20 Photos Of Will Smith And His Cars On And Off Set

Very rarely do the careers of rappers transition all that well from the record industry to the big screen. Of course, there are a few rappers that have done well for themselves, but at the same time, we feel it’s safe to say that no career—no matter how successful—can compare to that of the incomparable Will Smith.

With charm, charisma, good looks, and a definitive funny side, Will Smith won over audiences for the first time playing an alter ego of himself on NBC’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The moniker came from his earlier rap days, which also started to ignite the star that would eventually shine brightly over the skies of Hollywood.

The show may have ended in 1996 but that only meant a newer and bigger beginning for Smith, as he launched one of the most impressive film careers in Hollywood, including an incredible list of films: Bad Boys, Independence Day, I, Robot, I Am Legend...and the list goes on.

He is a prominent presence on social media, complete with his own online videos, which offer hilarious and a rather interesting look inside of his life, and his film projects are still top-notch, with films like the live action Aladdin on the way to theaters soon.

Without further ado, we’ll be taking a look at the cars he owns as well as the cars and other vehicles he’s driven on screen and you may be surprised at a few of these, so come on and let’s take a ride with the Fresh Prince himself.

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VIA premiumcars.club

Why not start off the festivities with one of the classiest and most impressive cars in automotive history? Well, the Rolls Royce is an extravagant vehicle and one that has definitely proven its luster time and time again and Will Smith seems to agree, as he and his wife, Jada, have been seen with this car over and over again. The paparazzi are often getting quite a few shots of them around the car and driving it. Interestingly enough, Jada is often seen at the wheel of this one, which proves two things: his wife has also got great taste in cars and he doesn't mind sharing his cars with her.


VIA E! News

In the Fresh Prince, Smith showcased an incredible flair for what was funny and had extremely good timing, but the show’s writers and actors didn’t waste any time in proving that the cast could act when storylines turned serious. Case in point: when Will’s character’s father, who had left him, returns, only to leave once again. The scene that unfolds at the end of that episode with Will and castmate, Uncle Phil, played expertly by the late, great James Avery, still tears at the heartstrings of viewers who watch it back after all these years.


VIA illinois-liver.org

No stranger to working on films adapted from classic novels, in 2004, Will brought to the screen a character and team of robots made famous by Isaac Asimov, one of the fathers of literary science fiction, in a huge blockbuster film. And the robots themselves weren't the only impressive pieces of machinery in that film, as the vehicles featured were also, in fact, quite impressive to see. In particular, the Audi pictured here. Yes, the car is fictional—essentially a concept car similar to the TT that was developed by Audi specifically for the film—after all, the film did represent a futuristic era but it was definitely beautiful just the same and we felt it was worth mentioning here.


VIA Motorward

This vehicle is manufactured by Daimler AG and was previously manufactured by Daimler-Chrysler. It first went into production back in 2002 and production ceased in 2012. So it pretty much had a ten year run on the assembly line, but that's not to say that many were, in fact, produced in that decade. Only 3,000 or just over that number were actually produced, many of which are now in circulation and Mr. Smith is, in fact, the proud owner of one of them. To look at this vehicle on the surface, it seems rather plain, but as they say, dear readers, never judge a book by its cover.


VIA canacopegdl.com

The novel entitled I Am Legend has inspired three films over the long years since its publication and in his lifetime, author Richard Matheson was able to see all three. But perhaps the best of the three came in 2007 and it starred none other than Will Smith as the main character, Dr. Robert Neville. The film was a pulse-pounding thriller that also tugged at the heartstrings of audiences worldwide and its poignancy wasn't missed by one and all, either. Also featured in the film was an incredibly gorgeous Mustang Shelby in cherry red and striped with white. An incredible scene in which the character drives the car through the deserted streets of New York City is definitely memorable—at least for car aficionados, that is.


VIA bringatrailer.com

But the car in I Am Legend isn't the Shelby that Will owns and possesses in his own garage back home. In fact, when it comes to the greatest car Ford ever built, Will seems to appreciate a more classic variation of the car and, well, old-school is definitely better and we are sure many of you readers would agree. One look at the classic 1965 beauty pictured here and we can more than understand Mr. Smith's love and adoration for the car. It calls to mind simpler times, more powerful vehicles, and a sort of nostalgia that only cars like this can inspire. We can see Will riding in this one, maybe a sigh escapes him as he thinks back on his epic career and life.



Pictured here are Will Smith, his wife (and fellow actress), Jada, his daughter, Willow, and his two sons, Trey and Jaden. They've all spent some time in the public eye on TV, film, and even appearances on the glorified red carpet of Hollywood, but they can be seen on his online channel along with the cast of characters that make up Will's life. The antics and adventures he's up to there are, in fact, hilarious and seeing him in his everyday life is rather comical and interesting to watch. He takes his viewers on vacation with his family and even to the sets of some of his films. Whatever the occasion, it's always worth the time for an episode, which can go anywhere from under ten minutes to just slightly over.


VIA kengarffmercedes.com

And, of course, for a family man such as Will, what would his existence be without the luxury of an SUV? We can definitely all agree; with a large family, small compact cars can get a little difficult at times, especially when planning road trips. Sometimes, one needs to squeeze three kids and, most importantly, all their stuff in the trunk and a larger vehicle such as this one will definitely do the trick. But at the same time, you don't have to sacrifice style in order to make things easier on themselves, as Will proves with the inclusion of this luxury SUV in his personal collection.


VIA Rolling Stone

Pictured here with Will is none other than James Corden, host of the Late Late Show and, of course, his darling creation, Carpool Karaoke, a hilarious production in which he sits and drives with A-List Hollywood celebrities and sings some of the most popular songs on the air at the current time. The show has gone on to have other hosts but the original episodes remain as some of the most hilarious to date. One, in particular, is the episode with none other than our main man, Will. The antics definitely delivered a few laughs and left many wondering if Will sings in his own collection of cars when he's out there driving on his own.


VIA Sportbikes.net

Orange County Choppers, featured on the Discovery Channel's American Chopper, quickly became one of the most successful reality shows based on automotive fabrication—and for good reason. The bikes they build are some of the greatest in the world and, of course, the antics showcased on the show have also made the cast of colorful characters the most sought-after reality stars of the last two decades—and for good reason. Early in the show's run on Discovery, they made a bike dedicated to the release of the film I, Robot and they did a fine job, likening the bike to the robots featured in the film. The bike was unveiled at the premiere of the film and Will posed for shots with the fabricators and the bike.


VIA Cnet

Well, as we mentioned before, Will definitely can use some SUVs in his life and he's got a few, but this one, in particular, goes that extra mile as far as style is concerned. The Cadillac Escalade has become "the" car in terms of status arrival in Hollywood; especially in the rap community. It's similar to how back in the day, stars like Elvis had fun celebrating success with a pink Cadillac. Today, that same success is put on display in the form of yet another Cadillac and this time, the Caddy in question is bigger and badder. So can we blame good Mr. Smith for choosing to have one of these big boys in his collection? Hardly.


VIA Bikes - BestCarMag.com

Of course, the I, Robot chopper isn't the only bike featured in the film. As we mentioned earlier, the film is full of impressive and futuristic vehicles. But there is one vehicle that actually did exist in real life and in the present time and that was the MV Agusta F4 750 SPR, one of the most celebrated sports bikes on the market. Still today, after many years on the market, the bike is looked upon as being one of the best and, of course, in the film, it performed incredibly and was showcased in the most alluring and flattering light. Honestly, though, how can anyone make one of these beauties look bad? We're sure it would look and perform beautifully even if it had the worst paint job imaginable.


VIA carmagazine.co.uk

Smith's future film projects are lining up quite nicely and he seems to be one of the busiest men in the game, with perhaps the exception of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Regardless, Will has a magnitude of films slated for release and one of them is none other than an animated film, Spies In Disguise, scheduled for release in 2019. And yes, that's Smith's character right up there, a slick-as-ever spy, cool as a cucumber and dressed to impress—kind of like James Bond. And what would a spy film be without some of the most impressive vehicles on the market? Let's be honest, that Audi pictured there is enough to make any car aficionado happy, even if it is only a cartoon.


VIA Leithcars.com

Even a multi-million-dollar celebrity needs a "normal" car every now and again. And one can't find a more normal car than the Ford Taurus. We would imagine it definitely helps when Will and his family want to be a little less conspicuous. And a car like this one will, or definitely should, keep the seeking eyes of the paparazzi and their camera lenses away. But then again, Will and his family are pretty easy to spot, all of them being quite prominent in our culture but hey, we guess it's worth a shot. And next time you're driving around and see a Taurus, you might just be surprised to see Will at the wheel singing away to some tunes. Don't say we didn't warn you.



Perhaps one of the greatest and most successful franchises in the action-comedy genre is none other than the Bad Boys films. Two of them were released thus far, the last one coming in the early portion of this millennium but the incredible news that they're working and filming a third one definitely made a lot of fans happy. The characters of Lowrey and Burnett, played expertly by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, are truly some of the greatest to ever hit the big screen and what's more, the action that unfolds on screen, as well as the comedy and antics, are some of the most entertaining ever. But for us gearheads out there, the cars that the infamous Mike Lowrey drives in the films are some pretty fine pieces of automotive machinery, particularly the 2002 Ferrari 575M pictured here from Bad Boys II.


VIA BMW Canada

Definitely in the same tastes as his character Mike in Bad Boys, this car from his personal collection definitely shows Will's range when it comes to taste and knowledge of what a fine vehicle is. Of all the BMW vehicles on the market, this one is probably considered one of the greatest in terms of style and yes, even performance. It just screams class and in a way that only some of the greatest luxury cars can. It puts itself in the rank of the Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and even the wonderful and extravagant Mercedes models of the world. Maybe a few of you won't agree but at the same time, can't we all agree that the vehicle is at least the best designed by the ladies and gents at BMW?


VIA Classic Driver

Staying in that grand theme of what we call class, what would a "classy" car collection such as Will's be without a Bentley? The Bentley, in and of itself, is one of the most respected vehicles known to man and for very good reason. And by that same token, it is also one of the most expensive. But hey, what are all the huge payouts for roles and appearances for if not to reward himself every now and again? He deserves it; after all, he earned his money and his success. Besides, Will Smith is also considered one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood, so who out there can blame him for wanting the finer things in life?


VIA Review Spew

Actors and athletes on a big scale need to travel all over the world and that means that they often miss the comforts of home while being on the road and always on the go. But Will found a way to bring his home with him and of course, this home away from home comes in the form of a vehicle. Could we expect anything less from this man? Hardly. In doing our research for this article we were privy to some pretty incredible images of this mammoth machine and it is definitely impressive. Of course, that's putting it rather mildly! Readers, there are many that would live in this thing 24/7 and 365 days out of the year, yours truly included.


VIA andersonmobileestates.com

It can definitely be considered a mansion. This isn't (at all) your granddaddy's touring van from the days of old, folks. This beast on 16 wheels is definitely equipped to handle all of your household needs. We wonder only what the market value on such a vehicle would be. But for celebrities like Smith, who love to have their families with them, this is an advantageous acquisition to have. Imagine being able to go all over the world, filming and performing and being able to enjoy dinner with the family at day's end? Definitely, that's a cool way to spend a few months. Imagine a road trip in one of these!


VIA zig.com

At the end of the day, this actor and public figure has definitely left his mark on society and what a mark it has been. But he's showing no signs of slowing down, as Aladdin gets set to premiere with Smith in a role made famous by the late, great Robin Williams. But the new version is the much-anticipated live-action version and, well, we can't wait to see it. Overall, we look upon his career and upcoming films and look on in wonder and excitement—an excitement that probably brings us back to the golden years of Hollywood. Now, if that doesn't sum up nostalgia for the past in terms of films of the era, cars from the era, and the simpler times of the era, we don't know what will.

Sources: Wikipedia, IMDb, and Variety.

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