big Mess

via baaz.com

Looks like this mess was made all kinds of worse by a stream of cars running over the endless trays of yogurt cups spilled and dumped by a semi truck that lost its cargo on the highway. Most of them probably broke upon impact anyway, but driving through it only made things worse.

So much plastic had to go to waste to package these, just for the single-use convenience of millions of people across the globe, and now none of those thoughtless consumers are going to even get that convenience, meaning this plastic was worse than wasted.

13 A Whole Lotta Dough

via people.com

A semi-truck carrying dough might sound to some like a semi carrying money or currency of some kind, but it's actually a different kind of dough, the most literal kind possible. And a lot of it. Tons of it, actually. Each of those carts was full of cookie dough, according to people.com, and there's at least fourteen visible.

That's a lot of cookies, and now none of it can be used. It's a shame, considering how delicious not only cookies are but also cookie dough. And now that it's slowly oozing across the concrete, it has all gone to waste. If only we could eat it.

12 Cool Refreshing Losses

via 97x.com

These cases of cool refreshing beverages would have paired perfectly with a hot dog at a baseball game, or a burger grilled on your back porch mid-summer with friends and family, or to quench your thirst while chowing down on hot wings with all your "buds," pun most definitely intended.

Instead, a semi lost control of its cargo and spilled these cases all over the snowy highway, and in the middle of the snowstorm. Talk about a serious nightmare to have to clean up, though maybe if there's a few intact you could sneak them into your car.

11 Don't Spill The Paint

via wndu.com

That's exactly what this truck driver didn't listen to, unfortunately. They did in fact spill the paint, and not just a little bit of it, no, in this case, it's an entire trailer full of paint that ended up oozing into the fragile ecosystems of the Earth.

It's kind of a bad scenario, to put things lightly, and these chemicals are spilling across the roadway and leaching into the ground, poisoning the waterways. Nevermind how much of a pain the clean up must have been, or what chemicals they had to use to clean it up.

10 Endless Watermelons

via starsinsider.com

These watermelons have seen better days, and they could never have expected to be spilled across the road, guts and all, instead of being safely shipped to their supermarket location, to be bought and eaten in a civil manner by a consumer. Instead, they ended up here.

According to Stars Insider, these melons were in transport to their location in Albania, to be sold at a market, but instead found themselves scattered across the streets, guts, rinds, and mess included. The unbroken ones can still be eaten, though. Star passing them out!

9 How Many Didn't Break?

via starsinsider.com

How many of these beautiful Swiss beverages didn't break? Because I'll be happy to take any of the ones that haven't broken, even if they're a little shaken up. In fact, it seems like quite a few of them are actually still intact, which is a pretty remarkable thing, considering they were thrown cargo.

Stars Insider tells us more about the accident, saying that, "In Horgen, Switzerland, bottled beverages are strewn across a suburban street." I wonder how many of the neighbors in the suburb considered trying to swipe a few of these delicious drinks.

8 Paint All Over

via starsinsider.com

According to Stars Insider, this spill happened in the Henan Province of China, where a bridge partially collapsed, sending the cargo of a semi traveling on it into the valley down below the highway. Talk about a serious environmental problem.

With how many chemicals there are in the paint, it might have been better for it to actually be something else, at least that's biodegradable. It's quite the surreal sight to see, too, with rivers of red flowing around the trees growing in the muddy depression.

7 Knocked Off And More

via starsinsider.com

Beverages, beverages everywhere, all over the ground all over the car, scattered everywhere in sight, still in the truck, thousands upon thousands of bottles scattered everywhere. This is one serious mess.

This spill happened in Yemen, according to Stars Insider, when the truck lost its cargo and sent these refreshing drinks all across the area, covering over even that guy's car. Talk about a pain to clean up, though if it's hot and you're thirsty, there's plenty of drinks to go around for all.

6 Look Out For The Feathers

via npr.org

When four thousand tons of feathers (according to npr.org) fly out onto the highway, it brings to mind the age-old question: Which weighs more, four tons of feathers or four tons of bricks? The answer, obviously, is that they weigh the same, there are just a whole lot more feathers than bricks.

The amount of feathers in four tons is a lot, as is evident by the endless piles of them here on the side of the highway. This photo doesn't even show all of them, either, as their light quality means they were scattered quite far, piled in places like guardrails.

5 More Than Enough Printer Ink

via danramsdell.wordpress.com

When a semi truck carries paint, it's quite a messy cleanup, especially if it is a bright color. But when a semi truck whose cargo is printer ink, things get even more messy, as powdered printer ink in the tens of tons is really in a league of its own.

The blue red and yellow primary ink sources for printers you can see is scattered across the highway, in the foreground, they're cleaning up the giant container with blue scattered all around it and red oozing out of the top as it lays sideways.

4 Over All This Scrap

via pinterest.com

Scrap metal is, perhaps above anything else, very heavy. It doesn't take long before it is being hauled and gathered in the dense tons. The next thing most notable about scrap metal is that it is in all kinds of shapes, small, large, and almost always sharp or oddly shaped in some kind of way.

When those two things together are hurtling down the highway at seventy miles per hour, it can prove to be a very scary scenario if anything goes wrong. Which is what happened here, when a trailer tipped overhauling all kinds of heavy, sharp scrap, sending it all across the highway.

3 Rescue Of The Frozen Pizzas

via mashable.com

It's sad to say that these frozen pizzas were indeed never actually being rescued from their peril but instead were being cleaned up so they could be wasted and thrown into a landfill instead of being of use to anyone. It's understandable, considering they were scattered across the road and are a potential health hazard to eat.

But when this semi-lost all its cargo, tons of frozen pizzas went flying across the roadway, as if it was some kind of bachelor or college kid's dream come true. Flying saucers of deliciousness, free for the taking.

2 So Many Pineapples

via indystar.com

This big rig semi-tractor trailer was hauling a vast number of pallets filled with pineapples. Lots and lots of pineapples. So many pineapples, if you think about it. An entire trailer full of them would mean that there had to be at least several thousand fruits.

The side seems to have collapsed, allowing the stacks kept safely inside to topple over and spill out across over the highway. The poor things got all bruised up and dirty, not many of them, if any at all, were allowed to be sold, but hopefully, the cleanup crew or any involved were able to take them if they wanted them.

1 Trucker Loses His Marbles

via jalopnik.com

Glass marbles are pretty great. They're used as decorations, in many different kinds of games, and other uses. The ones pictured here are just plain glass, but there is a myriad of designs that people have made, and they even come in different sizes.

When you hear about a trucker who lost his cargo, and his cargo happened to be marbles, it was easy for the media, and really anyone who hears about it, to connect the dots to the common phrase. When you lose your marbles, it means you've gone crazy. So when this trucker literally lost his marbles, how could you not make the joke?

Sources: Stars Insider, Indy Star & Baaz

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