20 Photos Of WWE Divas With Rides Every Guy Needs To See

We’ll feature a bit of everything from Divas posing in front of classic cars to Divas standing in front of rides that they actually own.

Nowadays, the life of a WWE Diva is no secret. A lot of that has to do with social media, though a big part of that also has to do with reality television. Thanks to platforms like the WWE Network and the reality show Total Divas on the E Network, we are now able to get a sneak peek into the personal lives of our favorite WWE stars.

The cool part about that is we can also get some VIP access into their garages, something that was impossible to figure out in prior generations like the ‘90s - everything was all so secretive back then.

In this article, we’ll feature a bit of everything from Divas posing in front of classic cars to Divas standing in front of rides that they actually own. In addition, we’ll also feature some rare photos of WWE Divas riding in the prestigious WWE plane – something only a select few get the chance to do.

As far as which Divas are included in this article, we took the current crop of Divas featuring the likes of Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, and the IIconics. We also included the likes of the Bella Twins cause let’s face it, they drive some of the best cars outside of the ring including Ferraris and Lambos, not a bad mix.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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20 Nikki & The McLaren

via IG

It wasn’t always muscle cars, Ferraris and McLarens for Nikki Bella. She moved to LA years ago in search of fame. She started off as a waitress at Hooters – perhaps not even Bella herself could have pictured driving the same streets of Los Angeles with her various different supercars. In fact, Bella is often contacted by the local supercar dealerships to drive their rides and take them out for a test run.

In the photo above, she’s posing alongside a beautiful McLaren. Safe to say Nikki loves a good supercar, seeing as though she was spotted in a Ferrari and Lamborghini just a few months back.

19 The Man & The Tumbler

via IG

At the moment, there isn’t a WWE star hotter than Becky Lynch. She became one of the first women ever to main event WrestleMania – as if that wasn’t enough, she walked out of the main event with both titles around her shoulders.

You would think given such accolades, Lynch would only accept top tier rides. But no, The Man is a simple gal and the Ford pickup does the trick when she’s back at home. As for this photo, Becky poses in front of Batman’s Tumbler – you know it is quite the ride when even The Man is impressed!

18 Royce & Cowboy Jack

via IG

Peyton has made quite the upgrades since joining WWE. These days things are quite different in comparison to her earlier days working for smaller independent companies between 2009 and 2015. Nowadays, Royce’s riding in style, whether it be with her brand new Honda or the GMC SUV used with partner Billie Kay during their WWE Ride Along cameo.

Who knows, maybe one day she’ll even buy herself a Rolls Royce, how awesome would that be, Peyton Royce buys a Rolls Royce... Okay, you get it. For now, let’s stare in amazement at Royce and Cowboy Jack’s bike.

17 Maryse & Her Dream Jeep

via IG

Both Miz and Maryse arguably have the best garage among the WWE employees, one that is filled with beauties such as the Audi R8 and Jeep Wrangler. As if the modified Jeep doesn’t speak for itself, Maryse’s also added to picture busting a pose. Here’s what Miz had to say via his IG account;

“My Jeep now has everything. Big thank you to @MetraElectronics for the (Heise LED's) the front headlights and rear lights. Oh and if the pic wasn't hot enough my wife @marysemizanin makes this pic even better.” Let’s be honest, the man has a point.

16 Paige, Fox & Rosa – The Biker Girls

via IG

Is it just us, or does this look like a great idea for a future faction? Well, WWE kind of missed out given that Mendes retired, Paige isn’t able to compete and well Fox’s barely on television nowadays. They could have been reminiscent to the former faction, DOA. You ‘90s wrestling fans know what we’re talking about.

This photo was taken on Total Divas and man oh man is it ever a good one. The trio also got to ride on some ATVs which was quite the treat for them as well as the viewers watching at home...

15 Mandy & The Tractor

via IG

Mandy Rose and a tractor, doesn’t this pic just make you want to run outside and dive in a bale of hay? Rose posted this photo to her IG account and she definitely caught our attention – even if that tractor looks pretty darn old.

Not to worry though, the Golden Goddess deserves only the best and that’s exactly what she did last May when she bought herself a brand new Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe. Given that her fame is just starting to rise, we can expect Rose to only improve on her garage in the future.

14 Zelina & The WWE Plane

via IG

Vega knows a thing or two about hopping onboard a plane. She started off in the wrestling business as early as 17. Shortly after, she was already traveling with the likes of TNA Wrestling and other independent promotions.

The end goal was to make it to WWE and at the age of 28, she’s already living the dream. A decade ago, she was flying in the commercial class. Fast forward and she’s now riding in style with the rare WWE plane, something that only a select few get to do.

13 Lana Going Old School

via IG

Lana definitely caught everyone’s attention posing in front of this classic ride. But seriously, let’s face it, it doesn’t take much for Lana to steal our attention. Heck, this is the same girl that made everyone drool when gassing up a darn Prius in Beverley Hills.

She doesn’t only pose in front of fancy cars. Lana along with husband Rusev also have quite the garage. Lana recently posted a photo of the couple’s new BMW. They also have a blacked out Maserati, one Lana proudly posed in the front of via her IG and Twitter accounts.

12 The Queen With A White Lambo

via IG

Charlotte knows all about riding in luxury. Her recent WrestleMania entrance completely stole the show. Charlotte was riding in a private helicopter only to get dropped off in front of MetLife Stadium – now that’s the kind of treatment only a queen gets.

She’s also accustomed to other rides like this white Lamborghini, one she posed in front of during a photoshoot. Charlotte also got to take a picture with the Batmobile during her Divas Championship run. Wouldn’t it be cool if she would have brought that ride to the ring? Maybe next year, someone tell Vince though.

11 IIconic Licence Plate

via IG

During an episode of Ride Along, both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay got to use a luxurious and spacious GMC SUV. Now Kay wasn’t the smoothest driver during the journey, but at that very least, the current Women’s Tag Team Champions had plenty of space in the ride.

Not only that, but they also got a personalized license plate for the experience. As we stated earlier, the two have definitely upgraded the way they travel since joining WWE. The more experience they get with the company, the more these travel perks will continue to pile up.

10 A Boss-Like Entrance

via WWE

Sasha Banks has played a pivotal role in changing the women’s division. One of the marquee moments took place in the fall of 2016 as the women stole all the headlines competing in a Hell in a Cell match, one that featured Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

Given that she’s a boss, Banks entered the arena in style with a blacked out Cadillac Escalade, along with security in and out of the vehicle. It was quite the entrance for Sasha, though as you’ll see later in the article it wasn’t the only time she entered the ring in a luxurious ride.

9 The Bellas Go Old School

via IG

Nikki wished her sister a happy early birthday via IG – the post came with this picture that also featured a stunning Rolls-Royce Princess Limousine. The two are truly living the Hollywood life, the limousine was a rental from an LA-based company, Lions Limos. It is quite clear that the twins love to ride in pure luxury.

When they’re on the road, it is rare that the two are driving their own rides – they typically get picked up in a blacked out SUV that’s promptly waiting for them at their destination.

8 Stephanie’s WrestleMania Bike

via WWE

It wasn’t a surprise to see Stephanie McMahon and Triple H once again steal the show with an incredible entrance while riding on a couple of bikes. However, what was a big-time surprise was the fact that Triple H actually gifted the bike to his wife for her birthday. Here’s what Stephanie had to say about the gift via her IG account;

“Thank you WWE Universe for all the birthday wishes today! I’m so blessed and grateful to have so much love in my life!!!! Check out my B-day gift from @tripleh! He wanted me to have a “little memento” from #WrestleMania!”

7 More Of Mandy

via IG

Ah yes, the Golden Goddess at it again, this time with one of the various rentals that she used while on the road. Life was a lot easier for Rose back in her earlier days with WWE.

She wasn’t renting any type of rental car with NXT. The show always takes place in the same Orlando location and when it is time to hit the road, the employees are lucky enough to ride on a bus. We can assume that the transition isn’t the easiest for Divas like Mandy going from easy transportation to being pretty much on your own.

6 Becks Behind The Wheel

via WWE

We’ve had a couple of memorable moments featuring Becky Lynch and cars. The photo above comes from 2016. Lynch entered the arena in her blacked out rental only to get attacked by Tamina and Naomi.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the year, Lynch was also involved in another ordeal involving police cars – this one alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte as well. It was a wild scene as Ronda Rousey even attempted to drive off with her hands tied behind her back. Speaking of Ronda Rousey...

5 Rousey At The Fast & Furious Seven Premiere

via Twitter

An event sponsored by Dodge, Rousey takes a photo on the red carpet along with the Fast & Furious 7 muscle car. Though in reality, Rousey really isn’t all that big on cars – though she looks pretty darn great in front of them.

Rousey owns a white Audi SUV, her husband Travis Browne also has a Ford F-350 pickup truck. In reality, the couple isn’t really into expensive things. Nowadays, their primary focus has shifted on starting a family away from the spotlight. Who knows if we’ll see her stealing cop cars on WWE television again?

4 Maryse, Eva & The R8

via YouTube

Here’s the other stunning ride in Maryse’s garage, the modified Audi R8. DUB Magazine feature her ride – she was also spotted with the car on Total Divas. Eva Marie, a former WWE star was also lucky enough to get a ride in this stunning beast.

As if the Audi R8 and modified Jeep Wrangler weren’t enough, Maryse recently added to the collection with a new Mercedes SUV. Maryse made the claim that the car was a necessity given that she’s now a mom and well, she needs a mom car to go along with the new gig.

3 WrestleMania 33 Like A Boss

via WWE

Once again, The Boss entered WrestleMania like a true boss, this time she had her own personal chauffeur as she made her way through a swarm of wrestling fans. One can imagine what was going through Sasha’s mind as she was making her way to the ring – what a great moment.

Out of the ring, Sasha really isn’t as flashy. She lives a quiet life and really doesn’t like to interact with others, especially when she’s at the airport waiting for a flight. As for her ground travel, Sasha has been spotted in a Lincoln MKT.

2 The Bella Life

via IG

Following her split with John Cena, sister Brie made the claim that Nikki was going through a mid-life crisis. As seen on Total Divas, Nikki was splurging on lots of supercars. Brie began to worry when her sister was test driving a Ferrari, Nikki seriously considered buying the ride as well. In truth, she looked pretty darn good driving the supercar.

Nikki posted this particular photo to her IG account and once again, everything seems to be on point. Why not try different cars when you’re basically given them by the car companies?

1 Carmella Posing In Front Of The WWE Plane

via IG

Only a select few get to see the WWE plane, nevermind getting a chance to take a ride in it. Fortunately for Carmella, she got the honors of doing both. Given that she was a former Women’s Champion, Carmella got to enjoy the perks of being on top of the division by doing some PR work for the company while riding in complete and utter luxury.

When it comes to ground travel, Carmella isn’t about that supercar life. Instead, as shown on Total Divas, she’s more than capable of holding her own while riding around in a blacked out Escalade.

Sources – YouTube, Twitter & IG

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