20 Photos These WWE Stars Didn’t Want Taken On Commercial Flights

The life of a WWE star comes with a lot of ups and downs. The ups are affording the things most normal folks can’t, like John Cena and his extensive car collection or Vince McMahon and his WWE plane. These WWE employees make a lot of money and they put that to use with some of the most fabulous homes, cars, bikes and everything in between.

That’s the good part. The tough part is the road life, that’s what few talk about or think about when assessing the life of a WWE star. The employees are like a circus act, going from town to town on the regular. Unlike pro sports, the WWE has no offseason, the ball just continues to roll year in and year out.

When it comes to the travel life, WWE stars aren’t using private accommodations or pricey ground travel. They get from A to B on commercial flights and usually, they rent a car to get to the arena and the other shows. As if that isn’t hard enough, they also have to deal with fans on the regular, especially at airports. Some of the fans they meet are totally spontaneous, though they’re the fans that gather Intel and purposely run into the wrestlers – that’s exactly what they can’t stand.

In this article, we take a look at 20 photos these WWE stars didn’t want to take on commercial flights. Photos range from on the actual plane to baggage claim to the waiting section of the airport. Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

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20 Sasha Takes Selfie With Fan On Plane

via Twitter

Like Seth Rollins, Sasha isn’t an advocate of airport interactions either. In fact, Banks even goes a step further calling out fans who tag her in a candid photo. She explained on the Sam Roberts podcast why she’s so against it;

“When I’m at an airport at 4 in the morning and I see somebody with a carry-on and they open it with a hundred items of everyone and they’re bothering everybody to get an autograph, and I see it on eBay - that’s not okay to me.” This fan was lucky enough to sit next to Sasha on the plane, meaning she had no other choice but to play nice.

19 Jericho In Jeddah

via Twitter

Chris admitted on his Talk Is Jericho podcast that he didn’t have the greatest time while in Jeddah. Although he admits the pay was great, the experience really wasn’t. Jericho complained about the traveling, claiming fans demanded selfies at every corner, as shown in the picture above (clearly, he looks none too pleased).

Making matters that much worse, the waiting room of the airport was just an actual room with nothing in it. Mix that in with hitting up the wrong airport and the entire trip just wasn’t a pleasant experience for the former WWE star.

18 Undertaker Headed To New York

via Twitter

Undertaker is the most respected WWE star there is. Back in his day, he was the locker room leader. Today, he remains the most respected wrestler in the business for all his contributions.

Despite all the fame and notoriety, Undertaker still chooses to fly in the commercial class like the rest of us. He can easily ask for an upgrade but Taker just doesn’t seem to be that type of guy. As you can imagine, he’s spotted a lot while on the road. Being the stand-up guy that he is, rarely does he turn down a photo. The only thing he strongly dislikes is when fans take a sneaky photo of him, like the picture above when he was on route to New York.

17 Batista Waiting For The Plane

via Twitter

Dave Batista is back with the WWE, at least for one more match at WrestleMania. He had a lot of success out of the ring as a permanent fixture in Hollywood. Dave has also amassed quite the fortune throughout the years, he has a deep garage with some great bikes, SUVs and even low riders.

When it comes to going from A to B, Batista usually goes the commercial route like the rest of us, unless he needs to be somewhere quick. This fan catches him waiting for a flight with nobody around. Batista seems like a cool dude, why not ask him for a picture instead of taking this kind of photo?

16 Randy Orton At The Cardiff Airport

via Twitter

Randy isn’t the most overly enthusiastic wrestler when it comes to meeting fans – although we should give him credit, he does stop and take the picture even if he looks uninterested like the picture above. Orton does a little more traveling than some of the other WWE stars residing in Missouri.

Asking for Randy’s permission is usually the best idea. Orton snapped at a fan for taking a picture of him at the gym a while back. As Randy mentioned on Twitter, taking unsuspecting pics of someone is not okay, especially when the testosterone level is running high at the gym.

15 Natalya Spotted At The Albany Airport

via Twitter

The person that took this picture got a bit of heat via Twitter. His wife came to the rescue though claiming she asked for proof that her husband did, in fact, see her woman crush Natalya.

A veteran with WWE, Nattie has traveled the world. When she’s back home in Florida, she’s now traveling in style. Nattie and Tyson Kidd recently bought a brand new BMW i8. That makes leaving the house a lot easier, though such a car does garner lots of attention. To Natalya’s credit, she’s great with the fans.

14 The Undertaker At The Check-In Counter

via YouTube

Yup, as mentioned earlier The Undertaker is a normal dude like the rest of us when he’s on the road. This photo was taken of Undertaker while he was with WWE during the Australia tour. Undertaker doesn’t need a fancy team with him, the guy can get around himself as shown in the picture above.

As he made his way to the departure flight, he was also one of the few nice enough to stop for photos. Again, he likely wasn’t too thrilled with this sneaky photo, those are the types of pictures Undertaker does not appreciate.

13 Corbin Stops On His Way Out Of The Airport

via Twitter

Corbin plays the role of a lone wolf on television. He’s basically a villain who really has no time for fans. He breaks character in this photo, however, posing for a quick photo at the airport – ironically with a rental car place right behind him. In all likelihood, he was renting a car to the hotel and arena.

He’s not overly optimistic in the picture but at the very least it does show that he has somewhat of a heart. Without a doubt, Vince wishes this picture never made the rounds online given the gimmick played by Baron.

12 Bliss Takes A Quick Selfie At Logan Airport

via Twitter

What we said about Corbin also holds true for Alexa Bliss. She’s basically a villain on-screen but in this photo, she’s smiling from ear to ear with a fan. Contrary to her in-ring gimmick, Alexa is actually quite shy and a sweetheart in real-life, though again for program purposes WWE would rather she didn’t expose this side.

Nonetheless, she rarely turns down a picture and she’s always smiling no matter what time of day it might be. Remember folks, these WWE stars are just playing a role on television, they’re normal humans just like us when the cameras stop rolling.

11 Seth & Roman Waiting For Their Bags

via Twitter

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are among the busiest WWE stars. Both are pretty much regarded as the faces of the brand, meaning they do a lot of flying.

Roman is a lot more low key when it comes to traveling and he typically takes pictures with the fans at airports. However, it isn’t the best idea to approach Roman while he’s eating with his family. Reigns made the claim that he rarely spends time with his family, so the time he gets with them is very precious. A fan learned that the hard way when Reigns turned down the photo request.

10 Stephanie Takes The Picture

via Twitter

On the surface, this photo looks totally fine. This fan gets a rare glimpse of Triple H at the airport on a commercial flight. We say rare due to the fact that Triple H usually takes private jets most of the time, especially given his wacky schedule.

Back to the photo, the hilarious part of the picture is that Stephanie, Hunter’s wife is the one taking the photo. She was nice enough to take the pic, though we wonder why the fan didn’t opt to take a selfie with both of them. Thankfully, he’s a younger fan so Hunter and Stephanie let it slide.

9 AJ Styles Take A Quick Selfie

via Twitter

Since he joined WWE, AJ’s stardom has blown up. Back in his days with TNA, he wasn't traveling as much as the show would typically take place in the same location. With WWE of course, that’s not the case, the company’s constantly on the road.

Unlike most WWE stars that reside out of Florida or California, AJ travels a bit further to Gainesville – so in other words, his flights are a little longer. AJ spoke about being recognized in his hometown at a Walmart, he said that fans couldn’t believe he still lives in the area despite his WWE fame.

8 Rusev At Baggage Claim

via Twitter

Ah yes, you finally made your way to baggage claim. It is time to leave the airport and hit the road. However, for Rusev, the journey wasn’t quite done. He’s caught by a fan just at the point that he’s about to exit the airport. Again, Rusev plays the bad guy role on television but he’s actually a really cool guy off-screen with a great sense of humor. To his credit, he rarely turns down a picture, especially at the airport.

Like Styles, Rusev travels a little further to get back home alongside his wife Lana. The two reside in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

7 Jinder Spotted Making His Way To A Flight

via Twitter

Now that the dust has settled, it is hard to believe that Jinder was at one time the WWE Champion. At the point, he was riding in the fanciest cars and making several PR trips to lots of parts around the world including India.

He was an arrogant champion but this picture shows a different side of Mahal. He actually stops and takes the picture, although it might not be the best thing for his image given that he plays the role of a villain on-screen. Mahal seems to be another one of those wrestlers that’s actually a really nice guy behind the scenes.

6 Nia Jax Waiting For A Flight

via Twitter

Nia did lots of traveling prior to joining WWE. It wasn’t with other independents wrestling companies, instead, Jax did the majority of her traveling with her family. She was born in Australia only to spend time in Hawaii and later end up permanently in San Diego.

She did limited traveling with NXT but that all changed once she joined the main roster. Jax does a lot of back and forth touring with the WWE, she resides in the Florida area nowadays. Although she’s a villain on-screen, she was all smiles in the photo above.

5 Roman Reigns At The Atlanta Airport

via Twitter

This fan takes a sneaky photo of Roman Reigns at one of the biggest airports in the US, the Atlanta airport. This location is home to several connecting flights, heck the airport even has a metro inside to get from point A to point B.

Roman likely wasn’t all that thrilled with the sneaky photo, the fan was better off politely asking Roman for a picture. In any event, the great news is that Roman is now cleared to wrestle again and back on the road with the WWE. Get ready for a lot more flights and rental cars, Roman.

4 Triple H Bombarded By Fans In India

via Twitter

Triple H almost always has private accommodations whether it be ground travel in an Escalade or flying with the WWE’s private jet. He also typically has a security team around him, that was the case during WWE’s show in Australia.

Things were a little different when Triple H stepped foot in India. The security was non-existent and he was basically mobbed by fans. Unlike the fans in Canada and the US that somewhat know their boundaries, those in India are instead quite touchy with celebs and WWE stars. If Triple H could go back in time, maybe he would have asked for a little security.

3 Ric Flair Waiting For His Bag

via Twitter

Yes, at the age of 70 Ric Flair is still taking lots of flights on the regular. Now he doesn’t have the funds to ride on a private jet, as he was quoted in saying back in the day. Flair travels commercial and he’s often spotted at airports. Who can forget when Flair was spotted by TMZ cameras completely passed out at the airport in Boston – a moment he’ll want us to forget about.

The image above is a lot lighter. Though, given that Flair doesn’t even know that the person took the picture, he might not be too thrilled. Flair is just staring into space at the baggage claim patiently waiting for his wife.

2 Hogan Dozing Off

via Twitter

That’s right, arguably the most popular WWE star off all-time chooses to ride commercial flights. Despite the fact that he’s rarely used by WWE, Hogan does have a lot of appearances worldwide. When he’s off to a gig, fans can easily spot Hulk at any airport.

This fan, however, takes things to the extreme snipping a pic of Hogan as he’s seated on the plane. Now we can understand taking a selfie with the Hulster but taking this type of unsuspecting photo is exactly what drives wrestlers nuts. Luckily, Hulkamania didn’t run wild on the person that snapped this unsuspecting photo.

1 Seth Rollins On The Plane

via Twitter

Seth admitted in the past that he isn’t the biggest advocate of fans approaching him at the airport. This is especially true if the fan gathers info on Seth’s flight prior. He has no problem taking a picture or signing an autograph if it’s totally spontaneous – however, those that have it all planned out should steer clear from Rollins. He tweeted out;

“Gathering intel on flights. Staking out baggage. Intrusively demanding autographs. That's called stalking. It's not okay. Stop doing it.” This guy on Seth’s flight gets lucky as Rollins appears to be in a good mood, it also helps that the guy has nothing for him to sign.

Sources – Twitter, IG & YouTube

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